this is part of chapter 2 the other part will come put sometime in 2019

pov ?

"what's your name mam" ozpin asked the multi hair colored women. "my name why do you ask old man" Nu asked wondering who is this weird man.

"well I wanted to know the name of the women who saved my students" ozpin said hoping this is who he thinks it is. "Ok then my name is Nu Thirteen Kisaragi" Nu said as ozpin face fell in disappointment when suddenly a red blur came crashing into her.

"MOM it's you" the red blur turned out to be a girl who looks similar to her as a yellow haired girl come over. "Ruby get off it can't be her she's been dead for years" Yellow said as Ruby looks closer. "O oum your right Yang Im sorry but you look like someone very close to us" Ruby said wiping away some tears.

"Sorry kid but who do I look similar to" Nu asked wondering who she looks like. "Miss Nu you look like their Mother the late summer rose and while I still have your attention could you possibly tell me why your here" Ozpin asked thinking its a little strange for someone who could so easily finish the battle. "My reason for being here is well nothing it's just a coincidence that I showed up anyways you looked like you'd needed saving so I lent a Hand, now if you excuse me there's a bottle of unbroken vodka over there calling my name" Nu said hoping to leave before anything could make her stay.