Chapter 10: The Perverted Hermit

-Konoha Hot Springs-

It's been well over a week and a half since they trained with Ebisu and following the incident that happened in which Kakashi and Rin encountered and had a brief fight with Kabuto Yakushi at the graveyard the two Jonin decided to have Ebisu conclude their training for them as a favor due to the 3rd Hokage having the two out looking for Kabuto with ANBU in neighboring towns at least until the finals concluded. So today would be their review day before Ebisu would release them for the next few days to rest from the nonstop training he had put them all in.

Even though Ebisu did not possess as much specialty in certain fields the Genin all wanted to specialize in his extensive knowledge and experience in teaching many students before them as well as being a veteran from the last war alongside Kakashi and Rin gave the aspiring Chunin good amounts of knowledge and training in other areas he could help them out in. So far he had quizzed Sakura and Karin in medical ninjutsu that Rin had taught them in and so far he was pleased with their extreme attention to detail especially Karin.

When Kakashi and Rin returned from their search for Kabuto at the end of their shift he would meet up with them and the medical kunoichi would give Ebisu material to give them the day's review in their training and so far the medic was pleased to the fullest extent. Ebisu agreed with Rin when the former had the hunch that Karin and Sakura would become amazing medics and in any combat situation they would be the ones to bring everyone home alive. Rin did not planned it but Ebisu had also decided to give them some taijutsu training to help bolster their combat potential should they ever get into fights with an enemy they can properly defend themselves. For the boys Naruto and Sasuke their chakra control had reached its full potential thanks to his knowledge in the subject and Kakashi was, just like Rin also pleased with their progress. He and Ebisu were one of the foremost shinobi when it came to skills in combat and Ebisu was doing wonders in helping them become great fighters.

There was no doubt in the minds of the Jonin that they would become Chunin and have great shinobi careers ahead of them. So far the time was around three in the afternoon and half an hour ago they concluded the training review so Ebisu decided to treat the teens to a nice, relaxing day at the hot springs to warm their spirits and revitalize themselves from the training they have been doing up to this point.

''Oh man this is gonna be awesome! I've never had the chance to come out here!'' Naruto exclaimed excitedly.

Sasuke, Sakura and Karin all made sounds of agreement with their blonde comrade and Ebisu smiled at the blonde's usual loud antics which he had come to enjoy since Rin and Kakashi asked him to take over their training.

''It is a great place to revitalize your spirits Naruto. I thought it would make a great conclusion to our training regimen and I feel like you all earned it for how hard you were working.'' said the Jonin.

''I've been wanting to try the famed Konoha hot springs ever since I moved here and finally I get the chance.'' Karin jeered.

''Oh trust me Karin, whatever good things you've heard about Konoha's hot springs I can guarantee it is true! It is that relaxing and amazing it draws some foreign ninjas from allied nations like Suna.'' Ebisu assured.

After several more minutes of walking the five of them finally arrived at their destination and this was when Ebisu dismissed the four.

''Ebisu-sensei aren't you gonna join us?'' Naruto questioned.

''Yeah you should we'd like for you to relax as well.'' said Karin.

''I'm with them, you took the time to train us when our real senseis got busy so we wouldn't mind the company.'' Sasuke seconded.

''I find myself agreeing with Sasuke there sensei. Join us!'' Sakura quipped.

Ebisu smiled at the generous offer and put a hand up prompting his temporary students to quiet down.

''I really like that you're offering me to join but this is my treat everyone. I have other things to attend to and the entry fee has been covered courtesy of yours truly.'' the Jonin said, ''Since the finals are a week away from now think of this as the beginning of your recovery period from the training.''

Naruto and Karin let out sounds of disappointment. For the past few weeks these two in particular have taken a liking into the Jonin for his experience and knowledge he had given them but the older shinobi felt that his duty was complete. Plus there was someone that wanted to pitch in right before the finals to help out Naruto a bit since he was very close with his mother and father.

''I'm being serious as well, enjoy your time here and I will see you at the finals!'' Ebisu concluded before leaping away.

The Genin watched as the Jonin disappeared among the rooftops. With nothing else to do or talk about Sasuke decided to drag Naruto to the men's section while leaving Karin and Sakura to head into the female's area and unknown to the boys the male and female hot springs were directly next to each other and little did any of them know the hot springs were also a very popular for someone...someone who loved conducting research...

Several minutes later Naruto and Sasuke entered the male's hot spring and putting the tip of their toes into the water they sighed in relief at the relaxing and comfortable temperature of the water. They soon lowered their entire bodies until only their heads remained above the surface and the two moaned let out sighs of relief at the relaxing feeling of the hot water.

''This is actually pretty nice. Can't believe I never really thought about coming here.'' Naruto quipped.

''Hn, the only reason why I never really come here is because I'm just too busy training.'' Sasuke said.

''Liar, you just want to avoid any fangirls from the academy from seeing you.''

Sasuke twitched at the smart remark from his blonde friend and turned his gaze at him.

''At least I got members of the opposite checking me out dobe.'' Sasuke chuckled.

''Hey! The ladies liked me too in the academy days!'' said Naruto defensively.

Sasuke let out a short laugh at the reaction he got from his friend and boy did he like messing with Naruto.

''You have that quiet Hinata girl, she was a weirdo.'' said the Uchiha.

Calming himself down Naruto almost shivered at the mere mention of his old stalker throughout their four years in the academy. He had to admit Hinata was very kind hearted and friendly but he was made aware from Sakura and Sasuke that she was stalking him whenever he was alone and even though he himself was very friendly with his classmates he admitted to himself that it was downright creepy whenever she stalked him which was all the time. It finally took some talking with her to get her to stop and move on because Naruto never really saw her more than a colleague and fellow leaf ninja and thank kami that worked and she took it a lot better than most people expected.

''Yeah I had to admit, that was pretty creepy of her but I'm glad she saw that it was wrong to do and gave me the space I needed.'' said Naruto.

''Remember during our academy days with Ino? That damn Yamanaka was flat out the worst of the stalkers and fangirls I had. I'm straight don't get me wrong Naruto but I'm just not interested in girls like that right now. I'm glad she lost the preliminaries.'' Sasuke groaned. Then the Uchiha remembered about a certain girl that joined his team since they came back from the preliminaries.

If Sasuke's hunch was correct from what he observed when it came to how Naruto and Karin, well more Karin's interactions with Naruto the Uchiha had every right to suspect that the redheaded four eyed girl seemed to be a bit fond of Naruto. Now Naruto wasn't really the kind of guy that attracted lots of attention from girls but from what he saw with Karin when she was with Naruto they seemed rather close and Karin's attitude with him and Sakura seemed way more different than when she was with Naruto. Sasuke had to admit they did match well together despite Naruto previously having a crush on Sakura before giving up on her.

''I wonder if a girl likes me? I wish I had the attention you had when we were academy kids.'' Naruto said.

Sasuke smirked and this went unnoticed by the blonde.

''Oh trust me bro, you'll get yours.''

Sakura and Karin entered the female section of the hot springs and the former already found the warm, moist air very nice and refreshing she sighed in bliss at the feeling.

''Wow, I've never felt air this nice. It's almost soothing!'' exclaimed Karin excitedly.

''Just wait until you get in the water Karin.'' Sakura said.

Sakura proceeded to step in the water while Karin continued to take in the warm air. The pinkette completely lowered herself into the warm water until she completely submerged her body and when she looked up at Karin she saw the redhead still at the edge of the water taking in the air.

''The water's warm Karin come on in.'' Sakura said motioning for her friend to come.

The pinkette's voice snapped Karin out of her dream state and she scratched the back of her hair while laughing nervously.

''Oh hehe, sorry Sakura the air is so much better here than in Kusa.'' Karin said.

She then tied her hair into a ponytail and took her glasses off and puts it in a case and leaves it at the edge of the pool before she went to step into the water. The sudden feeling of the spring water made Karin shiver in joy at the pleasurable feeling. Soon she was able to completely submerge herself much like Sakura and the two sat there in silence to take in the relaxing hot springs. After a few minutes of silence it would be Sakura to initiate conversation with her redheaded counterpart.

''So Karin, what do you think of Konoha so far? I would say you lived here long enough to form an opinion on the village.'' Sakura said.

''I like it Sakura. Compared to Kusa this place is heavenly. The people are actually nice and helpful, the ninja here don't treat me like crap and the Hokage is an angel compared to Kusa's leader.'' Karin said.

Sakura could hear the slight venom in Karin's voice at the mere mention of anything Kusa related and felt kind of bad for bringing up her former village.

''Why did they treat you so bad Karin if I may ask? I don't think you really told any of us?'' asked the pinkette.

Karin grimaced at that and decided not to talk to about it.

''I really don't like talking about it Sakura, I'm just glad I get to become a medical kunoichi for the most powerful village. To hell with Kusa and its people.'' Karin spat condescendingly.

The tone in which Karin was speaking was something Sakura hadn't heard yet from the redhead and it scared her a bit. Now she felt like she was just being annoying and was about to apologize for asking her question.

''Karin sorry I didn't..''

Karin waved her hand at Sakura and the pinkette knew that Karin was telling her that it was fine. There was another question that Sakura wanted to ask the moment she saw Karin's bite marks all over her shoulder and arms and Karin knew and prepared herself for that question if any of her friends ever asked about it. She recalled Naruto asking about them the time when they first met and her reply was that she used to self harm and thankfully the blonde accepted it as the answer and has never brought it up again.

Sakura had a feeling that Karin would not give her an honest answer about the bite marks and just decided to save it for whenever Karin felt like she wanted to tell her about it. When Karin and her were in the changing room that was the first thing about Karin's body the pinkette noticed but she decided to change the topic to something positive like the upcoming finals which were a week and a half away.

''So um, are you excited about the finals Karin?'' asked Sakura.

Karin smiled a little as she knew Sakura was attempting to lighten the mood and decided to have a conversation about the finals with the pinkette.

''Well yeah. We're one step closer to becoming Chunin and in our case we're closer to becoming full fledged and certified medics. In Naruto's case I'm happy for him because he is one step closer to becoming the Hokage.'' Karin replied.

''Wait how did you know he wants to become Hokage?''

Karin let out a light giggle. Whenever she was home with Naruto the blonde knucklehead would never shut up about his dream to become Hokage and if she had to be honest about it she found his declarations cute and hilarious. She had a dream similar to Naruto and that was to become the best medical kunoichi in the history of the world and they both promised each other that they would help the other achieve their dream.

''Oh come on Sakura when you live with Naruto that's all you ever hear coming out of his mouth. I'm gonna become Hokage believe it!''

Karin's impression of the blonde made Sakura almost burst out laughing as her movements and mannerisms were quite spot on.

''That's so true! When we were in the academy that's all he ever said! Gosh I wanted to smack him for being so loud and annoying but I'll be really happy for him if he gets promoted, no not if, when he gets promoted.'' said the pink-haired girl.

''You're damn right he's gonna get promoted. He's really good and if he doesn't get promoted this village is nuts!'' Karin said. Then another thought crossed Karin's mind as she almost completely forgot about this certain topic and since she was alone with Sakura in the hot springs she thought it would be good to get some info about this thing Naruto told her about in the forest. ''By the way, Sakura?''

Sakura looked at the redhead curiously. ''Yeah? What's up?''

Karin felt like this was a very touchy subject to bring up since when Naruto brought it up to her in the forest but felt the urge to know what was going on.

''When we were in the forest and I was doing watch Naruto couldn't sleep so he joined me and we made a little conversation and he mentioned something that's been bothering me whenever I think about it and I was wondering if you know.'' said the redhead.

Now Sakura was really curious, what was Karin talking about?

''What do you mean Karin? What's bothering you?''

''If there is one thing that me and Naruto have in common it's that we were treated really bad by our villages. Remember in my case I was used and abused by the boys back in Kusa and he told me the villagers here treated him like he is some kind of monster. Do you know why?'' Karin asked with concern in her voice, ''I just can't believe someone as friendly, kind-hearted and funny as him being treated like trash.''

This took Sakura by surprise and she almost widened her eyes at the redhead's question so she took a moment to take it all in before she gave her friend an answer.

''Honestly, I don't know Karin. For as long as I remember they've always treated him like dirt and it got really bad sometimes. The worst I've ever heard was that he was chased by an entire mob of angry villagers and they beat him to a pulp. I mean I don't know if that was true but that's what Naruto told us when our team was formed. I never had any opinion of Naruto before or during our academy days but when he told us of how they treated him I felt really bad. Sasuke did too and he's curious as to why they treated him so bad.'' Sakura explained.

Karin took noticed of what Sakura said.

''Treated? You're saying it in past tense so the villagers don't treat him like that anymore?'' Karin asked with hope and relief in her voice.

''As far as Naruto has told me, Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei, it's died down quite a lot. I noticed he used to get so many dirty looks but no one has given him one since he graduated.

Karin sighed in relief. It was kind of the same thing with her since she is a former foreign kunoichi but Konoha in general does not treat foreigners bad since they are the most open minded of the great villages but it was still weird to her why Naruto was treated so bad so she made a mental note to ask Naruto about that next time.

''Phew, I'm glad because if anyone tried to hurt my friend I'll kill them!'' Karin declared with fire for eyes.

The two girls would then relax at the hot springs for another hour before deciding to call it a day. Several more older woman in their twenties would come relax in the same spring as them and with their arrival they did not notice that a certain someone had arrived to peek on the older women...

-1 hour later-

Naruto and Sasuke were seen walking toward the female section of the hot springs to get the girls. It was around 4 in the afternoon and they planned on having a nice later afternoon lunch as a team at Ichiraku's much to Sasuke's annoyance but he relented. As the two of them were approaching the entrance they took a seat on a bench and decided to make some more small talk to pass the time.

''That was a pretty relaxing experience wasn't it Sasuke?'' asked Naruto.

''Yeah I guess. I'm not much more going to places like this during my off time but I might just come back again.'' Sasuke replied.

''For real! We should come here as a team every time we finish a mission to stave off the stress.''

Just then a female's voice caught their attention and turning to face the entrance to the female springs they saw Sakura and Karin walking toward them looking as refreshed as them and the two side waved at each other.

''Hey Karin, Sakura how was it?'' Naruto questioned.

''It was great! It was the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced!" Sakura said happily.

''Definitely, we should come back here again sometime.'' Karin added with a smirk.

Before any of them could say anything Karin, being a sensor type suddenly detected a presence around the corner of the building and she immediately knew that it wasn't feminine since it was on the outer wall of the building. She instantly got angry at it and had a feeling about what this person might be doing.

''Wait, I sense a presence around the corner guys and it's not from the other girls that came into the spring with me and Sakura. Come on.''

''Huh? What's going on Karin?'' questioned a curious Naruto.

Karin motioned for her friends to follow her around the corner and the four of them peeked around the building and what they saw almost made them scream in sheer terror. There sitting on the sidewalk peeking through a peephole that he made for himself. The man appeared to be wearing a red haori over a green kimono shirt and he was giggling very perversely to himself.

''Hehehehehehe, this is gonna make a great new book and with the research I'm getting this is gonna be another number one seller!'' the revealed Jiraiya got out between giggles.

The four teens were so speechless and shocked at the sight they were all stuttering and just couldn't get a word out from seeing some disgusting old man perving on some girls in the hot springs. Finally, after several minutes of their stuttering it would be Naruto who finally said something.

''W-what in the actual hell are you doing you disgusting perv!?'' the blonde screamed as he pointed a finger at Jiraiya accusingly.

Hearing their teammate's voice snapped the other three out of their shock and they all pointed a finger at the older man.

''What the heck do you think you're doing?'' Sasuke questioned angrily.

''Chya! You need some help!'' Sakura yelled out.

''Fucking creep!'' Karin screamed.

The sounds of the Genin screaming at him caught Jiraiya's attention and he turned to face the direction where they were and while he did see the group all pointing at him with very angry expressions plastered on their faces he immediately took notice of Naruto and smirked.

''So there's Minato's brat, looks just like him.'' he then notices Karin as well and that red hair caught his attention as he never seen anyone with that kind of red hair in years, ''Her hair, is she an Uzumaki? Kakashi and Rin didn't mention her when we met.''

Jiraiya's creepy smirk made all the Genin even more uncomfortable and they had a slight shiver from how creepy the smirk was that it might even scare a tailed beast. Naruto would snap the older man out of his gaze upon him.

''Just who the hell do you think you are you perverted hobo?!''

''Fucking perv! We should report you to the Hokage for sexual harassment!'' Karin exclaimed.

Jiraiya got up from his squat and performing a handseal he summons a toad, jumps on top of it and strikes a pose.

''Well redhead I'm glad you asked! I'm the sage of Mt. Myoboku, a wise and immortal spirit! I am one of the greatest and most powerful shinobi ever produced within Konohagakure! It is I the toad mountain sage!''

The sannin let out a slight chuckle hoping to leave the younger ninjas in awe at his amazing and flashy appearance but he looked down at them from on top of his toad and saw that they were just staring at him like he was the biggest idiot in the world which causes him to sweatdrop. After a minute of silence Karin spoke up.

''Yeah, you are the greatest. Greatest pervert Konoha has ever produced!'' spat the redhead.

''Toad sage? More like pervy sage!'' Naruto seconded.

''Wise and immortal spirit? Unwise and perverted spirit.'' Sasuke scoffed.

''More like the sage of perverts!'' Sakura added.

A tic mark formed on Jiraiya's head and while he's been called perverted many times in the past he shook off the insults and dispelled the toad so that he was on ground level with the Genin.

''I'm not some perv you see? I'm a great writer and novelist of books such as these!''

Jiraiya then reached into his haori and pulled out an orange book of sorts and held it for the Genin to see. The Genin all looked at the book and it didn't take them long to realize why the book looked so familiar. It was the same book that they saw Kakashi read a few times during their training sessions.

''WHAT?! YOU WROTE THAT?!'' Karin screamed in shock.

''Yes I did and I see you know of it!'' Jiraiya said happily.

''You call that porn art?!'' exclaimed Naruto.

''Ew! Who would've thought that a creepy old man like you would write that kind of stuff!'' Sakura said in disgust.

''Sheesh and I thought our sensei was a bit of a pervert.'' Sasuke quipped.

''That pervy crap isn't art or a novel! From what I'm getting at it's just an excuse for you to peek at girls in the hot springs!'' Karin shouted.

The women inside the hot springs were listening to the whole exchange between the Genin and Jiraiya and when they heard what Karin said they all immediately ran out of the hot springs in sheer terror. Jiraiya screamed in disbelief and was visibly upset that his subjects for his research had ran off leaving him with nothing to aid in the creation of his next novel.

''No! Look at what you've done you red head you ruined my peeking uh, I mean my research!'' the toad sage sobbed.

''DIRTY OLD MAN!'' the four of them shouted in unison.

They took one step closer toward the toad sage with their fingers pointed at him accusingly and he repeats their actions by taking a step closer toward them with his hands balled into fists and a very angry expression on his face.

''There's nothing dirty about it brats! I'm simply inspired by the figure and beauty of younger women that's all!''

''Oh yeah? You don't like being called a pervert then how about joke?! That's exactly what you are!'' Naruto shot back.

He didn't expect to meet Naruto under such confusing circumstances but knowing that the Chunin exam finals were a week away now he decided to get the blonde riled up and teach him a jutsu his father wanted him to know. So accepting his new nickname from the younger shinobi he turned around and started to walk away.

''Leave me alone kids I'm busy.''

''Yeah that's right you better walk away!'' shouted Naruto.

Jiraiya continued to walk a few more steps before he came to a complete stop and slowly he turned his head to face the Genin, specifically Naruto.

''You know Naruto you are just as loud mouthed and easy to anger just like your mom.'' Jiraiya said teasingly.

Naruto then went wide-eyed at the perverted hermit and almost glared at the man. Karin, Sasuke and Sakura noticed what Jiraiya had said too and looked at Naruto to see he seemed to be getting riled up at the man's comment.

''Uh, Naruto you okay?'' Karin questioned.

''Wait, how the heck do you know my mom and my name!?'' Naruto asked, almost demanding him to answer.

Jiraiya then turned around and Naruto saw that the sage had a huge grin plastering his face.

''I'm not telling you at all but I will do one thing for you. If you manage to catch me I will teach you a jutsu I taught your father when he was your age!'' the sage then used a wind jutsu to disorient the Genin before hopping up the buildings. ''So long and good luck!''

The powerful wind died down and the Genin were left in the hot springs all by themselves and looking up to where Jiraiya had jumped they saw that he was completely gone and away from the area.

''Who the heck was that guy?'' Sakura questioned.

''Hn, just some perv.'' Sasuke said.

''Wait until I get my hands on this guy I'm snapping his neck.'' Karin quipped.

They all then turned to face Naruto and saw that he was looking in the direction Jiraiya had ran off in and saw that he appeared to be excited and curious. After all they did overhear him saying he was like his mother and could teach the blonde a jutsu his father used a lot. It was silent for a few minutes and the sounds of nature filled the air until Naruto spoke up.

''So that perv knows my parents?! I'm gonna catch this freak and make him spill the beans and learn this jutsu!''

Naruto then took off after the old man and leaped on top of the building before disappearing in a flash.

''I'm going to report this to the Hokage and have that man arrested.'' Sasuke said in his usual stoic voice, ''You girls coming?''

''Sure Sasuke, what about you Karin?'' Sakura asked.

Sakura and Sasuke turned to face Karin only to see that she was gone and they immediately concluded that the redhead had followed Naruto to chase after that old pervert. While Sakura wanted to go after the two to make sure the perv didn't try to hurt them if they kept calling him a pervert but Sasuke had other plans.

''You know Sakura we can have those two keep tabs on that guy and report this to the Hokage so he can get arrested for sexual harassment.'' suggested the Uchiha.

''That sounds like a great idea but I think it would be better to stick with Naruto and Karin. I doubt a perverted old man like that can hold his own against four Genin that are becoming Chunin soon.'' inquired the girl.

''Sakura that guy looks like he can summon toads and plus, you heard what he said too. I think we should let someone know about this because I'm really suspicious of this guy if he knows Naruto's mom and his name.''

Not wanting to argue any further Sakura relented and together they went to find someone of authority to tell them about the mysterious man. To them it was really weird that some pervert would know Naruto's name and his parents like that because as far as they knew Sasuke's mother Mikoto, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Kakashi and Rin personally knew Naruto's parents before they died.

-Streets of Konoha-

Kakashi Hatake was seen walking through the village streets with his signature orange book Makeout Paradise in hand and he was giggling like mad reading the dirty contents of the book and he didn't even try to hide it. Rin as usual was accompanying the man and while she already knew and was used to Kakashi's interest in reading adult material she was extremely annoyed that he'd much rather pay attention to the book than her. She even felt embarrassed to be seen walking in public with a man who enjoyed these types of books and she wanted to bonk him on the head for it.

''You know Kakashi you really should read those types of things in private you pervert.'' Rin said in annoyance.

Kakashi failed to take notice of Rin's comment and simply read on with his book. He flips a page and giggled even more loud further annoying Rin.

''Uh hello? Earth to Bakashi? Hello?''

Seeing no other choice Rin raised her hand and without hesitation smacked the book right out of her friend's hand catching him by surprise and she watches as the book lands helplessly onto the floor kicking up some dirt.

''Hey what was that for Rin? I was getting to the really good parts.'' Kakashi said in confusion.

Before Rin could berate the man they heard their names being called and turning to face the direction of the voices they saw Sasuke and Sakura running up to them.

''Oh hey you two. What are you both doing here?'' Kakashi questioned.

''Wasn't Ebisu going to treat you guys to the hot springs? Where's Naruto and Karin?'' Rin asked curiously.

''We did go to the hot springs but you won't believe what happened when me and Naruto went to pick up Sakura and Karin.'' Sasuke said.

''Yeah! We caught some creepy, disgusting old man peeping on the lady's springs! It was so nasty!'' Sakura quipped.

Kakashi and Rin were confused, what were the two of them talking about?

''Uh, what do you two mean you caught some creepy old guy peeping on the lady's hot springs? And again, where's Naruto and Karin?'' Rin said sternly.

''It was some creepy old guy with spiky white hair! He said he wrote those porno books you read Kakashi sensei!'' said the pinkette.

That was the answer they needed and they now knew who the two were talking about. When they met up with that perverted hermit a few weeks ago in Tanzaku town he said he would show up soon when the finals drew near and it was no surprise to them they the first thing he does coming back to the village was peek at naked women in a hot spring. Kakashi was feeling excited as Naruto can now meet and hopefully train under the sannin but Rin was feeling other emotions and she had hoped that he wouldn't try to have a nice voyeuristic experience with her when she showered or took a bath.

''Did Naruto and Karin follow this guy?'' Kakashi asked.

''Yeah they did and he mentioned something about knowing Naruto's mom and teaching him a jutsu he taught his father.'' Sakura added.

The two Jonin's facial expressions turned cold and they began to sweat profusely at what the current situation had become. They knew Jiraiya was going to come back and train Naruto a bit but they didn't expect it to be some random unusual encounter.

''Oh no, if Master Jiraiya doesn't keep his mouth shut about Minato and Kushina sensei it's gonna be bad. Naruto doesn't take even positive news from strangers well and he might even blab about Karin possibly being an Uzumaki.'' Kakashi thought with a worried expression.

''I don't think I can fathom the idea of that perverted asshole turning our sensei's son into a perv like him. Just what could you be doing following a guy like that Naruto?'' Rin thought with fear in her eyes.

The Jonin's strange facial expressions on their faces made the Genin feel uneasy and even then they could tell this wasn't good and they had a feeling that this is going to become some very crazy experience for them.