Chapter 2

It didn't take long to organise everything for the journey back to the Royal Court. It took longer for me to sift through my feelings. After deciding to return and help those who had betrayed me and Christian three years earlier, I had to reconcile my feelings, all of them. At first I was confused, then angry, then sad for all that had changed and finally worried what my reappearance may mean. In the end I was at peace with the past. I ran for what felt like hours trying to come to terms with the multitude of feelings coursing through me. I realised that the only opinions that mattered were the ones around me.

I stopped running, checking my watch; I had run 26miles in just under two hours, not my best time, but not my worse either. I made my way back inside and showered, before making my way to my room. As I open the door, I am met with the sweet smell of freshly baked donuts and the radio.

"Christian? Julian?" I yell over the music as I go to turn the radio down. I find the boys in kitchen, icing said donuts and talking about court and what, well rather who we will come across once there.

"Rosie" Christian says when he sees me going in for some chocolate icing. I look up, eyes as wide as saucers, pretending to be innocent.

"Love, are you okay?" Julian asks at the sometime as Christian. I look to the green eyes of my partner and nod, ever so slightly.

"I am feeling okay. How are preparations for leaving?" I ask, changing the subject quickly.

"I have spoken to the others and they are all ready to go. Our flight leaves at 8pm, we will have to stop and refill in New York before carrying onto Pennsylvania. Julian went and talked to the boss" Christian states in reply to my question.

"Boss said we all have approval to go to the US on official elite business and so leave was not required. He asked to be updated regularly. He also requested for you to go see him before leaving. Though, he said he understands that you might be feeling a bit off and reluctant about returning after three years." Julian continues after Christian speaks.

"How are you Christian" I ask, everyone seems so concerned about my feelings, but, what about Christian's? He's going to see the girl that broke his heart. I'm not the only one effected by us returning. I look down at my hands, waiting for his reply. The tattoo on my left hand reminding me that I am stronger then I was three years ago.

"I don't know Rose, I know she is queen now and we will have to see her, you know? But at the same time I wish we didn't have to even make ourselves known. I wish she could just be informed that an undercover team was coming to sort the problem and that we could be incognito, like everything else. But I know that, that is impossible. I'm worried what seeing her will do to you. What seeing him will do to you? I know that you are happy now, but Rose you're my sister and I can't see you broken that way again. That darkness that consumed you after we left- if it hadn't been for Julian, who knows where or how you would be now?" Christian states with such emotion. I leave my perch, and walk over to Christian and wrap my arms around him in a hug. After we moved to Spain and started training, we never really talked about why we left.

I take a deep breath before replying, "it will be hard, but I'm not the same Love sick teenager I was, neither are you. We are strong and talented elites, we have each other, the six of you are my family. They betrayed us Chris and that sucks, but we are stronger for it and we are happy. I wish going incognito was an option, but it's not. In forty-eight hours we will walk into court, with our heads held high. They were wrong Christian, not us. We can't allow them to dictate our lives any more, I refuse to allow them to ruin all that we have achieved." I leave Christians embrace Julian, resting my head on his chest. " Now can I have a donut?" I say, before snatching the warm morsel covered in chocolate icing off the cooling rack and stuff it in my mouth.

It's almost time to leave, as I stand in the bathroom, I look at myself in the mirror. I have gotten older, not just physically and mentally and ascertain that what I said to Christian really is the truth. We are better than this. I grab my rings, bracelet and watch from the charger. Check my bag and grab the scarf the old man gave me when I was in Russia on that rescue mission.

I meet the team at the airfield; everyone is dressed casually, knowing that we have a few hours flying before we get to the states before we have to get changed into our uniforms.

I look at everyone, from Alejandro and Julian, the only two dhampirs apart from myself, Christian and Liam the two Moroi, Sydney an Alchemist and Paisley, a witch. These guys are my family and I know that they will stick by me, no matter what.

Our last travel companion sticks his head from the door of the plane and waves us over; Eddie is traveling back with us, rather than travelling commercial as he had booked. The perks of knowing elites/ being an elite is travelling by private plane.

We load our bags, including personal items, weapons and training gear onto the plane. I take my seat next to Julian, across from us sits Christian and Liam. Sydney and Paisley sit near the front and Eddie and Alejandro take the last two seats.

I make myself comfortable and snuggle down next to Julian, my partner in every sense of the word; in work, love and life. My husband.

-End of chapter 2-

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