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Chapter 10

"Did you just say Keichi? The fucking bastard who orchestrated all of this is your son? That gangrene looking bastard, He is your son?" Cody asked with a deadpan look on his face. Dr. Nori could see that the American was not happy.

"You...you deserve the truth. Keichi is my son and he has caused you and your friends great troub-"


At the confirmation of that he was his son Cody took three steps and punched Dr. Nori in the face as hard as he could with his left arm, making the doctor grasp his face and stumble back on the floor. Cody grit his teeth.

"Do you know what he has done! Huh? That fucker is your son and you let him do this? He has done enough today to earn himself a DEATH WARRANT!"

Cody yelled in anger with his voice cracking in rage. Dr Nori stuck up his hands in defense.

"I understand you're angry, trust me I never intended for any of this to happen." He coughed out.

"Then what did you intend!? For him to rob me and my friends! For him to hold my friends hostage! For him to stab my best friend's mother! Did you intend that!" Dr Nori could see that Cody was emotionally affected and had a lot of anger that his own son caused.

"Keichi what have you done?" He thought as Cody just looked down at the floor. Dr. Nori then spoke.

"Cody I am so sorry for what he has done. If I had known what he was planning, I would've stopped him. But you have to trust me on this we've got to stop him before he hurts any more people." Cody then released his grip on Dr. Nori. Cody then started to cough and wince in pain as he fell to his knees, Dr. Nori rushed to his side.

"Hey take it easy as I said you've sustained injuries that could take months to heal but you're in luck." Cody looked up at the doctor. Nori then pulled out an empty syringe and placed it on the table.

"I've injected you with nanobots that repair damaged cells faster than the body's natural healing process. In other words, you should be back to your normal self in a few days rather then a few months and the bots will die when their job is done." He did notice that the excruciating pain was filled significantly in his shoulder and body. Cody then said in between coughs.

"Why...are you...helping me?" Cody knew Keichi was out revenge and knowing how he was in the same room as his father, he didn't act like his son.

"Because I want you to trust me, my son wants to hurt you but I want to help...that's what my company is or was built on." He said as he offered his hand to help Cody up.

"You get one chance, don't piss me off." Cody said as he took the hand of the doctor to help him up. He may have been his father but Cody could see that he was remorseful. Dr. Nori saw no point in leaving Cody in the dark so he cut to the chase.

"We have to stop Keichi before he does something that will endanger the lives of many people, not just your friends." Cody raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

"He is going to use the mass production capabilities of the company to build an autonomous robotic army to unleash on the country, if not the world." Cody froze.

"What...please tell me your joking?"

"He wants to gain more power now that he has the company at his heel." Cody interrupted him.

"Wait Wait Wait just how exactly did he get control of a multimillion-dollar corporation and be able to make robots able to amount to an army?"

Dr. Nori then explained how Keichi turned his company against him. Used his work for good as a tool for his own gain. The room was quiet only echos of the vent being heard.

"No that's not disturbing at all." Cody thought. He looked to Dr. Nori with an inquisitive look.

"Nori, I have a question...what caused Keichi to do all of this?" Dr. Nori exhaled and took a deep breath.

"I was not really the best father I'll admit, I was so busy with work that I never noticed that he was more violent than other children. He just seemed to enjoy hurting things that can't fight back. I tried to help him...god I tried so damn hard but in the end I just gave up on him."

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked." Cody said at the look of the father's sorrow.

"No, you have a right to know." He said as he opened a laptop and began typing for the tenth time.

"Damn! He's made alterations to the standard Sigma drone. It's now just a walking machine that will destroy anything it touches."

"Was that what he sicked on me?" Cody asked only to be met with the Doctor shaking his head.

"No, it was a prototype that was meant for mining but was deemed too dangerous for production. He has taken regular factory based Sigma drones and he has rigged them with weapons." Cody took a look at the screen and confirmed that it was the robot that he sent after him. He read the schematics of the apprentice one of a kind prototype.

"Yeah except the one he sent me had two damn hand pistons. Hmmm...The O.N.I. Drone...Wait this thing can shoot fucking lasers!?" Cody said in shock causing Nori to laugh.

"Well no, it's was an electromagnetic system that Keichi modified into what you could say a gauss weapon." Cody wipes sweat off his forehead.

"Anything else I'm missing?" Dr. Nori looked at Cody with frustration in his face.

"Don't get me started, he's turned all of the drones and bots into killing machines. The fact that my bots are being used on the public instead of helping them is sickening." Cody just remained silent. Dr. Nori continued.

"So far he just made the standard humanoid drone as I said and weaponized it with an ion cannon which I'm the data I've collected are called 'drones' basically his foot soldiers." Cody felt sweat drop down his forehead.

"So what will happen if we can't stop him unleashing the robots?" Cody said while sitting and looking at his cast.

"Who knows? My guess is that he will gain control over japan with them. Many will die I am sure of that."

"Well...shit." Cody said realizing what was at stake.

"If we can get out of here and deliver this override code to the control room, I believe we can possibly stop him." Cody then realized what he was saying.

"You're saying we are going to save the world by overriding a bunch of killer robots?" He said with a hint of excitement in his voice.

"If we get out of here...yes." A little red light was flickering and Dr. Nori began to turn off the laptop while cursing under his breath.

"Someone's coming." Cody turned to the doors then back to the CEO.

"What do we do?" Cody whispered frantically.

"Act natural...don't mention codes or any means of escape, it makes him angry." He whispered back. Both bracing for what was coming.

They both soon heard the doors open and metal footsteps walked in. It was two factory issue drones with arm cannons.

"Uhhh...hello?" Cody said while waving with his good hand. To which the robots didn't reply. They both then heard three more sets of footsteps down the hall. An all to familiar voice was heard emerging from the machines followed by two armed henchmen dressed in black gear.

"I see you are enjoying our hospitality." Keichi said with a grin on his face finally coming face to face with the person he wanted to get back at. Cody's mind as soon as he saw him just flooded back to the memories of the house and the shrine. He clenched both of his fists causing pain to his broken arm. He grit his teeth and glared at the man who caused all of his problems. Dr. Nori then put his hand in front of Cody to keep him from doing something that could kill them both.

"Cody don't do anything rash." He said causing his son to laugh.

"Yeah, it would be a real shame if you couldn't get back to your sweet girlfriend. Haha" Cody took a step which in turn caused the robots and guards to raise their weapons. Dr. Nori then took the chance to try to disarm the situation.

"Keichi...please listen to reason! Stop what you're doing before this gets any worse, you have broken many laws of robotics." Keichi then grinned.

"Well your definition of reason is me not using the robots to gain absolute power and eliminating anything in my path, so I will decline." He then turned to Cody. "Then there's you a foreign man in the way of me and my plans but you thanks to you you've helped me see what I can do to the world."

Cody whispered something that could let be heard by no one.

"What is the fact that you've lost sunk in yet?" He scoffed. Cody then looked stared at Keichi full of malice.

"I'm gonna kill you." He said in a very quiet but angry tone. Dr Nori was shocked and almost horrified at what he had just said. The room went silent as Keichi approached Cody until they were three steps apart.

"I'm sorry...what was that? I don't think I heard that right please speak up." Keichi whispered in a taunting manner. Cody just kept staring him in his eyes not falling for his taunts.

"It won't be now nor tomorrow but-" He wiped his eye and sniffed remembering all the details. "After what you did...to Miki...to Tsukasa...to ME. I'm gonna kill you." He continued. Keichi then gave Cody a glare and then chuckled.

"Yeah...sure you are." He said as he hit Cody in the chest knocking the wind from him. Dr. Nori tried to help Cody but the bots had their cannons pointed for him to not interfere. Keichi snapped his fingers and the two men began beating Cody.

"Keichi...son stop PLEASE!" Nori begged as his son turned around.

"If you say one more word, I will cut your tongue out and staple your mouth shut! He has those nanobots so he should recover from this just fine." He yelled back as they dragged Cody to the door. Cody tried to break free but one guard planted his foot on Cody's broken arm making him scream in agony only to be kicked in the chest. Cody looked up saw who he would describe as evil itself looking down on him.

"You and I have catching up to do." The ringleader said as he hit Cody one more time as they dragged him out the door. Keichi looked at the robots.

"If he tries to escape, kill him." He ordered the robots as he walked out behind the two guards. The robots then looked at the doctor. One said in its robotic voice.

"Order 492 has been authorized. Please comply and your safety will be assured." Dr. Nori cursed as he went back to his laptop to plan." good thing These robots can't think to examine my laptop for an escape route...that's our advantage." He then thought of what Cody said earlier and what Keichi was doing.

"Cody...you've gotta hold on." He said to himself.

Cody was being dragged down long corridors and hallways. There were so many that the whole place looked like a labyrinth. He kept struggling to break free from the guard's grip but they had a firm hold.

"GRRAH You...let go of me!" He yelled as they turned a corner. Cody saw that they were heading to a pair of double doors. When they entered the room he saw an operating table. In the same room was a white scrubbed doctor. The guards let go of Cody and forced him to his knees as Keichi walked around to the front of them.

"You've been a thorn in my side American, you've shown me that you have talents and skill but you still won't give up and comply. I wonder what drives people like you. Is it hate, passion, someone you care about?" He asked as he kneeled down to Cody's level only to have Cody glare back.

"It's a shame really. You could be of important use to the company so I'll give you a chance. Join me and you can have as much power as you want!" He continued while waving his hand in the air like he was giving a speech.

"A chance or an ultimatum? I know you were spying on me with that fucking drone. Planning everything you were gonna do. Every now and then I could notice it, in that building, outside the house." Cody replied causing Keichi to nod.

"Yes you are correct I wanted info on you and let's say I learned a lot." Cody then head-butted him in the nose causing him to fall over.

"Did you learn something from that you fucking pathetic excuse of a human being!?" He laughed as one of the guards slammed Cody to the ground. The other guard rushed to Keichi's side to help him up to which he denied his help and stood up wiping the blood from his nose. He then looked at one of the guards who had his pistol drawn and pointed at his head.

"You just made a big mistake." He said angerly as he walked to the operating table. Cody knew something bad was about to happen but he didn't want to give this guy the satisfaction of seeing his fear. Keichi came back with and handed one guard a plaster cast saw.

"Get the cast off, he won't be needing it." He said handing it to the guard holding down Cody. He did as his boss ordered him to and removed the cast from his arm. Cody was forced on to the operating table. Both guards began strapping Cody down to the table limb by limb except his right arm.

"Now, of course, your going to pay the price for crossing me." Keichi said in an entertained voice, he then smiled. "Cut off his hand and begin the augmentation." He ordered the doctor to the right of Cody. Cody felt rage and panic flood in as he felt something right get wrapped around his arm. Cody saw Keichi walking away followed by his guards as the doctor picked up a syringe.

"YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! GET ONE OF YOU CRONIES TO DO YOUR DIRTY WORK...YOU FUCKING BASTARD! WHAT KIND OF MAN ARE YOU?" Cody was yelling at Keichi who stopped in his tracks. He stopped at the door and turned his head.

"I'll be sure to send her your hand." He laughed as he left the room and the doctor lined up the needle on his forearm below the elbow. Cody felt a needle pierce his hand and a few seconds later he was unconscious.

A doctor was in Keichi's office explaining the procedure

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? This surgery is highly experimental and dangerous." He stated.

"You said he was a perfect candidate." Keichi replied as he saw what was being done in another room.

"Yes but we're talking about replacing his hand with a bionic prototype that is implanted into his bones and nerves which his body could reject and fusing shifting metal into the forearm."

"We don't just give him the prototype doctor. We give him a regular company prosthetic and once I break his will, then I give him the prototype." Keichi said as he gave permission to start the surgery. The doctor looked puzzled.

"And what if he try's to escape with it?" He asked.

"It doesn't matter that prototype is one small step in the road to project SIGMA both can be destroyed."

Cody would occasionally open his eyes and see what was being done but it all felt like a dream state. He saw that they sawed off his right hand at the wrist and was connecting metal to his amputated arm only to fall back asleep.

When Cody woke up he noticed that he wasn't completely restrained and that a red hot pain was searing through his right arm. He moved his arm to see only to not be met with his own hand but a robotic hand. He also saw smooth metal sticking out of the top of his upper forearm instead of skin it was all metallic. Cody then realized what he saw in that dream wasn't fake it was all real. They had unnecessarily amputated his right hand. Cody moved his hand around and found that it was almost like his normal hand. Cody grit his teeth in utter rage. He noticed that a doctor was walking up to him.

"Oh he's awa-" before he could finish Cody had grabbed the doctor's throat with his robotic hand and began strangling him, an alarm went off and more doctors accompanied by armed guards ran in and sedated him causing him to let go of the doctor.

Dr Nori still was on his computer being watched by the robots when four guards came in rolling a table with Cody strapped to it. Nori saw Cody's right arm and was horrified.

"Oh my...god. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?" He ordered his once-loyal security. One of them only replied.

"Orders Sir, stand down bots you are needed somewhere else." The robots then replied.

"Yes sir." As all of them walked out of the room leaving Cody in there with the doctor.

Dr. Nori untied Cody and helped him off the table clearly noticing that he was injured. He sat Cody down by a wall but noticed Cody was staring into space. He thought it must've been shock.

"Cody?" The CEO asked. "Hey snap out of it." He touched his face only to be met with a vice-like grip from Cody's new cybernetic hand. Cody's eyes went wide like they were rabid, his breaths became heavy and he growled at the doctor.

"What did they do to me?" He repeated as he tightened his grip.

"Cody...Cody stop! It's me it's Nori!" He shouted as Cody looked into his eyes.

"N...Nori?" He replied.

"Yes, I'm here to help you it's okay." He looked at Cody's right arm "Good god what have they done to you? Are you okay?" He asked. Cody only just began sobbing on the floor after hearing that question. The Doctor just sat by his side for about two hours making sure he was okay.

About two weeks later

Cody just sat in a corner for a week doing nothing. The doctor was still coming up with an escape plan when he closed his laptop and sighed.

"Alright...come here let me see the hand." He told Cody who looked back not saying anything. "If you're stuck with that hand I can help you with what you can do on it." Cody continued to look at him silently until the doctor went back to work. Cody looked at his hand and moved the fingers.

"Can you make this thing feel touch?" Cody said casing the doctor to almost laugh.

"You bet! You are in the presence of Sigma Robotics CEO after all." He said trying to improve his mood. Cody then stood up and walked over to the CEO. Nori then plugged a long needle into Cody's cybernetic hand and began typing on the computer. After two minutes he looked at Cody.

"Alright, the nerves are apparently connected to the arm so you can move it without any complications so I just gotta adjust some stuff. If you don't mind me asking...why do you want this as the first thought? Why not those things?" He asked while continuing diagnostics. Cody then looked at Nori and back to his arm.

"Well...I know this girl, she is sweeter than anything I've ever known. So kind, so beautiful, I just never had the chance to tell her that. I want to get out of here so when I see her again I...I can say at least something. I also use this hand as my dominant hand so I want to hold her hand just if it's barely a little feeling in there." Cody said while holding back tears. The doctor then looked at him and removed the needle.

"That is why I began this business, to help people feel that again and when we get out of here." He put his hand on Cody's shoulder. "Tell her." Cody then nodded as he moved his hand across the table, he couldn't believe it he could feel the temperature and the smoothness of the table.

"Alright try to pick up that mug." Nori said while Cody moved his hand to it knocking it over.

"I think I see the problem" he said before reinserting the needle and typing again. He looked back at Cody. "Again please."

Cody place each cybernetic finger around the mugs handle and lifted it up.

"Thank you for all you've done." Cody said with gratitude.

"I've also added some enhancements to it making it stronger and more versatile." The CEO continued. Cody clasped both cybernetic hand and normal hand together and Cody felt the warmth of his own hand in the cybernetic. Cody looked at Dr. Nori.

"I'll be sure to tell her...after I kill Keichi." The CEO was stunned by this.

"You do know that is still my son? No matter what he did to you or what he can do, he is still my son." He told Cody almost angerly.

"I don't care, if we are going to save people's lives and keep people I care about safe then he has to die. I was still planning on killing him even if you didn't help me."

"But Cody think! Should he at least face justice for his crimes and be locked away?!" Cody then glared at the CEO.

"Last time he was arrested I was sure he would face justice, for attempted robbery and assault! I'm sure even in Japan that carries a long sentence. Cody then deepened his voice. "I wonder how he was able to get out?" Dr. Nori was shocked but he knew Cody was right if it wasn't for him bailing his son out he wouldn't have caused all of this. Cody then turned to the only door that was lead to the entrance.

"It's not your fault doc but your son needs to be stopped and I'm gonna do it." Cody calmly said. "Now what is the plan to get out of here?" Cody asked causing Nori to go back to his computer.

"We get a drone in here and reprogram it to bring us something." He stated.

"And what would that be?" Cody asked.

"Well, when you were gone I discovered that Keichi was developing a weapons prototype that can bond with prosthetics. It morphs around the hand to form the cannon that's what the metal fused to your forearm is for. Think of it as the arm cannons on the bots but it's more suited for a human and fires concentrated gauss rails from an extreamly small particle accelerator and can shift from hand to cannon." Nori explained.

"So he cut off my hand to make me a weapon? I'm most defiantly gonna kill him now!" Cody seethed.

"Calm down! As I was saying we install that into your arm and we fight our way to the control room to shut down the robots." He finished. "Any questions?"

"Just two. One, can I keep this prototype? Two, does it come in Orange?" The doctor laughed to himself seeing that those questions were ridiculous to ask but saw Cody looked serious.

"Oh, you're serious? Yes, you can and if not we can make it." Cody then nodded.

"Alright I'm going to follow your lead, just tell me what to do." Cody said as he went back to his corner.

"All we need to do is wait."

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