Chapter One

Pursuit through Jump City Woods

(Author's Note: Once again, I don't own the Titans or Doctor Light. They are owned by DC and Warner Brothers Animation)

It was a quiet, sunny day in the streets of Jump City. Well…that's a bit of a lie because when your city is home to five, teenaged, super-powered heroes. Peace and quiet can sometimes be a bit of a rarity.

Once again, the famed heroes known as the Teen Titans were in hot pursuit of a criminal. Said criminal in question, however just happened to be Doctor Light. Who was more of an annoyance to the team than an actual real threat.

"One would think that the Doctor Light would know better by now, yes?" questioned Starfire. "Got that right, Star; we should have a punch card, when dealin' with him. With the big prize bein' the biggest pizza pie ever!" cheered Cyborg, blasting his sonic cannon.

"Focus, team; Light may be a lightweight but he's a sly one" interjected Robin. Doctor Light growled with offense at the insult and faced them. "HOW'S THIS FOR A LIGHTWEIGHT, TITANS!" he shouted, sending dozens of flashbulbs flying off his gauntlets.

Upon touching the ground, the bulbs shattered and struck the Titans with blinding flashes. This gave Doctor Light the perfect chance to flee. "So sorry to hit and run, Titans" he said with a chortle, "but I must be off to count my newly acquired wealth!"

With a victorious cheer, Light raced off as quickly as he was able outside of the city. But unknown to Light, not all the Titans suffered from his diversion. In an instant, Raven appeared from out of the ground.

Thinking quickly, she used her powers to help sooth her friends' blindness. Each of them blinked repeatedly, as their visions slowly cleared up. "Thanks for the save, Rave" murmured Beast Boy, "my eyes haven't felt something that strong since Cy and I had that week-long game-a-thon."

"I warned you two not to sit too close to the TV, while you played" Robin grumbled. Upon fully recovering, the Boy Wonder gave a loud growl of frustration. "GRR! He got a way, how did he get the upper hand?"

Raven simply smiled at him and her hand began to glow. "Uh…Raven, what are ya doin'?" questioned Cyborg befuddled, "I'm tracking Doctor Light, that's what" she replied, gesturing at the ground with her glowing hand. In an instant, a long trail of black footprints appeared on the ground.

The Titans gasped in awe of this display. "Raven, your powers are often pretty cool; ya know that" praised the changeling. Raven gave her comrade a small smile.

"I appreciate the compliment, Beast Boy…but we've got a job to do" she stated. The team nodded and Robin began to study the newly revealed trail. "It looks like these prints are leading outside of the city" he surmised.

"Well; let's get a move on, y'all" shouted Cyborg, as he gave chase. "Raven, you go on ahead; we don't want to lose this trail." Raven gave her leader a nod and floated after Cyborg.

In time, the trail led the team to the outskirts of the woods; just outside Jump City. "Why would Light come in here, of all places" asked Starfire. "These woods are thick, Star and at this time of day. It will be difficult for even the police to find him" replied Raven.
"Which will allow Light to return home with his loot, once the search party dispatches" growled Robin in frustration. It was then Beast Boy gave a chuckle and shifted into a bloodhound. This surprised his fellow teammates slightly.

"Bet Light was never tracked by a bloodhound like me before" he stated. Once again, Raven gave him a small smile. "First the compliment and now this" she chimed "you're truly on a roll tonight, Beast Boy."

The young changeling blushed at her rarely kind words and began sniffing at the ground. They walked so far into the woods. The sunset soon became blocked out by the forest canopy.
"This is ridiculous" shouted Robin, "even with the trail; we'll never be able to find Light." Raven inwardly agreed with her leader's distress and wondered if light hadn't already escaped them. Suddenly, upon passing one of the trees; Raven gave a soft gasp.

She turned toward the tree and observed it with a raised eyebrow. Beast Boy passed by her, while in the form of an owl and hooted at her. Snapping out of her trance, Raven looked up at the owl.

"You all good, Raven; ya looked a little dazed there" he asked. Raven prepared to respond, when a sudden blast of light erupted from inside the thicket. Using her magic, Raven put up a protective barrier over herself and her friends.

A mocking laugh was heard on the other side. "I shall show you what it means to be in a daze, Titans!" a voice shouted. Raven immediately recognized it as Doctor Light's, "we knew we'd find you in here" she murmured.

The villain stepped out of the shadows and smiled at them. "I also knew you would follow me. But now that we're far from the people's eyes, I can do THIS" he roared, sending a focused beam of light at Raven's barrier. Without hesitation, Raven summoned up as much energy as possible to block the attack.

But upon doing this; she, once again, felt the odd sensation from before. This caused the barrier to appear not quite as strong. Something Doctor Light took great satisfaction in seeing.

"What's the matter, little girl; feeling tired already" he chuckled mockingly, while increasing the energy. Such insults from such a novice of a villain moderately enraged Raven. With a mighty grunt, the barrier she created flew towards Light and sent him flying into the air.

Eventually, he came to a rather rough landing; upon crashing into a tree branch. Dazed and defeated, Doctor Light hung from above like a snagged kite. The team whooped and cheered at their victory.

"Rae! Nice job as always, girl" praised Cyborg, "thanks…but don't ever call me 'Rae'" she murmured with a soft smile. "Yeah, Cy; only I can call her that" interjected Beast Boy. This earned him a soft yet swift flick of the ear from Raven. "Okay, guys; let's put him in cuffs and send out a police call" instructed Robin.

As Starfire helped Cyborg up to where Light lay. Raven turned her attention towards the odd oak tree from before. Beast Boy took notice of this and asked what was wrong?
"I know it sounds crazy but…I feel something odd from this tree" she said softly. Beast Boy scrutinized the tree for a moment or two and scoffed. "Nothing seems a miss here, all I can see is that this tree is…really old." "You forget, Beast Boy; I'm able to sense magical energies in the world and I can say that…"

Before she can finish, the tree suddenly began to pulsate violently with white light. Beast Boy took several nervous steps backwards and turned toward Raven. "Ooookay, Raven; I think I believe you now" he said nervously, "Robin, you gotta take a look at this!" Raven shouted to her leader.

"What is it now, B; a squirrel steal your communicator…again?!" Cyborg groaned, while handcuffing Light. "We're serious here, you need to see this" Raven implored, while carefully approaching the tree. Upon doing so, the tree began to glow even brighter; which quickly caught the other Titans' attention. The white glow shined so bright, it was almost blinding.

"This some sort of trap of yours, Light" growled Robin, "planting flash bombs inside a tree to help you escape?!" "I assure you, Boy Wonder; whatever this is, it's not my doing" he said defensively. "He's right, Robin" Raven shouted, "whatever this is, it's not him!"

The light glowed brighter and brighter until finally…it faded. Not lowering their guards, each of the Titans slowly approached the tree. "Any idea what that was" questioned Robin, "I don't know for certain but something about that glow felt…otherworldly" murmured Raven, reaching her hand towards the tree.

Upon touching the bark, all felt normal. Same rough texture, same earthy smell…same goopy sap. "Perhaps it was all in our collective imaginations" suggested Starfire.

Everyone nodded in agreement when suddenly, Raven felt a hot sensation beneath her palm. She pulled back her hand and saw her palm print glowing on the bark. "Uh…Raven, what did you just do?" asked Beast Boy, "I have no idea" replied Raven.

After fighting crime for as long as they have. The Titans made certain to almost always be ready for anything. "Stay on your guard, Titans" commanded Robin, "who knows what this will mean."

Suddenly, the glow from Raven's palm print faded and a large vortex appeared from the tree's large knothole. It began to pull each of the Titans strongly forward. "Mother Nature seems to be quite livid with us!" shouted Starfire.

Thinking quickly, Beast Boy changed into an octopus and snatched each of his friends. All while using a few of his free tentacles to latch onto a set of other trees behind him. Sadly, the force of the vortex proved too strong and the team was suddenly pulled through.

Just before it vanished, Doctor Light was yanked off the branch and pulled through the vortex as well. Upon fading, nothing else remained in the old forest

(AN: It's always two steps forward and one step back, eh? Where have the Titans gone, what sensation did Raven feel and where will the vortex bring them? Tune in for the next installment of Welcome to Overon)