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Chapter 7

Katherine's POV

The Day After The Camping Trip

My alarm went off on my phone, Johnathan kisses me on the cheek, while he grabs his clothes and heads towards the bathroom for a quick shower. I get dressed in a long sleeve black button up victorian shirt with a long black skirt, black thigh boots with studs running down the boots, light makeup and the necklace Johnathan made me.

I made my way to the kitchen to make Johnathan and I something to eat so we can just make it to school, I made us toast and Eggs. Johnathan comes down the stairs in a black button up shirt that matches mine and black slacks with a chain hanging from his front pocket, Black boots. He thanks me for making breakfast, and I tell him he looks handsome as he tells me I look beautiful. We eat quickly, grab our backpacks, and make the short walk to school holding hands and talking.


We make it school, and head to out locks to put our things up, and get out our things for science class. We walk to science class, take our seats, and wait for class to start. The bell rings and our teacher, first passes out a permission slip for a class field trip to a National state park for out next lesson which was ecosystems in nature, the permission slip was due tomorrow for us to go on the trip, and those students who didn't turn it in would be doing work in the computer lab. Til the class returned, after that was explained we started our lesson which was just taking notes and a worksheet due tomorrow along with the slip.


Johnathan's POV

The rest of the day went by fast, with only reading assignments for english and history. For english it was a book of our choosing, and give a spoken report for it as a test grade, for history it to read and take notes on World war 1. As we make our way home, we stop by my house so I could have my grandmother sign the permission slip, and hang their for a bit, while we are there I grab a change of clothes for the next day, because I just wanted to spend one more night with Kat before coming home for a while to give Kat some space and also my grandmother says she needs my help after school tomorrow.

Kat and I have Tea with my grandmother, and I ask her to sign my permission slip, and talk about how school was. After we were done, we help her clean up and I ask her if she needs ananything before we leave, which all she needed is her meds and a drink which I go get for her, I give my grandmother a hug and then head to Kat's place.

We make it to her house, and her dad is there with Miss. Galavand having a late lunch. We wave to the and tell them we are heading up to do homework, we head up to Kat's room. We change out of our school clothes, and get started on it, we both start on our reading assignment/speech. I chose 'Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King', while Kat chose 'Howl's Moving Castle'. We both praticed our speeches and gave each other pointers on them.

After a couple hours we finished our homework, Kat went to ask her dad to sign her permission slip, while I make us small snacks for the movie we were about to watch which is 'Spirited Away', when she is done she helps me carry the popcorn, cookies, and drinks to her room. We cuddle up and watch the movie, after the movie we just turn on, a show we have seen before to chat and make out before calling it a night. We start getting tired for the night about 10:30 P.M. so we take our trash and dishes to the kitchen, and I change into my pajamas which was a white tank top and red with black stripes flanel pajama pants, while Kat changes into black yoga pants and a blood red tank top. We crawl into bed, I kiss her good night and she kisses me back. I pull her closer to me as we cuddle up in her bed and we drift to sleep, hoping tomorrow will be a great day like today.