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Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Underworld of Evangelion: Discovery

A/N: Life is full of surprises.

"…He's kinda attractive," went Yui's roommate, a seductress member of the Ikari Vampires by the name of Rika, looking at her computer at the photo of a young man Yui was looking at, "for a human."

But Yui was not looking at him out of some sick attraction. She was trying to find out why the Rokubungi Lycans were at the subway station earlier last night…and based on the photos she had acquired, there was only one conclusion she had come to.

"They were after you," she uttered.

"What?" Rika questioned her, and then Yui got up from her desk and grabbed her coat. "You're kidding, right? That's…ridiculous."

Arming herself with her silver ammunition, Yui responded, "Is it really?"

"But…other than for food, why would those mutts stalk a human? That makes no sense. There's no logic."

But Yui's mind had already been made up on the decision. If the Rokubungi Lycans were looking for this boy, then there had to be a reason for it, and she had to find out why.

When she left, Rika looked at Yui's computer again, seeing another page on the list of tabs she had scrolled through, and saw that it was a background profile of the boy Yui was convinced was being stalked by the werewolves.

"I still think it's ridiculous," she told herself.


"…So, you heading home now?" A young man dressed in black asked another guy as they were in a locker room.

"Yeah," the boy from the subway station incident responded. "The doctor gave me a couple of hours, so I'm just going to go crash at my place."

"I heard you were at the subway station last night."

"That's right."

"It's good you got out of there alive."

"Thank you."

The boy got up from the bench he was sitting on and grabbed his bag, leaving the hospital where he was interning. Ever since he was little, he had no direction in life that was worth taking until he decided to try the medical route, which was short of medical experts and supporters. While not the best career choice right now for him, he was versed in stitching up injuries and removing bullets. So even if this internship didn't pan out for him, at least he'd have some medical expertise in his résumé for future employment elsewhere.

I feel like my life is going nowhere, he thought as he walked down the stairs instead of taking the elevator, needing to stay active.


The Restorative Apartments was a quartet of six-story buildings that housed people who were low-income, keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. This was where Yui expected to find the boy that the Rokubungi Lycans were looking for. But he wasn't here at the moment, as she had broken into the apartment that he lived in, seeing that it was quite sparse, practically devoid of anything of some significance to the woman. As she searched through his meager possessions, Yui found this kid to be almost shut off to the world, just another face in the crowd.

A stack of pictures caught her attention, and she flipped through them. It appeared that they had more to say about his past than the whole apartment did. Barely much of a childhood, few friendships and nobody looking after him beyond the required time it took to pursue his standard vocational training. There was probably one girlfriend, but it appeared to end in some sort of tragedy, making Yui suspect that this kid had a very poor upbringing.

Who are you? She wondered.


"…There's nothing much I can really say about him?" A doctor told three police officers that came and asked about one of the interns that was involved in the subway station incident. "He comes in, does his rotation, and then he clocks out. Beyond that, he keeps to himself. The interns pretty much lived by the clock. They don't really have a social life to talk about."

"Do you know where we could find him?" One of the police officers asked.

"Well, you could try his apartment at the Restorative Apartments or wait until he comes back here," the doctor suggested. "He's not involved in some sort of foul play, is he?"

"No, nothing like that," another officer expressed. "We just need to confirm if he might've saw anything else in the subway station that he might've overlooked. Thank you."


Yui found that this boy was fortunate enough to have a copy of his birth certificate, but found that it was very lacking, as well, like many other aspects in his life. It reminded her of how certain people were deprived of a past filled with benefits, like parents, aunts, uncles, siblings. But this here…was just the barest of the bare minimum of information on this kid. This Shinji was devoid of a last name, devoid of parents, having only a DOB and the location. It was like he was living off the grid or something, just trying to hide.

Click! She turned to the sound of a voice message machine acting up.

"Yo, Shinji, it's Suzuhara," a boy's voice uttered. "I just saw some cops at the hospital, and they were looking for you, said that you might've saw something in that subway station incident you were at. What the Hell is going on? Did you get into something dangerous? Call me back!"

Click! Yui then heard the sound of the apartment door opening, and she moved out of sight.

It was the boy, Shinji, stepping inside.

"I have a voice message?" He uttered, going to his machine and pressing the button.

"Yo, Shinji, it's Suzuhara," the voice repeated, and Yui stepped up behind the tenant as the message ended.

"But I gave them my statement," Shinji expressed. "I told them everything I know."

He turned around and saw Yui…who surprised him.

"What are you…"

She didn't give him a chance to ask as she grabbed him by his neck and raised him off the floor, slamming him against the wall behind himself.

"How you survive this will depend upon how well you answer me, boy," she told him. "Why are you being followed?"

"Aaaurgh! Uurgh!" Shinji struggled to get free of her grip, wondering how she got into his apartment. "What…do you want?!"

Smash! They heard something over their heads, and saw the ceiling receive impacts, sending plaster falling to the floor in bits.

Yui released Shinji and pulled out her pistols. She suspected that if she was able to locate where this boy lived, then that meant the Rokubungi Lycans had ascertained where he lived, as well. Whatever the reason was that they were looking for him, it meant he was no longer safe where he lived.

"Get out of here," she told him as something smashed through the ceiling. "Now!"

Shinji got up and ran out of the apartment, unsure of what was going on.

To be continued…

A/N: I thought about creating a new chapter for this, and it impressed me that I was able to finish it on the same day it was made.