An NSL fic named after my first story. This is more of a prequel to chapter 2, which shows build up to the event.

"No way! Your bad luck!", Lynn exclaimed. Lincoln stared at his sister in shock, "Bad luck? Lynn, be reasonable.", Lincoln replied. "I am being reasonable! How come the one time you come to my game I lose!", Lynn retorted with anger.

Lincoln yet again couldnt reply, what a sore loser. "Im sorry I havent attended any of your past games, but you know why!", Lincoln said back. "Lincoln, she does have a point though.", Lori said. Lincolns head shot around as his other 8 sisters stood behind him. "Wha- what do you mean?!", Lincoln said.

"Everything bad usually happens when your around!", Lola said. Lynn smugly smiled as the others defended her. "I try to make itmup to you guys! Im not perfect!", Lincoln said. "Quiet! Dont talk tk any of us like that, it is just rude!", Lori exclaimed.

Lincoln finally snapped, "What are you talking about! Just because Lynn is a sore loser that cant stand a little loss because she's to stubborn to admit she isnt the best is no excuse to label me bad luck!", Lincoln yelled. That struck a nerve in Lynn's mind, it was like hotting flint on steel, igniting a flame in her mind.

"Say that again!", Lynn yelled, her entire face turning red. "To fucking stubborn to admit defeat!", Lincoln spat. Without warning, a loud coang was heard as Lincoln hit the dirt, blood oozing out of the side if his head. "Teaches you right you failed abortion.", Lynn said.

Tears streamed down Lincolns face as he attempted to crawl away. He slowly made his way out in the sidewalk where he was seen by many people, "Oh my god! Someone call 911!", a woman yelled as a look of horror crossed her face.

At that moment, anything couldve happened. The roads could fill with protestors, a man could stsrt shooting, hell, the damn Purge couldve fucking happened. That was until a truck sped down the street, yet another thud and screech was heard.

All anyone saw was a boy foy through the air and land back first onto concrete, skidding down with a tail of blood behind him. People rushed over to him as they did what they could to stop the bleeding, but they were shocked to see Lincoln slap their hands away. "Hey Lynn, were sorry you lost your game, but we got us all snowco-", Rita and Lynn Sr. froze as they saw the seen before them.

Alright, im back, my delayed stories will be released kn Friday because aftrr tommorow, I got no more fucking school!