long time no see! all I can say is the world is nuts and I had a baby...enjoy!~dream

"Natsu! Where are you taking me?" The blonde's words echoed off the long hallway as the dragon slayer pulled her along behind him.

He didn't answer, merely continued to guide her deeper into the guild hall.

Lucy continued to squawk as he finally pulled her into an abandoned room, moments later flicking on the meager light cast from the naked bulb hanging from the ceiling. Pushing the woman against the wall next to the door, Natsu fell to his knees before her lifting her leg over his shoulder as he pushed the hem of her skirt up her waist. Tearing the elastic of her panties he met her eyes to find no protest before latching onto her.

Lucy's head fell back against the wall with a dull thunk as her fingers tangled through Natsu's hair, pulling him closer to her. Gazing down the length of her torso to find his brilliant eyes locked on her face, snaring her with their intensity. "This isn't what I thought you meant when you said you were hungry," She whispered around a broken moan.

His deep chuckle vibrated through her as he continued to worship her core, sending sparkles shooting behind her eyelids. Lucy hummed while getting lost in the sensations he inflicted on her; the burning grip of his hands on her thighs as he held her in place, the sharp bite of his fangs against her tender folds, and the scratch of his unshaven face against her thighs. It was a heady combination as he took complete control over her pleasure.

"Oh God, Natsu!" she whimpered, "Please, oh please!" Her legs were shaking as he latched onto her, sucking the pearl between her legs into his mouth and biting slightly until her pleas broke off into a high pitched whine. He smiled up at her, brown eyes hazy with pleasure, as he cleaned her up.

Shooting gracefully to his feet he caged her against the wall, leg held up still as he wrapped it around his waist. "I was hungry," he stated with a cheeky smile. He undid his belt with one hand as he gazed down at her, the predatory look in his eyes making her quiver in anticipation.

"You ready?"

Lucy nodded, letting that gruff smokey voice wash over her as he pushed inside. Mouth falling open with a sigh of relief, the feel of him stretching her as he bottomed out never ceased to take her breath away.