Hinata stared at Naruto slowly poking her fingers together looking around the house the hokage provided for them.

Naruto looked through the wooden pantry he was starving and there was no ramen he was distracted from his search by hinata finally finding the courage to speak.

"Na-Naruto-kun I-If you w-want food I-I can cook". Naruto cocked his head to the side wondering how she could just accept this whole ordeal so easily.

he thought for a minute the question burned into his mind finally he couldn't take it anymore and blurted it our almost all at once "How are you okay with this"?

Hinata went a bright red she tried desperately not to faint "Naruto you've always been a special person to me" she froze her mind went blank for a minute she panicked.

By the time she had finished Naruto's face broke into a large grin "Your a great friend too Hinata-chan".

Naruto reached over and grabbed her giving Hinata a firm hug

The last thought Hinata could muster was "he called me great".

Naruto felt Hinata go slack in his arms "Hinata wake up don't fall asleep now" he put her at arms length and shook her in the hopes of reviving her when that didn't work he decided to carry her upstairs.

It was a basic two story house nothing special but as he walked through the entire length he felt a connection to the building "is this what it's like to have a house" he couldn't lie he liked the feeling.

For the past couple of days since he's gotten back he lived in his own apartment a broken down condemned building you could only imagine his surprise when baa-chan handed over the keys.

Naruto climbed up the stairs finding Hinata was light and easy to carry which he was glad for since he rather not break his back on his wedding night.

As he carried hinata bridal style he couldn't help but blush and think "is this what it's like to have a wife" his mind lit up at the concept that he didn't have to be alone anymore.

And he did have to admit Hinata was cute she had a certain glow about her.

as he carried her to the bedroom he couldn't help but notice there was only one bed!

Naruto blushed a deep red as he laid Hinata on the bed he then grabbed a cover and laid one over her and grabbed a second one for him still blushing Naruto Uzumaki walked down stairs and slept on the lumpy couch.

He was excited he was finally free of loneliness the very thing that caused his crippling mask of happiness.

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