AN: Holy fanbase did you guys respond last chapter! I never expected to get that many responses that quickly, but I have a decision on Jaune's main weapon. He'll be using a single chain weapon on his main hand paired with a clawed gauntlet (a suggestion from reviewer 'doubledamn') while his offhand has a shield. I also intend to give him medium armor.

The chains I've decided on are:

1. blades (standard blades of chaos)

2. hooks (think claws of hades)

3. dust element whip heads (my own variant of nemesis whip)

4. hammer (mcu Mjolnir)

5. regular chain

6. axe head

7. scythe

8. dagger

That being said I haven't decided his on his secondary weapons. Once again, I'd like your opinions so here are the options:




Combat knives/daggers

Explosives & flash bombs/smoke bombs

Taser variant

gow (2018) shattered gauntlet of ages


dust magic

MCU Yondu arrow

AN2: I also haven't decided the pairing for this story, but it will NOT be with Pyrrha, Ruby, or Weiss. Here are the main options I'm thinking of so say which you want and tell me why. If you want someone not on the list tell me who and also why, I'm going for reasonings, not number of votes.

Ciel Soleil


Arslan Altan

May Zedong


Reese Chloris

Nora Valkyrie


Nebula Violette

Amber (for shits and giggles)

Cinder Fall (for shits and giggles)

True Potential

Chapter 2


"Enter." Gulping at the steel in the voice he pushed open the door to Ozpin's office, the rest of team JNPR as well as teams RWBY and CRDL following behind him. Inside the office he saw professors Ozpin and Goodwitch glaring at the pile of white armor as well as Crocea Mors.

"Mr. Arc," Goodwitch's eyes softened ever so slightly as she gestured for the group to sit "we just finished having a…conversation with your father."

"Judging by your tones I assume charges will not be levied against the miserable cur?" Weiss' cold voice cut through the tension. While they hadn't started off very well, something he blamed his father's advice and sabotage armor for, they had at least become amicable since he apologized and stopped trying to ask her out three times a day.

"We confronted him but sadly he had a response planned in case anyone found the armor." Ozpin gripped his mug to the point Jaune was worried it might crack. "His excuse was that he hadn't used that technique for some time and had intended to make the armor enhance Jaune's skills rather than weaken them. Because we can't prove he set the armor to intentionally hinder you we can't do anything. Be prepared though, he will likely try something else."

"But why?" Ruby asked, his friend having been trying and failing to wrap her head around a parent wanting to hinder their child since Goodwitch found the 'cursed' armor.

"Because Mr. Arc's father is rather like Ms. Schnee's." Ozpin gave Weiss a look as she frowns, trying to figure out exactly what the headmaster meant. "To understand you'll need to know a bit more about the Arc family. They're one of the oldest known Huntsmen clans, older than even the Schnee's," Ozpin explained as he could see his friends looking surprised at that "their numbers have dwindled over the ages due to time, bad luck, and the fact that most Arcs become warriors which doesn't always beget a long life. Now, your Mr. Arc's father wasn't born into this family, he married into it and took their name." Weiss got a look of recognition on her face at that scenario.

"But what does that have to do with him giving Jauney Boy rigged armor?" Cardin asked, eyes narrowed in confusion, something that even Jaune himself shared.

"Your family charter Mr. Arc, it states that the head of the family must be born an Arc, be at least eighteen years of age, a male, and a huntsman. You are currently seventeen years old and the last-born male of your family. The previous head of clan Arc, your grandfather, was a good friend of mine and intended to oversee your training himself before he passed when you were a child. Your father is the current standing head until you fulfill the requirements but if you never become a huntsman you can't accept headship of the family and he can keep the authority."

"That asshole!" hearing innocent little Ruby curse like that was shocking enough for Ozpin himself to drop his legendary mug, hot drink flowing over the tile floor.

"Where did you learn that?!" Yang demanded, looking ready to kill whoever corrupted her baby sister.

"Yang…I'm fifteen, not five." Ruby deadpanned, "I went to Signal just like you did, and you know that we heard far worse than that every day in the cafeteria."

"Ms. Rose' vocabulary aside," Ozpin sounded vaguely amused at the near nervous breakdown Yang seemed to be having "you'll need to make a new weapon Mr. Arc, and as Ms. Goodwitch said, Beacon will provide a portion of Lien to help with that endeavor. The foundry is in the basement room 3A and comes with basic metals and full forging equipment. You'll have to have at least some weapon by the end of the month for classes.

"I'll make Jaune the best weapon ever!" Ruby crowed eagerly, her eyes shining with excitement at the prospect of making a new weapon.

"What about Crescent Rose?" he pointed out amused, having an idea what would come next.

"I'll make Jaune the second-best weapon ever!" Ruby crowed, not loosing an ounce of enthusiasm.

"And maybe without that armor we can discover your semblance." Pyrrha pointed out with a smile, the others sounding eager about that, all of them wondering what his semblance would be given his massive pool of aura.

"One last thing before you all go," Ozpin told them as they all began getting up, "The four schools are hosting a competition between them as an extra event for the upcoming Vytal festival. Four teams will be formed, taking a student from each academy, and putting them through a series of competitive tasks. We intend to use mainly first and second year teams for this so I'm giving you forewarning about it."

"We won't let you down sir." Jaune grinned, feeling like the weight of the world was off his shoulders without that armor from his father. Looking down at the pile of metal he got an idea, "Sir, the aura curse my dad put on it, it's imbued in the metal itself, right?"

"Yes, it is," Goodwitch nodded, "the aura within it should fade away within a decade or so given its potency, why?"

"Just a little idea I had for the armor." His grin made some of his friends shiver, "Oh, I'm definitely going to have fun with this." Scooping up the metal he turned to Ruby, "Come on Rubes, I'll need your help with this."

-Michael Arc-

Frowning, the current Arc patriarch brought in a package and set it on the kitchen table, having just found it left on the front step by the mailman. His wife was out getting groceries while his daughters were all out doing various huntress assignments. Luckily none of the eight women had been around when Ozpin had called the day before and now he had the family scrolls programmed to forward all calls from Beacon to himself.

Pulling out a knife he cut the tape around the box and opened the lid, seeing it full of packing peanuts. Or that was what he saw for a split second as opening the box triggered a blast of air, sending the peanuts flying into his face and mouth. Eye twitching, he spat out a wad of packing material and saw a metal sculpture of a hand inside the box, the sculpture giving him the bird.

Scowling, Michael Arc picked up the small statuette and felt the debilitating effects, realizing it was from the armor he sent away with Jaune he quickly tossed it back inside the box. "Smart assed brat." He growled out, irritated at the impudence of his son at sending such a thing to him. He had tried playing nice and convincing Jaune to do anything besides being a huntsman but no, the child had to be stubborn and pigheaded. Noticing something he looked at the statue again, noting that there was still a good deal of metal missing.

AN: I haven't picked his semblance yet, so suggestions will be taken as the story progresses, but I plan to wait a bit before focusing that, still settling on his equipment.