Naruto woke up to the sweet smell of bacon he climbed off the couch and ran to the kitchen only to see Hinata slaving over a stove of food.

"N-Naruto-kun I made you bacon and pancakes" Naruto smiled In a confused way "Hinata-chan how early did you get up".

Hinata poked her fingers together "just a couple minutes ago" she couldn't get enough of Naruto's shocked and slightly amazed look.

She hated to lie to her crush but she didn't want to let him know that she had woke up early just to impress him "I hope he loves it".

Naruto took his seat remembering his manners he thanked Hinata then started to eat slowly and steady.

"wow Hinata-chan this is amazing" Naruto rambled on and on while Hinata turned a bright red "T-Thank y-y-you Naruto-kun" secretly she was cheering on the inside.

As Naruto finished his food and started to clear the dishes for his wife, a bird came tapping on the kitchen window.

"hey it's a messenger pigeon" Naruto grabbed the note tapped to it's leg.

"hey it's a message from baa-chan" Hinata reached out to read the note out loud "it says we have been asked to come to the hokages office

as soon as possible to discuss our results?".

After a quick hour of getting dressed Hinata and Naruto walked side by side in the business section of the village. Villagers of all shapes and sizes smiled at them and congratulated their hero on his marriage.

Naruto noticed hinata kept gazing at his hand "Does she want to hold hands with me" after this simple thought he reached out and grasped her hand he noticed blushing how warm it was. Hinata managed to keep from fainting and was now squealing inwardly "he's holding my hand".

When they finally reached the Hokages Office, Tsunade was sleeping behind her desk no doubt avoiding work.

"BAA-CHAN!" with a loud snap Tsunade fist shot up and clocked Naruto in the head "I told you to stop calling me that you brat".

After Naruto pulled himself from the wall his head spinning, Hinata gave a little giggle at her husband misfortune.

"the reason I called you hear today is because of your genetic match" Tsunade dusted herself off and crossed the small office to her filing cabinet.

Tsunade pulled a small file out "this is the result of both of your kids compatibility" Naruto and Hinata stood in shock as Tsunade calmly sat down. "WHAT". if Hinata hadn't spent so much time with Naruto she would've been laid out on the floor.

Tsunade continued speaking "as I was saying Hinata's father asked for this although every couple had one taken for them".

Naruto opened his mouth and closed it "w-what d-dose this mean" Hinata stuttered out.

Tsunade crossed her hands and sighed "what it means Hinata is that you and Naruto had a test taken to determine how strong and how many kids you can have".

Naruto blushed hard "WHY DOES IT MATTER". Tsunade rubbed her nose in irritation "it matters because Hinata is a member of a royal clan and we need to assess how useful your kids will be to the village".

Naruto jaw dropped, at this point Hinata was sure she was going to drop. Tsunade continued "plus did you think all this matching up was random we used scientific evidence for each match and how it would benefit the village.

Hinata choose that moment to choose her words carefully " w-what w-were our r-results". The Hokage smiled a careful smile "well with your compatability and family history it's very possible that you could have up to 15-20 kids along with the fact you have a very high chance of having prodigies".

Hinata tapped her finger together the only thing keeping her from being a red mess on the floor were her thoughts racing a mile a minute "Naruto-kun and I having kids?! of course we would need a bigger house and bigger pay raise".

Naruto took less kindly to this idea as he rose from his seat in his angry manner "DON'T DECIDE WHEN WE HAVE KIDS YOU OLD HAG".

The Hokage leaned back in her chair "we if you don't have kids how can you possibly think about restarting the Uzumaki clan".

Naruto ploped back down mumbling about how embarrassing the whole thing was.

Tsunade stood up with a smirk on her face "Now that we got that out the way run along and let the girls

speck Naruto".

Naruto huffed and puffed about how unfair it was and left the office to continue venting.

Hinata sat in silence with Tsunade for several minutes before Tsunade broke it with a soft tone "If you lov-".

She was sharply interrupted by Hinata self confident voice "I quit". Tsunade let the words wash over her before responding with a soft "why"?

Hinata slammed her hands on the desk in a out of character way "because I love him and I'll give up my dream in order to support him". Hinata's resolve started to waver and her hands showed this by trembling.

Tsunade gave a soft laugh "luckily for you I came up with a solution". The hokage raised her hand into the thinking movement "I can put you on probation you will be an active Shinobi but we will with draw you from your team".

Hinata coughed in relief and embarrassment as Tsunade spoke on "your team will get a replacement from the reserves are you sure you want to go through with this".

Hinata's eyes sparkled with confidence "I do".

AN: Next time on Uzumaki Z why did Hinata choose to decline missions. how is Naruto taking this. an will the author ever fix his Grammer!?