Eugene smiled as he walked down the hallways of Rapunzel's apartment.

He couldn't believe that he finally got to encounter her after years of separation.

He collapsed on his bed with a contented smile plastered on his face as he dozed off to sleep.

Days later, he didn't get the sight of the brunette. She was probably busy. I mean, she was a famous artist now. Her schedule must be filled with different meetings.

Eugene sighed as he slumped on the counter, waiting for another day to be over.

The next day, the rain was pouring in the city of New Sonnenburg which meant that it will be another slow day for the employees.

Eugene was roused from his boredom when someone came in the café, soaking wet even with an umbrella in hand and holding a plastic bag on the other hand.

Her head shot up and Eugene went towards her quickly.

"Blondie!" He gasped as he rushed to her side. "What were you doing?"

"Sorry, Eugene. I was... Just getting some paint then the rain happened." She said, catching her breath. "I decided that since my umbrella broke, I could crash in here, even for just a bit." she explained.

"Of course. Just say huddled here." Eugene said as he led her to a booth and went to get something that would keep her warm.

He came back moments later with a blanket that he fortunately saw in the back room along with a cup of hot chocolate.

He sat across from her and stared. She looked so helpless. He wanted to know what happened.

"So... The wind broke your umbrella?" He asked. Rapunzel looked at the rattled up umbrella that she was holding and nodded sheepishly. "Again, why did you decide to buy paint at a stormy afternoon?" He asked again.

"I was making a portrait for Miss Spiegelman. My supply of paint ran out and since I had to give the painting to her tomorrow at exactly eight in the morning, I had to rush out of my apartment and buy the paint." She explained sheepishly. Eugene nodded as he sighed.

"Okay... I guess I can be fine with that explanation. But you still need to stay here for a while. You'd be fine with that?" He asked. She nodded silently as she pulled the blanket closer to her. "You'll be okay, Blondie." He said as he patted her shoulder and stood up.

Eugene headed off back to the counter where Hook was giving him a cheeky grin.

"You're really protective towards the girl, aren't you?" Hook smiled.

"I'm only doing it because it seems like she needed it. Besides, she's been my best friend for four years. Being protective of her is just a part of my job as a best friend." Eugene said. It's not like he was being protective of her in thatway.

"Eh... I dunno, Rider. It doesn't look like you're just doing it for the reasons that you've said. I think that it's because of something more than than those." Hook shrugged. Eugene gave him an unimpressed look.

"I told you that my name isn't Rider anymore."

Rapunzel thanked the men of the café before she left the place to finish the portrait.

She went home and finished the portrait that she needed to do.

She let out a shaky breath as she looked at the calendar.

After she'd meet with Miss Spiegelman, she'd make sure to buy flowers.

Eugene closed the shop early that night. It really was a slow day for everyone in there.

As he slumped down on his couch, his boss's words hung in the air for him to contemplate.

"It doesn't look like you're just doing it for the reasons that you've said. I think that it's because of something more than those."

So what was the reason for him being protective of the brunette? There was no more reason behind what he said. And even if there were a reason, it wouldn't happen. She's got that 'Jackson' guy that she mentioned at the time at the docks.

He figured that it may be just the lack of girls that he could go out with.

He seriously doubted it.

Then if it isn't that reason, then what is it?

It wasn't like he was in love with her, right?

His eyes widened at the thought as his heart pounded.

Get a grip of yourself, Fitzherbert. You promised to not ruin another girl again.He suddenly thought.

He made his way to the bed. Maybe he needed some sleep to give him clarity. Maybe it would change the thought that he had earlier.

The next day, after giving Miss Spiegelman the painting, Rapunzel proceeded to the cemetery with a bouquet in hand.

She felt herself tearing up as she approached the tomb.

She placed the bouquet on the grass and smiled a little.

"Hey there, Jackson." She sniffed as she sat down on the grass. "Today's supposed to be our anniversary, but I'm sure you're having your small celebration up there." She forced a smile before she stood up and mouthed 'I miss you' and left.

As she was walking back to her car, she wiped her tears, promising that it would be the last time that she would cry for him.

She decided that it's finally the time to move on.