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"Flashback Speech"


Chapter 4:

Haru decides to join You Show duel school, pleased with Yuya's belief as a duelist. And because of it, he will gain new experience, problems, and friendship along the way. Will he regain something that he have lost long ago? Then would it happen to affect this world future?


So everything that makes me whole ima Kimi ni Sasageyou...

(Haru, Yuya, and Yuzu nodding each other while slowly turn their heads to stare at the beautiful seas of the star at the night time)

I am yours...


(A pair of transparent hands from a boy and a girl with a bracelet holding each other tightly at the middle screen with black-white shades moving on the background as it slowly dissipates into the fanfic title)

Gundam Arc-V

Raising Quantum Of Gundam Knight's

Nee...Konna Sekai ni Watakusan no...Shiawase ga arun da ne...

(Haru, Yuya, Yuzu and You show gang are taking a picture in the front of YouShow school as the changes become Reiji sitting at his office while writing some documents. The screen were blinking from slow to fast pace as it start to show Yuto, Shun, and Ruri were walking around Miami city from the shadows)

Itsuka... Futari Nara...

( Serena and Yuri are looking at a photo, showing that she and he was hugged by a certain boy with black shaggy hair. Serena was crying a little while Yuri put his hand at her shoulder, shaking his head with a sad face)

Dare ga ka Kimi no Koto Usotsuki no Yonde.

( Haru is standing at Exia's right shoulder who currently flying in the. His eyes is closed, thinking in deep thought as the tranparent image of his oldfreinds, new freinds, and family appeared on the left side of his face)

Kokoro nai Kotoba de Kizutsuke you to shite mo.

(Showing a see-through girl with white-light hair in the same hairstyle as Marina Ismail that wears a clean-white dress was walking around Miami park)

Sekai ga Kimi no koto wo Shinji you to sezu ni...

(Haru was running to catch Exia's monster card as it turned into a blue orb)

Ibari no... Kanmuri wo... Kabuseyou to shite mo!

(Showing Haru held out his Exia card into the sky as it appeared at the duel field)

Watashi Wa Kimi Dake no mikata ni nareru you.

(Showing Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, Virtue and a Bulkier version of Exia is dodging tons of attack. Then the scene changed into a shadow figure of a black and red colored Exia is standing behind Haru)

Sono Kodoku Itami wo Watashi was Shitteiru.

(Showing Haru and his Gundam Knight's was fighting against Sora's Fluffal monsters)

So everything that makes me whole imi Kimi ni Sasageyou...

(Showing a picture of YouShow crew with Serena, Haru, Ruri, Yuri, Yuto, Yuya, Yuzu, Yugo, Rin and Co in it)


The sun is shining bright.

A pair of birds are chirping lovely and beautiful melodies in a tree branch, near the Sakaki residense, where our protagonist is sleeping inside the house, starting from yesterday. After the melody have ended, Haru wakes up from his deep slumber.

He wears a pajama from a locker in the room. Surprisingly, when he tried to wear it last night, those clothes fit him well. Yep, definitely Anime logic. Back to the main topic, He wears a plain dark ocean pajama set with some horizontal red lines on the torso part.

"Hrrng!" Haru said, stretching his arms with his sleepy stoic face.

'Ahh... It's been a while since I had a joyful nap.' He thought.

Haru looks around the room that lends him. It was quite decent. It had a blue colored wall, a nightstand with a simple lamp and pen on it facing the wall, a bed, a bathroom, a locker, and a window. Simple, but comfortable.

Haru stood from the bed and went toward the bathroom, preparing himself to take a shower while searching for a towel. After he finds it, he entered the bathroom. He unbuttoned his pajama and putting the towel and clothes to the hangar that's attached to the back of the door before turning on the shower tap. He has a six-pack torso that is well built, but not like those masochists that have an overbuilt muscle of course. But the most noticeable traits of his muscles, and some scars around his body. Meaning that he had through a lot of Events.

Those scars came from his time back at Earth, far before he started to live a normal teenage life... Far before he started to work at 'Owner' restaurant, and obviously, far before he came to this world. The most noticeable 'scar' is the medium-sized diagonal cut at his back. That cut is quite long. Its length is started from the back of his upper back right shoulder till the left corner of his back. And as long as he wears a shirt, nobody will know about this.

Soon, he took a nearby shampoo before scrubbing it into his hair. As the water flows through his body, trains of thoughts are flowing through his mind. Especially when he met Sakaki Yoko last night.

When Yuya introduced him to her, Haru was quite amused by Yuya's mother. Of course, it had to do by accidently mistaking her as Yuya big sister. Aside from that... She treated him equally as if he is her own son, biologically. Which makes him respect her even more. Also, her Pancakes is very delicious. He'll love to have another round of it.

The next thing is about how will he will search for some information. He could search it on the internet but he doubts that it'll suffice. After all, things are always covered in a blanket. But that's just the first step because he already had a better plan for it, and it had to do with his duel disk. He was glad to get quite an amount of DP's from the duel with Yuya and those bullies. Is it really that easy to get money in this... World? Definitely Anime logic... Again.

Using his left hand to reach the body soap on a nearby oval shape faucet, he started to wrap his body with the soap while thinking about the bullies he just met, including Sora. Those bullies, they are very careless to reveal they're true identity. They did not know who are they messing with. Even though Haru is skeptical about them, are they natural air-headed idiots? Even if they disguised as an LDS student, that is... Just... AHH! He really needs to stop thinking about it.

As for Sora, the first impression he got when he met him yesterday is just a shorty coconut sweets-loving boy. That is until he notices his jacket color... That is not an ordinary blue colored jacket. But it's an 'Obelisk blue' colored jacket which makes him on Haru's warning list. Either he is cocky or careless because he thinks that there is no one in this dimension who knew the existence of the 4 dimensions. God, he doesn't know that he is being watched by someone who is on par with a 'Reaper' in terms of harmful. If Haru is in his place he would pity himself.

Then another question pops up in his mind, with a 'ding' sound of course. Sighing, Haru who just finished wrapping the soap around his body started to rinse his body with the shower.

'...Anime in a nutshell... Still not used to it tho.' Haru thought.

Wiping his face, he started to think that What if...

That there is a faction or someone else who knew the existence of Academia in this dimension?


Inside LDS Tower


"Are you okay ? I think that you need to take a rest for a bit."

Akaba Reiji, a tan-skinned man who wears a red-colored rectangular shape glasses with a red scarf along with a blue colored sweater and white colored jeans with white shoes just muzzle his nose for a bit before fixing his glasses. Asked by one of his most trusted worker Nakajima.

"I'm fine, thank you for being worried about my health Nakajima." Reiji calmly replied at his worried worker.

"Okay. But I suggest that you should take a glimpse of fresh air for a bit." Nakajima suggested toward his boss.

"Noted. But, we didn't have the time to enjoy our luxury. I believe that that... man, also have the same thought... Like myself." Reiji firmly replies before staring at the big screen, looking for any irregular activities in the city. Mostly to guard it against any Academia spies.


Back with Haru

After Haru has done took a bath, he quickly changes his outfit with a gray colored shirt with a basketball picture on the middle and deep blue jeans on his legs. Don't forget his trademark red-colored jacket.

Haru looks at his duel disk to saw that it's 06:15 a.m. He decides to go toward the living room for helping Yoko-san preparing the breakfast. Including Yuya's lunch since he's gonna go to the school.

That is...after he picked up his new and blank cards that mysteriously appear at his pants back at Youshow.



After his duel with Yuya, Haru was washing his face at Youshow before going to Yuya's home. When he has done, he turned off the faucet and wiping off his face with a towel. Ready to walk toward the exit, until...

"Master, wait," Exia said as he signaling his master to stop.

"Yes, Exia? Is something wrong?" Haru asked. A bit intrigued.

"Master, did you feel that your pants were a bit heavier after the duel?" Exia asked.

Haru pondered this for a moment while rubbing his chin. "Now that you mention it, yes it did," he answered.

"Can you check it?"


"I can sense a lot of locked spiritual energy emanating from it. We need to check it from preventing any notorious outcomes." Exia explains while crossing his arms. Haru closed his eyes for a while before he said 'Fine' as he reached his pocket on the right.

'Why am I having a weird feeling about this..' He thought.

Haru picks up the blank cards from the pocket with his right hand and showing it to Exia. He starting to examine it as if he is a cop. After he finished examines it, his eyes flashed a bit. 'The cards are... Changing!? Oh god, why am I having the same powers as Yusei's...'

The cards were shining brightly. Went it died down, it shows some new support cards for his Gundam-Knight. Haru is not really surprised about this, well the fact that he is born in a fiction world is already weird enough for him to take it in. When Haru excavated the cards, he notices that not all of the cards are changed. Though there are quite a lot of cards that changed.

"These cards are..." Haru says.

"Yes, it is Master. These cards are the new supports for your deck. Even there are some new Trap & Spell cards, Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz monsters... Even Ritual. And-" Exia words were cut off by his master."And this card... It's the same that Yuya has..." Haru eyes widened a bit seeing some Pendulum cards at his hand.

"You are right master, you have Pendulum cards now." Exia couldn't help but smile at those New cards, which means he will meet new allies.

As for Haru, he is both glad and worried. Knowing that only Yuya had those cards and nobody else had it except him, along with the attitude that Yuya showed at the duel which will cause... Selfishness. He need to give Yuya a little more speech about being a true duelist, that'll help him find his own purpose and style when dueling.

"Haru! Have you done yet? Its getting late!" Yuya shouted from outside which is loud enough to be heard by Haru.

By the time Haru walk out from the toilet, his spirits have vanished and saw Yuya already waited for him near the toilet door.

"Let's go." Haru walks with Yuya toward his home. Yuya just smiled as they walked through the streets...



Haru then opens his door room and close it again before passing Yuya's room that had a pole in front of it... Odd. Using the stairs, he walked down toward the living room. There is a big black LED Tv and a white color sofa placed toward the Tv and some other things that a house usually had in it. The living room is connected to the dining room and the kitchen. The dining room had a white square table with four white chairs on each side of the table.

In the kitchen, there is a Blonde woman that looked like in her early 20s, though she is older than that. She has a short braided wavy blonde hair with a bit of orange in it. She wears light yellow clothing with a dark green apron, a sign that she had cooked for breakfast.

"Ohaiyo Yoko-san" Haru greeted his tomato haired friend mom.

"Ah, Ohaiyo Haru-kun. And you could drop the formalities dear." Yoko answer while making a LOT of pancakes.

"If you say so... Yoko"

"Good one sweety." Yoko commends at Haru's effort.

" It's still hard to drop the formalities Yoko-sa-, I mean Yoko." the stoic boy slumped a bit with his eyes shrinking a bit.

Yoko giggled a bit at Haru's response, "It's okay. Everybody needs time to adjust to new things." Yoko said before focusing on the pancakes again.

Haru nodded before asking, "Is there anything that I can help?"

"Its-" the blonde turned her face to look at Haru's for saying 'It's okay dear, I can do it by myself.' only to found herself seeing his eyes that he is taking no for an answer. Her eyes widened a little at it thus decide to give what he wants. Probably because he is living in her home and doesn't want to just take the pleasure...which is true, unknown to her.

"If you insist then could you help me to prepare the glass and plates for breakfast?" she stopped talking while touching her left cheek with left hand "Oh and don't forget with Yuya's bento!" Yoko tells Haru as she turned to face him.

With a nod, Haru carries out the request he got from Yoko. He started to look at the kitchen to find the perfect eating utensils that they need for breakfast, along with Yuya's bento of course.

It didn't take too long to find the nice plates. He put it at the table before filling the drinks with mineral water.

"Oh yeah, don't forget to prepare 4 glass and plates Haru!" The blonde told him while cooking.

'Huh, 4? For wh- o...OOOOO.' Haru ponders for a while until he felt the presence of a certain coconut boy behind him, "What are you doing in here coconut boy?" He turns his body to face Sora who is standing behind him. Surprisingly he did not bring his lollipop today.

"For God Sake... It's Sora! Shiunin Sora! And to answer your question, this is my routine. Nee-san pancakes are very delicious after all!" the cyan-haired boy replied with a tinge of a red mark on his head, nevertheless he answered Haru's question.

"Ara Sora-chan~" Yoko started to squel in happiness "Calling me Nee-san is a bit..." She put both of her hand on her cheeks with sweet smile, while Haru just sweatdropped with his stoic face at Yuya's mom antics.

Haru just closed his eyes and sighed a bit before continuing his business.

'Just how sweet is his tooth?'

After 15 minutes of preparing breakfast...

Haru and Sora were eating Yoko's delicious pancakes at the table. The tension between them is quite... Awkward. Why? Because each time Sora tries to make a conversion with Haru, he just say 'I see' or 'don't talk while eating' that leads to the current situation. This lasts for another 5 minutes until a certain tomato haired boy come out from his bedroom from the upstairs. Instead of using the stairs, he used a pole in front of his room to get down quickly towards the dining room.

"Ohaiyo Kaa-san!" Yuya says to her mom.

"Ohaiyo too sweet-heart. Did you sleep well?" Yoko asks her son.

"I do mom!" Yuya cheerfully answers "Huh, Haru you've already up?" Yuya said with a surprised face. Tilting his head to face the black haired duelist.

Haru just nodded at Yuya's question before continue eating his pancakes.

"About time you show up Yuya. It's already 06:35 and you could late for school if you woke any longer." Sora messes with him.

"Oh, shut it Sora." Yuya hisses at his friend tease. (A/N: in this fic, Yuya's school gate will be closed at 07:15)

"Sora had a point Yuya," Haru pointed "I heard from your mom that you need 30 minutes to walk to school. If I include the time you need for breakfast it's around 15 minutes. But knowing your monstrous appetite," at this point, Yuya seemed to grow a red tick mark on his head "You would've finished in 2 minutes." The sapphire eyed-boy finished said as he took another bite of pancake with his fork on his right hand while holding the knife on his left.

"Hey!" the latter exclaimed at the last part while crossing his arms.

"Never knew that you can say words other than 'I see'..." Sora taunts with a small grin.

Haru, resisting to roll his eyes at Sora's comment for a second before went back at his earlier explanation "And if I summarize it, you need around-"

"Okay, okay, I get it!" Yuya put his hands open in the air "Now could you . , before I got late?" Yuya sarcastically said. But also tired with his sapphire-eyed friend theories.

Haru nodding his head a little to the left as an 'okay' for Yuya. With a sigh of relief, Yuya starts to take a seat and ate his delicious pancakes before went to school. With a big scoop full of joy, Yuya takes a large chunk of pancakes as Haru mentally saying 'IN A SCOOP!?' while Yuya keeps eating the food as he said "Myann... un rt bet! (Man... Mom you're the best!)"in his mouth full of pancakes. Heck, even Sora is engrossed with it.

Sighing, Haru reminding his red-eyes friend with a frown "Yuya... Table manners."

"Aaay." Yuya grumpily replies with a mouth full of pancakes.

Exia along with Dynames, Kyrios, Virtue and some other Haru's Gundam Spirits are materialized on the air. They are either chucking or giggling at their master thoughtfullness.

'Looks like my life has become a little... Interesting.' He mentally noted to himself


Inside Miami City

After Haru finished his breakfast, he quickly gave a goodbye to the Sakaki residence before taking a stroll around the town... While searching for a nearby cafenet... and some snacks... haha, nobody expected that last part isn't we? (A/N: Except me of course. I am the CREATOR of this fic MHUHAHAHA!)

Sora already offered him to be the town's guide but he politely rejects it with an 'An adventurer always love surprises' excuse. Thus leading him toward the current situation, walking down the streets. The air is so fresh, much fresher than Jakarta because it's way too cramped for him, and the fact that it's on the top 10 list of one of the busiest city in the world. Well, in case you're wondering. Before he lived in Japan he used to live in Indonesia. But moved to Tokyo because it doesn't reall suit him, though he will cherish all memories he had on that place, and the people were very nice to him too. Well, Tokyo is not that much different either, but it's fresher and serener in there.

'It's very lively in here...'

In the street, he could see that almost everywhere in the area are boisterous. He could see that there is a lot of children playing duel monsters... Or YuGiOh! If you prefer it. And some of them buying fast foods; such as Ice cream, Burger, Hot dog, etc... It's not healthy if you ate too much kid.

People are having a peaceful life here, it's like that there almost no accident or news tha- wait, wait... Is that really true? Because he did not believe that. No matter where you are, trouble will always be there. And he adds that as another thing that he needed to look up for.

Suddenly he heard a little boy around his 7's is crying very loudly... In front of him. The boy, tugging at his mom skirt while his father placing a hand on the boy left shoulder. Haru saw a quite big tree near them, around 7-8 meter high which is really not normal because the trees that he saw was around 3-4 meters high. And it had a red balloon stuck at the highest trunk, which he already deducted what was going on.


The crowd near the family just stared at them with sympathetic eyes, feeling bad for the boy.

"It's okay Jonathan, we can go back to the seller to buy it again. It's too high for Papa to climb the tree." The boy Dad told his son, trying to stop his son tears.

Haru's stoic expression never left his face. He was about to leave them for whatever business they have, before the boy says something that made his eyes widen for a moment.

"NO!... That was Papa's present for me along with today's trip... And I don't want to lose it... It gives me a lot of good memories of my birthday."

And with those words, it triggers some fragment of his memory. The words that he wished to never hear it again. The very reason why he started and keep playing YuGiOh. It rang inside his head.

"No Haru-san! Even if the ****-**** archetype really suits you... It still doesn't give you the right vibe!" a cute voice rang in his head.

"So... You should go with Elemental Hero, OR! Any monster that runs any Warrior type, like a deck that focused on summonig ******:** ******!" the cute voice sounded like it was scolding someone.

"Haru-san. I know that you didn't remember your birthday, but... You really did take my advice, right? Here... I actually got it yesterday." The girl was giving a card with the picture of a white knight with yellow wings in its back. Shyly giving it to him.

"Hmm...? What, NO Haru-san!, I know what you're thinking... I know that you'll always cherish it , BUT! ... I... Gave you this card because... I-i wants you to remem-b..ber... that today is... Your birthday...(and me)" The voice was about to scold Haru-san again. But it sounded full of care and stutters...

That voice... The one and only warm voice...

'...(sigh)' Our black-haired MC mentally said in his head.

'It's all your fault kid.' his head turned to see the boy who was crying earlier. Seeing that he had no choice, he cursed himself at how soft he is.

Running toward the tree at high speed, he jumped into the tree when the distance of the tree is no longer that far from him. He jumped to the first shortest trunk of the tree and using it as a springboard that leads him straight to the highest trunk of the tree, which normally impossible for a normal person. After grabbing the red colored balloon with his right hand, he quickly landed on the floor safely with his right knee touched the ground while using his left hand & leg as support to keep his balance.

The parent's, including the boy, is both taken aback when a stranger just leaps into the tree with high speed and gracefully landed on the ground. But the boy, well... completely become a fanboy after looking at Haru's agility and stability at taking his balloon just looking at him with an awed expression.

After Haru landed, he starting to stand up and walking toward the family. Ignoring their shocked faces.

When he stopped near the boy, he kneeled and giving back that boy his red balloon with his right arm.

"Here," Haru gave the balloon "Next time, careful to not make the same mistake ... Twice"

And with that, he left the family, until he felt someone tugged his pants.

"Arigatou Onii-chan!" The boy happily said "How did you do that move? It was soo cool! You were like ZWING! Then THUMP-THUMP-THUMP!" the boy asked while trying to mimic how a ninja moves and jumped. And honestly, it was an amusing sight for Haru.

Haru just smiled a little for his response and say "A magician never reveals their secrets" Haru told the boy while ruffling the boy's hair. Before he could leave, the boy parents came to him and told how grateful they are for helping their son.

After parting with the family, he just found the perfect net cafe that'll completely helped on understanding this world logic. Without thinking anymore, he quickly walks off like a wind.

He still needs some snacks tho.


At Miami high School.


Snoring... A sound of snoring came from a class. Or much precisely came from a certain boy. And all of you knew who is this boy is.


Yes, this person is Sakaki Yuya. And apparently, he accidently slept in the class for the 4th time this week, with his book covering his face. Why does he sleeping? That's because he always tried to make a new strategy with his Pendulum cards late at night without his mother (nor Haru's) knowledge. He's been doing this from his first duel with Sora. He felt that he needs to build a new strategy if he were to encounter a tough duel. Just like when He duels with Haru yesterday.

As for our pinky pig-tailed music lover friend, Hiiragi Yuzu, keeps whispering to Yuya that he needs to wake up... Because...

"Sakaki Yuya!"

Yep, he's screwed.

His English teacher, Mr. Joseph is not some ordinary teacher that you should mess. He had brown hair with a little wavy style on the front. He wears a normal Japanese teacher attire (A/N: since I don't really know much about Japan, you can imagine his attire from any teacher you know. And you can imagine this teacher's face from the most terrifying person you knew.) with a very deep-black Pants and a formal black shoes.

Because of the sudden change of volume, Yuya was surprised a bit as he quickly stands up and quickly took his English Book. Holding it with both of his hands.

"Yes! The answer is 'Past-Perfect tense' sir!"

A few moments of silence have passed before the entire students in the class start to burst out laughing. Yuzu just put her hand on her forehead, sighing while shaking her head a little.

"Mr. Sakaki, today we are learsing about 'recount text', not 'tenses'." the teacher closed his eyes for a bit "And now, why are you sleeping in my class?" The last part sends chills toward everyone spine as they quickly seated up back to their original position, mentally saying that nothing have happened.

As for Yuzu, she just worrying over Yuya's safety.

"I... Um... Feeling, kinda tired?" Yuya replies with insecurity.

And that's it. He should've given a better excuse.

"Came to my office at break time," His teacher tells Yuya sternly.

"... Hai."

Slumping down back to his seat, Yuya just regrets himself for accidentally slept in the class.

'Yuya...' Yuzu thought worryingly.


Teachers office

"Excuse me."

Sliding the door to his left side, Yuya came to the teaching office looking for his English teacher seat. The teacher room is really spacious. It had a lot of desks with papers and computers for each of them. It also had an air conditioner because he's starting to get a little sleepy again. Shaking his head, he started to search Mr. Joseph desk. When he found it, he saw his teacher was typing at his computer at high speed. After he finished, he cracked his hands before looking at the surroundings.

"Yuya! You finally came." Mr. Joseph said in a talkative mood.

Actually, Mr. Joseph is not a bad teacher. He's just very strict when it comes to teaching his students. When any students ask a question regarding any lesson, he'll gladly help them. Especially when it comes to the English language. After all, he's an English teacher. He also always calls his students with their first-names so that there was no wall between them.

"Come, here have a seat!" Mr. Joseph signaling Yuya with his hand to sit at his right.

"Yes, Sensei." Yuya gladly took his offer. Sitting at the chair while facing Mr. Joseph.

"Yuya, what's wrong?" Mr. Joseph asked, his hands intertwined "I know that you are a good boy. But this is... Something that you usually won't do." His teacher asked with a calm tone yet concerned with Yuya's health "And the worst part is, IT. WAS. ME. who saw it first-hand..." the teacher slowly sighed as his brows straight up a bit.

"A hahaha..." Yuya muttered with little guiltiness.

"Actually... I kinda slept, at late night, I guess." Yuya sheepishly rubbing his head with his right hand.

Mr. Joseph quirked an eyebrow and asked, "Because of what?" He said to the red and green haired duelist.

"Well... Trying to make... a new strategy with my... Pendulum... Cards?" Yuya said each part slowly as he cracks a nervous smile. Uneasiness creeping his mouth.

Mr. Joseph shakes his head to the right and left slowly with a disappointed expression on his face, "I know that you wanted to take the same path as your dad" Mr. Joseph put his hands above his haughts "But by staying up late? That's a no-no, Yuya. You need to know the difference between responsibility with duty Yuya." He gave a little info towards Yuya.

Yuya just nods as a response from his English teacher advice.

"Good." Mr. Joseph relaxed a bit " Also if I saw you in the same state, I need to consult this with your mother." Mr. Joseph told the teen.

That is not intimidation. He's just stating the facts because he doesn't want his student to make the same mistakes over and over.

Yuya gulped a bit before nodding again.

"Okay Sensei, and thank you for the advice." Yuya gratefully expresses himself by bowing a little toward the English teacher.

"No problem Yuya. You are free to go."

And with that, Yuya stands up and bowed again before leaving the teacher office.


Time Skip with Yuya

Hours have passed after that event. Right now is 12:45 p.m. and most of the students have gone to their home. Yuya and Yuzu were walking down the grassy land heading toward Miami central park because he promised to accompany Yuzu for buying a certain dress, before going toward Youshow.

She eagerly wants to buy that beautiful dress when she accidentally saw it last week at a store called 'Charmant de Boutique'. Yuya frankly doesn't know what it means, except the 'boutique' part of course... Because, THAT, is a boutique/clothes shop. He couldn't help but wonder what 'Charmant' means. If it's mean 'charming' then it's kind of cliche... Maybe. (A/N: He's not wrong ya'know...)

The two are walking in silence while heading toward the central park until the Melodious duelist broke the serene.

"Yuya, are you okay?" Yuzu suddenly asked out.

"Huh? What's with the sudden question?" Yuya said out loud.

"Don't 'huh'me Yuya." Yuzu said with a little frown "You've been acting weird lately. And don't even try to lie at me." She started while pointing at Yuya in the last part "I know you are thinking something... Please, tell me. What happened?" she softened her eyes and asked the tomato boy in a caring tone.

Knowing that he couldn't lie to her he just answers it truthfully "I... Wanted to become even better Yuzu. After I met Haru, I have realized that the upcoming Miami championship would be a tough event in my life."

"Of course it is." Yuzu answers certainly before tilting her head in confusion "But why does Haru have something to do with your problems Yuya?" she asked.

Sighing he couldn't help but continuing his problems "His calmness... Reminds me, about Dad..."

Yuzu widened her eyes a bit before her expression changed into little sad, looking at the ground "I see... But I still don't understand" she confesses, turning her head to face Yuya "What does he have that make him similar with Yusho-san?" She said her thought out loud

Yuya chuckled a bit from the question "As I said before, that's because when we dueled yesterday he 'always' stayed calm." Yuya gleefully said, "It kinda reminds me of Dad when he got cornered in a pinch, he would always find a way to turn the tables while entertaining the audience."

Yuzu makes an 'Ooh' response before giggling a little, putting her right hand in front of her mouth "If you describe it like that, he sure does have some similar traits with Yusho-san."

"Yeah, he didn't even feel down when I destroyed his monsters," Yuya said, smiling while closing his eyes.

Yuzu just nodded from that statement "Instead of getting a direct attack, he has prepared a counter. And with an unexpected way to execute it."

Yuya laughed a bit at her comment "Well, the fact that he Fusion summoned a monster at the last turn is kinda... Overkill, isn't it?" Yuya said remembering being poked with Haru's 20-meter tall monster.

"Me too Yuya." She replied, "But why did he fusion summoned at the last turn if he had the chance to do it earlier?" She asks out of curiosity.

"Who knows." Yuya waved his hand "Either that he wanted to surprise me or he hasn't met the conditions to fusion summon it earlier," He theorized the possibility of his last duel outcome "And I choose the latter."

"Well... I guess it'll do it. And don't forget the fact that he came out of nowhere to save Ayu" She said as a spectacular idea popped up in her mind with a 'bulb' sound with widened eyes.

'Now I have a teasing material with Ayu...' She thought with a devilish aura leaking from her body.

Yuya suddenly tensed up a bit before looking at the pinkette, dreadfully, while making some comical movements, signaling that he is scared with what she would do to him. And bless the universe, the dark aura has stopped flowing from his childhood friend.

"Now that the mess has been solved." she stooped then clasped her hand before looking at Yuya "Let's go to the boutique shop!" she pumped her fist into the air in excitement.

'Actually, I didn't tell her the part that 'every night I always work with my deck', haha... And I hope this won't take too long...' Yuya hoped because he has experienced this... In a worser situation.



Miami Central Park

The central park. A place where the residents frequently use as a time for recreation, playing, and eating. There are some kids that were dueling and playing a game of tag. Some of the pedestrians were either just walk past the park or having lunch under a tree. The nice view of the park and the smoothness is the perks why it's always full of people. That is... Until it is ruined by a certain duo that we knew.

"Hurry up Yuya! Hurry! hurry!"


Some of you were wondering why Yuya is screaming right? The pinkette drag Yuya all the way from the school entrance towards the park. And with her 'unexplainable women' strength, she (accidently) made him float in the air while she is still holding his left arm with her right arm.

As for our red-eyes duelist, he can only scream in agony at how the world has treated him... Badly.

'I KNEW IT SHOULDN'T HAVE AGREED WITH THIIIIIIIS! AND THIS IS REALLY OUT OF MY CHARACTEEEEER!' he mentally cursed in his head. (A/N: Well well well...look who's just break the 4th wall :^)

The nearby walkers could only stare at them with mixed expression while sweatdropping style. Most of the boys just pity at Yuya, even some of them close their eyes. Mentally praying for him with anything that fate would do to him.

This event happened for around 10 minutes... Plus 5 more minutes before they arrived at the shop thanks to Yuzu's ultra speed. (A/N: Fun fact; before I write ultra speed, I wrote Ultra instinct. Now imagine... AN ULTRA INSTINCT YUZU! \^○^/ Muahahahahahaha!)

"SUTOPPU! SUTOPPU! SUTTOOO-" Yuya keep whining before Yuzu (unconsciously) let go of his hand.

'Oh no...' he sadly thought, almost cry out of his own irony.

A few moments later, Yuya got crashed to the ground with his face got contact with the pavement, first. And honestly, he couldn't help but wonder why this must happen to him.

As for Yuzu... Well, she stops right in front of the shop that is right in the left of her "Yuya, this is the shop that I've be-" she happily said before looking at her back only to find tumbleweeds passing by "Huh!? Yuya, where did you go!?" she immedeatly turn her body 180° degree to the back, looking for her tomato haired friend.

She keeps this for a while until she heard a scream from her right... And you know the rest.


Yuya is, I mean basically rolling down the footpath in high speed and Yuzu got struck in the belly with his head. She couldn't evade it in time. But luckily, neither of the pedestrians got caught in it.

WHAM! (A/N: Bullseye! :)

After he hit Yuzu. He started to wonder why he didn't feel any pain, instead, he feels that his face is on something very soft. He also smelled something sweet... like a flower scent perfume. And then, his mind clicked on something.

'First of all... I fell on something squishy.' He thought with no problems 'Second, I smell some flower perfume from this 'squishy' thing below my face.' He thought again that this one is also fine'Haha... It kinda reminds of Yu- WAIT A MINUTE! Don't tell me that this is...' And with his last thought, he dreadfully and slowly opening his eyes.

He saw Yuzu lying on the ground with her face covered in shades of pink and red. Yuya face suddenly turned red as he gulped with his earlier (unexpected) actions.

"Yuzu, it-"


Before he even could say anything, his face got struck with Yuzu's fist in an uppercut as he was into the stratosphere with a fresh red mark on his face.

"Yu...zu... It was an... accident."

Annnd, he fell back into the ground with a loud THUMP, with his head came in contact with the road... Again. He felt dizzy with a Performapal Hip-Hippo appeared and circling his head with a trail of stars

Later on...

"No... Why does the dress is no longer being sold..."

Currently, Yuya and Yuzu were walking down the town with a sad expression, only for Yuzu though. And they were walking toward YSDS direction.

Why? It's because the pinkette was shocked with unexpected news when she saw that the dress that she wanted is no longer being sold. When she ask any nearby receptionist, they told her that the dress is quite popular in this shop for the last month that almost made them into bankruptcy. That's because the customers won't buy any other dresses except that one.

And that's the short conclusion why they were started to walking toward the YSDS.

"C'mon Yuzu, cheer up. Well, at least you won't-" He tried to lighten up the mood only to be glared by Yuzu. As much of a dense he is, he knows that he needs to stop talking when she did that.

Sighing, he couldn't help but muttering one word in a very low tone.



Back with Haru

' It seems that I stayed a little longer than I have planned...'

True to his words, he really overdid it back at the net cafe. But right now, he is walking down the street with his left-hand rubbing his right shoulder, feeling a little numb with his non-stop 'investigation'.

While massaging , he is recalling the info's that he has founded back at the cafe.

First off, the LDS history. LDS is pretty much known as Leo Duel School or Leo Corporation. Before it had a Duel school nor a Card company, its founder Akaba Leo who had created a 'Solid Vision system with mass' which is now known as 'Real Solid Vision' system made the Duel world went booming with his invention. Because of that, he was given the nickname 'The genius Professor' ( : Tensai no Purofessa), along with 3 's.

With the Real Solid Vision went booming, he immedeatly became a businessman and decided to build Leo Corporation, a company that created the 'Real Solid Vision' along with producing cards for Duel Monsters, same like Industrial Illusion from Yu-Gi-Oh! DM. Later on, he married with Akaba Himika and have a son called Akaba Reiji.

When he read that article, He was really surprised that Akaba Leo came from Standard Dimension... This Dimension. But then, how did he know the existence the other dimensions? It is still a mystery thing to Haru. Moreover, the fact that he have Married and only have a child is really wierd.

The Main reason why he is starting this waris to save his one and only daughter... Yet, why does he have a Son? The only conclusion that came to his mind is; 1. Does he remarried? or 2. Something very... Very, beyond explanation have happened.

Haru shivered a bit at the last thought. What he got is not answers, only more questions popped on his head. Like, does the LDS is working under Academia? Do they know what is currently happening right now? Does Akaba Reiji knows all of this? Damn...

After that, he starting to dive the internet a little deeper until he got what he wanted, The day where the Leo Corporation almost crumbled.

3 years ago, the CEO of Leo Corporation a.k.a Akaba Leo suddenly resigned without any trace. He have left the company on its own which resulted it in its most darkest history, though it didn't last for long. Akaba Reiji, Leo's son have decided to lead the compony on his early days. He was thirdteen years old when he became the second CEO of Leo Corporations. After he became the CEO, the company have become stable again, and even better than that.

He also build the 'Leo Dueling School' or LDS for short. Like any other duel schools, it teaches you how to become a pro duelist. It offers some type's of curriculum, mainly Synchro course, Xyz course, and Fusion course. It also had the Ritual & Advance course, but its not as famous the first three courses. That school is the number 1 dueling school on the world. Not only it had the approval from the united nations (didn't expect to find that in an anime universe), it also have dominated most of the dueling school world. With its branches are all over the world, it is really well known.

And with the upcaming Miami Championship is sponsored by them, you could tell how big that company is.

For other people, they think that why would LDS sponsoring the upcoming tournament is normal because they are the biggest card company in the world. But to Haru, it was a whole different subject. After reading those article, he became very suspicious about the LDS real motivesthe company covered 98% most of the tournament necessities. He'll hold that, for now.

Sighing, Haru stopped rubbing his shoulder to start the next subject... Yusho Sakaki

As if on cue, he could easily tell that this man is Yuya's father and 's husband. He was surprised that Yuya's father was someone who is well known by the citizens and that he had helped Akaba Leo on creating the Real-Solid Vision system.

You see, after he helped Akaba Leo with his project, he decided to leave the rest of the project to him because he had different objectives. And this objectives is the first step where Entertaintment duel & Action duel were very well known at the current time. After Real-Solid Vision system has been introduced to the world especially the dueling world, it went popular really fast. After Real-Solid Vision became famous, Action duels were created.

Due to Real-Solid Vision makes Solid Vision hologram became a real mass, any duelist can interact with their monsters in sync. This is where, Sakaki Yusho used its capabilities to its fullest. Leading toward the creation of Entertaintment duel. As the name suggest, Entertaintment duel is a duel where you mostly focused on entertaining the audience. But, it also have a deeper concept.

Entertaintment duel isn't just some ordinary method where the duelist only focused to entertaining the audience. But it is also used as a way to teach us that Duels will always have a deep concept that is used to convey a lot of message to everyone. Entertaintment duel teached us that we need to enjoy whenever we faced any hardships, because it is for our own good. If we keep thinking positive and moving forward without forgetting the mistakes that we made at the past, It'll always come in a positive way.

Haru was very- no, astonished at this article's theory about Entertaintment Duel. And he couldn't help but immedeatly respect toward Yuya's father, especially his belief as a duelist.

Maybe... Maybe Entertaintment duel is not as naive as he thought. Because, some of his beliefs is also the same as him...

When he was scrolling down Sakaki Yusho's biografi, he accidently found an intersting news to say. It says that "Sakaki Yusho have chickened out from his duel with Strong Ishijima."

Haru was shocked and confused that why would Yuya's father wouldn't came to duel with this person? After reading the theories of Entertaintment duel, he could tell that Sakaki Yusho was not that kind of person who would lose on purpose without a solid reason...