Wordcount: around 900

Warnings: Mentions of Injuries, angst

He felt relaxed and fully recovered, when he woke up. The last couple of weeks had been stressful and he hadn´t been able to sleep though most of the nights. But this time it had been different. Or so it seemed.

Sitting up the man moved his metal fingers through his messy hair, pulling it back into a bun. Throwing his feet over the edge of the bed, he took in a deep breath and stood up. He had to get ready for the day.

Walking towards his joined bathroom Bucky stretched his back and neck, only to stop dead in his tracks. He had noticed something out of the corner of his eye and he turned around. There, in his bed, laid something – or rather someone- he hadn´t noticed before.

"FRIDAY. Get Steve and Dr Banner here. Now-please." His voice stuck in his throat, when his brain had registered WHAT he saw.

"They will be here any moment." The AI informed, the paled super soldier.

Please. Let her be breathing. Let her be alive. What have I done. I-

Fear and guilt filled his heart. He must have turned again and caused that, what other explanation could there be?

The body, he was staring at, belonged to a young woman; black and purple blotches covered the skin of her back and sides. Bruises around her neck showed someone had choked her, with the intent to hurt or kill.

"Buck, FRIDAY said you wanted to see me.", his best friend asked, "What´s wrong?"

But the man in question was only able to shake his head and keep staring at her, tears threatened to fall down his face.

"Buck what-" Cap started, worry evident in his voice, but stopped when his eyes followed those of his friend. "What happened? Who is that?"

"I-I don´t know. When I woke up and walked towards the bathroom, I saw her laying there."

Steve wanted nothing more than to calm his fried down, to comfort him; but he knew, the female might need his help even more. If she was still alive that is.

"Did you check on her?"

"No- I couldn't. What if I- What if she´s- Please don´t let me have killed her."

His best friends heart clenched, when he heard the broken voice of the ex-assassin. "Calm down," he said and slowly made his way to the side of the bed where the woman was laying, dreading what he might encounter.

A sight of relieve left the chest of Steve, when he saw her ribcage moving; she was breathing and therefor alive.

"Tell me, is she- did I –" He wasn´t even able to end the sentences, because of the guilt that was already eating him up from the inside.

"She is breathing. We will need to wait for Bruce to know anything else. Bad timing with all the medics gone at the moment. Do you really not know what happened?"

"Like I said. I woke up and there she was." He was beginning to get frustrated, he hated to not be able to remember, to often had Hydra deleted his memories.

"Mhm," His friend thought. "FRIDAY? Do you have any records on what happened?"
"I am sorry Mr Rogers. There are no records regarding the unknown woman or Mr Barnes whereabouts."

"How is that possible?"

"I do not know. I am already running scans to determine if someone hacked me."

Both man frowned in confusion and frustration, this whole situation was just strange

"I am sorry. I had to finish the experiment first. What can I help you with?" Bruce Banner apologised upon entering the super soldiers room. Instead of answering him, Steve motioned for the doctor to join him.

"What happened? Who is that?" He immediately asked, sending a frown towards the former Winter Soldier.

"We would want to know that as well." Bucky grumbled, "The only thing we know, is that she is breathing. And with her body covered in bruised and the whole medic-team gone, you are the only one that could help her right now."

All three man now stood next to the bed, and Dr Banner just wanted to carefully check her ribcage for any broken or cracked ribs, when the young woman jerked awake and away from them, resulting in her falling down the other side of the bed.

Trying to get as much distance between her and them, she pressed her injured back against the wall. Her eyes were widening in fear and filled with confusion. None of them tried to come closer: one, because they didn´t want to scare her even more; two, they had been surprised by her sudden movement (they had feared her dead just minutes before), but mostly because of three. Her chest, stomach and upper legs were bruised in a way that made clear someone had tried to take her against her will, and probably had succeeded.

Seeing this Bucky fell to his knees, his face buried into his large hands and he couldn´t stop the tears from falling (he didn´t even care. There was only one thing on his mind, only one thought:

What have I done?

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