Rapunzelwas tired after a long day of painting portraits for her clients. She needed to have a bit of energy for her meet up with her friend, Cassandra Hughes. The small chameleon that was perched on her shoulder squeaked.

"What is it, Pascal?" Rapunzel asked as she looked at the small reptile. Pascal, her chameleon, pointed at a sign with a duckling.

She looked up and saw a sign that said, "The Snuggly Duckling Café". Well, she does like ducklings, and she does need some coffee right now, so she went inside.

When she went up to the counter she saw a tall handsome man. She could have sworn that she saw him before...

The ring of the bell jolted the other employees of the Snuggly Duckling Café from their blank stares around the busy café.

"Rider! Do your job!" Their boss, Hook Hand, scolded the tall tan man that was staring off the space in the counter.

"You know that I don't go by Flynn Rider anymore," Eugene said as the brunette approached the counter. She looked familiar... But something was missing... "So, welcome to the Snuggly Duckling Café; may I take your order, Sunshine?"

"I'll just have a latte and a strawberry cheesecake, please." The brunette said. Eugene scribbled her order on his notepad and called their baker, Attila, to retrieve her the cheesecake.

"Alright; I'll be with you for a moment with your order." Eugene said before the Brunette left. "Hey, Hook! The coffee machine's going haywire again!"

Rapunzel sat down on a couch while waiting for her order. She received a message from Cassandra.

Cassandra H~ Hey, Raps. I don't have much time so I need to meet with you right now.

Rapunzel sighed as she typed away. What was wrong now?

Rapunzel C~ I'm in a café for some coffee, Cass. Maybe some other time?

Her phone buzzed.

Cassandra H~ You wouldn't happen to be the brunette by the window in The Snuggly Duckling Café, right?

Okay. Now Rapunzel was confused. She looked around to find Cassandra. She was surely here. How else could she know that she was sitting by the window?

Someone suddenly called out her order, making her jump and erase her thoughts. She went towards the side to claim her order.

Rapunzel looked at the name scribbled in her latte. Sunshine.Well, it was better than 'Punzie' or 'Punzel'.

As she wandered back to her table she knew that she saw those brown eyes from somewhere, she just didn't know where. When she came back to her table, she saw Cassandra there.

"Hi, Cass! How're the cases in the station?" Rapunzel asked as she sat down across her best friend. Her best friend helps her father in the police station at times so she could do something else than her boring job.

"You know, same old cases, same old criminals; nothing changed after that Flynn Rider guy suddenly disappeared from New Sonnenburg." Cassandra stated in a bored tone.

"Um.. Well, that's nice." Rapunzel said. She couldn't think of anything else to say. Hesuddenly appeared in her mind again.

Cassandra saw the look on Rapunzel's face and it. Was. Not. Good. At. All. Not again..

"Don't tell me you're still sulking over your dead boyfriend." Cassandra said. She couldn't believe that she was still thinking of him. That incident happened two years ago.

"Who, me? No! I'm telling you, Cass! I've moved on from him!" Rapunzel lied with a nervous chuckle. That wassoooconvincing, Corona.She thought sarcastically.

"Yeah, and I suddenly time traveled to the medieval times and won the Challenge of the Brave." Cassandra snapped back sarcastically.

"So what if I'm still thinking about him? It's normal, Cass." Rapunzel defended. She mentally face palmed. Now Cassandra was gonna give her the "Move On Spiel". Again.

"Uh, sulking over a dead boyfriend for two years is not normal, Raps. Seriously, when will you ever move on from him?" Cassandra asked. She was sick of seeing her best friend sulking over her dead boyfriend. It just made her gloomier every time she remembers him. Rapunzel let out a heavy sigh.

"I actually don't know, Cassandra. I don't know if I can ever move on from him and find that one person who's not going to leave me like he did." Rapunzel admitted. She really had no clue on how she was going to move on. It was just too hard since he was her first love and when he left, she felt that a huge piece of her died.

All Cassandra could do is comfort her. She went through a lot and maybe she just needed more time to open up to someone.

After she felt okay, they started to talk about the client that was asking for a painting for their office.

Rapunzel went home with a bad vibe trailing with her. She felt so jealous when she saw couples walked down the streets together holding hands. She used to think about those times when she was doing that with him. She missed him so much.

All Rapunzel could do for the night is sob. Sob for that one guy who will never come back.

Meanwhile with Eugene, he was just got home from the shop when those green eyes struck on his mind again. He remembered the blonde that made him fall in love.

He wondered where she was now.