Hinata and Naruto walked out the Hokage building once again hand in hand. "Hinata- chan are you hungry" Naruto asked with s sheepish look "I-I would l-like to eat" on the Inside she was thinking about 20 kids.

Naruto grabbed Hinata arm to drag her to his favorite ramen stand, the passerby looked at her weirdly that's when Hinata remembered the titles "N-Naruto-kun In p-public you have to u-use my title". Naruto paused and looked at her turning a full 180 so he could hold both her hands "well what is your title". Hinata opened her mouth blushing thinking Naruto was kidding she then remembered he had no one to teach hin manners. "Naruto-kun m-my title is honored w-wife in p-public thats what you should call me. Mine for y-you is h-honored husband. W-we have t-to use these t-terms t-to be proper".

Naruto nodded he relased her left hand and kept a firm grip on her right hand as they started walking again he couldn't help but note she was bueatfull and cute.

"Honored Wife would you like to stay out for a bit before we go home" Naruto spoke shyly and bashful amazed at how much he like that nick name.

As they walked they noticed other couples smiling and chatting, they walked past the cherry blossom trees near the village park, the longer they walked the more they laughed and enjoyed themselves.

Naruto blushed a deep red "Honored wife would you like some dango" Naruto strode towards the stand and paid for two.

Hinata blushed a deep scarlet "he paid it's almost like a date" her mind practically did jumping jacks at the thought of having her first date with Naruto.

Alas all good things must come to an end Saskue joined with Sakura

approached them "What's up dobe" Saskue spoke casually Naruto glared at shot back "nothing teme" it was at the moment Sakura made herself be known "SHUT UP NARUTO YOUR SO ANNOYING" Hinata looked dead at Sakura with a look that was out of place on the Hyuga face.

"Sakura please stop being rude to Naruto-kun" Sakura in jer total shock at the young woman specking up turned to her and started to say even more rude things to the both of them a crowd gathered just in time to see the shouting match.

Finally Sakura breathed out "Well if Hinata is so worthy of respect why doesn't Naruto fight saskue for her honor" Saskue head snapped up he wanted a rematch but did he want it over something as non-existent as Sakura honor

Saskue mind changed when the crowd gathered around he couldn't allow the Uchiha name to be disrespected

"Naruto I challenge you to a duel over my honored wife name".

before they got in their fighting stance Sai stepped into the ring "if your going to fight in the middle of the street you need a referee" Saskue clicked his tongue buy quickly agreed.

At this the crowd cheered as they fully mobilized in the middle of the street. Sai stepped back and read the normal Shinobi duel rules "no jutsu no weapons just Taijutsu us allowed"

Naruto settled in his frog stance and waited before he met Saskue eye

Saskue grew tired a charged in with a punch Naruto blocked it and punched back Saskue easily evaded the strikes.

Naruto flipped back and to gain space and envaded some more strikes Naruto punched Saskue in hus stomach Saskue doubled over bearly escaping Naruto range this went on for several minutes before Naruto forced Sai to step in after Saskue was caught in a neck hold.

Sakura couldn't believe it "Saskue how could you lose to the dobe" Saskue got up as the crowd disperse and bowed to Naruto out of respect Naruto merely laughed off the formalities and thanked Saskue for the rematch.

Hinata joined Naruto side and timidly held his hand she couldn't help but think "why did he fight for me" Pretty soon Hinata found themselves at a park that they normally took on the route home.

Naruto found that he didn't want hus first date to end "say honored wife will you talk with me for a couple of minutes" Hinata blushed bright red "is he going to confess" Hinata set excited next to Naruto on the park bench.

"Hinata since we're both *ahem* married I want no secrets between us" If it was possible Naruto thought Hinata looked even cuter with her head cocked to the side

Hinata blushed bright red she felt the familiar rush of fainting but she held it back.

"Naruto-kun I promise that if you don't keep secrets with me I'll be honest with you" Hinata looked Naruto directly into his eyes showing utter honesty.

They had both agreed to spill their souls to each other the only problem was how they we're going to share their biggest secrets.