Chapter 1
Meeting Jonathan Crane

Today was the first day at Gotham High for me, my name is Katherine Gordon, and I am the adopted daughter of Capt. James Gordon of the G.C.P.D. and I'm 17 years old, you see my dad adopted me when I was five at Falcone home and school for Orphans ran by Sofia Falcone. Dad says when he saw me there I was this cute little red-headed girl, who was always there to ask him questions or to talk to when he would visit Sofia, so after she went into a comma, the orphanage had to be shut down and instead of sending me upstate when the majority of the kids were sent to, he adopted me. Now here I am 17 now and about to start school as a freshman in High school, I was a smart kid but nowhere near a genius. He yelled up the stairs that he was heading to the police Dept. and to have a great day at school, know by the time I was done in the bathroom he would be at the Dept., I was getting dressed and doing my hair, I wore for my first day of school a red, black and white plaid shirt to cover my black top, black ripped skinny jeans ripped at the knees, black ankle high boot with studs on the cuffs of the boots, and my bracelets, I brushed my hair and added a black bow to the left side of it and then went to my room, I grabbed my book bag and ran to the kitchen to grab me an apple. With the apartment locked up, I made my way to school, It was a 10-minute walk to school. When I get there, I see three kids picking on a shy skinny kid, who looked to be around my age, with brown hair parted on the right side and baby blue eyes on the front steps of the school, the three kids were playing hot potato with the skinny looking kids backpack, I run up to them and told them to knock it off, the leader of the group which was the typical jock, slick buzz cut, school lettermen jacket, and jeans to match looked my way and told his friends to stop and shove the kids backpack at him and laugh as they walk away.

I walk up to him he was wearing a baggie gray hoodie with a dark green shirt, and black jeans, and ask, "Hey are you OK?" He doesn't look up at me but answers," Y-Y-yeah, and thanks, if you didn't show up I wouldn't have gotten that back til the bell rang." I smile and him and tell him you're welcome and then say," I'm Katherine Gordon, I'm new here and what might your name be?" He smiles at me and then says, "J-J-Jonathan Crane, nice to meet you." we walk into the school and, I head to the office to get my locker number and my schedule, when I have it Johnathan tells me that it was next to his locker and can take me to it, we make our way there and after putting my backpack up but grabbing my binder, notebook, and pens. I ask him, "Hey do you know where Mr. Yates science class is? I have him first." Johnathan nods and says, "T-T-that's my first class, I can walk you to it, if you like?" I can see him blush after the last bit of his statement and i tell him yes.

We get to the classroom and take seats next to each other in the back of the class, the bell rings and the teacher walks into the room, spots me and motions for me to come to the front of the classroom, I get out of my seat and go to the front and sit against the white board, while the teacher collects the homework and takes attendance. He tells the class I'm the new student and asks me to introduce myself, I do just that and then take my seat, the class was boring cause I knew most of the lesson the teacher was teaching but never the less I took notes, when the lesson was finished he told us he would be partnering up people for the lab we were doing tomorrow, and I got paired up with Johnathan, which was pretty cool.


When the class was over we walked to my locker and I showed Johnathan my schedule and he told we have the same classes and lunch, so we could sit with one another and get to know one another, which was awesome, because if I had to be honest I was taking a liking to Johnathan, but i wanted us to be friends first because he looked like he could use a friend, and I sorta felt alone in a new school. Our other two classes blew by pretty quickly and in no time it was lunch time, Johnathan walked with me to my locker so I could get they money my dad left for me on the kitchen counter to get lunch with out of my backpack, he grabs his packed lunch in a paper bag and we walk to the cafeteria, he tells me he's gonna find us a table while I go through the lunch line. I got a pizza, fries and milk for lunch and see him sitting at the back of the lunchroom near the doors we just came in, as I'm making my way toward him the guy I saw bulling Johnathan earlier stop in front of me when I'm about to reach the table and says, " Hey your, the new girl right? I'm Matthew Davidson star football player of Gotham High." he had a smug smile on his face and I just stared at him like I could give a careless and said, " And...What's your point?" his smile fades and he then says to me, " Well I'm just letting you know, you should really stay away from that freak." and points at Johnathan, " Why don't you come sit with me and my friends." and point to the table a little ways away from where we were sitting. I laughed and said to him," Now why would I sit with an asshole like you, and also sit with people who I know don't give a shit about me, huh? Take a hike, you don't even know Johnathan, to you he maybe a freak, but to me he is one of the nicest people in this school so far unlike you and your crowd of pompoms and jocks, so no I'm fine where I'm at thank you though." And gave him the most sarcastic smile as I walked over to where Johnathan was sitting and pick up on the music conversation we were having in our English class before the lunch bell rang.

As we were eating, Johnathan looks up and me and says, "T-T-thank you for sticking up for me, you didn't have to but you did, and I guess you haven't head about me or about my dad I should say." I look at him and tell him it was no biggie about earlier, but I ask him to go on about what he meant about his dad, and he tells me, " My dad was a biologist, who was working on a serum that he thought could stop all phobias from happening. Because he had a fear of fire and that fear is what couldn't save my mom when a house fire started while I was at school, I was 8. So instead of using lab mice to test it...He used me and that serum would give me terrible hallucinations and nearly drove me insane, I was 13 at the time he started testing, but of our neighbors next door could hear me scream all the time, so they called the cops and the cops found out that he was testing it on me...So they sent him to Arkham and me to a therapist at Gotham Asylum for what he did to me, and it's helped me so far but I have the occasional hallucination but I'm taking medication to help stop them, but since my dad has been in the 'loony bin' as they call it and so have I. I've been made into to freak and the entire school thinks as such, not that I once was a normal kid who had terrible things happen to him, no...I'm just a freak. But for once in my life, I don't care anymore because ever since you've been hanging around me, I feel like for once in my life, I'm happy cause you don't see me how everyone else does, and I'm hoping to call you friend." After hearing all of what he told me, I felt bad for him... He had no one to call friend and basically the whole school has been turned against him because of what his father did to him at a younger age, I get up from my seat that was across from him, and take the seat next to him, and give him a hug.

I also tell him," I know how you feel...well sort of, I'm was an orphan, my birth parents were killed during a bank robbery, they were hostages and instead of the robbers letting them go after their demands were made, they killed everyone in the bank. I was 5 at the time and was left at home with my grandmother to watch over me while they were out, when the police broke the news to my grandmother, she fainted and was rushed to the hospital she died of what the doctors called a broken heart, and with the rest of my family either being dead or in different countries. I had no to take care of me so I was sent to Falcone's home and school for orphans, and when the owner went into a comma it had to be shut down but unlike the rest of kids I got adopted by the Captain of the G.C.P.D who's name is Jim Gordon." but after I said my father's name Johnathan's eyes widen and says to me, " That's the name of the man who helped me when my father was taken away, that's your dad?" I nod and continue, " yeah that's my dad, and I'm thankful for him, cause if not for him, I would've been upstate in another orphanage and not where I am today. But small world huh? My dad helps you out after what happens to you, and my dad adopts me to give me a better life. And as for you previous statement you can call me a friend, because your right, I don't see you how the rest of our student body sees you. I can see past what has happened in your past and see a sweet guy who is looking for friendship and to make better memories then what you have now. So yes Johnathan I wanna be your friend." I smiles at him after I tell him my story and he smiles back and returns the hug I gave him earlier, the bell rings and we throw away our trash and head to gym class.


Our Last few classes pass us by and we are at our lockers getting our stuff to head home, we walk out of the front doors of the school, Johnathan wanted to walk me home which I thought was sweet so I let him. While we were walking and then I asked him, " Hey would you want to come over to my house and chill? I mean I know this is short notice but I'm at home for a good while since my dad's a cop and won't be home til about 8 P.M. So I thought we could study together and you know hang out afterwords." He looks at me and says," That would be great I just have to make a phone call and ask my grandmother, since she is the one looking after me. It would be just to ask her if it's OK." I nod and tell him I have to call my dad and ask as well so no problem, he walks a little ways a head of me and takes out his cellphone to call her, and I pull out mine and dial my dad's number it rings twice and then I hear, " Gordon." and I say ," Hey dad its Kat, I got a question." I hear him say, " Hey sweetheart, how was school? And go ahead shoot." I tell him school went fine and then ask, " Would it be OK if T brought a friend home from school? To you know hang out after we get done studying of course, but can I?" I hear background noise of the police department and then hear him say," Sure you can and if I get off early enough, I can meet this friend and bring home dinner, and take them home since I wont be home til after 8 P.M." I tell him thank you and that I love him, and hang up. I tell Johnathan that my dad said yes and he tells me that his grandmother said it's fine with her as long as he calls when he is on his way home, with that we walk toward my apartment and finished our conversation about our favorite movies.

We make it to the place, and I take my key out of my backpack and open the door, we walk in and we go to living room, we take a seat on the black leather sofa in there and set our school bags by our sides, we pull out our book and begin working on our homework, Johnathan helped with the science problem on our worksheet we got and I helped him with English and Histories assignments we had to do. With our homework was done, I went to kitchen a brought some chips and sodas for us to have while we sat and chatted about school, but then Johnathan asks me, " Are you sure you don't mind having me as a friend, I mean you could probably could fit in with anyone in our school..." but before I let him finish that statement I told him, " John you wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be your friend, and yeah I probably could but, the thing is I don't want to cause just like you, I know I'm seen as a freak. Because of what I wear and the type of person I am with so to them, I say oh well and I can be friends with who I want to be friends with, and not have my friends chosen by people who I know don't give a shit about me."I smiled at him and took a sip of my soda to which again he smiled, we watch Netflix flat screen T.V in the living room, and I scoot closer to him while still sitting on the sofa and he put his arm around my shoulders, we sit on the couch cuddled up while watching the movie Sleepy Hollow, while he is paying attention to the movie I look up at him and thought to myself, how can anyone not see a sweet guy like this and not see how hurt he is and not want to be his friend. He looks down and sees me staring at him, I look away and blush but I feel a hand pull my gaze back to his, I gaze into his beautiful blue eyes, he pulls me closer to his lips, right as we are about to kiss I hear the the door open, we jump apart and in walks my dad with Chinese take out and files from work, he sees Johnathan and me, and says, " Hey kids how's chilling out going? And Kat I brought home dinner for all of us." I thank my dad and turn the T.V off, and go grab stuff from the kitchen for us to eat with when I come back, I put plastic plates and forks on the coffee tables as dad and me never really used the kitchen table, unless dad was using it for working on cases, so we regularly ate in the living room. As we all grabbed food to eat, Johnathan says to my dad, " Detective Gordon, it's good to see you again." My dad's eyes were on Johnathan and he said to him, " well I'll be, if it ain't Jonathan Crane, how have the last 5 years been for you?" And Johnathan answers, " Much better since going to Gotham Asylum, and seeing a therapist once a week, things are going better then they were, and also living with my grandmother has been great as well she says if i ever see you to tell you hello and to thank you for bringing her grandson back to her." My dad tell him to tell her hello and also that he was just doing his job by making sure he was safe after what happen to him. We talked about how school went and what home work we had to do and after that conversation was over my dad tells us, " I have a case to look over, and im gonna be at the dinning room table if you need me, and also let me know when Johnathan is ready to go home so I can give home, OK?" We both nod and dad walks into the kitchen, while Jonathan and I were sitting on the sofa, I asked him, " So what do you wanna do now? I mean we could finish the movie or we could sit here and chat." He looks at me and says, " Finishing the movie sounds good." and with that I turn the T.V back on and we finish Sleepy Hollow.

It was around 10 P.M when we got done watching T.V, and Johnathan says he should be heading home soon as not to worry his grandmother. I nod and get up stretch, and head to the kitchen to tell dad he's ready to go home, as Johnathan was grabbing his backpack he says to me, " Kat thanks for today, it was fun and um I'm sorry about when I tried to kiss you... I thought maybe you felt how I felt, because I do like you and I guess you can say I like you more than a friend, and believe me I know this is fast but I've never met someone like you, who liked me for me and not out of pity or as joke. So if you don't feel the same way..I understand but I want you to know how I feel and also know, how you have made an impact on my life." My heart melted after what he said and I pulled him into a sweet kiss, which last a solid minute then I said to him, " I like you too John, but maybe we could try dating or having date and see where this goes, because yes this is kind of fast but I'm willing to see where this goes and if it's not for us we can still be friend, cause no matter what I want to be here for you. Because a sweet guy like you deserves a friend." I smile after what I said to him, my dad clears his throat and says, " Ready to go when you are Kat." And heads out the door, I hold Johnathan's hand and we head out the door and I lock it behind me, we get out front of the apartment building, and dad's car is waiting for us out there we climb in the backseat, we sit there holding hands, Johnathan pulls out his cellphone and calls his grandmother to let her know he was on his way home, and dad begins the drive to Johnathan's Grandmother. His grandmother doesn't live to far away from us, it was like a block or two away from our apartment, my dad pulls up to her apartment complex and tell him he's welcome to come back to our house anytime, Johnathan thanks him and kisses me on the cheek and says see you tomorrow, he gets out and buzzes the door to the complex and walks inside. Once inside dad heads back for out house and he tells me with a smile on his face, " So i'm guessing he is going to around a lot, I take it." I smile and nod, as I know he can see that I like Johnathan, dad parks the car and we get out and head back home, when we walk in the door, and dad looks at me and says, " Kat, I hope things work out with you and him, lord knows that kid could use a friend after all that has happened to him in the past 5 years, but if he hurts you I won't be happy, we clear." I laugh at my dad being protective, but understand and tell him, " Don't worry I think we will be just fine, besides we both agreed that if it doesn't workout, we'll just go back to being friends." Dad nods, hugs me and tells me good night. I go to the living room and get my backpack from the sofa, and head to my room and get ready for bed, wondering what the next day had in store for us.