Mr. Patch was casually walking around on the grassy field within the circus tent while coughing up beach balls as he shook his balloon head.

"Hurr... I wonder if that girl will come back in here." Mr. Patch mumbled as the patched up dinosaur stepped over the various molehills with red punching gloves on them. "If she does, then I'll show her that I'm not all that scary."

"So, how much are there in these burgers?" Nozomi asked as she was at Big Al.

Big Al sneezed as he wiped his nose. "Well I was a bathroom cleaner."

"Eww!" Nozomi remarked in disgust as there was a shade of green on her face, placing her hand over her mouth. "That's yucky!"

"Peh, you clearly are new here." Salty Joe snarked while watching from his fries concession as he sneezed as well, wiping his nose. "This junk is always bad."

Nozomi tilted her head as she felt her stomach rumble in light of this. "But isn't any food good when you're really hungry?"