Chapter Seven

A "Light" in the Shadow

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Let us take a moment away from the Titans and turn back the clock, a few hours earlier. As Robin deduced, he and the team were not the only ones who fell through the portal. For deep within the woods, a groggy Doctor Light slowly awakens from his daze.

As he opens his eyes; much like the Titans, he awakens in shock upon seeing the scenery around him. "What the…how in blazes did I end up in the middle of a forest" he exclaimed. Upon dusting himself off, Doctor Light decided to have a look around.

"This is strange" he thought, "something about this place feels…off, for some reason." At that moment, a small speck of light whizzed past his face. With an annoyed growl, the villain proceeded to swat at it: in an attempt to crush it.

But much to his surprise, the speck began to fight back; blasting him with small beams. The sudden attack took him off guard and caused him to stumble backwards onto his rear. Upon taking a closer look, he saw that it wasn't a firefly (like he believed…) it was a fairy.
The fairy shook its fist at him in anger. Chittering in some sort of odd tongue Light couldn't understand and then, it flew away. The villain stared blankly in shock for what felt like ages. "What in the…was that really…how could…NO!" he berated himself, mentally. "That couldn't have been a fairy, those things are a myth!" With that; he, once again picked himself up from the dirt and continued on.

Along the way, he could not help but think of what he saw in the forest. As he made his way toward the meadow, he froze and hid himself away behind a tree. For in front of him were his arch foes, the Teen Titans. "How did they get here and are those…knights surrounding them?" he pondered in confusion.

Doctor Light looked on silently from his hiding place. Wondering exactly what was going on and why knights were standing with them. "Did that...portal thing the witch opened up bring us back in time" he pondered.

Then, upon seeing the knights bind the Titans in chains; he couldn't help but snicker. "YES! Looks like things are, at last going my way for a change." Then, they knights proceeded to "escort" the team of heroes away.

This also filled Light with malicious joy. "Oh, I can't wait to see what happens next. "With that in mind, he proceeded ahead; while keeping a smart distance away from the group. In time, the party of knights made their way into their village.

The sight of it all filled Light with much confusion. The rustic buildings, the wagons, the attire; it all felt like he truly did travel through time. But what really were the inhabitants of this village.
Keeping himself hidden behind any building or structure he passed by. Light looked on in confusion at the many pointed-eared men, women and children walking about. "What the devil is this place, some sort of alien planet?" he thought silently.

As the day went on, Light began to question this world even further. Where were the freeways, the tall skyscrapers, the cars. Everything about this place felt utterly backwards. But just as he began to shudder at the thought of being stuck here, realization struck.

Then, a fiendish grin began to form across his face. "If the Titans are here with me as well" he thought. "Then; that means I can leave this place, return to Jump City and continue my crime sprees unchallenged!" Though in a hushed voice, Light couldn't help but chuckle evilly at his idea.

However, his train of thought was suddenly halted by the sound of beeping. He looked down at his gauntlets and saw a bright red light flashing on the large bulbs. "Blast, my power supply is running low and there are no charging stations to be found in this backwater town" he murmured bitterly.

Now, the story brings us to present day. It is here where Light undergoes another of many attempts at recharging his power batteries. He tried water power but his suit almost short circuited.

Then, he tried his hand at harnessing electrical power through potatoes; after stealing a basket full. But all it did was almost gunk up his circuitry. Then, he went back to the meadow and pursued a group of faeries.

In hopes he could harness their energy through himself and his suit. But in the end, he almost got himself blasted to ash by the "Mother Fairy." Who appeared to be much taller, by comparison…and much more powerful.

In the end, Light slumped his way into an alley and slumped down in a heap. Beaten, tired, smelling like ash and covered in mashed potato bits; the villain began to sob pathetically. "This is hopeless" he wailed, "if the Titans won't defeat me, this infernal place will do it for them!"

As if on cue, Light suddenly heard faint yet familiar voices from close by. He looked out into the village square to see, much to his dismay, the Titans. Each of them dressed like they've come out of a Ren Faire.

Beside them, he saw a quartet of the same odd creatures he saw when he first arrived. What was even stranger was the fact that they and the Titans…were laughing, as if they were friends. "How can this be; I saw them all in chains, earlier today and…and now they're free and dressed like that?" he asked himself.

` The team then began to walk in his direction. Alarmed, Light quickly hid himself in the shadows of the alley and pressed himself against a wall. He listened closely to their conversation, as the two groups walked by.
"Gotta say, y'all" chuckled Cyborg, "I'm still havin' trouble gettin' used to how you guys could achieve so much through such simple ideas." "Whoa, Cy; I'm surprised you're still so cool about all this" quipped Beast Boy. The half-robot teen chuckled at his green friend in full agreement.

But not everyone shared such feelings about the scenery around them. As he listened on, Light let out a fierce grimace. "Savages, the whole lot of them" he mumbled bitterly, while cleaning out his gauntlets. At that moment, Starfire looked up and let out a gasp of surprise.

When her friends asked what was wrong, she pointed upward towards a large mountain. "Ah, Mount Talora; our land's tallest peak" sighed Thaylog warmly, "it sure is a big mountain" murmured Cyborg. Doctor Light, slowly but surely, scooted himself closer; in order to hear more clearly.

"Deep inside Talora's caves lie scores of fantastic crystals" Elbenor stated. Light chuckled; as thoughts of wealth flowed through his mind, upon hearing about the crystals. Raven raised her hand and asked the Shadowmane Family what significance the crystals hold.

"Our people, on occasion would collect these stones and use them for certain things" explained Gabriel. "We would use them to make jewelry, fashion them into tools or weapons, to help with healing and many other things" Donella added. The Titans were amazed by all this, to say the least.

"No complaints or nothin'" Cyborg interjected, "but how can y'all find so many uses outta gems?" "Yeah; back home, guys and gals just wear them for looks" Beast Boy stated. Thaylog chuckled and said they do the very same with Mount Talora's crystals.

"But they are not simple pieces of glimmering stones, my friends" he assured. "Indeed; for you see, Talora's crystals contain strong mystical properties" Gabriel added. "This is why they are used to aid in healing practices" Donella stated, "the crystals' powers enhance our own."

Doctor Light almost let out a squeak of shock, upon hearing this. But he swiftly covered his mouth, before anything could be heard. He kept himself deep in the alley, remaining silent as a church mouse.

But his mind screamed loudly with many evil thoughts. "If they are as strong as that creature claims, my powers would be even stronger!" With that, he waited for the group to leave; his smile never fading away.

Finally, after nearly twenty minutes of hiding; Light sprang into action. Still keeping hidden from prying eyes, Light left the village. Then, he proceeded to where Mount Talora stood.

Upon arriving, he found himself enveloped beneath the mountain's enormous shadow. That and the sheer height of it sent a chill down his spine. But he swiftly shook off his fear and proceeded forward.

Climbing the mountain was, of course no easy task. But in spite of slipping and occasionally looking downward multiple times, he continued on. By the time he reached a safe spot, Light looked ready to pass out.

"If these people…are so brilliant, why…haven't they…built an elevator to…get up this mountain" he heaved between breaths. After collecting himself, Light got back to his feet and turned around to find a cave. "This must lead to where those crystals are" he thought to himself, stepping inside.

But just like his climb, the path through the cave was equally difficult. The paths were narrow, bats hung on the rocky ceiling; which forced him to keep quiet. Certain areas were incredibly slippery and it was so dark, Light couldn't see two feet ahead of him.

His only means of illumination was the blinking red warning light from his pour suit. But this often proved an annoyance as well as an asset. The red right almost woke the bats and though soft. The beeping from his suit caused echoes that reverberated loudly on the walls.

"QUIET! Do you want the Titans to know I'm here" he whispered fiercely, while smacking his suit. Finally, after all that; Doctor Light found his quarry. Upon entering another cave, he saw great glowing crystals of all sizes.

His jaw struck the floor and his eyes morphed into dollar symbols. With all these crystals, he would become the richest felon in the world. But then, realization suddenly struck him like a blow to the head.

So long as the Titans were there with him. They'd stop him before he could escape with even one of the crystals. "First thing's first, then" he vowed, "I'll get rid of them first and take all these beauties for myself. But due to past experiences, he knew that could never be.

"Those brats beat me at every attempt at crime I make!" he grumbled loudly. "There must be some way for me to…bring them…down." Light's train of thought slowed, as her turned his gaze towards the crystals.

Then, he looked down at his dwindling battery power and smiled. "If what that boy said earlier is true" he surmised, "then with this crystal, vengeance is finally mine!" With that thought in mind; he tore open the power slot on his suit, ripped off one of the crystals from the ground and plunged it into his chest (so to speak.

Not long after, yellow energy sparked out from Light's suit. That same energy began to flow through his body. The villain laughed loudly with joy at this new sensation. "Such…power, this feels…GLORIOUS!" he shouted.

This carried on for several moments, until Light slowly floated back onto the ground. As a fiendish grin slowly formed on his face, Light chuckled. Then, he raised his hand towards a wall and fired a bolt of light at it.

The blast was so strong, it almost scorched its way through the stone of the wall. Light relished in his newly gained power and the bulbs on his gauntlets began to glow brightly. He thought about heading back the way he came…but stopped in mid-stride.

"Hold on, now" he thought, "why go back this way, when I can simply make a shortcut?" With that, he aimed his left gauntlet and fired at another wall; creating his own exit. Then, he proceeded outside and looked on towards the village.

"Get ready, Titans" he whispered, "for soon, you and all this land will see the Light!"

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