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Chapter 1: My life has turned 180° degree

It is 05:00 a.m, A boy that wearing dark blue pajama was turning the alarm off. He had Ragna's hair, but its color is black, he had blue sapphire eyes while he had his usually Cool-stoic face. His room was quite simple, it had some poster about Gundam OO, Gundam Unicorn, Yugioh DM, GX, 5DS, and Zexal. Right now he is getting ready for school by starting to take a bath into the shower.

10 minutes later...

He wears a grey shirt and pants with a red necktie. Right now he is preparing his breakfast and a bento, he is making omelet since that is the easiest to cook. He also makes a Hot chocolate milk for the day. Since 20 minutes has passed and the food is ready, he's starting to eat.

Haru: Itadakimasu... (He said while clasping his hand)

After he finished having a breakfast, he grabbed his bike then lock's his home front door. His home is quite simple, just imagine nobita's home but much more simple. Except, it doesn't have the second floor.

On the way to the school, he greets Mr. Robert. The policeman that guards around his home. It is not too far, it only takes 5 minutes from his home towards the police station.

After that, he goes through a bridge. Then it would take 30 minutes to arrive at the school.

30 minutes later...

Haru had arrived at school(just imagine nobita's school, sorry if I did not have a good imagination) The wind is blowing fast and the Sakura tree is blooming

Haru: "This is why that nature is always amazed me. It has a lot of secrets that we don't know... I wish Shishou could see this, he would be very happy"

Suddenly he heard someone shouting his name

Riku: OOOOI! Haru Ohaiyo!(good morning!) (A/N: He had an innocent face, green eyes, brown raven hair)

Haru: Ohaiyo Riku, I am glad that you came this early. (He said, giving him a small smile)

Riku: You too Haru, You always comes first.

Haru: Hehehehe... (He laughs with a cool smile)

Riku: Don't forget that we will buy the new gunpla! It's sooo FREACKING COOL!

Haru: Yeah, we will. Also, I need to buy some new Yugioh cards. I want to enter the tournament next week, better get some new support cards for my Warrior deck.

Riku: I know, I know. You really love playing that card game eh?

Haru: Yeah. (He said, pulling one of the cards from the pockets in his pants)

Haru: I don't know why. But for some reason, I always had a feeling that I have a connection with my cards. And it felt stronger if I imagine that I had a Gundam 00 monster card...

Riku: You and your imaginations...(he said while rolling his eyes) Come! Let's get inside!

Riku started to run into the school, leaving Haru behind

Haru: Hey! Wait for me, I need to park my bike!

At Lunch...

Haru and Riku were eating together under a tree. They did that since the air was quite comfortable, then they decided to eat their lunches in here. however, they could see that the girls (a.k.a fangirl) are spying on Haru

Haru: Man, I really wish that they could stop doing that. It's bothering me.

Riku: Really? (He said with _ face) Shouldn't you be happy that the girls got their eyes on you? I mean... You are Smart, had a cool face and really kind to all of us. Except when the time that we first met.

Haru: *sigh* Riku, I already told you why I was acting like that.

Riku: I know. But you need to forgive yourself, and start dating someone. You really need that. (He tells at a firm tone)

Haru: I know, I know. It's easier said than done.

Riku: Oh really? The last time I heard that, you started to watch some romance drama.

Haru choked his food hearing that statement

Haru: How did you... (Surprised, that Riku knows it)

Riku: The last time I visited your house, I accidentally found your romance drama file on your laptop that I borrowed from you to play Gundam Online. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Haru: Thanks.

Riku: No prob.

Girls(that are spying on him): AAAAH Haru-samaaaa!

Haru just sweatdropped and waved his hand at them. This caused the girls to shout 'KYAAAAH!' very loud. Then the school bell rings as a sign that the lunch is over.

Haru: Oh yeah. Have you finished the homework? Because we need to give it to the teacher after lunch is over.

Riku: Crap, the homework! HARU PLEASE! (He said begging for help)

Haru: You really are hopeless...

Later at gunpla shop

Riku: SUGOOOI! There are a lot of gunpla's! Which one should I buy? Zeta? Unicorn? F91? Crossbone? OH, what about This Haru! Gundam Barbatos!? (He said with starry eyes)

Haru: Whoa calm down my freind. I know that you are a nerd about gunpla, but you need to calm down.

Riku: Sorry, I was a bit carried away back then. (He said while rubbing his head)

Haru: yeah.

Riku: So, which one should I buy?

Haru: Hmm, since you are a fan of UC Gundam series, I think you should buy Unicorn or Banshee, Maybe Phenex.

Riku: You can say that again.







After a moment Riku decided to Buy Phenex

Haru: So that is your choice eh?

Riku: Yep! And I will beat you and become the best builder in the world!

Haru: You can try, but it won't that easy.

At card shop

Haru and Riku opened the door to see an old gramps. He had a short white beard under his chin, had a bald hair, yellow colored eyes, and a good looking face. His name is Max Zanbei, half Japanese and half England. He is the shopkeeper of this shop, and Haru always comes here, either to buy or dueling other players to test his dueling skill.

Haru: Hello Max-jiisan!

Max: Ohohoho, if it's not Haru and Riku. I believe that you came here to buy some new cards for the tournament.

Haru: Yes Jii-san, do you have some nice cards to sell?

Max: OF COURSE! (He said bringing some card packs from the table)

Riku: That sure is a lot...

Max: Of course it is! Also, the sender of this pack said that inside one of these packs contains Gundam cards. It's a warrior type monster and it contains some nice support cards. Uhh, what is it again? They said it was created for the anniversary of the date Blue-eyes and The Sunrise company since the date when they made Blue-eyes card is the same day as Gundam 00 first aired on Tv.

Haru: To think that it had the same date production...

Riku: Yeah, no joke. HARU! You need to GET that card! Don't let it fall into someone grasp!

Haru sweatdropped at this

Haru: You sounded like your life is dependent on it... (He said looking at Riku)

Haru: But still, I want to have that card.

Max: In case you don't know Haru, there is only one Haro card that was made. It's very rare, you are very lucky since it was coming to the shop last night. Nobody has known about this... Yet. If you could get that card today, then you are very lucky.

Haru: I already considered my self-lucky, jiisan. Now, which one should I pick?

Riku and Max-Jiisan just staring at Haru, watching the scene that is unfolded in front of them.










Haru: Fine, I choose this. (He picked up a pack that has a picture that shows Kuriboh was playing football)

Haru opened the pack, it felt slow when he did that. He took a monster card from the pack. When he read it, he believes that today is his lucky day.

Haru: Guys... I get it (he says with a big grin on his face)

Riku: REALLY!? (He asked with a mixture of shock, and happiness)

Haru just showed the monster card to them and they are very, very surprised

Max: Congratulations boy!

Haru just sheepishly rubbed his head, hearing that Jii-san was congratulated him

Haru: Thank you Jiisan.

Haru then proceed's to take the other 4 other cards. He takes a close look at the cards, he was wondering, What the heck is the problem with this pack?. The first one is a spell card called 'Gundam's Will', then 2 Monster with the name 'Gundam-Knight' and a trap card called Gundam Absorb counter. Haru was intrigued by this. he dont knows what to say and decided to put it into his pocket.

Riku: So what other cards that you get? (He asked, curious with his freind other cards that he just get)

Haru: Just some normal monsters and a trap card.

Haru "That is what I want to believe, but it appears that I had a Great luck today"

He decided to not to tell them about the other cards that he just gets. He doesn't know why, but it feels like he shouldn't tell it to other people.

Haru: Thanks Jiisan. Now I will head to the restaurant, I had some part-time job to do. (He said starting to get out from the shop with Riku)

Max: Ah yes, be careful out there! (He said, waving his hand)

Haru and Riku: We will Jii-san!

Unknown to all of them, this is a start of our Hero journey to save the world. With his powers, he could be the savior that saves the 4 dimensions, or... He could be the Chaos that destroy the world?

After Riku and Haru finished buying some cards, they began to part ways since Haru needs to do his part-time job. Meanwhile Riku, just gonna get some Goods since his mom tells him to do it.

At a certain restaurant

The restaurant has quite the view.

A lot of customers is ordering food and we can hear that the kitchen has loud noises as a sign that the chef's works with some extra energy than the usual. Inside the kitchen, there is Haru and a certain tall guy with a muscular body. Both of them are wearing white chefs clothes.

The muscular guy is the owner of the restaurant. His name is Johnson Willbert, he had a brown skin with an energetic face with a pair of black eyes and always wears his blue tank top and soldier jeans if he is not working. He is an Ex-Soldier, he quit the job since he had some injuries that led him to get Fired in a very Honourable way.

Then there is our cheerful waitresses, Mia and Tia. They are twins that looked for a job since they need to pay for their university. They are very cheerful, and that's one of the reasons that made this restaurant full of customers. Aside from the delicious food that Haru and John made.

Haru, Mia, and Tia always Called John 'Owner'. Because he had a mighty and wise looking face and the trio decided to call him that. Mia and Tia had the same face, appearance, and hairstyle. Their hairstyle is long twintail. The only thing that is different is their hair color and their personality. Mia is always brave while Tia is quite shy. Mia's hair color is bright-red meanwhile Tia's is Light-blue. Their face is quite similar to Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue( A/N: Yes I am a fan of Blazblue, even though I never played it. I only watch the gameplay from Youtube) Mia had bright Yellow eyes. Meanwhile, Tia had a dark purple crystal Eyes.

After the restaurant is closed, Haru started to look at his watch, it shows that it's already 07:00 p.m. Those 4 are on the front of the restaurant, preparing to go back after the exhausting work.

John: Great job you three, especially you Haru. (He says as he locked the door)

John: You did a great job out there, today's customer is much merrier than usual. (He stated while holding his chin)

Haru was trying to catch his breath after the exhausting work.

Haru: T-thanks... Ow... Ner... (He reply while his hand was on his knees)

Mia: You really deserved it Haru-chan! (She says with a playful smile)

Mia: But still... Why haven't you had a girlfriend?~ (she asked while gazing at her little sister)

Tia just blushing a bit at her sister other intention.

Tia: Mou! Onee-san! Why are you looking at me like that!? (She blushed at her sister)

Haru: Knock it off Mia-nee. She needs some rest.

Mia: Hmph, you are not funny. (She pouted)

Haru: *sigh* Well, I gotta go now. I need to take a shower after that crazy amount of customers. (He stated as he grabs his bike)

Mia: Yeah, be careful.

But before he goes, she had a thing to say to him, and she knows that it will be hilarious.

Mia: What about if Tia comes to your house and wash your back? I bet it feels nice~

Tia: Nee-san! (Her face is much redder than a tomato)

John: Hahaha, young love...

Haru: Geez, you really need to stop that Mia-nee. Well... I am off, bye guys!

Haru then rode his bike and heading to his home

Tia: B-bye Haru-kun! (She said while waving her hand)

Mia: Be careful!

John: Have a nice trip lad!

After that Haru rode his bike to his home.

Haru: "Geez, somebody needs to stop Mia-nee when she started to tease me, neither Tia. It's embarrassing" (He thought as he blushes)

At Haru's home

Haru has finished his shower and started to eat his dinner. After that, he starting to go to the bedroom. He opened the door, then he put his new cards at his study table. After he put it, he sat on the bed and reviewing about today's event.

Haru: "Hmmm, even after what has happened today. I couldn't help but keep have a bad thought's. Especially those cards... " (He thought as he glances at Those cards)

Haru: Oh well, maybe I just being paranoid. (He said as he closes his eyes while sighing)

After that, he took his blanket and goes to sleep. But unknown to him, those cards are starting to shine faintly. Then you could hear a voice calling his name. Or more precisely three voices. The cards started to shine brighter and brighter as the room started to freeze. It feels like the time and space has stopped for a moment...

?: "Wake up! Wake up! Haru! Haru!"

?: "Sheesh... Let master take a rest for a while, Haro."

Haro is a green colored pet robot with red eyes

Haru: "But Exia! But Exia! I want him to-"

Dynames then cut off Haro before he starting to pouting again

Dynames: "Exia is right. He needs to rest first so we can explain everything. This will make him very shocked, especially since he is not from this universe..."

Haro: "Fine... Fine..."

After 8 hours of a peaceful and relaxing nap

Haru: Hnng! What a nice nap!

Haru stretched his arms, Glad that he could get a relaxing slumber. Unfortunately, it will come to an end. After he stretched his arms, he look atlook atroundings. Surprised at the event that was unfolding in front of him. There... There is a... GHOST! And there is 3 of them! (A/N: Basically It's Exia, Dynames, and Haro in Duel spirit form)

Dynames: "Oi oi. We are not a ghost, we are an Duel spirit Duh" (He says while rolling his eyes)

Haru: Huh? What do you mean by that? (He says while narrowing his eyes)

Exia: "just as Dynames said, we are Duel spirit and we come from other woanother world stated with a firm tone)

Haru: Hahaha... Please tell me that this is a joke. (He asked with a comical face)

Dynames: "Sadly it is no." (He answered as he took a Black sunglass out of nowhere and put it on his eyes)

Exia: " *sigh* Dynames, I suggest that you put that sunglass back." (He requested, tired of his brother in arms attitude)

Dynames: "Ehehe... Sorry my bad" (he said as he put it back )

Haru: "Okay... Where the heck that he put his sunglass!?" (he thought, intrigued about how Dynames did that)

Dynames: "Please don't mind about it master." (he replied, since a duel spirit can read their partner thoughtthoughts How did you know that!? (He asked)

Exia: "Master, a duel spirit communicate through reading our Partner's thoughts that you refrain from thinking something weird. Because we would know about it too"

Haru: Oh yeah, wait. Then that mean's you guys came from a world where dueling is a part of your life!? Like the Anime?!

Dynames: "Correct! And you were a strong duelist back there!" ( He replied enthusiastically)

Haru: Did you say... Back there? Does that mean i was from a Anime world that get stuck in here!?

Exia: " *sigh* well here it goes..." (he muttered under his breath)

Exia: "Just as you said master, you are not from this world"

Haru's mind just shattered into pieces, upon hearing that. He is not from this world, he belongs into a world where people had anime eyes, a place where a Children's Card Game is a part of your life. If you could not on top of the game, you could lost everything that you hold dear.

Haru: *sigh* Guys. (He said that as he got the intention of the duo)

Haru: After you said that. I think... I shouln't be here...

Exia and Dynames was surprised by this. They did not expect that their Master could accept it that easily. Especially after what he had through in here.

Haru: It's against the nature's law. And what I did was breaking that law. I must get back home, but... How did I get transported in the first place? Also why i did not remember you guys when i got those cards?

Dynames: "Simple. It's because your powers."

Haru: Powers?

Exia then proceeds to tell him about his powers

Exia: "Master, you had a special power. It is called Eclipse. It allows you to read other people tought's and to travel places."

Exia: "The last time you used it. There is an accident that occurred process. It is the reason why you are get transported here"

Haru: I see...

Dynames: "Also, you need to use your wisely since it had a drawback. It could cause you to have an amnesia which you had right now, or even worse" (He reminded him)

Haru: *gulp* I will... But what will happen when i get back home?

Exia: "Simple. The people that you associated in this world will forgot you. And some memories of the Yu-gi-oh Anime that you watched will gone."

Haru: WHAT!? (He yelled)

Dynames: "Exia you idiot." (He muttered as he do the Karate punch at Exia's head)

Dynames: "Sadly it is true master. Now we will leave that choice to you."

Haru was furios. He doesn'thwant his'friend'sgot forgethim. But mostly, it is also his fault. Get transported in the first place. He need toneedse a wise decision, his freind'friend'sook care of hik in hims world. Or his freind that needed his help back at his home...

Haru: Exia.

Exia still rubbing his head, because of the karate punch that Dynames gave to thim, btheme turn his head to his master when he heard that he was calling his name.

Haru: I'll go back, but Under 1 condition.

Exia and Dynames is intrigued by this.

Haru: I could bring a monster card that Riku gave to me when i got the first place at the gunpla building tournament.

Exia and Dynames was ... Glad that. The fact that his master could easily accept the truth that he was not from here. In the top of that, he said that he would come back to his home. This made both of them grateful about their master attitude. Despite that they will forget about him.

At least, they need to say yes as a thank Since they couldn't do anything else.

Exia: "Of course you may." (He said with tone that he had no problem at that)

Haru began to take the card that Riku gave him. It's caItsame is Honest. This card always let him to turne tide of a duel whenever he was in a pinch. He will treasure it forever, as their proof of bestfriend.

Haru: Now, what should I do in order to use my powers?

Exia: "Just Imagine that you are started to get transported with your powers"

Haru just do what Exia just told him earlier. About how he use hisuseswers. He begun enveloped in a green particles and started to disappear.

At Academia's beach

It is evening. There is nobody except a girl with a indigon colored hair with a ponytail hairstyle, tied with a yellow colored ribbon. She also wears a necklace that his childhood freind gave to her. It has a Moon carve on it. She was gazing at the ocean, awed by the beautiful sight that she saw. If he was here, she bet that he would be amazed by it too.

Then someone came, searching for her since it's already the time to get back to the dorm. The person had a purple eyebrows and uniform. He is the loyal dog of the professor. But not after what he did to his best friend, that's including the indigo haired girl. Both of them are starting to spy at the professor movement's after that incident.

?: There you are Serena! It's almost past the curfew, you need to come back to the dorm before it's too late. (The purple guy said)

Serena: Yes, thanks for reminding me Yuri. It's just... (She replied as her tear began to dropper on the eyes)

Yuri just sighed about this. He knows why she always came here in the first place. But, it won't change the fact that he was no longer in here

Yuri: You know that you will make him sad if you keep crying like that. I bet that He want us to keep moving forward, despite the hardship's that we fought. (He tells her in a firm but caring tone)

Serena: I know... Thanks, Yuri. (She replied, giving him a small smile)

Yuri: Oh my, I never thought that you would say that to me. Especially since you fell-.

Yuri's idea to tease her was ruined when he sensed a dark aura behind Serena. He started to sweating fast, regretting that he was mentioned it.

Serena: YUUUURIIIII! (She shouted. Embarrassed about what he was about to say)

Yuri: Gah! It was an accident!

Yuri started to get chased by Serena. Running for his life. He still remembered the last time that he got cought, and it wasn't a nice memory...

To be continued

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