Hey everyone I wanted to at least make two chapter for this new story that I created to make it more interesting anyway let me know if you enjoy the story k take care guys much luv!

Third party POV:

(Now that she finally die she is being transported as her best friend did and now a chapter is starting to form her faith or destiny has just began)

Everything is so dark in here...there is no more coldness...only warmth which is a good thing considering she die in the ice cold freezing ocean but then she realized she couldn't even move nor see or even hear anything what so ever

(Is this heaven?! Because if it is...it isn't so bad...it's nice and quiet, I can totally sleep here for an eternity)

but then all of a sudden a bright light show up instead of following it she just wanted to remain were she is at...suddenly as if some kind of invisible force start pushing her towards the light and it was starting to hurt...badly

(Dammit! This is why I wanted to stay where I was at! It hurt like hell, not as bad as giving birth but still!)

she felt like her entire body is on fired the burning sensation made her feel like her skin is coming off of her...not very pleasant feeling at all...


it hurts it hurt make it stop!


while she is speaking through her thoughts out loud that no one can hear at all, the only thing anyone can hear is a woman grunting and pushing her baby out with all her might and her husband trying to support her as best as he could since he doesn't know what else he can do for his beloved wife and child.

"You can do this my love! Just a little bit more and our daughter will be born soon!"

He is crying out of pain himself because of his wife had a death grip on his hand "SHUT UP! THIS IS YOUR FAULT! IF YOU EVER GET ME PREGNANT EVER AGAIN I WILL CASTRATE YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME!"

For the first time in a grown man life he truly felt pure terror and fear for his life and his manhood he is started to sweatdrop profoundly about it...

"Hehehe…yes dear" making himself a note to self to do just that then the medic that is still instructing the mother what's needed to be done decided to speak

"Just one more push Yukiko-sama" The mother...Yukiko did not looked pleased at all


The medic is scared for her life now and so is the husband never in his life did he ever hear his beloved wife to say such crude words but then again she only does it when she is really angry or is in pain and right now she is in a whole new level off pain

"Miyako! Please hurry up and come out! Your mother is starting to terrified everyone in this room now!"

Yukiko turn her head towards her husband giving him her deadly glare never before had she ever look at him in such a way and now she is gripping his hand so hard he is certain that it's gonna be broken in half soon...

"What was that my beloved Takehiko...did you just say something bad about me to our precious beloved daughter?!"

Now he is shaking in pure terror "Epp! No of course not! I would never!...please hurry up Miyako!"

Yukiko eyes are starting to burn in pure rage "You litt-ahhhh! Get her out! Get her out GET HER OUT! AHHHH!"

Finally after so many long hours and the cries of pain from both parents the room is finally filled with a beautiful melody of a baby girl cries "Whaaa! Whaaa! Ahhh!"

The parents finally sigh of relief and disbelief that it is finally over and now in their arms they are both carrying there bundle of joy with a face of pure love and happiness

"Congratulation! You have a healthy beautiful baby girl!"


The parents are so happy about the good news of there baby...the medic then took the baby away from them for a minute to wash and clean her up nice and good


Once she was done and ready the medic immediately return the baby back to her new family...the parents couldn't help themselves but to start there tears of joy, they started kissing her and hugging her so much they just held her close to them


The mother look at her daughter with so much love and affection "Hello my little Miyako you certainly like to cause so much trouble already...hehehe...I can already tell your gonna be a troublemaker aren't you that's good you will definitely keep me on my toes a lot...hehehe"

(Well excuse me, its not like I had planned to be reborn you know so sorry if I took my sweet time hmp)

The father start rubbing his hand he felt like it he couldn't feel it at all he hope it just went numb and that it's not actually broken or something "Ain't that the truth...you certainly have impeccable timing my little Miya"

(I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or an insult)

Yukiko look towards her husband with so much sadness in her eyes "I am so sorry my love I know I was probably a handful at that time I am so sorry for all the trouble that I have cause you and everyone in this room"

Takehiko just look at his wife with nothing but pure love and affection as well as reassurance "Do not worry about that Yuki I am just glad that our daughter is finally born and that you are okay...I didn't like seeing you in so much pain it hurt me both physically and mentally"

She then put one of her gentle hand on his left cheek "I am okay now my love...we both are...so their is no need to worry anymore *kiss on lips* okay" he then grab her hand and gave her a little squeeze and kiss her back

He turn towards his daughter and started to stare at her (Take a picture it will last longer) with a look that scream that he has so much pride and happiness right now...

Yikuko could see how much her husband truly wanted to hold his daughter but is too afraid to do so she then gave her daughter to him once he is sure that she is safely secure in his arms he took a better look at her features (You better not drop me!)

The baby started to gurgle at her father that when he couldn't hold himself back any longer he then started to squeal over his daughter cuteness "Eppppp! We have the cutest baby ever!"

He then started rubbing his cheek unto hers you can literally see heart shape everywhere in the background

(OH MY GOD! He is just like Ranka of Haruhi father from Ouran Highschool Host Club! Or just like how Gildarts treated his daughter Cana from Fairy tail! What the hell! How does he do that! This is just weird and now I am a bit creep out)

the mother couldn't help herself but to start giggling of her husband antics (please save me! Before he suffocated me with his love)

"Now now my love I am just as happy as you are but I need to start feeding her before she falls asleep" her husband Ko made a pouty face but return her regardless

(thank god that is over...that was just so weird but it look like I am gonna have a doting father I wonder if this is how haruhi and cana feels about their dads?! Perhaps they have grown so accustomed to it that they are immune to it...*sigh* who know?!) now that she is safely return to her mother she started to get ready to be breastfeed

(Well ain't this just ironic now...I myself just recently have stop giving my twins there breast milk and now I am gonna start mine...yeah totally did not see that one coming...might as well try it out)

She latch into her mother breast but is being careful about her mother nipples since she herself know that it can get a little sore and a bit uncomfortable she then started to get feed from her mother milk

(Mm..mmm...it's not bad I guess...mm..it has a little sweetness in it) she is just sucking away for a good 15 minutes getting herself relaxed

(I guess being reborn isn't so bad...I get a mother and a father this time...in my last life my father abandoned me and my mother...so I guess that is why I am a bit creep out with my new father way over the top affection...I am just not used to it...yet but he seems to love me very much so i guess...I'll bare with his weird antics)

just as she is starting to settle down with her new life all of a sudden the door burst open with a loud bang making her scared out of her mind, she then started to wail "Whhaaaa! Whaaaa! Ahhhhh!"

(Curse this new baby body I didn't mean to cry but I guess since I have no control over it yet I couldn't help myself)

While she is crying the mother try to calm her daughter down "Shhh...shhh...it's okay my little Mi mommy is here"

she then started to hug her and rocking her back and forth the baby started to calm down a bit "There there that my little strong baby girl"

She then turn her head towards the door to see who dare made her baby girl cry turn out the so called intruder is a young boy name Jiraiya he then started rubbing his neck out of nervousness "Hehehe...my bad sis...I just heard the news about the baby arrival and I guess got too excited about it that I couldn't help myself...hehe...sorry"

once he said that he felt a sudden cold chill running up and down on his spine it is coming from big brother Takehiko you can literally see dark killer instinct coming out of him "You dare not only scare my precious little baby girl but give her a poor of excuse apologize brat! I should kill you now for such an act towards my most precious treasure! PREPARE TO DIE JIRAIYA!"

(Wow! My father is really scary when he is angry least now I know he truly loves me and no one will ever mess with me now I know Jira-WAIT! WHAT!...0-0...WHAT THE HELL IS THE LEGENDARY TOAD SANNIN JIRAIYA IS DOING HERE AND WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE A KID!)

Just as he was about to kill the mini version of the toad sannin another voice is being heard "JIRAIYA! HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STOP MAKING SUCH A RUCKUS WERE IN MY FAMILY HOSPITAL DAMMIT!"

(CHEESE AND CRACKER! IS THAT TSUNADE! AS IN THEE PRINCESS TSUNADE SENJU! THE LEGENDARY SNAIL SANNIN HERSELF! OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE HER SO MUCH! SHE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE! SHE IS AWESOME! AND A TOTAL BADASS...and she is also a kid?! But still she look so cute and pretty already in that age...wow I don't know if I should be either impress or jealous probably both oh well who care! She is here! She is here! Eppppppp!)

then another voice came "Tsunade you are also making so much ruckus yourself your gonna scare the baby if you keep yelling like that"

(o-o…..orochimaru…is...here...like here...here….and he is a kid as well...is it wrong for me to think that he is so cute...well for now that is but later on...I am so dead...the legendary snake sannin orochimaru who is also a deranged sociopath hungry power psychopath is here in my room….I...am...so...dead)

When Tsunade heard her teammates words she then started to calm down a bit until she see her dear cousin who she also consider as her wonderful big brother killer instinct "Big brother Ko why do you look like your about to murder someone?!"

she then look towards the person that is responsible for this once she set her eye on Jiraiya she then realized that he has done something "What did you do this time Jiraiya?!"

Jiraiya is starting to sweat drop a lot out of nervousness and fear "I didn't do anything" if anything mini Jiraiya answer only made Ko(father) even angrier


Jiraiya was about to explain when suddenly he felt an even worst killer instinct and it is coming out of his teammate Tsunade that when he realized he is so dead

"He did what now to my precious baby sister"

(Wait! She is considering me as her baby sister?! Seriously! That is so awesome! I am so happy right now! Not only have I been reborn into naruto universe but I get to have Tsunade as mine sister! Yay me! This is awesome! I hope she will trained me to learned her massive strength and healing abilities that totally would be helpful! I wanna be her apprentice not Sakura...no offense to all the people that are her fan but I am not one of them so yeah screw that I am gonna be my sister apprentice! Eppppp! I am getting excited just thinking about it!)

while she is in her lala land one very powerful shinobi and a very strong genin are about to murder the mini toad sannin he then started to look around for orochimaru for his help but when he notice he is no longer next to Tsunade but next to big sister Yukiko and her baby from a safe distance realizing this is his way of saying "you are on your own" yup he is totally screw now and is about to meet is makers until big sister Yuki decided to speak

"Alright you two that is enough you're gonna scare the baby with both of your killer instinct" Mini Jiraiya is literally in tears of joy that big sister Yuki is the only person that cares about him until she speak again

"So take it outside instead that we're you can make all the ruckus you want may I suggest in a dark secluded place we're no one will ever hear his screams okay" giving them her gentle yet deadly smile (Whoa! Note to self never stay at my mother bad side it would be the end of me) Jiraiya suddenly felt zero degree coldness surrounding him and he knew it was Yuki he then look back towards her

"This will be your first lesson Jiraiya never ever scared my baby girl like that ever again do I make myself clear"

When she said that both Tsunade and Ko gave him a very evil smile given hints of what about to come his way. For the first time in Jiraiya life he felt pure terror and fear it is so bad that even Orochimaru fear for his teammates life as well but he is not stupid he knows that if he gets involved with this he too will suffer the same faith to what Jiraiya is about to endure

"Yes big sis I understand...I am so very sorry about what I did" just as Jiraiya is about to make a run for it both Tsunade and Ko took a hold of each of his shoulder and Ko begin to speak in a very scary voice

"Now were do you think your going brat we weren't done here just yet but since you seems to be in such a hurry to leave why don't you let me and my dear little sister take you out right now don't you agree Tsuna"

it was Tsunade turn to speak with the same voice he is displaying "Why yes of course big brother Ko let's help him out shall we...hehehe"

Tsunade then turn back into her happy go lucky cheerful self towards us (Wow! That is both scary and impressive!)

"We will be back in about 15 minutes big sister Yuki, Orochimaru will keep you company until we return k" Yuki gave mini Tsunade her beautiful smile

"Of course take your time you two have fun now" she then start waving at them

(That's there idea of fun?! I hate to see what is unfun...geez) Jiraiya start struggling and tries to escape while both of them are dragging him out of the room

"No! Help me Big sister Yuki! Help me Orochimaru!" Yuki just gave him a smile and said to him "bye bye" (ouch)

Orochimaru just gave him a look and then he said "Try not to kill him too badly guys we still need him after all" Jiraiya is beyond shock at this point

"TRAITORS! Noooo! Help Meee!"(I feel really bad for him now since I am the cause of all this but it's not like it was my intention to cry my body just reacted on its own)

Once they were all gone Yuki then turn her head towards mini Orochimaru and gave him a friendly smile (That is just weird)

"How's it going Maru?! How was the mission for you three did it go well?!"

(Did my mother just called him Maru?! What the hell?! Are they like friends or something?!)

Mini Orochimaru gave her a tiny gentle smile (He can actually smile without that sinister look! Whoa! That insane! Dammit I wish I had a camera right now!)

"The mission was a success as always although Jiraiya can be annoying at time and Tsunade is to loud"

Yuki gave him a satisfied look she then nodded "That good to hear by the way did you happen to see any of my kin?!"

Orochimaru shake is head back and forth with that answer he then gave her a small frown on his face "I'm afraid we haven't find anyone of your kin it's like the Yuki clan has disappeared we couldn't find any trace of them at all"

(Wait did he just say the Yuki clan?!)

Yuki gave him a sad smile "I am afraid my kin are good at hiding there chakra so well afterall they are good at their sensory skill not as good as the senjus or uzumakis but still close enough thank you Maru for trying to find more of my kin for both me and for Ko it would make him happy to hear that you guys are trying for us" *rubbing his head*

"you are a good boy Maru" (He is?! So my mom is a Yuki clan and here I thought that dad gave her that nickname because she love snow or something like that but now I see it's because she is from the Yuki clan just like Haku does that mean I am gonna have the same kekkei genkai as him that would be so cool)

Orochimaru gave her a gentle smile while blushing "It okay big sister Yuki I am happy to do it for you" while still blushing hard

(Omg! He is blushing! Is he crushing on my mother?! This is beyond weird now) Yuki stop rubbing his head of reassurance and gratitude

"Thank you Maru" she then kiss his forehead and mini Orochimaru face is literally on fired (o-o...yup he totally crushing alright because I never seen him like this at all not in manga or in anime)

Yuki then gave orochimaru a lovely smile "Maru I would like to introduce you to my precious daughter Miyako Senju say hello sweetheart this is one of your father best friend students his name is orochimaru but I like to called him Maru he is gonna be a good friend to you as he is to me he is very smart"

(Wait I am a senju?! Then again that would explain why Tsunade called me her baby sister? But wait if my father is from the senju clan then why is his hair red?! Could it be that he is also part uzumaki clan as well that would be cool and it would explain so much with my father over the top affections)

Orochimaru smile gently at the baby "Hello little Mi you are just as beautiful as your mother" He then look towards Yuki and gave her a smile

(That smile? He is pretending that he is alright when he truly isn't I guess I can understand that seeing someone you are crushing on is baring a child from someone else and being married to someone else must be hurting him badly...he may be crazy...but seeing him like this made me realized he isn't bad just misunderstood)

"She looks just like you and her father, her hair is a mixer of both your and his (so my hair is brownish red then? Awesome! I always did love Kushina hair)

but she has her father and grandfather Tobirama-sama sharp eye (Wait! My grandfather is Tobirama Senju! No freaking way! That is wicked! But wait does that mean that Tsunade isn't my sister so then she is my cousin...she must consider my father as her brother since he is older afterall and also I still don't approved of what Tobirama did to the uchihas that is like racist right there)

she also have your eye color and your beauty mark the same place where you have yours big sis Yuki you can already tell she will be quite a beauty just like you when she will get older...your gonna have a hard time keeping the boys away from her….hehehe" Yuki only laugh at what orochimaru just said

"Hahahaha! I am not to worry about that considering who her father and her cousin (so I am right) are she will probably have hard time keeping the poor boy alive from there wrath...hahahahaha!"

(I don't know if I should feel sorry for myself or for the poor boy?!)

just as Orochimaru is about to speak again suddenly a girly scream of pure terror has just been heard (What the fuck was that!)

Both the mother and the student suddenly stay quiet for a bit until Orochimaru finally decided to speak "It seem that Jiraiya has finally learned his lesson to never make little Mi cry ever again unless he truly want to die"

(Wait….did he just say Jiraiya?...that girly scream was Jiraiya?...Pft! Hahahaha! He sound like a girl! Hahahaha!)

Yuki spoke next "It would appear so" she then gave him a mischievous smile. (scary)

About 10 minutes later both Tsunade and Ko came back with a very dead looking Jiraiya (Is he still breathing?!) as if reading my thoughts Yuki speak of it

"He isn't really dead right?" Ko gave him wife a happy smile "Of course not my love we just mess with him a bit that is all...right Tsuna"

She gave her cousin the exact smile "Of course big brother Ko and beside this moron can't die so easily anyway"

(Well that good to hear...I guess least he's not dead...Eh?! I think I see his soul coming out of his mouth?!) then she start walking towards Yuki and her baby and took a good look at the baby

"Epppp! She is so adorable and so freaking cute! Please let me hold her big sis"

once she held the baby securely in her arms she then spoke to her "Hello little Mi I am your cousin Tsunade but from this day forward I am gonna be your big sister I can't wait for you to see your big brother nawaki he will be so happy to see you and I am gonna teach you how to be one hell of a medic with all my knowledgement and my strength! You will be a total badass just like me"

(YES! YES! PLEASE DO!) is what she thought but her baby body started to giggle and smile at her cousin once she did that something unexpected happen


Then she start rubbing her cheek against the baby (Maybe it's an uzumaki thing?)


They both started to squeal at each other now and hearts are flying everywhere at the background (Wow...this is just creepy now...and seriously how are they doing this?! Is it like some kind of magic or something?)

Then suddenly both of them have gotten very serious all of a sudden (what now?!)

"Big brother Ko do you know what this mean! She is too adorable! We gotta keep an eye on every boy that she is going to encounter! I refused to let my adorable baby sister to be taken away from us!"

It was Ko turn to speak "You are right Tsuna no man or boy is worthy for my daughter! You and I shall protect her from those wolves!"

You can literally see lightning flashing everywhere now (Seriously?! Now they can make lighting come out of thin air as well?! I don't even know if I should feel impressed or annoyed about it but I guess its kinda cute how they are reacting for every small little thing)

Finally Jiraiya came out of his near death experience and started to stand up he than walk towards the group "Jeez...you guys really don't hold back when you are really angry must be an uzumaki thing" (right)

(Wait so my father is part uzumaki after all) he then walk towards Yuki and the baby and he took a good look at her and he gave her a grin

"My aren't you gonna be beautiful when you grow up" (Awww thank you so much for the compliment it makes me happy to hear you say that since you are also one of my favorite person! Yay!)

that is the worst thing he could possibly say when he suddenly felt two deathly glare at his backside he doesn't even need to turn around to know who they belong too

"Well anyway...I came here to say congratulation and I am happy for you both and here is a gift from me...so yeah gotta go...I umm gotta make my report later" and just like that he is gone

(Man they really scared him didn't they? I wonder what they did to him?! On second thought it's better that I don't know)

It is Orochimaru turn to speak "It is getting late and I must head out as well" He then turn towards both of my parents and me "Congratulation to the both of you and your new addition to your family here is a gift from me (yay more present) as well have a good night I will come a visit again soon night"

He then bow and left...and now it is my cousin/big sis Tsunade turn "As much as I would love to stay a little longer I gotta go too nawaki is waiting for me at home but here a gift from me too! (Yay! I am so love!) And another thing Congratulation guys! I am so happy for you both I'll come and visit again sometime k night!"

She gave both of my parents a hug and gave me a kiss on my forehead and then she left for the night. Finally it is only the three of us father finally decided to speak

"Man what a long day (tell me about it) perhaps it is time for little mi to go to bed" (yeah I am getting pretty sleepy) it is my mother turn to speak

"Yes it is getting late and after all the excitement I am sure she will be knock out soon" (yes I will)

Father put me in my crib that is nexts to mother bed and slowly mother start singing me a lullaby and let me tell you she has a beautiful voice while her father rocked his daughter to sleep

(this is nice...I am beginning...to love my crazy new life...and my...new family...as...well...zzz...zzz)

once she fell asleep both parents kiss her a good night and wish her a sweet dream then both of the parents climb on their hospital bed together and fell asleep into each other arms waiting for a new day and a new beginning for them all.

Well I hope you enjoy this second chapter! Let me know what you think k thank you! Also the song the mother is singing she is gonna teach her daughter and she also gonna have a beautiful voice for an idea of it here is the link of the song it's call "Farwell Rain" here are two different voices but same song so you can choose which one the mother and the daughter voice so yeah go to YouTube and copy this and tell me k later;p

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