just a small story about another custom pokemon that is a fusion between a shiny dialga and a ninetales, her name is Crystal and she has a massive crush on my other pokemon: Aaron K. Sigma and this is a crossover between one of my other stories. with all that said, let us begin.

disclaimer: I do not own pokemon, it is owned by gamefreak.

Crystal P.O.V: I have escaped from the Hall of Origin to the Alola Region, from what I have heard: the locals have seen a massive ring shapped starship and it has landed on MeleMele Island and I am almost 100% sure it is Sigma's Lucrehulk Class-Battleship: the Hydra, and the crew have been setting up a base. once I got to Sigma's base: I saw that they were extremely busy since I last saw my crush, thankfully i have good blood between Sigma's military and my self and saw the Commander that I brought him to after the Judgement Attack hit Sigma with his shields down. I got his attention and asked him if he could take me to his leader and was relieved to know that he said yes and once I saw him: i immediately ran over to him.

Sigma's P.O.V: I turned around to see Crystal running towards me, I took off my helmet with tears in my eyes since I thought I would never see her again and i embraced her as i never wanted to lose her again and said to her: "you kept your promise to me." and she said to me: "Sigma i have feelings towards you, and this is how I feel." before she kissed me, and I said: "I feel the same way." after those few moments, I told her that Arceus said that her chosen one: Ash Ketchum, his pokemon, and friends are in danger of being attacked by the Ultra Beasts and i said that: since me, my crew, my vehicles, my weapons, my starfighters, my battle droids, and my lucrehulk are better equipped, that me and my men can handle the problem. after my explanation of what happened, it was 9:00pm and I was extremely tired thankfully I was able to share my barracks with Crystal and she began blushing like crazy. when morning came: the boys and I made preparations for mine and Crystal's mission to find Ash Ketchum, his pokemon, and his friends.