Until We Meet Again

Once Light had been properly restrained, the Titans returned to the meadow and faced the tree where they entered through. As Robin approached the tree with Light in tow, he glanced over at his friends. Who each had a look of sorrow upon their faces.
Surprisingly; even Raven, the often stoic and firm member of their group, appeared forlorn. "What's wrong, everybody" he asked with some concern, "Doctor Light's been defeated and no one was hurt." Starfire sniffled and swiped her hand across her eyes, as she approached Robin.

"I am aware of that, Robin and I am quite happy about our victory" she stated sullenly. Robin raised an eyebrow slightly, knowing full well she wasn't telling him everything. With a sigh, the Tamaranean Princess cast a sad glance back at the Shadowmane Family and their fellow elves.

"It is just...must we really leave so soon?" she inquired, this was met with chatter from the rest of the team. All asking the same question Starfire presented. "Yeah, man; I feel like we've just got here" cried Cyborg, "there's still some stuff we haven't seen yet."

"And I wanna try some more of the delicious foods these guys have" added Beast Boy. "Plus, I've only seen glimpses of the spell books in the castle library" chimed Raven. In spite of each of their reasons to stay, they were met with the same response; a firm yet sad head shake from Robin.

"Trust me, guys; this place is awesome" he stated, "but we gotta bring Light back to jail and who knows how long we've been gone already." Upon hearing this, Gabriel interjected by saying that they have only been within the realm for half a day. "Why would you think you would've been here longer" he asked.

"He probably thinks this place is like Narnia" quipped Beast Boy, "in those books, one year in the real world equaled one-hundred years in Narnia." This statement was met with confused glances from each of his hero friends, which made BB feel rather confused. "What…you think comics are the only stuff I read in my downtime?" he retorted.

This was met with a jolly yet friendly laugh from everyone present, even from Beast Boy. "Your friend speaks the truth, though" Thaylog chimed in, "time here is the same as it is in your world." Queen Elbenor gave a nod and informed everyone that is would, in fact be 5 of the clock in the PM soon.

"5 o'clock?! Oh, man; it's almost dinnertime" cried Cyborg in surprise, as did his fellow Titans. With that said, the Shadowmanes offered them something for the road; as a token of thanks. After Elbenor clapped her hands; a group of elves approached and offered them two, large baskets of freshly baked cornbread, a platter of fruit pies (each one a flavor for a specific Titan,) a mug of mead and a pot full of stew.

It was then that the king realized it would all be too heavy of a load to carry. So, with a wave of his hand; all the food faded away and reappeared inside of a basket beside his feet. "Aw, sweet; a picnic basket" shouted Cyborg with glee, taking the basket and bowing in thanks.

"Your gesture is most appreciated, Your High…I mean, Thaylog" murmured Robin, "but I don't feel we deserve it." This was met with a friendly, hearty chuckle from each of the elven royals. "Nonsense, my young friend" Thaylog assured, "it is the least we can do to thank you for your heroism."

"Besides, is it not customary for friends to bestow gifts upon their fellow friends?" inquired Donella. Upon saying this, Starfire zoomed towards the princess and stared at her; nose-to-nose. "Are we truly friends" she asked anxiously, her body quivering with anticipation.

Once Donella had answered "yes" to Star's question, she soon found herself ensnared within one of her infamous hugs. "OH, THANK YOU; I CANNOT WAIT TO DO THE HANGING OUT WITH YOU, ONE DAY!" she cried with joy. "Er…with all due respect, young Princes…how can that day come, if you have squeezed her to death?" Gabriel asked shyly.

Upon snapping out of her joy spell, Starfire looked over to see that Donella had almost passed out from her hug. She quickly released her and begged her forgiveness. Donella took in a breath and let out a chuckle.

"Do not worry, I have dealt with much stronger forces than that" she assured, giving Starfire a gentler embrace. After that; Thaylog approached a tree, placed his hand upon it and it began to. Within seconds, a portal suddenly opened but no one was being pulled through like before.

"Once you pass through, you will find yourselves back within the woods of your city" Thaylog instructed. Before entering, Donella stopped them and presented the young heroes with one final gift. She reached into a pouch at her hip and brought out five small jade and silver medals.

"By receiving these medals, you are hereby honorary members of our kingdom and shall forever be welcomed among us as friends" she said with a bright smile. The Titans each looked at their medals with pride and bowed graciously to the Shadowmanes. "Your hospitality was awesome, dudes" quipped Beast Boy, "you think we'll…you think we'll see each other again, soon?"

"Of course, Garfield…but if you cannot find us; we shall find you" Gabriel replied with a wink. At first, Robin prepared to question the meaning of his words. But he soon remembered the mirror from earlier.

"Seems like you will" he murmured, "just make sure not to look in on us during private moments…okay?" With that, the team passed through the portal with Light following behind them. Once it had closed, the elves all returned to the village for some relaxation.

"It seems like the young ones are just as you said, Son" commented Thaylog. "Indeed, I fear their book within the archives does not do them proper justice" Gabriel stated. "Tell me, dearest; are there any other strange heroes in the realms beyond like the Titans?" questioned Donella.
Gabriel gave a soft smile and began to tell his family about another group he heard tales of. A group whose captain, as some claim, was a man…made of rubber.

AN: Thus ends Welcome to Overon, my first ever fanfic. Not bad for a first attempt at writing fanfiction, I say. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

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