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Prompt: Dragon Instincts (Or: Don't Mess With a Dragon's Hoard)

Characters: Hitsugaya, Ukitake, OC

Genre: Humor

Warnings: None

Toshiro didn't like him. Not. One. Bit. The man thinks he's so tough, waltzing in, thinking he can take everything for himself, and that Toshiro wouldn't do anything about it!? Worse yet, that if push came to shove, that he could beat him in a fight!? Oh, he'll show him, the stupid thief. Just f***ing wait.

Hitsugaya-taicho was a reasonable person. He generally didn't judge on first glance, and kept most comments about various co-workers to more or less himself, barring a few. He certainly didn't start growling and attacking new shinigami upon first sight.

At least, that's what everyone was trying to tell themselves, as they watched him brutally beat up another shinigami, enraged snarls filling the room.

"Did… Did he just bite him?" Ukitake asked incredulously, his eyes wide and face pale. Through the dumbfounded silence, watching what could only be called a brutal, one-sided fight for dominance in Toshiro's favor.

Yamamoto banged his staff harshly on the wooden floors. "Hitsugaya-taicho!" he thundered, furious eyes trained on the two freezing shinigami. "You will stop this at once!"

Despite looking like he would rather gut himself with a rusty spoon than comply, Hitsugaya grudgingly stopped, stepping slightly away from the man, but still close enough to kick him if he really wanted to, which, considering the last ten minutes, he probably would. His growls lowered to deep rumbles in his chest; the other shinigami's snarls went silent.

This being their first chance to, the present shinigami looked at the man Hitsugaya was attempting to tear apart. He was tall and skinny, with long black hair falling out of his high ponytail. His eyes were a deep crimson, with slightly slitted pupils similar to Hitsugaya's. He had pale skin, and a fang could be seen peeking out of his mouth.

Looking closer, they could see a red splotch that almost looked like scales creeping up his neck, but that was ridiculous… Right?

A closer look at the enraged ice Captain revealed a similar condition, yet in a more subtle, icy blue-grey. He also had similar fangs poking out of his mouth, just barely visible.

Their attention was drawn back towards Yamamoto, whose reiatsu was swirling around him angrily. They winced. This wouldn't be pretty at all.

"There's no way I'll work with a thief like him! He's a deceiver, a fabricator of lies, and once he gets what he wants, he leaves!" Hitsugaya growled, glaring daggers at the battered shinigami.

Said shinigami sneered. "Why would I steal from you, ice lizard?"

Ukitake sighed. Despite the Head Captain—and a few other captains—trying to get the two to put aside each other's differences to at least work together, negotiations were failing horribly. Not even the threats of detainment or demotion were getting Hitsugaya to calm down.

"Don't think I haven't heard of you, Fire-Foot, Stealer-of-Hoards, Silver-Tongue!"

"Don't you dare talk to me like that, Blizzard-Heart, Bringer-of-Winter, Heavenly-Guardian!"

Heads swung wildly between the two as their voices slowly deepened into thundering roars, and they once again lunged at each other, their fight much more savage than the last. Eyes widened increadulously as claws started to form and fangs lengthened; features turned more elven, and scaled patches became even more prominent until it was as if staring at dragons in human skin.

After a few minutes of fighting that absolutely nothing could stop, not even the Head Captain raising his furious reiatsu, the Ice Captain pinned down the other shinigami, breathing heavily and bared his teath ferally at the downed man.

"Leave this place," he growled, his voice sounding as deep and gutteral as Hyourinmaru's in his dragon form, "and never return; lest you face death at my claws, your heart torn from it's chest. Should I ever catch the smallest sound, the faintest smell of you, you will not live to see the morning." He narrowed his eyes, leaning closer to the paling man's face, snarling ferociously. "Are we clear?" He nodded frantically. "Then GO!" Hitsugaya roared, jumping off of him.

He ran off without thinking twice nor looking back, eyes dialated in fear; his metaphorical tail between his legs. Hitsugaya smirked victoriously. "Good riddance."

Then, peculiarly, it seemed as if Hitsugaya had a mental realization of what he had just spent the past hour doing. His face burned a bright red, and he groaned, sounding resigned. His face buried itself into his hands. "Not again…"

Eyes everywhere focused in on him like a hawk. Ukitake tilted his head curiously, with a slight hint of dread over the answer he would get. "...What do you mean by 'again', Hitsugaya-kun?"

He looked up, looking slightly sheepish, but at the same time, he looked entirely too unapologetic over his actions.

"That shinigami… He was a dragon."

The captains present twitched. "...A dragon."

He nodded. "A dragon. As I am." At the sound of rising protests, he raised his eyebrow haughtily. "My zanpakuto is a dragon, no? Some would call me a dragon wearing human skin. As such, I have many of the… Instincts a dragon has."

Kyouraku, who had wandered in sometime during the failed negotiations, grinned teasingly, fingering his hat. "Even kidnapping fair maidens and sleeping in a mountain of gold?"

Hitsugaya wrinkled his nose in disgust. "No way, I'm not that into gold—not enough to hoard it, anyways; and those 'princess kidnapping' dragons went about it all wrong; if they really wanted to get a princess or two that badly, they should've just used their human forms and gotten to know them better. Much better results that way."

Ukitake twitched. He knew he was going to regret this. "Hitsugaya-kun… Do you have a hoard?" Kyouraku's eyes lit up at the fun topic—gossip gold!

Hitsugaya reluctantly nodded. "Of course… every dragon does."

"Then, may I enquire as to what yours is?" Kyouraku smoothly interrupted.

With a furious blush, Hitsugaya muttered something Ukitake didn't catch, and briskly walked away to sort out the situation with the Soutiacho. Kyouraku, however, did hear it, and burst out into laughter.

Ukitake blinked at his long-time friend. "What did he say?"

He stifled a snigger. "People."

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