Toujou Nozomi was looking through her cards as she hummed to herself, nodding her head as she was enjoying her day, pulling up a card with an outdated carnival present on it.

"Hmmm? My, this one card looks suspicious..." Nozomi stated as she had a smirk on her face. "I bet it tastes disgusting..." She then placed the card into her mouth, right on the edge of her lips as she smirked.

Suddenly Nozomi was caught off guard as her room began shaking violently, with a purple warp appearing right before her as she dropped her cards, being caught off guard as Gruntilda Winkybunion appeared through the warp, the skeletal witch pointing at Nozomi with a cackle.

"You like magic, do I see? Now you get to join the circus, now go be free!" Grunty rhymed as she snapped her fingers, heading right back into the warp.

Nozomi grabbed the desk nearby as she tried holding onto it, only to fail as the portal sucked her right in, screaming as she was pulled away from her room.

"Huh? Nozomi, are you all right?" Eli Ayase asked as she poked her head through the doorway, gasping as she noticed the entire room looked like it went through a disaster, hoping that her best friend wasn't in any danger.

Nozomi emerged out of the portal, landing flat on the dark green grass as she looked around to see that she was in a giant blue and white tent, not knowing what just happened to her.

"Oh... that was a trip I never want to take again..." Nozomi remarked as she looked around, being confused as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Where am I... and more importantly, where are the other idols?"

Nozomi was then caught off guard by what sounded like some laughter mixed with coughing, turning around and gawking to see an enormous green, patched up dinosaur, with the inflatable reptile in question being Mr. Patch.

"An idol, huh? Well you're not going to be giving a performance in here, I can promise you that much!" Mr. Patch taunted as he barfed out colorful beach balls out towards Nozomi, with them taking a while due to them being so large.

Nozomi yelped as she pulled out one of her tarot cards she had stuffed in her boobs, trying to see if they would be any use. She was then punched in the butt by a red boxing glove that emerged from a brown molehill, with her yelping in pain.

"Aiyie! What was that about?" Nozomi exclaimed as she rubbed her injured rear with both of her hands, dropping the card she was holding.

"Due to my rather expansive figure, my balls can't exactly reach you. Luckily I have friends in the gloves!" Mr. Patch taunted as he very slowly made his way towards Nozomi, with him reaching the ceiling of the big top.

Nozomi realized that this was a losing battle, dashing out of the big top as she got outside, to see that she was in an abandoned amusement park... exactly like the tarot card she saw back in her home before she was teleported away!