The next morning Luke and Jess were discharged, early and allowed to leave. On their way out Luke went to see Lorelai, for a few reasons. One he needed to make sure she was all good with the sharing a house thing still, two because he said he would come by the next morning, three because honestly he just wanted to see her again.

When he approached her room with Jess in his carry cot / car seat thing he heard a shrill lady's voice arguing with Lorelai and Rory crying.

"You can not name that baby after yourself, Lorelai, honestly that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, I understand you already signed the certificate but your father could definitely get it changed, how about something nice, like Susan?"

"Her name is Lorelai, but we are just calling her Rory end of discussion, and will you please keep your voice down, you are scaring her." Lorelai said without taking her eyes off the baby in her arms.

The lady, her mother Luke thought, huffed, "fine we will talk about this at home, I'm just going to speak to the nurse about you getting discharged quicker, honestly this is taking all day." She stormed off and didn't even notice Luke standing in the door way.

Once she had gone Lorelai said to Rory, "she does realise it isn't even half 8 in the morning, all day is a little bit longer than that isn't it sweetie?"

Luke laughed a little bit and Lorelai noticed him, "oh good, hi, are you going now. This is the plan, I'll go home with my parents now, don't worry I won't be staying, they'll never let me leave so I'll gather all I can and leave at night tonight, stars hollow, I've definitely seen that on the list of bus stops so I should be able to get the bus there and meet you tonight, how does that sound."

"Great, but you aren't taking the bus in the middle of the night with a new born, tell me your address and I will pick you up say midnight? And before you agree are you absolutely sure this is what you want?" Asked Luke with his eye brows raised slightly.

"Absolutely." Lorelai said quickly and told him her address, "I'll see you tonight, midnight, now quick before my mother gets back."

With that Luke left out to his truck, "I can't have this super cool truck anymore can I Jessie?"

Jess just looked at him.

"I guess not. For now I'm going to drive really carefully to a car dealership, see if I can trade it in for something a bit more suitable."

So that's it what Luke did, he drove super carefully to a dealership and spoke to the manager who bought his truck and then sold him a sensible jeep.

"That's better isn't it?" Luke asked Jess as he strapped him into the back seat.

Luke drove them back to stars hallow and went to see about buying the house he had his eye on. The house was currently empty, and as Luke knew the current owner, who took pity on him for being left with Jess so last minute, and with the promise of the full deposit the next day and a deposit for the deposit already paid, Luke was allowed to move in that day. That meant that Luke had 1 day and a very limited budget to get the house ready for lorelai and Rory coming. He couldn't do it alone, he probably couldn't even do it with help but with help he at least had a chance. The first people he called where Buddy and Maizy, his parents old friends, who had stayed close to him and Liz after the death of his parents. They said they would come straight away. He then called his mates from school, the few that were still around, most had gone off, including his old girl friend Rachel.

He got the keys and went to the house he was relieved to see that one of the bedrooms in the house was already furnished, he had been told that he could keep any furnisher that was left in the house. That meant he only need to move his bed over from above the diner, and get the cot and travel cot that were in the diner. He could get the small amount of kitchenware he kept in his apartment. Thinking about the diner, he knew he couldn't get the bed until that evening when it was closed, he also really, needed to check up on Caesar, who had been hired as soon as the diner opened but the diner was still very new so that meant Caesar was too.

Buddy and Maizy were the first people to arrive at the new house, they knew that Luke wouldn't mind so just went straight in. Once in the living room they saw Luke bent over the floor with a little tiny baby lying on a mat. Luke was obviously trying to change his nappy, trying but not succeeding. Maizy rushed over to him to help.

"You know," said said, "I used to change your nappies." She guided him through it and then went to sit on the stairs, "come on Lucas, tell us what happened, this must be Liz's wee one, where is she?"

"I have no idea where she is. She took off, left him in the hospital room all by himself. And yes this his him. Jess she named him before she left."

"She left?" Asked buddy, confused, "just like that?"




"So Lucas are you going to raise little Jess, we will help anyway you want us to you now that." Asked Maizy rubbing Luke's back.

"Yeah I am, I'm moving in here, tonight with Lorelai and her daughter, Rory. That's what I need your help with. I need to get this place ready for two newborns to live In." Luke said standing up, ready to go.

"Wow, slow down there, who is Lorelai?" Said Maizy looks at Luke very worried.

"I met her last night at the hospital, she is 16 and just had her own daughter. She needs a place to go and doesn't have enough money to get a place. I didn't either but together we do. We are going to be house mates. With newborns. I know it's crazy but I trust her I really do."

"You're right Luke, that is crazy." Said Buddy, "beyond crazy."

"It's not really any different than normal house mates. Apart from the new borns." Luke said.

"Luke you don't know this girl."

"Ill get to know her, when you move in with housemates you don't always know them."

"I guess not." Said Buddy, realising there isn't much point in arguing with him, and figuring he might as well help him.

"One of these bedrooms already has a bed which is great so tonight after the diner closes we can go get my bed and Jess' cot and the travel cot I bought Liz, I have some mates coming round this evening to help with that. Well also grab cutlery and plates and glasses and stuff. I have a microwave and there is already an oven in the kitchen. I have a small table in my apartment that will do for now. What we do need to get is a sofa and maybe a tv if I can afford one. And more baby stuff. I was looking through the bag Liz left with all the stuff she had gotten Jess and she really didn't buy a lot, I gave her quite a lot of money for stuff for the baby too. Anyway doesn't matter now, point is Jess needs more stuff. He doesn't have a single toy or stuffed animal or anything." Luke said.

"Ok," said maizy standing up next to her husband, "we can definitely help you with that, and don't worry about being able to afford anything. I don't want to here any complaining, you are like a son to us Lucas, we are going to help you out. Today we will buy you a decent living room and kitchen and stuff for that adorable little baby."

"Maizy-," Luke started but was cut off.

"She said don't argue, Luke now come on," Buddy said in a firm voice that left no room for arguing.

"Thankyou so much," Luke said sheepishly, "I'll pay you back, I promise,"

"You will do no such thing," Buddy said, "we are doing this for you because we love you, just as you love Jess."

All day Luke, Jess, Buddy and Maizy shopped. Luke was starting to see how tiring it was to have a newborn baby.

When they came home it was coming close to 6 o'clock and some of Luke's mates where starting to arrive which was good because they needed a lot of help to unload the cars and the delivery truck that was due to arrive in about 15 minutes.

Luke took Jess out of the car and went to greet his friends.

By 9 everything was in and Jess was once again asleep in Luke's arms, after being fed and changed, Luke was really getting the hang of it even if he did feel 10 times more tired than he ever had in his life.

The large group made their way over to the diner to see it being shut up slightly early as Luke had instructed. They went upstairs and Luke showed everyone what he wanted brought over to the house, including his bed. Everyone started helping out.

Luke wasn't much help as he didn't really have anywhere, or particularly want, to put Jess down.

His best mate from school, Josh came over to speak to him at one point at about half 9.

"Well mate, your life changed quickly didn't it. Welcome to farther hood." Josh said slapping Luke on the back gently as to not wake Jess.

Josh had had a baby girl with his girlfriend the year before, "your life will never be the same. It's great though, trust me."

Luke smiled, "how's your life Josh?" Luke asked as he knew that Josh hadn't had the easiest life as he struggled to find work due to him not finishing high school.

"Not great, to be honest, Maggie and Leah are great, ofcourse they are, but I haven't been able to find a job for a month now and we are really feeling it, you know?" Josh said his face wrinkling with worry.

Luke grinned.

"Thanks mate, I'm glad my worry makes you happy." Josh says looking at Luke strangely.

"No, work here, I need to hire someone. I know I can trust you, work here."


"Yes, I know you can cook a bit but Caesar works everyday and he can do the cooking, you can mainly be out front, you've always had people skills this will be perfect. I need to spend more time with Jess anyway, I can't just leave him, I was worried about what I was going to do."

"You are the best person ever. I could kiss you," Josh grinned.

"Please don't." Luke said looking disgusted.

"I can't wait to tell Maggie."

"Go now, we are almost done here anyway. Come back tomorrow 7am you can start work." Luke smiled at him.

"You've got it, I won't let you down." Josh said as he rushed out.

Time flew by and before Luke knew it it was 10:30 and everyone was leaving except Buddy and Maizy. Luke was trying, fairly unsuccessfully to calm down a fussy Jess who didn't seem to want anything.

"You better get going." Maizy said entering the room and sitting on the brand new sofa, "bring him with you the car ride might calm him down."

"Or make him worse." Buddy said.

"Helpful." Maizy replied to him shouting him a look.

"Hey," Buddy said, raising his hands innocently, "just telling the truth."

"He seemed to like it before." Luke said optimistically, "and you are right, I better get going. Than you both, really, for everything today, I can't tell you how much it means."

"Lucas relax, and you are very welcome." Said Maizy as she shooed him out the door, "now go, we will stay here until you get back."

Luckily Jess did like the car ride and quickly fell back asleep, " you know buddy all you do is sleep." Luke said to no one as even the newborn was asleep, not that he could have understood him if he had been awake.

It was quarter to midnight when Luke pulled up outside a huge mansion that was the address Lorelai gave him. "Wow!" Breathed Luke.

Jess on the other hand was less impressed by the mansion and started to cry again now that the car had stopped. Luke unbuckled his seatbelt and twisted his body round so that he could interact with Jess in his car seat. Jess seemed pretty content as long as he had Luke's pinky finger firmly grasped in his fist.

"I guess we are just sitting like this then." Luke once again spoke to no one about his twisted body.

Luke jumped and startled Jess when he heard a knock on the window, Jess started to cry and from outside he head Lorelai whisper, "Sorry!" And then she opened the back door, "nice jeep by the way."

She carefully placed Rory in her car seat on the back seat then put all their luggage in the boot of the car. She climbed into the back seat in between the two car seats and said to Luke who was still trying to calm down Luke, and this time he was having some success, "I'll deal with him, he'll be ok, you drive, I want far far away from here." She then turned to Jess and replaced Luke's finger for her own in his fist. She then produced a little dummy from her pocket that she placed in Jess' mouth and he started to suck on it and calm down, "these things are life savers!" She said dramatically.

"What are?" Asked Luke who couldn't see what she was doing as he was driving.

"Dummies, Rory loves them, I've got 6 but I don't think I have enough."

"6? How could that not possible be enough, she only has one mouth!"

"That is true, she is not a mutant child. Thankyou for noticing that by the way it's one of my favourite things about her."

Luke laughed at that, "crazy you are absolutely crazy."

"Hey look your favourite word!"

"That is not my favourite word, you just happen to be crazy so it comes up a lot when you are about." Luke said smirking slightly at her in the rearview mirror.

"I take offence at that you know. I happen to be perfectly sane." She smirked back.

"Now that, I think might just be the winner." Luke replied.

"Winner? What of?"

"Funniest thing you've ever said."

"Ha ha."

The car lapsed into silence as Luke drove on the dark empty roads of midnight. Lorelai yawned and watched Rory and Jess.

"What's it like?" Lorelai asked, almost shyly, but not quite.

"What's what like?"

"My new home. Our new home." Lorelai replied with a smile, "I have the money by the way, I was able to get more than I thought."

"The house is great. Buddy and Maizy really helped me out. We have a bedroom each, with beds and everything, a cot in each room although one is just a travel cot. We've got an equipped kitchen, I don't know if you like to cook or not but I do. And the living room has a sofa and a tv." Luke said sounding proud of all he had achieved.

"Wow, it sounds absolutely amazing. Who are Buddy and Maizy?"

"You'll meet them soon, we are almost there, they were my parents best friends. They don't have any children of their own but they always looked out for me and Liz. I think they are going to try and find Liz, make sure she is ok, she is only 16. They've really helped me out. They bought us the living room and half the kitchen. The rest of the stuff I got from my old apartment. Luckily Liz had all her stuff there and she was staying with me. By the time I got there all her clothes and the small amount of money she had were gone."

"Wow! That is really generous of them, how can I thank them? I know they did it for you but it helped me too." Lorelai now looked nervous about meeting them.

"Hey, don't worry about it, ok? They are really nice people. They will love you straight away, trust me, ok?" Luke made eye contact with her in the mirror.


The rest of the trip was spent in silence. Until they pulled up outside a house.

"Is this it? Wow! It's so cool! This is ours? Luke this is amazing! Thank you!" Lorelai was almost bouncing with excitement.

"Wow, chill, you are paying for it too. You haven't even seen inside yet." Luke said as he rounded the car and began to remove Jess' car seat from the pack who had thankfully managed to stay asleep during the stop. The same could not be said for Rory however.

"Shhh shhh shhh," lorelai said lovingly to Rory, "don't cry baby, this is our new home. It's the best home anyone could dream of, trust me you'll love it."

Rory calmed down at the sound of her mother's voice and stared at her, "yeah baby that's right, it's amazing here." Lorelai grinned at her.

"Come on." Said luke who was half way up the driveway with Jess, "it's cold."

"Don't be such a baby."

"It's October!"

"I know."

"Let's go inside."

The door opened and Buddy and Maizy jumped up off the sofa to great the girl that Luke would be living with. The person who walked in was not who they expected. They knew that she was only 16 but she looked so young and innocent. She was carrying a carry cot / car seat that held a tiny baby wrapped in pink.

"You must be Lorelai." Maizy said, already taken by the young girl, "I'm Maizy, this is my husband Buddy we are close friends of young Luke there."

Luke smiled at her, placed Jess' car seat on the ground and jogged outside to the car to collect Lorelai and Rory's stuff, Buddy seeing what he was doing went out to join him.

Maizy picked up Jess and went to sit on the couch, signally for Lorelai to follow her. "How are you doing?" She asked the young girl.

She half expected for Lorelai to cry and was ready to reassure the girl and offer support but Lorelai surprised her. Lorelai grinned and said, "great, honestly I'm doing amazing. Rory is the best thing ever, even if she is just a day old, well nearly two days really. All I need to do is find a job and then my life will be the best thing ever!" She said maintaining the grin the whole way through her sentence.

"I'm glad you are doing so well. If you are looking for a job my friend Mia runs and Inn nearby and she is always looking for maids, if you stopped by tomorrow I can't guarantee that you'd get a job but I think it would be pretty likely. She was once a young mother herself and she has helped out many young mothers over the years. She lets her maids bring their baby's to work, from room to room as long as the don't disturb their work."

"Really?!" Lorelai looked beyond excited, "this is the best place ever! Stars Hallow! Wow!"

"It is pretty great I have to agree with you there." Said Maizy as she tapped lorelai on the leg and stood up when Luke and Buddy returned, "we better get going, it's getting late, and you two have babies to put to sleep. Good luck."

And with that Maizy and Buddy where gone and Luke and Lorelai were alone, with two sleeping babies of course.

"They are amazing!" Smiles Lorelai, "this place is amazing! You are amazing! Everything is amazing!"

"I'm glad you are happy," Luke smiled at her, "Maizy is right, it is getting late, let me show you your room."