"I wasn't, PTSD isn't the easiest thing to deal with, and unfortunately I'm dealing with it, bad as such I need something to help and I think being able to talk to my family as family again, and a few other things you guys never noticed will help"

They spent the next week getting ready for the reactions that would happen once they regained their true names and when that day came (with the proper announcements that would allow them to openly carry their journals again) there were definitely reactions, the rest of the EDC were in an uproar about their names thinking initially that the Cybertronians were being selfish and dishonoring their daughter and her friends, but over time they saw where the Cybertronians were going and calmed down about everything

"Dan, you packed?"

"Yes Allison, what for?"

"Russia, there's trouble at the base and since I speak fluent Russian and you're an expert in the problem we were selected to go"

"Why can't those at the base resolve the problem?"

"No idea"

"Got it"

It turned out that the reason the two were needed was because the EDC base in Russia was undermanned between illness and death. They would stay in Russia for two months while the EDC got the base back up and running properly. On the way home both decided to do some journal reading and while Tonto read the last journal, Allison decided to read the first and also go back to the beginning because she was simply in that mood

Day 2

It's only been two days since...that incident and I personally am still in shock, I am also beginning to wonder when people will catch on to the fact that the Lone Ranger and Tonto are gone. I promise to keep up the work you guys started but right now I don't know what to do, I haven't even decided when or even if to inform the government before they start hearing the rumors. I also need to decide if I am going to do both bounty hunting and helping the government, who again don't know except for the President, but I don't know if he should tell anyone else, maybe he'll leave a message for me so that we can get together and talk things through, but who knows

The two kept reading for a few hours before going to sleep for the rest of the journey. Once home the four friends continued to simply do their jobs for several more years but soon enough it came on their twenty year anniversary of being in the EDC and they decided to celebrate it in private until called for by her family

"Twenty years huh?"

"Yes, and it's been a long twenty years at that in some ways, but not so long in others"

"Think we'll meet your family soon in regards to how long we're going to remain in the EDC?"

"Yes, we need to discuss whether we'll stay another ten years or another twenty years before retiring"

"Though we'll be considered a bit young to die if we're 'killed' ten years from now"

"Well that's something I wanted to discuss before talking with the family, maybe instead of dying and then immediately transitioning back to our other jobs we could retire for a few years and then 'die' and start our journey back to our old lives"

"That's a thought, and it would help not establish a pattern too now that I think about it"

"Wait, what about events that would kill a normal person?"

"That person 'dies' and then simply goes into hiding and waits until it's time to transition back to our old lives"

"That could work, bit dangerous and boring but it could work"

"Gotta do what we gotta do John"

"True enough, true enough"

Later that day they met with the three leaders of Cybertron and it was indeed about their situation

"So, we're thinking fifteen years from now you'll retire and then we'll fake your deaths so that you can go back to your other jobs"

"Actually we need to talk about that, I think we shouldn't establish such a pattern, as such while we can retire in fifteen years I think we should stay alive for at least a couple of years before 'dying' for whatever reason, we can decide on how long we should live later but not establishing a particular pattern is for the best for everyone"

"You may be right"

"So, fifteen years from now you announce your retirement?"

"Yes, and once retirement is announced we'll figure out when to 'kill' ourselves and leave the EDC for a time"

"You going back to your original jobs or will you wait until after the next time you join the EDC?"

"Original jobs, we might decide to switch things up occasionally eventually but for now let's not get too crazy with what to do about the situation we've been forced into"

"Your choice guys, just know that if needed..."

"We know, and we've decided to use safe houses or something of the like if it's before the actual time so as to keep things safe"

"That should work, you'll likely be bored but..."

"Better bored than busted"

"Well, for now back to your duties"

Fifteen years later and the group retired in a staggered mode, every three months one of the group retired so as to make sure those taking over for them were properly able to handle the job, and seventeen years after their retirement Allison was the first person to "die" in an accident, Tonto and Dan "died" just a year later in a plane crash (Tonto had gotten a pilot's license early in his career in the EDC and had kept his license up since), as for John he lasted the longest "dying" ten years after the loss of his friend and nephew (though no one knew Dan was his nephew) due to a faked illness, during his "final hours" his mind flashed back to an incident in his original time


The Lone Ranger and Tonto were worried, Allison and her group had come into the same town they were helping with news of an outlaw group that had managed to take down a fort, and were possibly riling up renegade Indians. When that had been received the town started preparing for trouble

"Are you sure about how many outlaws are in the group?"

"Not entirely, they were moving in a pack making it hard to count them, and if they do indeed rile up a band of renegade Indians..."

"You have a point, and the nearest fort is at least three days ride from here"

"If they're even properly manned"

"Didn't think of that"

"Come on Tonto, we'll see what we can do to slow the group down"

"We'll join you two"

"No, you're needed in town"


"If the fort is abandoned they'll need all the fighters they can get"

(Sighs) "I understand, be careful"

"We will be"

Later that week things weren't looking the greatest for the town

"Now what?"

"Now...now I do this"

Allison suddenly dips the tip of an arrow in oil and then lights the arrow with a torch and shoots it, starting a fire, five arrows had the entire front of the town covered with the fire heading in the direction of the outlaws and renegade Indians

"That should slow them down at least"

"Yes but if the wind shifts..."

"That's why I had the idea of asking the Sheriff to evacuate the town beforehand, now all we can do is wait and hope the military can get here"


Fortunately the Lone Ranger and Tonto on one end and the Army on the other managed to take care of the outlaws and renegade Indians and then also managed to quickly put out the fire


John suddenly goes into a severe coughing fit that was only stopped because of Ratchet

"It's almost time isn't it?"

"Yes, I've done what I could, but you're dying, I'll...I'll make it as painless as I can"

"Thanks for everything, I'm tired now so I'll sleep, hope to join my friends soon"

John goes to sleep and is helped in remaining asleep via a drug given to him by Ratchet. Five hours later and John "died" in his sleep

"It's over"

"Yes, at least he wasn't in pain when the end came"

When John awoke seventeen hours later he was quickly reunited with the rest of the group and they all continued to remain hidden for two years while they let the EDC mourn his loss but finally they knew it was time to go back to their original jobs

"Well time to start the rotation all over again"

"Indeed it is Dan, indeed it is"

And so over the many centuries that the four rotated between the EDC and the civilian world they kept things pretty normal so as to keep everything with the government straight, though they also occasionally mixed things up a bit as a precaution in between EDC periods. One time all four of them joined a civilian government job with John joining NASA, Tonto joining the NTSB, while Allison went with the Chemical Safety Board and Dan joined the CDC as an epidemiologist after going back to college to earn his degree, another time all four of them were active duty Coast Guard for almost the entire rotation while another saw all of them going back to school to become teachers, and yet a different rotation saw all of them as astronauts exploring different planets, and then the final rotation, the one where all of them died one by one saw each of them in dangerous jobs, Dan would die first as a firefighter, and five years later John and Tonto would die six months apart from each other in a gunfight and building collapse respectively, John in the gunfight as an FBI agent and Tonto in the building collapse with the Red Cross after an earthquake, his other job was equally dangerous anyways and he very well could have died in an explosion as an explosives expert with SWAT and Allison would die by drowning during a rescue herself as part of the Coast Guard, all of them would be buried on Cybertron per their wish and given a military funeral in secret per the President's wish, and their history would remain secret for another two centuries before their true stories would be told. As for Arizona Lawson's journals, each copy would be donated to a famous museum around the world and made public at the same time as their deaths, though the Cybertronians waited a few months before allowing that to happen even if it was in their wills to do so, but no one blamed the Cybertronians for waiting a bit while they simply enjoyed it for themselves in private mourning their loss in their own way