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At the Red Falcon base

It's been a few days now since the strict policy's have been in place. For team JNPR it has been a major inconvenience and also quite boring few days. Still Phrrya hasn't need the pistol that Sasquatch has given her so it came with some relief that they had insurance. Still despite no training they were still allowed to the gym and library and they took the little advantage, they had by training their minds and bodies for future endeavors. Still it has been very boring for all of them. The scene now takes place inside the empty gym, inside Ren had set up a sparing mat to use for meditation. As he meditates his intacked ear begins to twitch and he opens his eye to see Aaron walk in with a t-shirt and sweat pants on with a yoga mat under his arm.

Aaron stared at Ren and so did Ren. After half a minute passes by Aaron walks over to Ren before asking. "I was also going to meditate... Mind if I join you?"

Ren simply nods and Aaron set aside his yoga mat and sat down in meditation form next him. The two meditate for hours simply ignoring there presence or didn't care to talk to each other. After a few hours Aaron finally spoke.

"... If I may ask, what happened to your ear?" Aaron asked without opening his eyes.

"... We were caught in a hoard and only barley survived." Ren answers without opening his eyes. "If you don't mind me asking, how did you get those scars on your arm?"

"... I was in an accident on the way home during the early days. I'm sure I was the only survivor." Aaron answers without opening his eyes.

With that the two returned to their meditation as if they haven't even talked at all. As Aaron starts to finally feel the zen from meditation the speaker came to life and starts to blaring at unusual sound with a static voice talking over it.

"Hello soldiers and troopers! THIS IS DJ Seymour coming at you live! As Requested by the GENERAL WE ARE HAVING A MARRIFON OF CLASICS AND ONLY THE GOOD KIND! ... That or what we managed to save at least. Now something to pass the time here's some Beti Webb Tic Toc" The wannabe DJ then stoped talking and placed on some music at an uneven volume that mad meditation nearly impossible.

As the music played crudely through the radio Aaron starts to become angered by the music. He couldn't even hear himself think much less even hear anything but the music. Before he was about to leave Ren spoke out.

"Don't bother it's playing everywhere." Ren remarks.

"Yea I know but still, it's fucking annoying that it plays some of the worst music ever written. Even worse we can't even suggest any music of our own, even if they do have a recorded version of it." Aaron complains.

"One cannot change the worlds problems without knowing how ignore their inconvenience." Ren remarks earning a chuckle from Aaron.

"Heh, Yea guess that's true. How said that anyways?" Aaron asked.

"My mother." Ren simply replies.

"Ah, was she as rambunctious as your sister or that's your father who was energetic?" Aaron asked.

"My mother was more sassy then anyone in my town, also Nora isn't my sister." Ren remarks.

"Wait then how did you two meet?" Aaron asked.

"We met on the first day of the apocalypse. She was a traveling orphan and I watched as my father sacrificed himself to allow me to escape. While hiding I saw Nora frozen in fear in the mist of the panic and I quickly got her to safety." Ren replies with his cover story.

"Oh, so what... happened to your mother?" Aaron asked feeling slightly guilty about asking about his past.

"For all I know me and Nora are the only survivors." Ren replies.

"... sorry to bring it up." Aaron apologizes. "I know what's it like to loose love ones. Both my brothers had to end our parents before I could even get home."

"Where where you at the time?" Ren asked

"... well heh, to be honest that's a long and horrible story, I mean I don't mind sharing it with you but are you sure you want to know?" Aaron asked with a look of remorse and sadness.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't have to but I seem to have nothing much to do and I'm sure the songs aren't gonna get any better." Ren remarks as he points to the speaker with his back thumb.

"Fair enough." Aaron said as he leans back looking up with his arms out stretched for support.

"When I was younge I always wanted to see Japan, land of the rising sun. My parents on the other hand didn't want me to go, rather have me join the military instead of visiting a foreign nation. So once I turn eighteen I went to Las Angeles Community College before transferring to the university of Tokyo in Japan." Aaron explains.

"I assumed that your parents weren't thrilled by this action?" Ren comments.

"Heh, Yea. Once they found out they gave me the longest ear blistering rant that would have made a drill Sargent crack under pressure." Aaron chuckles at the memory that felt nearly a life time ago.

"Still despite their opinions I still went to Japan. Oh man was it beautiful there. It took me half a year to speak Japanese but still I remember the amazing sights of ancient Japanese fortress, the zen gardens, and the delicious meals was so good that my mouth still waters to this day." Aaron said with a snails forming on his face for the first time in months. His smile then slowly fades.

"Then the outbreak started. At first it was a small story from Colorado about an entire valley being placed under quarantine. I only learned about it do to my Japanese friends made comments about it. I didn't really know or care but soon entire towns start to go dark followed by major cities till finally someone leaked out that it was due to zombies. After the first time it was confirmed to be zombie's people lost their collective shits. The world went crazy and I was caught in the middle. One day I noticed on a news report that the town that my family was under quarantine, that was when I head for the airport and try to get home." Aaron explains.

"Unfortunately of all the days to leave the country I had to choose to leave on the day the infection hits Tokyo." Aaron said as he threw his hands up in frustration.

"Murphy's law." Ren states

"Exactly, and despite having military training, it only got worse." Aaron said as he leans back against the ground looking at the wall.


In Tokyo international Airport a month after the first outbreak.

The outline on Aaron had changed. He was now wearing a school brand hoodie with a pair of jeans and he was bleeding heavily from his head as a zombie was on top of him. Aaron had his face planted against a window that was overhanging the ground below in a slope position. On his way to his flight a person had just died and reanimated before attacking some people. While fleeing he was tackled to the ground by a zombie police officer. As he tries to push off the zombie officer it grabbed Aaron's head, and tries to knock him unconscious by beating his face against the glass. As Aaron struggles to remain conscious he noticed the snub nose revolver in his holster. Aaron struggles to reach for the revolver as the zombie kept on bashing his head against the window. He kept on struggling getting no where near the gun without giving the zombie a chance to bite down on him.

As the end seem inedible the zombies head suddenly was gone as it sailed through the hair after a quick slash. Blood spewed out onto his hoodie and he was slightly freaked out by the blood and gore but quickly regained his senses before looking up to see a young woman with short brown hair and in a bloody grey business suit holding a kittana with a black hilt. She quickly flicks the blood off the blade before lowering her hand.

"Need a hand Yankee?" She asked in a Japanese accent.

Aaron slowly nods still bleeding from his head before grabbing her hand. She quickly lifted him up for him to stagger a bit.

"You ok?" She asked as she inspects the injury.

"Um, Yea... no. Im good for now." Aaron replies as he struggles to stand. His focus quickly shifts to the body of the dead zombie and he slowly wobbles over to the body before pulling the gun from his holster. He quickly inspects the snub nose revolver seeing and checking for extra bullets. As he pulls a few rounds from the police utility belt. He then felt the woman's hand on his shoulder.

"I think we should go yankee." She replies pointing to a glass door that was about to break due to the multiple zombies on the other side of the door.

"Yea, we should." Aaron responds as the woman helps him up from the ground and carry's him down the deselated hallway passing by Zombies who were busy stuffing their faces with people who wasn't so lucky.

Soon the two made it to the last plane leaving the country, but no one could board do to the Japanese military guarding the entrances from everyone. Crowds of people were begging to get on only for a rifle to be shoved into their faces of threats of being shot scared them back.

"Well, looks like we ain't getting on through that way." Aaron comments still slightly disoriented by the trama to his head.

"Thankfully I do know a way." The woman replies as she walks over to one of the military soldiers. At first he simply urged and threatened for her to step back but she said something in Japanese and the guards immediately lets them both through to the dismay of the angry crowd.

"What did you say to them?" Aaron asked.

"How do you Americans say it again, they owe me favor." She replies as the two hurried down the gangway to the plane. Once inside the plane the two went all the way back to coach and sat down in the very back.

The two sat down and soon the plane starts to prepare for take off. As the sounds of the plane engines start to warm up an ubrupt sound of machine gun fire can be heard, the woman and Aaron looked out the window to see the two military soldiers were now firing at both the civilians and a rushing hoard of infected individuals. As the plane slowly moves away the people on the left side of the plane could only watch in horror as the infected attacked and killed those who didn't ran away. The sight could only can be described as a massacre with men women and children were brutally executed and devoured. Aaron last sight of that airport was of a mother holding her newborn child before being swept under the hoard of the undead.

The plane soon got faster leaving the ground just as a hoard of zombies crashed through the gates and raced for the plane. After thirty minutes the plane reached flight altitude and the pilot made an announcement. Aaron was still scared by that moment, plus the blood leaking from his head didn't help his hearing any better.

The strange woman then noticed that the blood started to leak heavier now and quickly called for one of the flight waitresses in Japanese. As she spoke to her Aaron eyes begin to get heavier from the blood loss. Soon the Waitress returned with a medical kit.

"Hey, I need you to remain conscious. Tell me what's your name?" She said as she pulls out some wipes, gauze, and stitches.

"Um, it Aaron. Aaron Jaeger." Aaron replies as he struggles to stay awake.

"Hello Aaron, my name is Takahashi Aiko. What are you doing in Japan?" She asked as she inspects the wound to see that it wasn't as bad as she first thought but still required a stitching.

"Um, I was studying um Japanese culture, originally was planning to teach English at a school here." Aaron responds.

"Heh if I were a child maybe I might have you for a teacher, well In any case I was heading to New York as a representative for my father business. Would have been a good year if it wasn't for this infection." Aiko responds as she begins to stitch his wound. "I need you to stay awake, please ask me something."

Aaron couldn't think of anything, his mind was filled with worries and for his family, his friends, the haunting image of that mother and her baby being killed and of course the blood leaking from his head wasn't helping. His eyes looked down towards her blade.

"Um, one. What's with the sword?" Aaron asked.

"This is my Ancestors blade. It's been with my family for generations. When my father heard reports of the infection he had me bring it along. Normal this wouldn't pass through security, but I was going onto a private jet. I never did make it to that jet." She explains as she finished applying the gauze to his head.

Alright, that should do it Aaron. Now I need you to keep awake. If you feel nauseous or dizzy please let me know you may have a concussion." Aiko said.

"Um, Yea. Wait how do you know how to treat a concussion?" Aaron asked.

"My sister became a doctor, despite graduating top of her class she was quite a slob, leaving her medical book out. Out of boredom I read a few pages." Aiko explains.

"Huh, kinda sounds like my younger brother. He was such a slob when he cooked meals, heh took my parents two years before he finally learned to clean up while he cooked." Aaron comments

"Heh, small worlds live in... so tell me more about yourself. Talking helps keep you awake." Aiko answers.

The two began to talk about there life's, hobbies, and experiences for hours. Aiko learned about how Aaron was twenty one and is the oldest brother from a military family back in the states, and how he came to Japan to learn about their culture before becoming a teacher. In return, Aaron learned about Aiko who was twenty three and the young daughter of two elderly brothers from her fathers late marriage, she also had a younger half sister that she adored. She also explains the grief on how her oldest brother who was the heir to her fathers company died in a accident and her other brother OD'ed on herein during a drug shoot out. Her new mother died giving birth and this left her father in chronic depression. So the responsibility's of running her fathers company came down onto her. The two soon change the subject to hobbies, movies, arts, and even stories of their past, Like the time Aarons younger brother nearly got expelled from school because he somehow turned his younger brothers bully underwear into an incendiary. Aiko laughed and told him of the time her younger sister nearly caused her birth mothers grandma to die from a heart attack when she accidentally spilled a bucket of frogs off the roof and onto her lap.

The two enjoyed each other's company, but eventually their eyes began to get heavy and the two slowly fell asleep. That night, Aaron sufferd from that nightmarish scene he witnessed at the airport. It was even worst as the dream continued. Instead of the mother and her child being devoured it was him and Aiko who were and this repeated over and and over till finally Aaron woke from his dream in a cold sweat.

As he huffed in horror he looked around to see nothing has happened and people were still asleep. He slowly starts to calm down realizing it was just a dream. He looked out the window to see a small tint of red indicating that it was nearly sunrise. After looking onwards at the beautiful red tint he noticed that his arm was numb and he looked down at his arm to see Aiko was sleeping soundly on his arm. He of course blushed a little before slowly moving his arm away her head. He then slowly proceeded to undo his safety belt and walk over to the vacant bathroom. Once inside he locked the door and the lights turned on allowing him to see his face clearer in the mirror.

He had dried blood covering his upper head and the blood from the police officer covering his hoodie. He turns on the water and quickly removes his hoodie revealing a white t-shirt with some blood stains on the collar. He then starts to wipe his face clean of his blood, why'll slowly cleaning the blood trying hard not to touch his wound, some turbulence nearly sent him backwards cause his fingers to accidentally touched the wound. He flinchs in pain, for a second as he held himself down till the turbulence ended. He looked himself in the mirror once again to see that his wound started to bleed again, he grumbles to himself before an even stronger turbulence nearly caused Aaron to hit his head. Once he managed to get his balance he hears the faint sound of people screaming, muffled through the door.

"What in the hell?" Aaron asked as he unlocks the door and exits to see to his horror that the passengers were being attacked by a recent Zombified first class.

As Aaron watch with wide eyes as the passengers panicked and screamed in slow motion why'll the first class zombies started taking chunks out of them, maiming or killing them in slow gruesome motion. As he begins the breath heavily he noticed Aiko trying to fight off a few zombies but the small space made it difficult for her to swing her blade. One zombie got lucky and was empaled through the chest as it tackled her to the ground.

Aaron quickly got ahold of himself and pulls the gun from his belt. He aims the revolver at the zombies head and with one clean shot hits the zombie dead center of its cranium with a .357 magnum round.

Aiko quickly kicks the zombies limp body off of her before retrieving her blade. Once retrieved she then starts crawling back as more zombies start crawling over each other to grab her. The zombies that got to close was shot Dead center in the middle of the skull by Aaron as he advances forward to help Aiko.

As he was just right behind her, the plane then begins to shake as the the radio over head of the pilots can be heard screaming in agony as the zombies tore them to shreds. The plane suddenly shift hard to the right. Sending everybody who wasn't buckled down flying to the right. Aaron was no exception as he hits his left arm hard against cabin windo. He screams in agony as a sickening crack can be heard from his arm against the shattered window. The mask dropped as the air pressure starts seeping from the windows that were shattered. Aaron arm was sucked out as the shattered window plane cuts deeply into his already broken arm. Thankfully the plane turns to the right letting him to pull his arm out from the window. He fell back onto the aisle and nearly had his head crushed by the trolley if Aiko didn't pull him out of the way. The plane felt like it was going down at an angle as the sound beeping, screams, depressurizing air, and then suddenly music can be heard as the plane crashes sending everything flying forward.

(Play Running scared, by Rob Orbison)

As the song starts Aiko and Aaron were tossed forward as the world slows down. All around them zombies, luggage, blood, and people were tossed forwards as the plane crashes.

Just runnin' scared each place we go

So afraid that he might show

Yeah, runnin' scared, what would I do

If he came back and wanted you

As fires and wreckage was slowly showing like a slow motion car crash Aiko and Aaron slowly reaches out to each other grabbing ahold of each other.

Just runnin' scared, feelin' low

Runnin' scared, you love him so

Just runnin' scared, afraid to lose

They had finally grabbed ahold of each other as the camera pulled itself away from them and out a window to show the plan had crashed into a small Dock yard on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

If he came back which one would you ch, If he came back which one would you ch, If he came back which one would you ch, If he came back which one would you ch,

The screen goes black for a few moments as the song kept on playing the line over and over again. The screen then centers on a eye completely still and close. It remains close for a few moments till it slowly twitches open to reveal a set of dark brown eyes. The screen pulls back revealing Aaron was laying on plane seat that was nearly tipping over. As he tries to get out of his seat he feels a sudden agonizing shot of pain in his abdomen and his arm. He looks down to see a fragment of metal, sticking out of his right hand that had been scured to the most leftist part of his abdomen.

"Ah, shit, shit, shit." Aaron cry's as he twitch his fingers.

He cry's a bit more in pain before taking a few seconds to breath. Once he calmed himself he slowly and agonizingly pulls his right hand from the the shrapnel from his hand. As he cry in agony he finally pulls his hand silently screaming as he pulls to the side in pain releasing himself from the shrapnel. As he held his hand he looked around to a slew of bodies of the passengers scattered all around him.

He starts to panic by the sight of the bodies that were crudely laid out all around with different limbs laying about. He then noticed something reflecting the early morning rays in the center of all the bodies. Aaron slowly approaches the the objecet revealing it to his disbelief to be Aiko's blade with the top part snapped off.

"Oh, god. Aiko! Aiko!" Aaron shouts out looking around wide eyes as tries to find her in the piles of dead surrounding him. As he looks around he hear a faint moaning from around the corner. He quickly stumbles towards the noice, despite bleeding from multiple injuries he was driven forward by his determination. By the time he had gotten around the corner he immediately froze in horror at what he is witnessing.

Aiko was on her knees as different shards of metal sticks in and out of her abdomen. Her clothes was ripped and torn, exposing a pendent around her neck. The worst part of all was her moans that escape her lips as she struggles to reach out and grab Aaron who was far from... its reach.

Aaron could only look onward's at the sorry state of his savior was in. After watching it's futile attempts to break free for a few minutes. Aaron looked down at her sword before back at the Zombified Aiko.

He tightens his grip upon the blade causing blood to seep from his wounds onto the hilt of the blade. He calmly proceeded to walk over to the now more aggressive zombified Aiko. Once he was next to her he watched coldly from the side before slowly raising the ancient blade.

If he came back which one would you choose

Then all at once he was standing there

So sure of himself, his head in the air

Watashi wa anata ni jihi o ataeru." Aaron mutters silently. As he held the blade above his head the sun begins to rise once more in the east. The light from the morning sun blocks the view of the Aaron and Zombified Aiko showing only a shadow of The two. Aaron's shadow held the sword up high before he gave a swift flick downward's decapitating Zombified Aiko.

My heart was breaking, which one would it be

You turned around and walked away with me.

End of flashback

The scene returns to back to the gym with Aaron looking at his right hand that had a brutal scar formed over his empaled hand. He was gripping tightly a pendent that Aiko use to have.

"After I layed her body somewhere peaceful I traveled into las Angeles and made my way to the out skirts of Chicago to find my family... my brother had to ease both parent's passing by the time I reached them." Aaron said tone less and regretful as he looked over the pendent.

Why'll staring into the chip pendent he felt Ren had place his hand onto his arm. Aaron looked up at Ren who stared into his eyes with similar blank stare. He gives a respect nod in respect allowing Aaron to ease... before the annoying music change to surfing bird.

"Ugh, come the fuck on!" Aaron groans in irritation as the annoying song plays onwards. "Jesus I survive by myself on the goddamn road for Chicago just to die from this brain cancer inducing radio station!?"

"Yes it seem that may be a possibility." Ren remarks before he gives a sly smirk. "All though I can propose a different alternative."

Aaron raised a brow as Ren reaches behind him and grabs his shoe before tossing it with an Aura infused toss hitting the speak hard. It gives off a few sparks before the music ceases.

"I think I prefer the sound of silence." Ren said smugly as he returns to his meditation pose.

"Heh, Yea. Now that's a real classic." Aaron remarks as he to return to meditation pose. The two continued on with their meditation in peace, as the only sound that can be heard was the howling winds outside kept on going. The scene slowly raises upwards into the ceiling before passing it and showing the outside on a road leading into Lowl.

Outside near Lowl

One the outskirts of town a hooded figure walks towards a small strip mall by the lake. The stranger's face was completely covered by multiplying scars and makeshift Cotten bandages, completely cover the persons face and google's to cover the eye's. As the the stranger walks through the door of the old furniture shop, with a sawed off pump shotgun in hand, it looks around to see that no zombie was inside. The building has proven to be an a great place to take shelter till the storm blows over. So the stranger close's the door and slowly removes the cloth from her face revealing her to be Olivia.

"Damn it's cold out. Guess I'm staying here." She mumbles to herself as she walked to the center of the store. "Hopefully Marry wouldn't mind me spending the night away. Christine will take care of her and keep Cassandra a yard away."

As she talks to her self she noticed a half broken grill with bags of charcoal next to it. She then looked around to see some furniture in disrepair and bits along with some flammable fluids on the isles.

She then gave a small smirk as an idea popped into her head. She then got to work on building herself a campsite to make the night more comfortable. Ten minutes later she had made a small shelter from couch pillows and blankets, with sleeping bags as mats. In front of her shelter was the broken stove that now has some books and plastic containers to steady it as Olivia sets up a fire with the charcoal.

After she got the charcoal and the kindling in place, she took multiple pieces of paper and wrapped them into a small tourch that was slightly dapped in lighter fluid. She pulls out a Zippo lighter with a Boston Red Sox symbol on it and slowly flicks the light a few times before starting the fire on the torch. She calmly place the fire into the center of the kindling and watched the fire slowly rise.

She leans back in her tent as the fire slowly burns as it gives a faint red tint. As she slowly warms herself she noticed a familiar hat hiding underneath a overturn clothes rack. She reaches under and pulls out a fading navy blue baseball hat with a NY Yankees symbol on it.

"Heh, Sox's beats you guys any day of the week, but it's nice to see a familiar face." She comments as she place the hat next to her along with her lighter. As she went back to warming herself she couldn't help but reminisce about the first few days of the apocalypse.


3 months into the first outbreak, Fenway Park Boston.

Olivia was in the stands shouting and cheering with her friends as they watched The Red Sox scored a home Run against the Yankees.

"Whooo, that was awesome!" Olivia cheers as she grabs her plastic red cup and chug a cold one.

"Hell yea it was!" Her friend shouts with excitement as he took a bite from a Frankfurter."

"Woah, just one more at home base then it's off to the championships!" Her other friend cheers.

The three had arrived at Fenway Park an hour ago to watch the second to last game of the season and it was a close one. The Red Sox was now tied with the Yankees and the winner goes onto the finals against the Rookies.

Originally people were worried that do to the strange infection going on in a small valley was going to stop the game, but thankfully the government allowed it to play. Granted most of there Star players were missing.

As the three enjoyed the game Olivia hears someone booing. She looks down to see the person siting in front of her was a Yankees fan, and he was calling crap on the home run.

"Fucking asshole! That should have been a fowl ball!" The fan shouts drunkenly. As he guzzled down his beer he then turns to his friend who was coughing hecticaly. "Bad team, piss bear, and everyone is an asshole who is looking for a fight."

Olivia blood starts to boil, butshe held her temper cause as much fun as it would be to beat down, she rather not get kicked from the park till after the Sox's kick the Yankees ass.

As the batter got ready to swing the Yankee fan once again starts booing loudly till after the player wings the bat. Once he starts running the Yankee fan changed his booing to insulting comments as loud as he can shout while standing, blocking Olivia's view. With a twitch from a vein in her head she kicked the back of his seat causing him to spill his beer.

"Ugh, the fuck!" He shouts as he turn around to see Olivia looking pissed.

"Sit your ass down before I beat you senselessy!" Olivia remarks aggressively.

"Why you little shit!" He remarks as he pulls back his arm ready to punch her when his friend stops him.

"Oh come on Frank! She spilled the only decent beer in the stadium!" He complains to his friend who strangely stoped coughing. He then looks up to reveal his face was pale as a ghost and his eyes gave a faint glow of yellow.

"Um Frank?" All the fan managed to say before he was tackled to the ground with his friends mouth around his neck.

Olivia watch with absolute disbelief and horror on her face as the mans poor face was torn crudely yet quickly off.

"Oh, my god." Her friend mutters as he drops his hotdog and back ups into the seat behind him.

As Olivia watches in horror her two friends ran away, and screams can be heard replacing the boo's and cheers as random people in the crowd's start to be attacked by randomly. Eventually Olivia finally realized the danger she was in or got over her shock and bolted towards the exit, but was grabbed by Frank.

She screams as the zombie tries to pull her back but she didn't have the zombie any leveraged. As she struggles the zombie had enough and sunk it's teeth right into her elbow causing her to scream in agony. Seeing no way out she quickly put both feet on the seat before pushing off of it causing her and the zombie to fall off the railing onto the ground field below. She hit the ground hard causing her to dislocated her right arm from her shoulder upon impact against the ground. As she cry's silently in pain she saw the zombie that took a bite out of her shoulder was crawling on top of her with it's legs mashed and crushed.

It raises its head to rip out her jugular but was stopped when she used her right arm to shield her throat. As she feel the cracked teeth sinking into her dislocated arm she reaches out for something to use and suddenly felt something familiar on the tip of her fingers. She quickly stretched out her fingers till she grabbed ahold of a baseball. She then grips it tightly before bashing it against its head as hard as she can. She rolled the zombie after her strike placing her on top. Once in top she starts to repeatedly beat its head in with the baseball for a full minute till finally the face caved in.

Once she had killed the creature she stood up and looked up at the stadium seats to see people running over each other to get out of the stadium as zombies in the crowd start to bite and tear at those who were unlucky to get caught. As she watches in despair the thought of her family popped into her minds. They were at home and she doesn't know if they were safe, so she quickly reaches into her left pocket and pulls out her phone to see it was smashed in the fall.

"Ugh, god damn this." She said as she tossed it aside. She turns around to see that on the other side of the field was some players, racing to safety as some zombie's had dropped down from the stadium seats and out onto the field.

She then focuses on the dugout near the players and she realized that's the only escape. So she painfully grabs her arm and with a pain popping sound she sets her arm back into her shoulder. Once back in place she quickly races over the dugout.

End of flashback

Olivia looks down at a baseball covered in dried blood. She has been carrying that ball since the first days of apocalypse and it barley left her side since. Maybe when apocalypse comes to an end she will teach Marry to play ball. Till then guess it will be a reminder of how the apocalypse interrupted the best game of the year. Still she remembers her friends and how none of them survived.

As she remanic about the past she hears the sound of the door knob jiggling behind her. She turned around and looked at the back door. He focuse looked at the knob as it slowly moved back and forth. Olivia eye's widen when she realized someone alive was trying to open the door. She questioned if she should help or not and simply decided to see who it is. Grabbing her shotgun she quickly walks over to the door and waits a second. She quickly opens the door and out fall with the howling winds two figures. A little kid in red and a very familiar looking person.

"Oh, god Ruby?" Olivia asked in shock to see Ruby completely soaked through and shaking heavily from the cold.

"OOO-Olivia?" Ruby asked why'll shivering. Olivia closed the door before she removes her hoodie revealing the decaying BPD bulletproof vest over her shirt. She quickly place the hoodie around her and was about to move her close to the fire but Ruby refuses to move.

"HHH-Help... Eli f-first." Ruby chatters as she shakingly points to Eli who was also soaked and unlike Ruby he wasn't just freezing but also bleeding... a lot.

"Oh that isn't good." Olivia remarks as she flips Eli's body to reveal he had been stabbed in the gut by a jagged knife. Only reason he hadn't bled out yet was from the cold but he could die from hypothermia if the wound isn't treated.

"Ok, help him over to the fire I'll see what I can do." Olivia instructs as she grabs ahold of his arm and begins to drag him over to the campsite with Ruby grabbing the other.

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