A/N: This fic will have a moderately strong Naruto, nice but still kinda assholey Sasuke, non fangirl Sakura Haruno. Naruto and Sasuke get along well but have that friendly rivalry, Sasuke's personality is what he was like after the massacre and it hasn't happened yet in this story. Karin will also have no clue about Orochimaru or have any affiliations with him as she is just your average Kusa Genin.

Chapter 1: A Damsel In Distress

-Forest of Death-

The 44th training ground was a scary place to every shinobi who heard rumors of it. Whether you were an experienced Jonin or an ANBU there was no doubt the name of the place would be enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. It was infamous among the great villages for the dangers lurking inside of it. In the forest there were large snakes capable of eating a whole house in one gulp, giant centipedes that were large as buses and bears that were as big as Konoha's academy.

Not only did it's reputation of having oversized animals that loved to eat humans, it was infamous for being the hardest part of the Chunin exams whenever Konoha hosted them. Today was one of those days and it has been over a few hours since the exams began in the forest. We are taken to a certain part of the forest, somewhere along the southwest side and we see a Genin team hopping through the woods. Team seven from Konohagakure were on a mission in search of a heaven scroll which was needed alongside an earth scroll so they can pass this part of the Chunin exams. The team consisted of a girl with bright, pink hair, two boys of one which had raven hair and onyx eyes while the last member, a blonde, spiky-haired boy wearing a horrendous orange jump suit. Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki were their names.

''Jeez man we've been hopping for over an hour and haven't found squat! I just hope the other teams didn't get eaten by a snake or something.'' Naruto declared incredulously.

''Quiet down Naruto, maybe they're just taking a stealth approach because remember what that proctor said? It's an anything goes battle.'' Sakura quipped.

''Exactly dobe, keep it down you might scare off the other teams or worse, attract them to us with that loud mouth of yours and if that happens, we're letting you fight them.'' Sasuke said.

Naruto glared at Sasuke in annoyance but he knew his teammate was right. He did have a loud mouth and frankly he had hoped any of the other teams didn't hear him but wait, that was a good thing right? You want to enemy to come to you. The team had been on the move for a good few hours and Sasuke, being the one their sensei said had the qualities of a good leader decided that they should rest for a bit.

''Hn, we should rest guys I can tell you're both tired.'' said the Uchiha boy.

Sakura looked at Sasuke wondering why he had a change of plan all of a sudden. It was unusual of him to want to take breaks during missions, let alone the Chunin exams.

''Are you sure Sasuke? You said yourself that you wanted us to not rest because you want to complete this portion of the exams as quickly as possible, and with no trouble at all.''

The three of them landing on a massive tree branch several meters off of the ground and Sasuke turned to face the pink-haired girl.

''I've been thinking of what Kakashi-sensei said to us when we did the bell test. He was right, I never thought about the well-being of you guys and I want to say I'm sorry. Given what that weird proctor lady said this place does have an aura of pure danger in it so in my opinion, we need to rest as much as possible to have the energy to fight back against any of the other teams who will try to take our scroll from us. Remember, it's an anything goes battle meaning we are permitted to kill everyone if the need comes to it and we are fair game too.'' explained Sasuke.

Sakura and Naruto looked at their teammate in shock. The Uchiha boy was usually a quiet, stoic and a bit off an asshole and to see Kakashi's talk-no-jutsu about teamwork and the safety of your comrades get to him was a shocker. Nothing could get through him before they met the silver-haired Jonin.

''I'm glad to see an Uchiha be caring for once.'' Naruto teased with his tongue sticking out at him.

The semi-insult and compliment made a tic mark form on Sasuke's head and he placed a hand on Naruto's throat.

''You wanna be fed to the snakes dobe?'' He said in a menacing tone. He didn't really mean it as it was merely a facade to try and scare his teammate as evident by the friendly evil smile on his face.

Sakura giggled at the antics of her two teammates as they were always like this during their academy days.

''Okay you two cut it out. You're right Sasuke we really appreciate the break.'' She said sincerely.

''It's best too, I have a feeling that every team without a heaven scroll is gonna try and take out those with a heaven scroll. We'll need the energy and when we're done I think another good idea is for us to fan out and search for anyone with the scroll we need.'' Sasuke said.

Naruto raised his arm up as if he was asking an instructor a question.

''Oh oh! I have a question!"

''What is it Naruto?'' Sasuke asked.

''If we're gonna fan out and search can I go with Sak..''

''Nope, we're splitting up and going solo.'' the Uchiha interrupted.

''WHAT!? I don't want to be alone!" the blonde exclaimed.

Sasuke and Sakura laughed at their knuckleheaded teammate's complaining and found it amusing whenever he did complain.

''Don't worry Naruto you have your shadow clones to keep you company.'' Sakura giggled.

''Well, yeah you're right but it's not the same as you Sakura-chan!"

Sasuke flicked his teammate on the forehead to calm him down. It worked.

''Grr, stop doing that Sasuke.'' Naruto growled rubbing his forehead.

Sasuke turned and looked other direction. ''I'll stop flicking you on the forehead when you learn to stop being a little whiner baby...dobe.''

''Oh that's it, we're sparing after this is over Mr. Emo.'' Naruto retorted.

''Okay guys, that's enough.'' Sakura stepped in between her teammates to prevent them from mauling each other.

The three teammates sat on the tree branch and talked about plans for well over an hour before they decided to begin their plan of fanning out and searching for a heaven scroll.

''Remember, all the other teams from Konoha are not enemy even if they have the scroll we need. Consider all foreign shinobi as fair game and if they have what we need take it from them okay? If they have the same scroll as us destroy it to knock that team out of the exam.'' Sasuke said after going over their plan.

''Got it.'' Sakura and Naruto said.

Sasuke turned around to head off in the direction he wanted to head in and turned his head to look over his shoulder to give his teammates a last note.

''Last thing, try to avoid drawn out fights I don't want anyone to get hurt and if that happens, we'll be down a teammate, or a team and we'll fail the exams. Be careful out there.''

The Uchiha boy then leaped into the treetops before disappearing leaving Naruto and Sakura alone.

''You think it was a good idea to let him keep the scroll?'' Naruto questioned.

''Yeah, he's a tough fighter and I highly doubt anyone's gonna get it from him. I should head out Naruto I'll see you later.''

The pinkette followed Sasuke's actions and headed in another direction as Naruto observed her.

''Well, guess I should head out too.'' the blonde thought to himself.

-Konohagakure, Jonin rec room-

''How do you think they're handling the forest Kurenai?'' A masked Jonin with silver hair asked.

A woman with long black hair and piercing red eyes smiled at the man.

''Honestly. I think they're going to be fine. We put our Genin through some rigorous training so I haven't a hint of worry Kakashi.'' Kurenai answered.

Another Jonin in the room smoking a cigarette nodded in agreement.

''Since I'm training the next generation of Ino-Shika-Cho and if I remember correctly their dads destroyed their Chunin exams I'm very confident in their success. Though I hope Shikamaru doesn't get lazy when the preliminary comes around.'' The Jonin named Asuma said.

Kakashi knew that despite his team starting a bit rough during their first few missions he had the utmost faith in them. At first they didn't work well at all as a team but the more they spent time together and the more he lectured them about the values of teamwork he saw the true potential in them during a bell test he had them do the week before the exams to see if they were really taking in the knowledge of his lectures.

''I know my team can do it. I think they're the best and strongest out of the rookie nine. Uh, well I don't mean to brag or anything but, it's facts.'' Kakashi said in a matter of fact manner.

''I can't deny that Kakashi, Kiba is still too brash and sometimes he would just charge into a fight without thought. Shino is still not a very vocal team member as well as Hinata, but nonetheless I can sense the chemistry between the three of them.'' Kurenai inquired.

''I just hope Choji doesn't eat Ino or Shikamaru if he gets too hungry. I like the boy but he just focuses way too much on food than actual ninja training. What I fear most is Shikamaru being too lazy to fight the other teams.'' Asuma added.

''Oh yeah? I just hope Naruto and Sasuke don't maul each other to death since they've had a rivalry going back the very first time they laid eyes on each other.'' Kakashi said.

The three Jonin chuckled at their little inside jokes they had about their students but in all honesty they cared for their students and hoped for the best for them. Especially Kakashi when it came to Naruto.

''He reminds me so much of his dad guys and I'm glad Lord third accepted my proposal to train him. Sakura and Sasuke will also grow up to be fine shinobi, maybe even stronger than us.''

The other two Jonin smiled and they agreed with their colleague. Naruto had something special and they knew it when they laid their eyes on him for the first time.

''Hey Kakashi.'' Kurenai said.

''What's up?''

''Isn't Rin filing for joint leadership of your team? Sakura wants to be a great medic and since Rin is the best we have it would make sense. Plus, she had him as a sensei too.'' The red-eyed woman said.

''Yeah, she really wanted to be Naruto's sensei over me but Lord third wanted her to focus on leading the medical corps. I hope he accepts the proposal soon too because I know the team can be too much to handle sometimes. She'd make a great big sister to Naruto and Sakura and much like Sakura she'd keep my favorite blonde in check.''

The three Jonin continued to talk about their teams before heading out for a lunch break.

-Back at the Forest of Death-

''Tch, man this is so stupid where the hell is everybody?'' Naruto whispered to himself as he hopped from one branch to another.

He continued on for another twenty minutes before deciding that he should stop and catch his breath.

''Seriously, I haven't caught wind of any other team in this place, is it really that freaking huge?!'' The blonde thought in total exasperation.

He then heard what sounded like a girl screaming and like any other male with dignity in them he looked in the direction from which it came.

''Huh? Sounds like someone is in trouble!''

Naruto was about to head in the direction of the scream but he remembered something Sasuke had told him before they parted ways. ''Wait, Sasuke said if any other team was in trouble I should take advantage of them and see what scroll they have. If they didn't have a heaven scroll take them out and burn their earth scroll..''

The blonde thought that it was a bit harsh of Sasuke to do but this literally was a free-for-all between all the teams and while Sasuke was right, he still had it in him to go investigate. Being the gentleman he is he learned from Sakura growing up that to win a woman over is to help her when she's in need. Or so he thinks that what Sakura told him as he didn't really pay attention much.

''Well, it's a girl that's in trouble I have to help, I'm a gentleman so just this one time.''

The blonde then headed in search of the source of the scream.

Elsewhere in the forest we see what appears to be a girl being cornered into a large tree trunk. She had red hair that was kept neat on one side and the other it was a bit unkempt. She had crimson eyes and a fair skin tone and wore glasses. Her headband identifying her as a kunoichi from Kusagakure.

''G-get away from me you creeps!" The girl shouted in fear.

A team of Iwa Genin that was all male had a look of sadism in their eyes. Whatever they were planning on doing to the poor girl was something far beyond a criminal act.

''Never thought Kusa could have such hot babes.'' One of the Iwa males said.

''I know, that cute face but my god is that red hair a huge turn off.'' Another one said.

''Bah who cares! We're gonna be here for five days so might as well take this chance with that fine piece of ass.'' The third one said.

''D-don't even think about it! Just leave me alone!'' screamed the girl.

''Sure, we'll leave you alone after we're done with you and take your scroll.'' The ringleader spat.

The three creeps inched their way closer to Karin and they eyed her and the scroll. Mostly pure carnal pleasure when they looked at her and she knew what was coming. The girl had to act fast so drawing a kunai knife from her holster he stabbed the ringleader in the gut making him scream in agony. She then headbutted him using the steel plate on her headband for extra power struck another Iwa male right in the nose making him bleed.

''Ow fuck!''

''Oh you're gonna pay for that one tomato.''

She tried to make a break for it but was tackled down to the ground by the third uninjured Iwa male and while his teammates recovered from their hits he was aggressively trying to take her green top off. She began to squirm furiously and tried to swing her kunai at him but he swatted the ninja weapon away leaving her defenseless for the moment.

''Quit your squirming tomato!" The Iwa male spat as he finally pulled her top off of her leaving her in her mesh shirt.

''Agh! Get the hell off of me!" She screamed.

The other two Iwa Genin got up and slowly walked over to the pinned girl and they held her hands down to prevent her from squirming. Being physically stronger she couldn't even move an inch to struggle and she felt one of the males take the scroll from her hand.

''I'll be taking that girly.'' The Iwa boy said putting the scroll into his pouch.

The other one, the one Karin had headbutted had the most sadistic looking grin on his face as he rubbed his palms together and he proceeded to unbuckle his pants.

''Okay, time to get those shorts off.'' He said.

The girl began to resist them more furiously now as she didn't want to be a victim to these creeps but she just couldn't, they were taller and obviously stronger than her physically but she kept on fighting.

''Get the fuck away from me and let me go!" She screamed at the top of her lungs it hurt her throat a bit.

The Iwa Genin straddling her then smacked her so hard it knocked her glasses right off of her face and she was temporary blinded at the loss of them.

''Shut up!''

The slap was so strong it caused her ears to ring and she felt numb. She didn't notice that a fourth male had joined them. Turning around the Iwa Genin spotted Naruto standing before them with a look of heroism in his eyes.

''Alright you weirdos let the girl go.'' He instructed.

The Iwa team looked at each other and then back to Naruto and then burst out laughing.

''What are you gonna do about it shrimp?'' The ringleader said got out between laughs.

''Fucking Konoha idiot playing the role of the hero, how typical!"

Naruto only glared at the Iwa Genin annoyed as ever and took a kunai from his holster and chucked it at them. The kunai sailed passed the ringleader and sliced into his cheek drawing a small amount of blood and they all stopped laughing at him because of his impressive aim.

''Yeah I may be short, but I can sure as hell kick all your asses. So you gonna leave the girl alone or what?'' said the blonde.

Without uttering a single word the three Iwa boys charged towards Naruto ready to pulverize the blonde for interrupting their little fun. The ringleader drew a kunai and took a swing at the blonde but Naruto effortlessly ducked the attacked and delivered a hard elbow strike to the boy's gut making him double over in pain. Naruto then kicks him away by shoving his foot directly into his face and sends him careening into a nearby tree with a thud. Smirking at his success he jumps over attempted punches from the other two and grabs both of their heads and causes them to bang their heads against each other almost knocking the two of them from the hit as he lands on the ground.

''Think I'm some kind of weakling because I'm some shrimp? Come on, I took my ninja training seriously with my team. Now are you gonna listen and leave that girl alone or do you want a real ass whooping?'' Naruto said.

While all of this was happening Karin was on all fours desperately searching for her glasses.

''Fuck! I can't see!"

The Iwa team all rubbed their heads and whatever parts of their body was struck by Naruto and slowly they finally stood up on their feet. Angry and annoyed that a Konoha brat just whooped them.

''Gr, you fucking Konoha idiot we'll show you what happens when you mess with Iwa shinobi!'' declared the ringleader.

He and his team began performing a series of hand seals they tried to use a rock fist jutsu to try and hit the blonde and pummel him down but Naruto performed a shadow clone jutsu and in a mass of smoke it is revealed that he produced at least a hundred clones and the intimidating sight made the Iwa boys halt their attack.

''Holy shit..I've never seen so much shadow clones.'' one of the Iwa Genin said in a shaky voice.

The Iwa team knew that they couldn't do anything fighting against the clones because by the looks of it this Konoha brat can produce endless amounts of them so if they beat this group of a hundred he can just bring out a hundred more. However, they tried to remain calm about the situation.

''Think you can take on a hundred shadow clones? Alright boys, show them what we do to jerks who pick on girls.'' Naruto ordered his clones.

''You got it boss!" said the clones and they all leaped from the treetops and onto the three poor Iwa boys and they only screamed as the clones descended upon them.

The sounds of fists colliding with flesh and the Iwa boys groaning and crying out in pain from their beating filled the air for over two minutes before Naruto dispelled the clones and that was when the beating ceased. The Iwa Genin were left beaten, swollen and bruised on the ground and twitchy from the onslaught of clone fists and kicks they received just now. Nodding in satisfaction Naruto rummaged through their pockets and found that they had the scroll his team needed to pass this portion of the Chunin exams.

''Alright I got it!" He shouted jumping for joy before he heard the girl whisper as if talking to herself.

''Dammit where are my glasses!"

Turning to face the sound of the voice he spotted the red-headed girl still on all fours patting the ground in search of her glasses. Looking down he spotted them just a few meters away in a nearby bush. He walks over to it and scoops it up carefully as to not break it and heading over to the girl he squatted so that he was eye level with her. He admitted she was quite cute with that beautiful red hair and her eyes.

''Here you go!''

The girl was momentarily startled by the sudden voice and squinted at her glasses which Naruto held in front of her.

''These what you're looking for?''

Despite having terribly blurry vision she could make the object out as her glasses and swiftly took it from Naruto and put them on and she was greeted to the kindest face she had ever laid eyes on.

''Better?'' Naruto asked.

The girl immediately jumped back and it wasn't because he spooked her, it was because of what just happened with the three Iwa shinobi she was being cautious with this other boy in front of her.

''W-who are you?'' She asked.

''Me? I'm the guy who saved you of course!'' the blonde declared proudly.

''Saved? You saved me from those assholes?''

Naruto pointed behind her and turning around she saw her tormentors beaten to a bloody pulp and passed out. Turning back to look at Naruto she saw that he sported a huge grin on his face as if he accomplished something. He did but that grin was too big to be a grin.

''Someone came and saved me? There's no way no one would ever save a girl like me.'' the girl thought to herself. ''I mean, he did and the proof is right there so the least I can do is thank him.''

''T-thanks..'' she said in a low voice.

Naruto noticed the somber tone in her voice and he recognized it as the same tone he spoke with when he was growing up and before he met his team.

''Hey, something bugging you?''

The girl looked at Naruto and saw the that he seemed to be genuinely concerned about her well being but looked away immediately. ''Oh, no nothing it's fine.''

The blonde boy immediately knew the girl wasn't telling the truth because the look she had on her face and in her eyes were exactly what he had growing up.

''You know it's really unhealthy to keep everything bottled in, you can talk to me about anything! I'll lend my ears.'' the blonde quipped.

The girl was really confused. Why was this stranger so curious and concerned about her? One, she was from a foreign village and therefore that would automatically make her an enemy to Genin from other villages participating in the exams. Two, he didn't even know her!

''Why do you care? You're probably like all the other guys from home. Always showing concern for me only for them to hurt me afterwards. Sorry I'm not falling for that again.'' spat the girl.

Naruto was shocked at how he was being spoken too. Why is this girl so negative to him when he just saved her from those Iwa Genin from doing kami knows what?

''Oh come on! It doesn't matter if you're a stranger or not I saved you because I care and saw that you needed help! I couldn't just leave you when you're in peril because that's not my ninja way. I also helped you because I wanted too.''

The girl looked into Naruto's eyes and since she was a sensor type she used her ability to see if she could detect the smallest ounce of lies within his chakra but when she began to sense his chakra she was shocked. He had an immense amount of chakra, more so than any Jonin from Kusa it actually shocked her a bit.

''Woah, that's a lot of chakra where are his reserves coming from?'' the girl thought.

If there was another thing that she noticed it was that his chakra felt very warm and welcoming and right there she knew that he wasn't lying combined with the sincere look in those bright blue eyes of his. She then believed him and she began to notice that he was actually quite good looking with those whisker marks on his cheek.

''Yoo-hoo, earth to red head girl are you there?'' Naruto said waving his hand in front of her face snapping her back to reality.

''Oh! Um, sorry I was thinking about something..''

''You okay? You were staring into space.'' the blonde questioned.

He stood up and reached his hand down offering it to her and she held onto it and he pulled her up so that she was standing in front of him. He was a few inches taller than her by about three or so while she stood at a petite five-feet.

''Yeah I'm fine, thanks for coming to my rescue..sorry for being a bitch earlier. I'm Karin.''

The blonde boy smiled tenderly at Karin. ''Nice to meet you! I'm Naruto Uzumaki from Konoha believe it!''

Karin giggled at his silliness but realized what he said his last name was.

''Uzumaki? There's no way this guy is an Uzumaki his hair isn't even red. Could it be? Nah there's no way it's probably a coincidence.'' she thought curiously, ''Well, nice to meet Naruto Uzumaki from Konoha believe it.''

''Uh, my name is just Naruto Uzumaki.''

''I know silly, I'm just messing with you. In case you're wondering I'm from Kusa.''

''That's cool! Never met anyone from Kusa before let alone a foreign village. So you're the first one.'' Naruto declared.

''Me neither, so why are you alone Naruto? Where is your team?'' Karin questioned out of curiosity.

''I should be asking you the same question Karin, but if you really want to know me and my teammates decided that we'd split up for a bit to search for a heaven scroll and that's how I came across you and..those weirdos.'' Naruto said pointing towards the beaten Iwa Genin.

Karin felt a sense of sadness, depression and anger coursing through her body. She balled her hands into fists and felt the urge to hit something but didn't want to appear negative in front of her savior.

''Oh..those assholes? They abandoned me the moment we stepped into this forest and half an hour later I found them in the process of getting eaten by some huge snake. I watched as they died and I enjoyed it because they always treated me like crap!"

Now Naruto was the curious one.

''Really? Why did they treat you like crap?''

Karin looked Naruto in the eyes.

''I was made fun of because my ugly red hair, my nasty bloody red eyes and my stupid glasses because they say it makes me look like a retarded nerd. They always singled me out when we were in the academy because of those reasons. Hell, any guy I end up liking used me and gave me false friendship when they needed my help with an assignment and when they passed whatever it was they threw me aside like the trash I am. No one, absolutely no one wanted to be my friend so I'm used to being on my own because fuck people.''

Tears began to slowly come out of Karin's eyes and she tried her hardest to fight them back but she wasn't successful. Naruto could relate to this girl because when he was growing up he didn't really have any friends and the older generation in his village looked at him with fear or contempt but that didn't stop him. He wanted to prove the villagers who hated him wrong and win over their acknowledgement by becoming Hokage. He placed a hand on Karin's shoulder and the red-head looked at him with teary eyes.

''Come on Karin don't be so negative. I know everything may seem bad to you at first but I promise you life is gonna get better ya know? I grew up in the same shoes as you but when I began my ninja training I met my two teammates and my sensei and they treated me with kindness and fairness and that gave me hope that there are good people in this world who really care for you. While back in Kusa those morons didn't want to be your friend or didn't like you let me say this, prove them wrong and they'll come sucking up to you later when you are more successful than them. If it makes you feel any better I'd love to be your friend, a real friend because you seem really sweet and nice!'' the blonde teen said with such sincerity.

Karin used her sensory skills to try and see if he was telling the truth and his warm chakra told her he was. Was this a dream? Was someone actually offering friendship to her?

''You're not going to treat me like trash are you? It's happened to me so many times Naruto I don't want to go through that again..''

''Why would I treat you like trash? I have no reason to treat anyone like trash no matter how bad they treat me. Also, don't ever say your hair is ugly because I think it's beautiful! The glasses suit you too and it makes you look very sophisticated, really it does.'' the blonde said with that big grin of his.

This time the compliments from the blonde made Karin blush that quickly disappeared just as it appeared and she smiled a genuine smile at her savior. ''Thanks Naruto, that really means a lot.''

Naruto gave her a thumbs up. ''Don't mention it! And I'm not saying to be nice or anything I mean it. He looked around the area and saw only trees, bushes, more trees and bushes with the unconscious Iwa Genin included. It wasn't safe here anymore due to how exposed they were. ''So you said your team got eaten by a big snake right? Why not come back with me and you can stay with my team and I until the exams are over?''

''Oh no no, I can't possibly do that because your teammates might attack me. You go on ahead I'll just sit here and wait until the exams are over.'' Karin said holding her hands up.

Naruto grabbed her by the hand and gently pulled her towards him. ''No they won't! Don't worry I'll vouch for you Karin. Besides I can't just leave you out here alone especially after what happened with those Iwa weirdos and your teammates. You're a fellow shinobi regardless if you came from Kusa or not!''

Karin could here the sincerity in his voice and that attractive smirk of his she knew he was telling the truth. He really genuinely cared of for her despite meeting just now. Wait, did she just think his smirk was attractive? Nonetheless she was glad to have come across someone who really wanted to be her friend so she decided to go along with him as she had nowhere to go and being alone, she wouldn't last the night.

''Okay Naruto, I'll come with you though I hope your teammates are nice people.''

''They sure are! Come on I should be meeting back with them in about ten minutes and I'll introduce you to them! Let's go!"

Naruto then took off into the forest brush at a fast speed with his tight grip in Karin she was practically flailing behind him like a ragdoll.

''Woah Naruto slow down!"

The two Genin then disappeared into the forest headed back to Team seven's original spot to rendezvous with Sakura and Sasuke.

Despite his hyperactive nature Karin was glad to already have a caring and good friend in Naruto and while she was being dragged she had a smile on her face.

''Gotta get used to this.'' She thought to herself.

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