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Chapter 19

3rd POV

PC principal was power walking down the hall and through the gym towards the back doors, anyone who saw him quickly got out of his way.

"Alright kiddos, where the hell is Soph- huh?" He'd kicked open the doors the way he did the day before, but there were no smoking teens there to greet him. "I... I guess they just straight up skipped school..." He stood there for a moment longer before power walking back to his office.

Though that was a fair assumption, the funny thing is that the goth kids were actually in class for once. Not because they suddenly cared about their education, or anything as disgustingly conformist as that, but because they were doing some investigating. Usually they'd leave something like this to Sophia, who actually goes to class, but they know she actually pays attention and wouldn't know what questions to ask anyway. The obvious solution to their problem was finding Mike Makowski and beating the information out of him, but Mike was in only advanced classes and didn't take p.e. so his lunch schedule was on a different block. No one knew where to even begin looking, so they had to start from the bottom and ask those who had already been known vamp kids,

Michael and Henrietta sat together in the back of their history class, looking around the room for anyone they might recognize or could ask something to. Ah, there. Towards the middle of the assigned seats on the row closest to the wall was Alison Kars; she didn't have highlights anymore or any of the too-many-shades-too-light foundation, but she was at one point an obsessive fan of the Vampire Diaries so that's where they'd begin their search. Henrietta scribbled a note in some actually quite impressive cursive before balling it up and throwing it at her. Since it was an entire sheet of paper, it sailed through the air easily before smacking into the back of her head. Alison looked around curiously and when she met their eyes, they both flipped her off in sync. Unballing the note, she read it with a frown before scribbling something back.

Pete was walking around his wood shop class, trying to remember who had been vamp freaks at one point or another before stopping to stare a small group of boys. One of them had sort of long hair tied back in a pony tail, another had a nose ring, and the last one had too much eyeliner on. They didn't particularly advertise that they were vamps, but Pete analyzed the subtle details and that was the only conclusion he came to; the one with the long hair had a bite mark tattooed on his neck (more likely just two sharpie dots), the one with the nose ring had a tshirt with a pattern of bats on it, and the one with too much eyeliner looked like HotTopic threw up all over him. Sighing irritably, Pete took off his safety glasses and stowed them in the apron he was forced to wear, walking toward them while mentally preparing himself to ask about their leader.

Stan sat miserably in his Trigonometry class. When his friends said they actually had to go to class to ask about kids dressing up as vampires, he was so focused on the task that he forgot most of his classes were with Wendy. After him ditching so many of his classes, she changed her seat so she wouldn't sit alone, but it still irritated him to be in the same room as her. He was glad not to be so sad at seeing her, but the annoyance was almost worse; it was like a constant itch in a place he couldn't reach, and her mere presence felt like slime in his skin. What he hated the most was how much she was making him second guess himself; what had he done wrong? He had never pushed her away or treated her badly, so why would she do this?

Firkle scowled at nothing in particular as he stood in the gym for p.e., dressed in the stupid looking basketball shorts and grey shirt. He was a lot paler than the other kids and had scrawny legs with knees that looked like they belonged on an old man. Just standing there was making him madder, so he began to look around.

"Hey Firkle." The shorter goth boy sighed at the sound of his name.

"What do you want Ike?" The taller Brofloski kid had a basket ball in his hands and was lazily dribbling it. Ike was a year or two younger than Firkle, but was really smart apparently and was able to skip a few grades early on in his academic career. He wasn't as annoying as the other conformists and Firkle didn't mind sharing a word or two with him, but the Jewish-Canadian always manage to make him squirm uncomfortably without even trying.

"Nothing, you're just standing here by yourself." Ike shrugged an easy smile on his face.

"Don't I always?" The goth didn't snap back, which was a good sign to Ike and gave him the confidence to tease the boy a bit.

"It's different today, you look extra focused on the floor, find something new?" Firkle didn't laugh, but he did roll his eyes and that was just as good to Ike.

"If you must know, I'm looking for vamp kids, we need to speak to their leader." Ike stopped dribbling the ball.

"Vamp kids? You mean those kids that wear plastic fangs and drink tomato juice?"

"Yeah, have you seen any?" Firkle crossed his arms, looking up at the slightly taller boy. Ike nodded thoughtfully.

"There are a few in my art class, want me to ask for you?" He offered with a smile. Firkle looked way uncomfortably.

"Yeah, if you can handle it." He muttered.

"I'll be fine." Ike grinned, the older boy suddenly stomped away but he didn't take it the wrong way, Firkle was just like that sometimes.


"What's the situation with the vamps?" The goths huddled together in a corner of the cafeteria. They were constantly looking around, keeping watch in case anyone walked over to disturb them. Anyone that did turn to stare at them for too long got some sort of scowl and their favorite finger in return.

"Alison Kars isn't a vamp kid anymore, she said a lot of them stopped once they got to high school so most of his members are middle schoolers now." Michael lit a cigarette, not caring about the dirty look one of the janitors shot him.

"There were three losers I thought were vamp kids but turns out they're half-assing it, they don't really keep up with the meetings anymore and only sometimes hang out with Makowski because their conformist parents want them to keep up with school or whatever. But they did say that Makowski changes the meeting places and times pretty often so we have to talk to someone who was at the last meeting." Pete flipped the bangs out of his face in annoyance.

"Did you two get anything?" Henrietta turned to Raven and Sophia. They both shot each other a look before shaking their heads.

"I didn't see anyone suspicious in any of my classes." Raven muttered, staring down at the cafeteria table.

"I don't even know where to start looking." Sophia shrugged, fidgeting with her fingers and shooting the short lunch line a glance.

"You just need to look out for weirdoes that most likely have fake fangs and fake piercings. They might have a vampire bite on their neck, but it's most likely sharpe." Henrietta rolled her eyes, her tone was disgusted. Sophia nodded along to what she said.

"Firkle just texted me, he's outside at the gate with some information." Michael stood up and the rest followed him. Sophia's hesitance didn't go unnoticed.

"Um, I just..." She bit her lip. "I want to get some lunch before we go." The rest of them, except Stan, groaned.

"That food is disgusting, why do you think we never come here?" Pete flipped his bangs out of his face.

"I get free lunch because my address is on the other side of the train tracks." Sophia mumbled looking down, her cheeks went a light pink and Michael glared at Pete.

"Fuck off Pete she can get food if she wants to. We'll wait for you outside okay?" Michael did his little not-frown at her and she nodded, less embarrassed now.

Sophia POV

When I got in line where only two people in front of me, thankfully. I usually didn't have enough time to get lunch because the line gets so long and I have to leave for work right away, but since I had the day off I decided to indulge myself. Grabbing a tray, I slid down along the line, preparing to only ask for things that are packaged so that I could take them with me.

"Oh! You're one of them! My sworn enemies, the goths! What are you doing around these parts where they dare not venture, per say?" I frowned, looking up and ready to tell the voice to fuck off when what I saw made me pause. It was a tall skinny boy with too much foundation on that was a few shades too light. There was fake jewelry on his face and, low and behold, two dots on the side of his neck; the hairnet and apron definitely made him look out of place though, more than he already was. Though his tone was almost demanding, there was an easy smile on his face, as if he were having fun. Everything Henrietta said seemed to check out.

"Um, are you one of the vamp kids?" I asked slowly and his grin widened.

"A vamp kid? I'm not just any vampire child miss, I am South Park's resident vampire, and have put this small town on the map!" He dug around in his pockets and took out a trifold wallet, digging through it before pulling out a slightly bent card stock I.D. Leaning forward to read the pixilated words, I could tell he belonged to some kind of nationwide vampire club, it had his name and birthday (which the year was much too far back for it to be true) and had stats like what kind of vampire he was and what powers he had.

"I see... Um, my friends have been looking for you. They need to talk to you about something-"

"Ah! So the goth children wish to seek council with me! I haven't seen them since our last battle, so if you'll excuse me, I must prepare!" He grabbed a napkin and took out a fountain pen from somewhere on his person, based on how smeared the pen and his fingers were, it must have been leaking in his pocket. "Here, everything you need to know is here, per say. I must be off now!" He spun around, showing some faded neon green hair tangled in the hairnet before flouncing off. "I won't let them make a mockery of vampires a third time!"

"What about my lunch?!" I yelled after him, voice slightly raspy. He ignored me and ran out through the back door, doing some sort of stupid evil laugh. Glaring after him, I looked around to make sure there were no lunch ladies before leaning over the counter and grabbing an armful of chicken sandwiches and baby carrot bags. As I stuffed them into my backpack I glanced around and took a chocolate milk for the road.

3rd POV

"So Ike said the vamp kids in his art class are really dedicated and wouldn't give him any information no matter how much he asked. When he mentioned us they got really defensive and said we were their enemies or something. So it's a bust." Firkle shrugged not very concerned, the chain link fence rattling a bit.

"Fuck, what do we do now?" Pete glared at the snow on the ground. Henrietta lit a cigarette and crossed her arms tightly.

"We have to find the idiot in charge of social services ourselves." She flicked the ash off her cigarette elegantly. "We'll probably be able to just google him or something, maybe even find him in an ancient phone book." She shrugged and they all collectively sighed, feeling a bit helpless.

"Hey." They looked up and saw Sophia walking toward them, leisurely drinking out of a milk carton. "You all look even more morose than usual." She quipped, making a loud sucking noise through her straw.

"We couldn't find out when Makowski's next meeting is so we're going to have to look for the social worker ourselves, if it's the only one South Park has, he shouldn't be too hard to find." Michael frowned, lighting his own cigarette.

"How are we going to make sure some random guy does what we want? It's already going to be difficult since he's not going to take us seriously, especially since it has to do with the custody of a minor." Stan pointed out, making Michael glare at him.

"I don't hear you bringing in any ideas Raven, so slice your tongue off until then will you?" Stan's eyebrows widened before he glared back at the taller goth.

"Anyway," Henrietta interrupted loudly. "We need to start looking, who knows when they're going to try getting CPS involved." She started walking toward the car and Pete lingered to hold open a tear in the chain link fence made long ago by Firkle so he could climb out of the middle school campus. Michael and Stan were still glaring at each other, neither one wanting to be the first one to look away.

"What are you staring at, jock?" Michael blew smoke in Raven's face and that seemed to make him angrier.

"Just an asshole who never has anything to say that actually makes sense." He shrugged nonchalantly but his eyes were still blazing. Firkle and Pete hooted from next to the fence.

"You're just disgusted with yourself because you can't come up with any good ideas to help Sophia." Michael leaned into his cane, gripping the handle so tightly his skin looked stretched thin across his knuckles.

"You don't have any ideas either, you just want to make yourself look good." Stan jutted his chin up and straightened his shoulders, standing almost as tall as Michael.

"They can't be fucking serious." Henrietta glared from her spot next to her mom's car. "If you assholes don't hurry up we're going to leave you here and hope you freeze to death." Michael clicked his tongue to his teeth and turned away with his shoulders set.

"I don't need to waste any of my time with you, I actually plan on doing something." He took a few steps away and Raven narrowed his eyes.

"Hold on." Sophia said quietly, digging around in her pockets with one hand, but they pretty much ignored her.

"Finally." Pete rolled his eyes, walking to stand near the car next to Henrietta. Firkle moved at a slower pace, watching yet another conflict between Michael and Raven with his eyes lit up interestedly.

"I'll just take Sophia to Kenny's job so she can ask him in person." Raven began walking toward Sophia and Michael whipped around, almost smacking Henrietta with his cane, which she threw her lit cigarette bud at him for.

"Fuck off jock, she's coming to Henrietta's house with us." Michael walked toward Sophia quickly and Stan took longer strides to catch up faster.

"I thought we were in a rush to figure this out? She can come with me to ask Kenny and we'll meet you there." Raven was about to set a hand on her shoulder, but Michael wrapped his arm around her shoulders to pull her against him, jostling her enough to make her drop her milk carton.

"Hey-" Sophia began protest but was again ignored.

"She's not going with you." Michael glared, angry red splotches crawling up his neck.

"Fuck off, stop being so defensive without even asking Sophia first." Raven took another step closer making Michael take a step back.

"Don't act like a simp when you couldn't even keep your own girlfriend." Michael sneered, making Stan's face flush in anger.

"Both of you chill out." Sophia pushed herself away from Michael and stepped away from both of them. "I can almost choke on the testosterone you're giving off." She scowled, moving to stand next to Henrietta. "Here." She mumbled, handing her the napkin Makowski gave her. Henrietta raised an eyebrow looking mildly impressed.

"Where did you get this?" Her lips pulled up into a smirk.

"Mike Makowski gave it to me." She shrugged. The rest of them gathered around Henrietta to read the note over her shoulder.

"Where did you find Mike Makowski?" Pete's tone was impressed as he flipped his hair out of his face.

"I think he works in the cafeteria, he's not very good at it though." Sophia rolled her eyes.

"Well, now we know what to do." Henrietta pocketed the note and used the keys to click the car open. "Get in assholes. Oh, and Sophia?" Before she could get in, Henrietta stopped her with a hand to her shoulder. "Can you just pick one of those guys to fuck already? Their dick measuring contests are getting annoying." Sophia's face exploded into a dark red color, completely coating her ears and steadily traveling down her neck, but Henrietta sat in the car before she could respond, slamming the door behind her.