The next morning at half five saw both Luke and Lorelai in the kitchen rocking crying babies. They both had bottles in their hands trying to feed them. Eventually Rory took to her bottle and Lorelai grinned turning to Luke and saying triumphantly, "ha, I won!"

Luke just glared at her until a minute later when Jess finally started to feed from the bottle, at this point his glare turned into a grin.

"Do you know where the Inn is in town?" Asked Lorelai once both babies were comfortably feeding.

"What? You're leaving already?" Luke looked shocked.

"What! No! Maizy said that a lady called Mia runs the inn and that she might be able to give me a job."

"Oh, good, yeah I know Mia and The Independence Inn, I can show you later if you like?" Luke offered.

"Thanks, Luke." She smiled at him.

"Lorelai, how are you going to work with Rory I've been trying to think of a way to work with Jess but beside paying someone to look after him, which kinda defeats the purpose of working, I can't come up with anything."

"Just strap him to you." Lorelai said as she finished off feeding Rory and started to burp her.

"Strap him to me?"

"Yeah, like in a baby carrier, on your front. You have to be careful of course, but your hands will mainly be free."

"Lorelai you are a genius."

"I know." Lorelai grinned at him.

Luke just rolled his eyes, "come on I'm wrecked, it's too early to go anywhere let's watch some tv."

Later on Luke was upstairs showering before they left to go to the Inn, Rory and Jess where both on special baby cushions on the floor. Lorelai was on the sofa almost asleep when Jess started to cry. She sprang up immediately to determine which baby was crying.

"Hey Jessie," she said noticing that it was Jess who wasn't happy, "what's up?" She asked him lifting him out of his pillow thing.

"You know mister, I think you are just a little bit bigger than Rory over there." She spoke to him to try and calm him down as he took her finger in his fist again like he had the night before in the car.

When Luke came down a few minutes later Lorelai was pacing the living room with Jess in her arms. Jess was very content and just staring at her.

"Hey, he ok?" Luke asked pointing to Jess in her arms.

"Yeah, he's all good, he just won't let me stop walking, watch this." Lorelai then stopped pacing and immediately Jess started to cry.

Luke smiled at them and walked over to them, "come here." He said to Jess taking him out of Lorelai's arms. Jess wasn't happy about that so Luke immediately started pacing like Lorelai did. Jess calmed slightly but not entirely. Lorelai walked over to them and started to rub Jess' back, this got him to calm down and he fell asleep on Luke's chest.

"Are you some kind of baby whisperer?" Luke asked Lorelai looking impressed.

"Some kind? I am the kind. Now let's go." Lorelai replied strapping Rory to her chest as she watched Luke do the same to Jess.

"See," she said, "now our arms are free to work as long as we are careful." To prove this point she waved her arms around in some silly dance without disturbing Rory.

They took the walk through town to get to the Inn so that Lorelai could see where everything was. When they arrived at the Inn Luke pointed out a lady behind the front desk, "that's Mia, she owns the place."

Just as Luke and Lorelai where approaching the desk, Mia spotted them, "Lucas? Is that Liz's little boy you have there? Wow, he is so small! How is Liz? She must be thrilled with him, and exhausted!"

"Ummm Mia, Liz is, well Liz, she left Jess with me yesterday and I don't think she is coming back." Luke said awkwardly as he put a protective hand on Jess' back.

"What do you mean she isn't coming back? What about her little boy, Jess did you say? Where has she gone?" Mia said looking concerned for the 16 year old who seemed to be out on her own.

"I'm not really sure Mia, when Jess was born she didn't really seem to well she said she didn't care. Then I left the hospital room for a little bit, I kinda wanted to see if maybe they would bond, and I met Lorelai but anyway when I got back Liz was gone she had just left Jess and a note saying not to try and find her." Luke said with a sad look on his face.

"Well anyway," Mia said, sensing a conversation change was necessary, "who is this young lady you have with you?"

"I'm Lorelai, it's nice to meet you." Lorelai spoke up from Luke's side.

Mia turned to face her and her face softened. Before her stood a girl who was obviously very young with a tiny baby and a slight stomach that suggested that she had recently given birth to said baby, "I see you've got a baby too, who's this?"

"This is my daughter, Rory, just like Jess she is two days old. I actually came to you because I was speaking to Maizy last night, Luke said you know Maizy and Maizy said that you are often looking for maids and let them bring their babies and I was just wondering if you had a position open, because I really need a job, and well I understand if you don't have a position or if you just don't want to hire me." Lorelai was getting nervous now and wasn't quite sure how to finish her sentence.

"Calm down, sweetie." Mia said with a slight laugh in her voice, "you actually have perfect timing, I need a maid right now actually, would you be able to start today, you can do a trail week to see how it works out. You can bring your baby along just make sure she doesn't get in the way of your work."

"Thank you so much. Really. Rory won't be any problem, she sleeps most of the time anyway. I can start right now." Lorelai looked very relieved.

"Perfect," she caught the attention of a young girl and called her over, "Jessica, this is Lorelai and Rory, Lorelai is going to be doing a trail period, if you could just let her shadow you for today, and if you could go easy on her, little Rory there is only two days old."

"Sure." Smiled Jessica and Lorelai and Rory went off with her after Luke told Lorelai to meet him in the diner for lunch.

"So Lucas, come and sit down and tell me about what's happened." Mia said leading Luke and by extension Jess over to a couch in the lobby.

3 months passed and Luke and Lorelai grew to become very close friends. They had a perfect schedule, they would get up with the babies, which meant both of them up at around 6. They both left for work at 8 always met up at the diner for lunch and met home for dinner. Luke cooked for them. Most importantly they had an amazing time every day. They were always smiling and Rory and Jess where the happiest babies ever. Both smiled as soon as either Luke or Lorelai came near them.

One night, a movie was on the tv, Jess was on Lorelai's lap and Rory was climbing over Luke. "You know," Luke started up a conversation.

"Shhhh, Lucas, me and Jess are trying to watch this movie, isn't that right Jessie?" She asked the three month old on her lap bouncing him slightly to make him smile.

"One I've told you a million times don't call me Lucas, you only get to call me Luke, no nicknames either. And two I wanted to talk about Jess."

"Alright then Lukey, shoot what do you want to talk about."

"Don't call me Lukey that is so much worse than Lucas, and no before you ask that doesn't mean you can call me Lucas because it's better than Lukey, you can call me Luke. And I was just thinking it's time that I adopt Jess properly." Luke said as he tickled Rory's sides and she grinned at him a toothless grin.

"You are right it is about time." She said to Luke then turned to Jess, "you hear that Jess? Lukester over there is officially going to be your daddy!"

"Seriously, Lukester? You better not teach either of them any of that when they are old enough to understand. And do you think I should be his dad. Like should he call me dad or uncle Luke. That's right I said Luke. I am technically his uncle not his dad, but then again when I adopt him that will make him legally mine and I will be his adoptive parent." Luke started to rant so Lorelai jumped in.

"You are being ridiculous you know. Of course you are his dad. Not biologically, sure, but you look after him, day and night. You love him like he is your son. You are the only farther he will ever know. He should call you dad, it's only right for both you and him." Lorelai said firmly.

"Are you sure?" Luke asked her not entirely certain.

"Absolutely, now we are watching the movie, me and Jess have already missed enough of it, if you and Rory don't want to watch it that's fine but we are quite enjoying it aren't we Jess?" Jess continued to smile at her so Lorelai took that as confirmation and looked triumphantly at Luke, "see?"

Later that night, after Lorelai had finally gotten Rory to sleep she came downstairs to see Luke lounging on the sofa. "Took you long enough." He said.

"She just wouldn't sleep. I read her like ten million stories and at the end of each one she would just start crying. I eventually gave up on the stories and sang her to sleep." Lorelai said sitting down very dramatically next to Luke to show how tired she was.

"Well, if you want to know Jess went down in like two minutes." Luke said with a cocky smirk on his face.

"I didn't want to know. So want to talk about adopting him. How do you even adopt a child?" Lorelai sat up and faced Luke.

"I think you just contact a lawyer and they deal with most of it. That's what I hope anyway I'm going to see a lawyer tomorrow. I hate lawyers." Luke said with a groan.

"Every last one?" Lorelai asked back with a smirk.


"Good to know." Lorelai's voice trailed off at the end.

Luke and Lorelai where now just staring at each other and before either of them knew what they were doing they were kissing.

After a few minutes Lorelai pulled back, "can we do this?"

"I've wanted to do that for so long now." Luke replied.

"So have I but is it right, we have two little babies upstairs, can we do this?" Lorelai asked looking straight into Luke's eyes.

"I don't see why not. Nothing will change with the babies, we can still look after them." Luke said as he reached out and took Lorelai's hand in his.

"I know that," Lorelai said leaning into Luke slightly, "I just don't want Rory to get attached to you, if we go out and then break up. I'm already attached to Jess, I love that little guy so much, it would kill me if we split up and I couldn't see him anymore."

"I know that Lorelai I do, and I can't promise that if we start to date it will last forever but I can promise you this, if we do this and I really want us to I'm in, I am all in. And anyway do you really think we can both just live our lives like we did before knowing how the other one feels about us. I know I couldn't." Luke looked Lorelai in the eye the whole time.

Lorelai leaned in and kissed Luke, this time when she pulled away she rested her forehead against his, "I'm all in too."

"Good." Luke said as he kissed her again.

At quarter past 11 they were cuddled up to each other dozing on the sofa when Lorelai's baby monitor went off. They both shot upright to see who's monitor it was.

"I better go, she's not have a good night it seems, I'll see you in the morning, ok?" Lorelai said giving Luke a quick peck and then shooting up the stairs.

The next morning at about 3 o'clock a panicked Lorelai holding a whimpering Rory crept her way into Luke's room, she walked over to where he slept and starting shaking him awake.

"Luke! Help!" She pleaded with him as he woke up.

Luke woke with a start to see Lorelai's panicked face in front of his, "what's wrong?" He asked sitting up immediately.

"Rory's sick, she's really warm and she just threw up."

"But she was fine this evening." Luke said still not fully awake.

"I know she was fine but she isn't anymore, what do I do?"

Luke saw how panicked Lorelai was and lead her outside into the corridor so as to not wake Jess up. "She'll be fine, give here here." Luke said extending his arms towards Rory and taking her out of her mothers arms. Rory continues to whimper as she buried herself into Luke's chest.

"You are right she is warm, she has a fever. We will give her a bath and some of that baby medicine and take her to the doctors tomorrow first thing in the morning, ok?"

"Yeah." Said Lorelai already rushing to the kitchen to retrieve the medicine, "what about work, I can't just blow Mia off, we have a really busy day tomorrow at the Inn."

"Don't worry about it, do you think you could bring Jess with you to work instead, I'll take Rory to the doctors and come see you straight away afterwards, ok?" Luke said stroking Lorelai's arm with his free hand.

"Yeah I'll take Jess, and you will come straight to see me as soon as you are done at the doctors?" Lorelai asked Luke looking very young and vulnerable.

"Straight to see you." Luke confirmed as he ran Rory a bath.

"What about your lawyer, when are you seeing her?" Lorelai asked, already much calmer as she got Rory ready for her bath.

"I'll go later on, we can do a baby switch if you want, or I could probably bring both of them with me."

"No it's ok, I'll take Rory, I'll want to make sure she is ok anyway."