Free to Love

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Chapter 3

It had been four months since Ethan Martin's diagnosis. Theresa, her family, Sam and Jessica, and Alistair all have been trying to make what time Ethan Martin had as comfortable and happy as possible. There were many changes for the other residents of Harmony as well.

Kay was still adamant that Miguel was the father of her baby. She was convinced that Charity tampered with the test somehow. Jessica tried to reason with her sister, but to no avail. Their mother had left four months ago. Though they talked over the phone every day. When Kay talked to her mother, Grace, she kept trying to get her to get Miguel to be with her and her child. Grace was at a loss as to deal with Kay. She talked to Sam about maybe having Kay see someone. Sam agreed.

Sam and Theresa have continued to have lunches together. They talk about everything and anything. Sam finds it easy to talk to Theresa and has found that he looks forward to them. They can be the highlight on bad days and make a good one even better. He knows that Theresa looks forward to them as well. She has told them that other than when she wakes up and her son is still there, these lunches are the bright spot that brightens even the brightest day.

Ethan and Gwen have had many ups and downs in the last four months. They had three failed IVFs cycles. Gwen is getting more and more depressed with each passing failure. They are taking a six month break to let the surrogate have some time off the fertility meds and start fresh.

Jessica has started as Theresa assistant. She has really been a big help to Theresa, these last few months. Jessica has really come into her own and has been doing better in school. Sam is so happy. Both Jessica and Noah seemed to be doing well. Noah has told his dad, in his phone calls that he has managed to be able to graduate early. Also, Noah says he is in the top five percent of his class. He will graduate with honors. Sam is so proud. It looks like Ethan and Kay are his troubled children.


At the mansion, Theresa was going in to feed her son his lunch, she went to wake him. He wouldn't wake. Theresa yelled for the nurse and felt for a pulse. The nurse came rushing in from preparing Ethan Martin's meds. The nurse tried for a pulse. She couldn't feel one, plus the child was cold and stiff. She said, "I'm sorry, he's gone."

"NONONONO" Theresa kept repeating. "Do something, do CPR, the defibulators, anything" demanded Theresa. Pilar came up and pulled Theresa away. "Mija, there is nothing we can do, he's with god now" said Pilar. Pilar knew thing they did would do any good, Ethan Martin. The nurse called for the paramedics and the boy's doctor. They all arrived and pronounced him officially deceased. Theresa just collapsed. She broke down screaming for them to help her baby. They had to sedate her. Alistair, who came at the first scream of Theresa for the nurse, carried Theresa to her room. Alistair laid Theresa down in bed and Pilar sat with her. Alistair told Pilar that he will make the arrangements for Ethan Martin, for her to look after Theresa.

Ivy, Rebecca and Gwen all came running at the sound of Theresa yelling to someone to help her son. They witnessed Theresa beg and plead with the doctor, nurse and paramedics to do something to save Ethan Martin. They hated that. Calling Little Ethan by the name of Ethan Martin. He should have been, and in their minds always will be, Little Ethan or Ethan JR. They also see the doctor sedate Theresa. They believe that Theresa is just putting on a play. That she doesn't really care and is just trying to play everyone. Making them think that she actually cares for the child.

Julian exits his room as does Ethan, and they join their respective wives and Ivy at the nursery door. They too witness the scene and learn that Ethan Martin has passed on. They see Theresa torn apart by the loss of her son. They feel for the young mother but don't show it in front of their wives or Ivy. Ethan and Julian feel that maybe God is trying to tell Theresa something.

The body of Ethan Martin is released to the funeral home that Alistair personally vetted. They were the best and upheld the privacy of their clients and their client's family. There was also extra security for Ethan Martin, to ensure nothing happens to his body.

Just as they were leaving for the funeral home, Sam arrived with Luis to file the report of a death. They talk to the nurse and doctor, as well as the paramedics. They find no foul play and close the investigation. They overhear Gwen snarking to Ivy and the other gather around her, that Theresa must have done something or neglect Little Ethan somehow. Luis groaned at that. This was just what Theresa needed. The group out to hurt her any way possible, were now saying she had a hand in her child's death. Sam just wondered when his son would stand up and tell his wife, mother-in-law, and mother that they were wrong. It seemed that it wouldn't be anytime soon. The police chief and his officer left not knowing if they would soon be back.


The whole town was abuzz with the news of Ethan Martin Crane's death. Shortly after the town learned, the world learned. News that the youngest Crane succumbed to the cancer that ravished his tiny body, sadden all. Soon all attention turn to his young mother and how she was coping with the loss. The news networks reported that she was taking it hard. Hearing all on his radio was none other than Noah Bennett. Noah was coming back as a surprise for his father. He knew his dad had few good days but he hoped that by his coming back, Noah could brighten his dad's day. Noah had heard from Jessica that his dad had been having lunches with Theresa. That their dad had come to look forward to those lunches. Jessica also said that their dad also gets a goofy look on his face whenever Theresa is mention. Pulled out of his musing, Noah pulls up to the Harmony police station.

Sam is at the police station. He is at another officer's desk when he hears the word dad. He looks up and see his son standing there, plain as day. Sam hurries over and pulls Noah into a hug. "It's good to see you Son" says Sam. "It's great to see you too Dad" says Noah. "So you finished with school" asks Sam. "Yep, all done. I start at the hospital next week" says Noah, "I am the newest shrink in Harmony". "Good for you" says Sam, "why don't you go over to the house". He gives Noah the key to the house. Sam had the redone after Ivy left. He didn't want surprises. Noah takes the key and says goodbye to his father and heads to the Bennett home.

As Sam watches Noah pull out of the parking lot, he gets a call Theresa has been asking for him. Telling the desk officer that he was taking the rest of the day, he leaves and goes to the mansion. When he arrives he is greeted with a worried Pilar. She tells Sam that all Theresa will say is that she wants him. He goes upstairs and sees Theresa, awake and alert sitting on her bed. Sam knocks gently on the frame of her door. She turn toward the noise and sees him standing there.

"I want you to take me to see my son" she says matter-of-factly. Sam is silent for a few minutes. "Okay, I will take you to see your son" says Sam. Theresa gets up and proceeds to the door. Sam wraps an arm around her and the set out to find Alistair and find out which funeral home Ethan Martin was taken too. As they come down the stairs, Sam's arm still around Theresa, they encounter Ivy and the gang. Ivy goes livid at the sight of Sam and Theresa.

As calmly as she can, Ivy asks why Sam is there. He tells her he is there for Theresa. Theresa and Sam try to pass Ivy and her group. This time Ethan stops them. "Theresa where are you going" demands Ethan. "Not any of your business" says Sam. Sam wraps his arm tighter around Theresa and pushes Ethan away. They continued on to Alistair's study. Once there they ask Alistair where Ethan Martin was taken to. Alistair, not shocked that Theresa wants to see her son, tells them. They leave and go see Ethan Martin's body. Theresa breaks down at the sight of her son on the embalming table. Sam steps up behind Theresa and wraps his arms around her. She turn in his arms and cries. Sam's heart breaks for the young woman in his arms. He hope this would not destroy her.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Ethan and Ivy both were furious at the thought and sight of Sam and Theresa. Ivy seethed at the thought of that trollop with her Sam. How could he talk to her let alone want to comfort a baby killer. He knows that Theresa is responsible for the loss of their granddaughter. Ethan, on the other hand, just seethed that some other man was comforting his Theresa, even if this man was his father. He saw the looks on Sam's face after those shared lunches. Ethan also saw look on both their faces whenever someone mention the other.

Rebecca wasn't seeing a problem, but an opportunity. She told the little group to join her in the solarium. A smug smirk stretched across her features. She followed the group into the solarium. Once Julian, Ivy, Gwen, and Ethan were all seated, Rebecca began to speak. "Now we all know that this is a sad occasion, what with Little Ethan dying and all. But we should look at this as an opportunity to rid ourselves of the disease that is Theresa Lopez-FitzGerald. Now we wait, I say two weeks and then file a wrongful death suit against the little chulpa. Then Pookie will file one as well. Theresa will lose both cases and Alistair will have no choice but to fire her, then she will have to work just to pay for the judgements against her, never being able to pay them off. Forever in debt and scrubbing toilets for a living" says a smug Rebecca. Ivy was impressed. "That is an excellent plan" states Ivy. Ethan was on the fence about the plan. But, he crumbled, seeing the hope in Gwen's eye at the thought that there might be some form of justice for Sarah. He agreed to the plan, already planning out the necessary paperwork needed to be filed. Julian wasn't so sure about the plan. He knew that Alistair was on Theresa's side. With him on Theresa's side, the chance of winning the lawsuits were slim to none. But, none the less he agreed, seeing it his only chance of maybe getting to a better shot of running Crane.

Pilar was with Alistair in his study as he was monitoring the mansion. They both overheard the plan of Rebecca's. They swore that Theresa would not lose anything. Rebecca's plan will fail and Alistair had more shocks in store for this group and harmony.


Noah was at the Bennett household, settling in. He looks up as Jessica comes in. She took a personal day. It was a sad day for many Noah supposed. Looking up and expecting her father, Jessica saw her brother and the "hey dad" died on her lips. Rushing up and hugging her brother she asks a million questions a minute. Finally she slows down and Noah tells her that he is the newest shrink at the hospital. Jessica was excited for her brother. Just as they sat on the couch to talk Kay walked into the living room. "Hey, Kay long time no see" says Noah. Kay hasn't been very talkative since it was proven that Miguel wasn't the father of her baby.

Kay had just come from the doctor. She found out she was expecting a little girl. She told Tabitha that her father wanted her to move back in, since nothing happen when Charity and Miguel made love after getting married last month, she agreed that Kay needed her family. Kay still held firm that her and Miguel will be together. She went up to Noah and hugged him. The three siblings just sat there catching up.

Suddenly the phone rings. Noah picks it up and it is T.C. T.C. asks who is it he is talking to and Noah says it is him back from school. T.C. tells him it's good to have Noah back. Noah asks why Coach Russell called and T.C. said that he was looking for his father, Sam. That he had heard through Eve that Ethan Martin died this morning. Noah said he last saw his father at the police station. Coach Russell says he will tried there and the desk officer said he was taking a personal day. Noah had no clue as to where his father could be. Coach Russell thanked Noah for his help and once again welcomed him back to Harmony.

Noah asked about their sorta-new-found half-brother, Ethan Winthrop. They told him all about the tabloid and the double wedding fiasco. About Bermuda and all. His marriage to Gwen and to losing Sarah. And then to the latest gossip about Gwen blaming Theresa and finally Theresa losing her son to cancer. All Noah could say was that Ethan seemed to be a bit of a mamma's boy. The girls laughed at that and said kinda. Then Noah asked about the lunches with Theresa and their father's possible feelings. While each young woman didn't fully understand it, they didn't begrudge their father any happiness. Noah said it was weird but when is something in Harmony not weird.


Theresa had calmed down. She stepped out of Sam's embrace, and told Sam that she had to find the funeral director to make the directions. That last part almost made her breakout crying again. Sam says alright and they find the person they were looking for in short work. Theresa tells the man that she wants to make the arrangements for her son. The funeral director see that Theresa is on the verge of breaking down. The man said as gently as can be, "Ms. Lopez-FitzGerald, there is no need, the arrangements have already been made. Mr. Alistair Crane has made them all. He didn't want you to have to worry about any of those little details. He also told me to tell you to just concentrate on helping yourself though this trying time. He has it well in hand." As Theresa is hearing this she slumps against Sam. She knows that she can barely make it through the hours since she woke this morning and found her son dead. She also didn't know what she would do without Sam. It seemed he was a rock, so far, during this time.

Just as they finished with the funeral director, Theresa's cell phone rang. She answered and Alistair was on the other end. He requested her and Sam join himself and Pilar at the Seascape for lunch. Theresa repeats the request to Sam and at Sam's nod tells Alistair they will be there. They then left the funeral home and headed for the Seascape. They arrived just after Pilar and Alistair, who waited at the bar for them. The four of them were seated in a private corner. A corner were Alistair had a view of the whole restaurant. They gave their orders and the waitress left to fill the drink orders and put in the food orders. They saw how Theresa had next to no appetite, but the other three of the group encouraged her to eat. They talked about the arrangements Alistair had made for her son. Both Pilar and Alistair decided now was the time to tell Theresa what Rebecca had in store for her. Alistair told her of the plan that Rebecca concocted hurt her. Alistair vowed Rebecca will fail at each and every turn. He also vowed that no one will ever hurt her again as long as he lived.