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"Oh my Oum, this hurts so much." Yang complains while holding her arm as blood pours on out of the bite wound.

"Oh honey don't worry about it. Here I got some gauge for you." A woman in a blue fleas said in a soothing tone as she walks over to Yang with Gauge in her hand.

"Oh Oum is my sister going to be ok? She's not going to turn into a zombie right? Please tell me we don't have to cut off her arm?" Ruby said frantically in fear that she was going to loose her sister.

"Hay easy there kid she's going to be fine. I mean come on this isn't the first time anyone hasn't been bitten by a zombie before." The man in the dirty tank top said jokingly.

"But I haven't been bitten by a zombie before!" Yang complains why'll the woman applies pressure to the wound.

"Wait seriously? Has anyone here been bitten before?" The man asked. To his surprise he sees these strange girls shaking their heads stating that they have never been bitten before.

"Ok I don't buy it. Two years of the apocalypse and you expect to see everything, yet somehow the universe throws you a curveball." The man said as he sat down across from the girl in the blue fleece.

The girls were completely shocked by this. Two year of zombies and yet none of them have heard anything about this. The girls were about to ask but after what they went through it was best for them to regain some of their strength. So the group started to spread out a bit.

Ruby sat down at the RV kitchen table next to the strange man while watching the woman finish applying the gauze to her sister. Weiss sat down on the lower bunk bed while Blake walked over to the driver seat and watch the road.

"There you go honey, good as new." The woman said after she finished tying down the gauze. Yang flex her arm seeing indeed that the bandage wouldn't come undone.

"Thanks um, actually I haven't caught any of your names." Yang said as she looked over to the woman.

"Oh where are my manners. My name is Alice, Alice Purnell. The man that saved your life is Eli Wilkerson and the one driving the RV is Lily Ritter. It's nice to meet you girls but I do have to ask why are dressed like your at a cosplay convention?" The woman now know as Alice asked in a pleasant tone.

"Oh I'm Ruby Rose, that's my friend Weiss, my sisters friend Blake and my half sister Yang." Ruby said polite before the woman know known as Alice lean over the counter and started laughing to the groups surprise.

"Hah hah hah... oh god is that your legit names (hah hah) oh god I haven't had a good laugh in such a long time." Alice said while wiping a tear of joy from her eye.

"Um Al what's so funny?" Eli asked.

"Yes I don't understand why our names so humorous to you." Weiss said with an eye brow raised.

"Well you do know that I have a little bit of knowledge of different languages due to my acting skills." Alice explains.

"Oh you were an actor? Oh man what did you do?" Ruby asked excitedly.

"Oh just a few lead roles here and their but that's for a different time, point is all your names mean the color your wearing and i do find that hilarious." She said.

"Wait what does my name mean then?" Yang asked curiously.

"Your name for a simple translation in mandarin is Sun little dragon and well you have gold hair." Alice explains.

"Ohhh so that explains moms nickname, oh wait what about Blake and Weiss? What is there name translation?" Ruby asked getting interested.

"Blake means black in old English while Weiss I find to be the most hilarious of you four." Alice said giggling at that last part.

"Oh Oum please tell it's not..." before Weiss could finish Alice blurts it out.

"White winter!" She soon returned to laughing followed by everyone else in the RV. Even Blake who usually is a no nonsense kind of person had a small chuckle about this.

"(Hah) oh Oum (hah) the irony, (ha ha) she had gotten the nickname ice queen for so long but now...(ha ha)" Yang couldn't finish her sentence and fell to the floor laughing.

"You guys... are complete dolts." Weiss said in an annoyed tone.

After a few minutes of laughing Eli managed to talk normal. "Alright alright , well with that out of the way I got to ask where are your weapons?"

"Oh they broke... my poor baby broke." Ruby said returning to her sad like state.

"Ah weapon broke I can get behind your sadness. Well since you have jack to fight with, I guess we can loan you some." Eli said perking Ruby up.

"Oh wait you guys have guns, oh my Oum maybe I can rebuild my baby." Ruby said getting excited.

"B-Baby?" Lily asked from up front.

"She's just talking about a custom made weapon Lily their is no dismembered baby's back here." Eli said sarcastically.

"Well, I haven't seen children this happy since my childhood. She always like this around weapons?" Alice asked.

"Yep she always had a thing for guns." Yang answers.

"Are you ok with us borrowing weapons I mean it's not like we known each other for that long." Weiss said feeling hesitant about borrowing weapons from strangers.

"Well as my brother would reckon 'An arm society is a polite society'. Now quit your hesitation and find something your speed." Eli said playing his country twang to put Weiss at ease.

"Never heard that quote before." Blake muse as she walked back to the armory in the back.

The weapons were tied down in the back of the car behind a curtain. As soon as Eli pulls back the curtain Ruby mouth just dropped. Crates of different weapons followed by makeshift rack holding multiple guns. The group walked forward looking for their choice of weaponry.

"Oh can I have the fifty caliber sniper rifle?" Ruby asked seeing a temporary replacement of her weapon.

"No! No, no sorry about that Ruby but that belong to my brother and he's..." Eli didn't had to finish his expression on his face gave away his reason.

"Oh no, no it's my fault I shouldn't have asked." Ruby said politely picking up the tragedie.

"Oh honey don't be crying over something you had nothing involved with. Look it's been a horrible day for us, we lost people every day but today was the of those from bad to worst. But on the bright side at least we met you four." Alice said with her motherly instinct kicking in. Ruby nods before she turns back to the closet and looked around for weapons. Alice told them about the weapons they have while the others are free for the picking.

In the end they managed to find what they were comfortable using. Yang took the fifty seven and the industry wrench, Blake took the PP 22 and the kukri, Weiss with the fifty cal Revolver Anvil with the pry knife, and Ruby now armed with the bush gun and hatchet. From their Alice then helped them by supplying the girls with holsters for both melee and fire arms while giving them backpacks for them to hold onto. As she did this Eli slipped away and head for the front of the RV.

"Hay Lil. I about recon we need to find some clothes for the girls considering summer is over and we will need some clothes ourselves." Eli said as he walked up to the front of the RV.

"Yea well there's a town up ahead of this map is right we should be there in a few hours." Lily said slowing down a bit to look at the map in hand.

"Yea well here get out and get some rest you've been driving for a while now." Eli said.

"Naw I'm good Eli you just lost your brother you should let me drive." Lily denied.

"Don't worry about me Lil besides you need to give them the 'interview' anyways." Eli said being a bit more firm with his words.

Lily sighs knowing full well she have no energy to argue with Eli. She slows the RV down as she moves it to the edge their she pulls up the emergency brakes and get out of the driver seat making way for Eli to drive.

"Hay everyone, my names Lily, sorry I couldn't introduce myself earlier but I have met majority of people through the radio rather then face to face." Lily said sheepishly to the group.

"Oh well then good to meet you as well." Ruby said.

"Right um Ruby right well you see when ever we meet new people I make them do an interview to more or less describe them. Is it ok if I interview you guys?" Lily asked as she pulls out a note book with a pen.

"O-Oh um sure." Ruby answers sheepishly.

"Oh relax hun it's nothing painful, all you do is answer question based on what you think is right." Alice said reassuring her.

"Well ok if you say so sure I'll do it." Ruby said cheerfully before she sat down.

Lily then starts the test as the screen pulls back from the RV.

"Ok what is your full name occupation and greatest strength?" Lily asked as the screen turns black.

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