Naruto woke up he looked forward to seeing sakura today he climbed out of bed and quickly got dressed and after a quick cup of ramen, he jumped out the window.

The bridge that acted as team 7 meeting space was empty Kakashi stumbled on the bridge his voice raspy at just have woken up "we are to all meet at the tower".

Naruto and Kakashi walked in a still silence finally arriving at the village square to hear the announcement and why they were all called hear.

The Hokage cleared her voice "By my decree any active ninja that has no kids and is unmarried is to be married for the greater good of future generations".

all shinobi froze then the protest started all the ninja shouted over each other how unfair and unlawful it was.

Tsunade face was starting to turn red out of anger "SILENCE" her voice cut through the crowd.

In the very back Naruto was blushing at the implications after bringing Sasuke back he was considered a hero which girl wouldn't want to be with a hero like him he thought proudly to himself.

even nearer in the back was Hinata her blushing face lit up at the thought of being married to Naruto she waved back and forth doing her best not to faint.

The Hokage now more calm and collected started to speak again "now many of you are angry but this is a high degree and there is only one fair way to ensure the fairness of this process".

The Hokage brought out a silver bowl she called for her assistant to assist her with strips of paper.

Tsunade turned to the mass of shinobi again she rolled down a long tapestry and started reading

"There are only five rules one rule being broken ensures that you will have no choice in who you marry".

The rookie 12 watched in disbelief as the chunin started passing out tiny pieces of paper and pens.

as Tsunade explained the rules Hinata sat there scared of being married off and a little excited at the thought of being married to Naruto

hours passed and once all the notes were put in the machine it started to shout out names

Naruto heard his name called he scanned around to see who he would be paired with.

Hinata waited scared and afraid at the thought of Naruto being paired with someone else.

as the Hokage called out the second names both Hinata and Naruto sweated and listened closely.

Tsunade pulled the name "Hinata Hyuga". The name was barely heard over the loud gasp and the fainting of Hinata.

After Hinata passed out Naruto stood in shock and listened to all the others couples being paired up. Naruto listed carefully as Sakura was paired up with Sasuke yes Sasuke the one that tried to leave the village, the very same that Sakura begged him to bring back, the one currently in the hospital with Rasengan marks on his chest and most important the one that just stole his dream girl.

The rest of his friends Naruto watched as some got who they wanted it seemed obvious that the Hokage had thought well about who she was paring up, Naruto wondered if she did seeing as she put him and Hinata together despite the fact they had nothing in common.