AN: Since people apparently wanted it, this chapter shall have Jaune and Blake's presentation on The Warrior King as an Omake. This Omake actually DID happen in this story's canon, unlike the others which are more vague in the canonicity department.

AN2: I was doing the math for the Vytal Festival. So, we see eight people made it into the singles fights, meaning that if there was only one round for the full team and two on two fights, that thirty-two teams were entered, and each School would get 8 teams. I didn't realize how few already named teams I had access to (even with my OC team) so I'm going to need to make cameo or OC characters if I want to show more fights and give all the main group some love. The teams we know of for this story:

Beacon: JNPR, RWBY, CRDL, and CFVY

Shade: BRNZ and NDGO

Haven: SSSN, Cinder's team, Monika's team, and team ABRN

Atlas: FNKI, GSPL, and team Penny

If there are groups of four, you'd like to show up for the tournament let me know, I have plenty of room (especially with Shade XD)

True Potential

Chapter 17


Sitting in the half-lit room, Jaune glanced around at the other occupants in their seats, all silently waiting for the one who had called this meeting to speak "Thank you all for coming here." Cardin rose up "As per stipulation by the code."

"Hail to the manual, hail to the code." Jaune and the other men in the room all intoned together as Cardin remained standing, gazing out at the seats filled by the guys of their friend circle.

"Then I call this sixteenth meeting of our Beacon chapter of the bro code council to session." Cardin nodded, banging a gavel that he'd acquired from…somewhere. Given how eccentric their headmaster was, Jaune wouldn't have been surprised if Cardin had just asked Ozpin for one, the headmaster just rolling with it.

"Um…why am I here exactly?" Pyrrha Nikos asked, hand raised in confusion.

"I was kind of wondering that too." Sun admitted sheepishly, "Why did you invite her Cardin? Stipulation Delta?"

"Stipulation Beta." Cardin clarified as now all the guys in the room were sending him knowing smirks.

"You've lost me." Pyrrha sighed, "Stipulations? Council? Explanations would be appreciated, the sooner the better please."

"The Council of bros." Ren spoke, the monk like huntsman's voice soft and almost reverent "A gathering of all members of a chapter of those who honor the bro code. We meet as needed, any member in good standing able to call a council whether it be for something innocent such as planning a guy's night, something deadly serious like an intervention for a bro-councilor, or a bro is just in desperate need of help and is asking. Typically, only members of a bro chapter can attend these meetings but there are certain stipulations to allow others into them."

"The most important or most often used four are Stipulations Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma." Russel picked up "Gamma is the most innocent, it's just a bro bringing along a potential new member for the bro charter so the members in good standing can give their opinion on their induction."

"Stipulation Delta is the second most common." Sun chuckled, "That's when the members of the Bro council fully acknowledge that they fit the old saying 'all men share the same brain cell' so they bring a trusted female friend into the meeting to act as extra brain cells for the group."

Pyrrha's expression was distinctly unimpressed at that, "And you said that wasn't the case. So, what are Alpha and Beta?"

"Stipulation Alpha is emergency only." Yatsuhashi, gentle giant of bros, explained to Pyrrha "That is for intervention situations, the council willing to invite non-members regardless of gender should they be close to the one who the intervention is for. But this is Beta." The normally stoic giant sent Cardin a teasing smirk.

"Will someone just tell me what Stipulation Beta is?!" Pyrrha was clearly growing impatient so Jaune decided to take pity on his partner.

"Stipulation Beta," Jaune flipped to it's section of 'The Bro Code Volume 2: Laws of the Council' "should a bro be interested in a girl and in be in desperate need of advice. A council may be called, non-members may be invited to the council should they be related to the bro's potential romantic interest. In other words, Cardin here is crushing hard on Monika and wants advice."

"…What?" Pyrrha seemed to have her brain broken at the situation as Cardin drops on his knees.

"Please, I have no idea what I'm doing!" he begs as Jaune and his fellow bros all shared serious nods. They would help their friend get his date…and then tease the hell out of him.


Files in hand, Glynda exited the elevator into Ozpin's office, spotting Ozpin looking smug and Ironwood looking intensely irritable. "Do I even want to know?" she sighed, adjusting the stack of folders in her arms as she approached the desk.

"I was just asked James about what he thought his chances to win the Vytal Tournament are if one of my first years took out a team of his second years by himself." Ozpin preened, taking a long self-satisfied slurp from his mug of tea.

"And I'm positive that at least one of them paid off a faculty member to get a slot in my School's roster." Ironwood shot back, Glynda unable to tell if the man was making excuses or not. Either way, he was clearly upset.

"Excuses, excuses James." Ozpin waggled a finger mockingly.

"Keep that up and I'll break it." James growled before looking over at her "And what do you have there Glynda?"

"The selection process for Beacon's entrants in the tournament has finalized." She nodded to her old friend, silently grateful that the host school always got more time to choose given the drama the school had been going through recently. "But while I'm here, one of our students brought up an interesting point I think might be worth considering."

"Oh?" Ozpin turned to her, teasing put aside for now "And what would that be?"

"The original plan was to have the thirty-two teams go through a round of full team battles, then a round of two-on-two fights, before moving on to one-on-one fights for the final 8 participants." Glynda put the unfilled in bracket sheet down on the desk "A student made a good point that it seems to be downscaling the intensity of the fights. What if we did the one-on-one fights first and then escalate from there. It would also let teams keep more of their techniques and combos secret if more is added with each round."

"And which student proposed this?" James mused as he studied the grid, likely planning out the pros and cons of the potential switch.

"Mr. Arc." Glynda supplied as James snorted.

"Ah, Beacon's prodigal prince, of course." James's upturned smirk was the only clue she had that he was teasing her.

"Now, now James, don't be jealous that you don't have royalty at your school." Ozpin placed a mock consoling hand on James' shoulder as the general glared.

"I mean, we have the Prince of Vale and the Princess of Menagerie." Glynda placed a hand, silently relishing the affronted look of betrayal the Atlesian General sent her while Ozpin cackled.



Mug in hand, full of steaming hot chocolate today, Ozpin entered Doctor Oobleck's classroom where he saw young Mr. Arc and Ms. Belladonna, a ship he'd already dropped twenty lien on in the teacher's betting pool on student relationships. "Ah, Headmaster, what are you doing here?" the good doctor looked up, the man standing aside as the first presenters got their presentation ready.

"Mr. Arc was using sources that not many are fully aware of, I came to both confirm the legitimacy or illegitimacy of what he and his partner say today, as well as to see what all they present. I'm rather fond of the tale of the Warrior King so I'm somewhat curious."

Oobleck nods and set out a second staff chair for him, the other first year students all sitting in their desks as Mr. Arc and Ms. Belladonna get the projector on, displaying a title card simply stating 'The Warrior King' above the crest of vale. Not the most original of openings but he'd wait and see for now.

"The Warrior King," Mr. Arc began as his partner went to the next slide to show the statue of Ozpin's past life that resided out in the courtyard "one of the greatest heroes in the history of Vale. But what many don't know, is the humble origins he possessed. Today, my lovely assistant," Ms. Belladonna swatted him over the head with her notes at that even as he gave her a playful grin, the young faunus rolling her eyes at the mischievous blond while the class laughed at the ice breaker "and I will be going over the Warrior King's life before, during, and after the Great War."

"Oh, this'll be interesting." Oobleck sipped at his dust infused weaponized coffee, the energetic man sitting…mostly still as they observed.

"The Warrior King hailed from the Village of Ansel, starting out as part of the city guard." Ms. Belladonna began, clicking a button as the screen showed an old picture of a group of men in some basic armor, Ozpin internally cringed at the appearance of his old self, the picture having been taken just before he merged with Ozmium. The scanned photo had his past life circled, so everyone knew who it was, the class all surprised to see the admittedly gangly and goofy young man that self-had been at the time.

"The Man who would be King at that point didn't have much ambition higher than protecting his village and trying to tell the pretty healers apprentice that he was smitten with her." Mr. Arc continued, moving to the next slide which showed a map of Remnant "But then the Great war came, and everything changed for everyone. Half of Remnant wished to instill doctrines of suppression and control, and half fought for freedom and expression. The Warrior King, then still just a soldier, was drafted by the previous king of Vale to fight against the kingdom's enemies, as were most of the soldiers of Ansel."

"But the war was harsher than any were expecting." Ms. Belladonna took over "In the Battle of the Red Valley, the then King of Vale, along with the man's only son, died as the forces from the Kingdom of Mantle pushed Vale's army back out of the valley." The next slide showed the battlefield, the place still haunting for Ozpin to look at as he remembered those days "The Morale was low, drawing both Grimm and the ever-following army of Mantle. But then the Warrior King stepped up, he rallied the troops," the next slide showed a painting of him in that life, standing atop a spire of rock, giving a rousing speech to the forces of Vale to inspire "and in this battle the King unlocked his semblance." A painting of him in his red draconic knight form, trident and sword in hand "The Grimm already summoned only served to fuel the strength of this power which broke the lines of the Mantle forces, letting Vale's army turn the tide and win the day."

"For this victory, for saving their lives and hope, the united forces named him their new king." Mr. Arc's smirk implied that something good was going to be coming soon "He ruled justly for several years, bringing in great reform and growth for the kingdom as well as founding the four Academies. Eventually though, he grew old and needed to step down from the throne, a throne his children didn't want, so the council of Vale was formed. With that last task done, the Warrior King of Vale slipped out of the view of the Kingdom he'd saved and returned to Ansel to live out the rest of his days amongst his family. Not as Ozmium Dragoon, but by the name he'd been born…Ozmium Arc." The final slide, a collection of pictures of a much older Ozmium surrounded by family, of Mr. Arc and Ms. Belladonna standing by his old trident, and more pictures to give proof, "Any questions?"

"WHAT?!" Doctor Oobleck shot to his feet, Coffee flamethrower staff thing falling to the ground as the man grabbed Mr. Arc's shoulders and started shaking the boy "WHAT?! YOU'RE DESCENDED OF THE KING?! YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE KING'S JOURNALS?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH KNOWLEDGE IS IN THOSE?!" the man's questions continued to come out faster and higher pitched till not even Ozpin could understand them anymore.

A cough drew everyone's attention as all eyes turned to one Cardin Winchester who was standing up, towering over his classmates "I just have to say one thing, I mean…I can't not say it now." Mr. Winchester closed his eyes and focused before he shot his fist in the air and smirked "Hail to the King!"

"Hail!" Mr. Arc's male friends, as well as the energetic Ms. Xiao-Long, the lad's female teammates, and the teasing Cat Faunus, all echoed the shout as Mr. Arc flushed awkwardly.