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(Intro song: "Do I" by Emphatic, outro song: "Uprising" by Muse.)

Chapter 1

When the pilot announced that the plane would be landing soon passengers started to get ready to get luggage bags once the plane landed but one passenger did not hear the announcement. A dirty blonde teenager was fast asleep tired from the long travel. The flight was decent at best, even though he'd hadn't been on a plane since he was a child, but the rumors of airline food being terrible we're kind of true. He mostly slept through the flight but 15 minutes before the plane was scheduled to land was awoken by a flight attendant. "Excuse me sir, I'm sorry to wake you but the plane is about to land."

He woke from his fog of slumber and responded with "Thank you ma'am I was a bit thrown off by the time zones." The flight attendant was gone after he said the words thank you but he liked to hear himself talk, she went along to wake other sleeping passengers and help get bags.

The blonde pulled a case out of his backpack, in them were prescription glasses, he put them on and just like that his blurry vision cleared like a dirty windshield getting cleaned. When he looked out his side window he gasped as he saw lights from a nearby city cutting through the night.

"Whoa, the pictures can never compare to the real thing!" He said in awe as the view was breathtaking. It could bring tears to one's eyes.

All of a sudden he heard a voice behind him say "Is this your first trip?" He turned around to see an elderly man maybe in his sixty's he thought.

"Y-yes sir it is." He said in a nervous tone. A little confused about why out of all the other passengers he chose him to have a conversation.

The elderly man seemed to notice this. "What's wrong kid your not off the plane yet and you look extremely fearful?"

The teenager took a deep breath "Sorry I am just afraid." He said while looking down.

"Of what?" The old man asked in his calm tone. He wanted to know why a should be excited traveler was afraid especially since it was his first trip.

"I am afraid of doing something wrong and seeming rude." The old man was a bit shocked, he had seen many respectful and disrespectful youths in his day he remembered when a couple of thugs attempted to rob him; he showed him them what for. The youth in front of him was a rare one desperate to learn, and a bit hyper but maybe it was him.

"You want to know what I think kid?" the teen looked into his eyes with an inquisitive look while nodding. The teen took a deep breath fearing the worst.

The old man grinned and said, "You'll be alright." The teen exhaled and smiled too and thanked the old man as the plane landed. When the old man left he hoped the teenager well and vice versa.

It was about thirty minutes after the plane landed when he got out of the plane. He was remembering how his parents said he could go on his trip to Japan after he bought his ticket he was told he would go alone. He was left aghast when he heard that news because he could not even remember what number he was on when counting to twenty-five. But he did remember what to do he ran through this a hundred times, get his bags.

He went to the luggage area where his bag was, he was certain it was his because of the American flag on it and a card that says Cody. The name was in his own handwriting so he couldn't second guess himself "Well Cody your adventure begins now." He chuckled to himself before walking to the door, but after he took a step out of the airport exit he heard an embarrassing growl come from his stomach.

"Crap why am I hungry now?" He thought while looking to see if anyone heard his guts cry for food no one did. "Well might listen to some music as I look for food." He stated to himself while inserting earbuds in his ears than began playing "A Warriors Call" by Volbeat. Cody then walked down the dimly light sidewalk to find a nice place to eat.

Meanwhile at the Hiiragi residence

Kagami Hiiragi had just finished taking a shower and was finishing getting into her sleepwear getting ready to lay down on her bed when.

Ring Ring!

She already knew who was calling her this late at night so she picked up the phone and made sure she was right, she was. "What is it Konata I'm in the middle of getting into bed." She said in an irritated tone. Then a bombastic voice replied that Kagami knew all too well.

"Sorry, Kagami I just wanted to see if you wanted to go with me to run errands tomorrow dad asked me to get some things?" Konata stated.

As soon as Kagami heard the word 'errands' her older sister Inori walked in the room."Hey, mom and dad told me to give you this when you go to the store." She said while handing her little sister a piece of paper.

"Talk about timing." Kagami muttered to herself. She then heard a noise on the phone forgetting about her previous conversation.

"Are you still there?" Said Konata who was still on the line. Kagami then gasped after realizing she did.

"Yes, we got to groceries too apparently." Kagami apologized for the delay and explained what just happened. They proceeded to talk for ten more minutes before they called it a night.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow." Replied Konata excitedly. Before Kagami could say goodbye Konata hung up.

She was irritated by the rude gesture but shrugged it off because she was too tired to complain, but then Kagami heard a groggy moan at her bedroom door that startled her.

"Wh-what was that?" She said to herself. Then the door opened, grabbing a book in case of danger she called out.

"Who's there?" Kagami said with fear. Then a person emerged from the dark. Kagami realized who it was and was a bit embarrassed.

"Darn it Tsukasa you scared the hell out of me!" It was her twin sister Tsukasa. Something was off about her though.

"Why are you up this late anyway you fall asleep extremely earlier than me." She always fell asleep early at night but always woke up late in the mornings. This occurring was like seeing a ghost to which it never happened.

Tsukasa looked like a zombie and began to stumble towards her sister's bed while yawning. "That explains the sound." Kagami said to herself.

"Yawn Onee chan I can't sleep, can I Yawn here?" She was so tired Kagami thought she was sleepwalking. Before Kagami could reply her little sister flopped on her bed. Tsukasa had passed out while standing thankfully Kagami's bed cushioned her fall.

Kagami groaned as she pulled Tsukasa on the bed, as soon as she did that Tsukasa latched on her sister like a teddy bear. "Tsu-Tsukasa what are you doing?" Kagami said as her face began to redden.

"No fluffy kitty that tickles." Tsukasa said giggled to herself which was barely coherent to her sister. She was apparently having a nice dream. Then Kagami began to get drowsy so she turned her lamp off, laid on her pillow, and drifted off to sleep.

The next day around 12:00 in the mourning

When Tsukasa woke up she was laying in Kagami's bed. She saw a note with a neatly set of clothes with a note, they were her clothes.

The note read "You sleepwalked in my room last night and fell asleep; when you get up Me, you, and Konata are going to shop for groceries."

Tsukasa giggled to herself "Onee chan is always there when I need her." She said walking to her room. She changed her pajamas and put on a blue T-shirt and shorts. She put on her yellow ribbon and went downstairs while yawning to get breakfast.

"G-morning." Tsukasa said entering the kitchen while rubbing her eyes. Seeing Kagami, Matsuri, Inori, and her mother Miki eating what was probably lunch.

Matsuri looked at the clock and said bluntly "Tsukasa it's noon." Tsukasa looks at the clock too confirming it was noon.

She was a bit shocked when she heard that but was still wary. Kagami then looked at her with a smirk."So why did you walk in my room like a zombie last night?"

That sentence woke the purple ribboned airhead up like a gunshot of adrenaline, she shot up with shock and a blushing face. "U-u-um, I well you see..."

She was about to clumsily explain when Matsuri Interrupted while laughing. She knew something about this. "Wait it was that scary?"

Tsukasa nodded with embarrassment. Then Matsuri began to bust out laughing until Kagami loudly said: "Wait what did you three do?"

Yesterday night at 8:00 PM

Tsukasa was walking past the living room when she saw her older sisters in there with snacks. Tsukasa walked in the room."Hey, what are you two doing?"

Inori noticed her and said, "Hey Tsukasa do you want to watch this movie with us?" Tsukasa not knowing what it was they were watching replied while closed the door behind her.

"Sure what is it?" She thought it would be a cute movie or a funny movie, or some funny romance movie. The things that were fluttering in her mind.

Matsuri then threw those options out the window when she said "So how scary is this movie again Inori? Tsukasa let out a fearful squeak when she heard that word.

"Oh it's horrific I heard one part has a ghost in it." Tsukasa turned pale when she heard that it had a ghost in it. What was it though a violent ghost, a poltergeist, these thoughts made Tsukasa shiver.

Inori seemed to notice this and said "Tsukasa are you okay? If you don't want to watch it you don't have to." Matsuri knowing her little sister scared easy took the opportunity to mess with her.

"Tsukasa I don't think you're brave enough to watch this." She said with a smirk. Tsukasa didn't want to look like a coward in her older sister's eyes but she knew she wasn't brave.

"I-I-I'm brave enough to watch it!" She said as her voice trembled. Matsuri grinned as Tsukasa had fallen for her trap.

The movie was violent indeed but as the older Hiiragi sisters were gazing in awe at the screen, Tsukasa was cowering behind the table trying to remain stoic. During one part she felt a little faint because of the fear.

As soon as the movie was over Tsukasa was gone faster than lightning, in the bed under her covers until she fell asleep. Next thing she knows she wakes from a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep. She was up for a while before getting drowsy then she stumbled out of her bed to Kagami's room.


Kagami sighed before looking at the clock. "Well Konata is supposed to meet us in twenty minutes, Tsukasa let's go." Tsukasa was ready but when she was out the door her stomach started to growl, she hadn't eaten yet. Kagami noticed and patted her sister on the back, but poor Tsukasa was clutched her stomach and whined.

They both got ready to go when Miki met them at the door "Be careful on the way over there." They both agreed that they would then they walked to the train station.

When they arrived was their friend Konata Izumi looking at her phone at an anime store that she had been to a hundred times. "Hello, Kona-chan." Said Tsukasa cheerfully.

Konata broke out of her daze when she her friend's voice and replied "Hey Tsukasa and Tsundere sister."

Kagami then clenched her hands into fists and said in an angry voice. "Shut up about that." She knew Konata meant her.

Konata jokingly threw her hands in the air. "Whoa so scary!" Tsukasa just giggled with some hehe's. They were already halfway to their destination.

"Can you two not do that and kind of be on guard I've heard that there has been a lot of crime on girls around where we are going." Kagami said Remembering what she saw in the newspaper.

"Then why are we even going?" Asked a concerned Tsukasa looking up from her phone.

"This place has better prices on some things we need." Kagami said while flipping a page in her book.

"Prices prices prices why do they always make good prices on places far away; can't they just put a thing where you get enough things the price can drop." Said Konata with a sigh while sinking in her seat.

Kagami closed her book and looked directly into Konata's eyes. "Those are coupons Konata." She Said a little surprised by her blue-haired friend's lack of knowledge of these things, while Tsukasa just giggled again.

"Also Kagami why do you still read these books with words?" Asked Konata who always read mangas. After getting asked questions multiple times Kagami just thwapped Konata on the head with her book.

"Shut it come on get ready we're almost there." They all got up with Konata rubbing her head. The train conductor announced that they were indeed arriving at where the trio needed to go, then the train came to a stop.

As soon as they entered the store Tsukasa looked at the list that had about twenty items. Kagami then had an idea and started to Tsukasa "We can make this easier by you getting ten items and I get ten items."

Tsukasa only replied with "But there is only one list how are we going to find them?" Kagami took the list and tore it making it have ten for both. Tsukasa then took half of the list and went to look with a ditsy expression.

"If anything happens just scream I'll be over there faster than the creep will know what hit him." Kagami told her little sister in reassurance. Tsukasa nodded with a nervous mhmm.

"Oh, the moeness of that one." Konata said gleefully to Kagami who just walked away. That was payback for the phone she thought to herself.

15 minutes later

Tsukasa was almost done her list all she had to get was a jug of milk but she was having trouble finding it. "Was it whole milk, skim milk, two percent milk? The list just says milk." She was jogging while looking at the list while carrying all of the other items in her other hand.

She was too busy looking at the list when she finally looked up she was about to hit another person head-on. It was like picturing two trains running into each other. She yelled to warn the person and because she knew this would not end well.

Somewhere else in the store

Cody after not finding somewhere to eat the day before was looking for food to get that he would eat. He saw a sign that said, "New store nearby." So Cody got changed and put on an orange T-shirt with jeans.

He then thought instantly. "This will save me a lot of time." So here he was with few items of bread, cheese various foods he liked. He realized he needed to get a couple of snacks to keep him from eating all of the food.

He was on the way when he heard something yell in his general direction. "Sweet jimminy-" before he could finish he was about to yell to himself he was hit by the person and sent stumbling back and falling hitting his head on the ground.

When Cody opened his eyes he gritted his teeth from the force of getting the wind knocked out of him. He looked up to see who ran into him he thought it was probably a kid recklessly running through the store and this was the result. What he saw however was a girl with purple hair and a ribbon around his age on both her knees rubbing her head. As soon as she saw Cody look at her she stumbled while trying to get up, he got up as well.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry you see I was looking at this list and wasn't watching where I was going!" The girl was practically talking like an auctioneer, her face was red and was probably really embarrassed.

"Hey whoa calm down it's okay I'm fine." Cody stated while trying to maintain his balance. The girl then began to pick up her groceries so Cody decided to help.

"Here you dropped this." Cody started to the girl as he picked up the list and read it. He then turned to the left seeing a jug of milk and got it for her and handed it to her.

"Now your list is complete hehe." He tried to make that terrible joke as funny as he could but then she smiled at him and giggled. When he saw this he thought it was adorable.

"Thanks." She said as she walked away but before she could she turned around and began to walk back. Cody didn't know what was happening until he turned around and she picked up his bread he dropped and handed it to him.

"Thank you." Cody simply said as she walked away again. Cody then saw another purple-haired girl with long hair run to the end of the aisle and a short blue-haired kid jump out of nowhere.

"Tsukasa are you okay? I heard you from twenty feet away!" He couldn't hear the rest and proceeded to the checkout. Cody then smirked to himself

"She was cute I'm not gonna lie." He thought to himself.

With the trio again

Kagami ran to see her sister walking back from the isle. She then yelled at her obviously worried "Tsukasa are you okay? I heard you from twenty feet away!"

Tsukasa then giggled. "Sorry, Onee chan but I accidentally ran into that guy over there and he was nice enough to help me get my stuff." Konata then looked at him and smirked.

"What did he do to you? Where did he look?" She giggled to herself as both twins jumped at this and Tsukasa shook her head knowing her sister would be skeptical.

"Nonononononono he didn't do that." They both sighed in relief. She thought about what he was doing there he was American so a tourist maybe these thoughts swirled in her head. They checked out of the store fine enough Tsukasa kept looking for the guy he wasn't there she thought he left first.

But as they left the store a man was walking behind them following them. He pulled out a cell phone sent a message to someone and they responded with "I found some" he grinned he would make his move soon.

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