Warnings: Mentions of Injuries, angst, some cursing

AN: Last Part! Are you ready to know what happened?

It had been almost two months since the morning the young woman woke up in Bucky Barned bed. But still, there were no memories back and neither was she able to speak. And she maybe will never be able to do so again, should the damage to her vocal cords be worse than first thought. It had become easier to communicate since Wanda had returned from their mission, now she could answer with her thoughts and didn't need to use to write everything down.

"Ria, how are you feeling today?" Dr Banner greeted her upon entering the common kitchen and she answered him with a thumb up and a smile.

After she had trusted them, and the rest of the team had returned, they had figured it would be best for her to stay at their place. They could be monitoring her healing progress and she would be safe, should her attacker return. Nobody was thinking it had been Bucky, except the man himself.

"Remember anything?" He asked her, getting a cup of coffee to take back into his lab.

With a sad frown on her face, she shook her head and gave a thumb down.

"Don´t worry, I am sure it will return sooner or later. Until then you are very welcome here. And I can not only speak for myself, but your cakes and cupcakes are delicious! Tony is making progress with the recordings, so there is that." Dr Banner assured her, before departing again.

"Morning Ria how is your throat?" Wanda greeted her with a huge smile on her face.

Good, it doesn´t hurt that much anymore and the bruises are faded quite a bit.

"Good to hear. Why don´t you join us at the beach today? The whole team is going."

Sounds good, but I don't have anything to wear.

Just when Wanda wanted to say something, a certain someone stepped into the kitchen, only to turn around immediately.

He hates me.

"No Honey, he isn´t. Bucky- is giving himself the fault for what happened to you."

Why? I can´t remember anything but I am sure he didn´t hurt me. I mean, I would be afraid of him, otherwise right? My subconsciousness would tell me to stay away from him otherwise, right?

"Probably. His presence would at least trigger something."

I feel safe, but how is that possible if I don´t interact with him?

"Maybe something he did before you woke up? I am sorry that I can´t help, but your memory is a black nothing at the moment." Wanda apologised, she really wanted to help her new friend.

No worries, it is nice to be able to talk to someone without the need to write everything down! But I still have nothing to wear for the beach.

"Natasha, Pepper and I wanted to go shopping on Starks costs, tag along." She suggested.

I don´t know, it is his money after all.

"Maybe, but he wouldn't miss it. He actually told us to spend something if we need, as long as it is no bullshit. And I know he feels guilty that the records are gone and he doesn´t know why, so he would buy you a house to make it up."

Are you kidding?

"No. That is Stark for you."

Well then. When are we leaving?

Five hours later, the women laid in the sun at the beach, waiting for her male comrades. They all were dressed in bathing suits and bikinis.

Ria had found a beautiful dark blue bikini and wore it with a pair of shorts (the bruises on her thighs weren't as faded as the others), a light makeup covered the remaining bruises on her throat.

Wanda, I need to pee. Do you know where the restrooms are?

"They are over there in that little blue and pink building. Do you want me to come with you?" She smiled and motioned towards a building around two minutes march away.

Thank you. But I don´t think I want to speak with the toilet, so thanks for the offer but nah. Will be back in a few.

Walking towards the building, her friend had shown her, she enjoyed the warm beams of sunlight on her skin, not noticing the dark gazes that followed her.

Finished with her business, the young woman made her way back to the other women (and the males, should they have appeared by then), but when her eyes felt onto a group of five males standing nearby, she stopped dead in her tracks. Two of them had broken arms, two other broken noses and the last one seemed to limp.

Panic started to rise inside of her and her eyes searched for a known face. But she was alone, and Wanda was too far away to be able to hear her thoughts.


The group stepped closer, and her heart sunk, why was she so afraid of them?

"Isn´t that our luck boys? See who we have here. The bitch that got away two months ago!"

"Why don´t we end what we started? No one ever checks the restrooms."

"I call dips on that sweet ass of hers!"

What the fuck! HELP!

With every step the men got closer, pictures flashed up in her minds:

A dark alleyway. The men. A hand keeping her from leaving. A slap and a shout for help on her side. A punch and a closing hand around her throat from the one of the men. Hands grabbing and punching her, others pulling down her pants and ripping her shirt apart.

The flashbacks made it impossible for her to move, and a second later she was surrounded.

"What? No cry for help? I told you the last time to shut up. A shame we won´t be able to hear your screams now. You did a good job with her throat. Tell me, where is that metal arm bastard that saved you the last time? I bet he fucked you afterwards and you enjoyed it you whore." The leader of the group whispered into her ear. A shudder went down her spine and she closed her eyes, hoping they would just go away.

But instead, she felt a hand close around her throat and cut off her air, tears began to fall down her face.

When she thought she was gone for good, she heard the sound of something braking and shouts of pain.

Using all the strength left, she opened her eyes, she saw three of the men laying on the floor unconscious, one was gripping a the metal arm that was lifting him up into the air.

Bucky. That is Bucky´s arm.- wait no, that isn´t Bucky, His eyes are all wrong!

Throwing the now fainted man next to his friends on the floor, the super soldier casts his attention to the man that had Ria by her throat.

"I told you to leave her alone." Bucky voice was as cold as ice.

"She´s mine. I saw her first."

"Let her go."

"Or what? You won´t kill me. You didn´t last time, you won´t this time."

"Last time I listened to my humane side, this time it is on my side. The Soldiers side." The man growled with a smirk, that could kill.

What is going on with him? Does he have two personalities?

When the attacker didn´t react, the soldier grabbed his arm with his metal hand and snapped it into little pieces. Resulting in Ria falling to the floor and the attacker to scream in pain.

Without another word the soldier punched him in the face, knocking him out and breaking his jaw at the same time.

Turning towards Ria, memories returned to Bucky.

It had been him, that had saved her and brought her back to the only save place he knew: the compound and room where his alter ego stayed, and he was able to rest.

He had used a skill he had learned during his time with Hydra to delete any trace of him (the Winter soldier) taking over, fearing they would try to delete him should they find out about him. He wouldn´t be able to protect Bucky anymore then, the very and only reason for his existence.

He was born out of pain, to protect from it. He had taken over to protect Bucky from the pain and guilt of killing innocent and only when he met Steve Rogers, did himself to step back. He had known Bucky would be safe with his old friend.

Sometimes he was able to appear again, and then he would wander around enjoying the piece and quiet of the night. Just like he had done the night he had saved her. He had heard her scream for help and the laughter of the men, he knew pain and when he saw her there, he couldn´t but help her. He was born to protect after all.

Slowly kneeing down in front of her, he allowed Bucky to see his memories and take the control again.

A few hours later:

"So, the winter Soldier was protecting Buck the whole time and then showed up from time to time to take nightly walks?" Steve repeated what he had just learned.

"That's what I can remember- Punk. Strange is it not?"

"Who would have thought the Winter Soldier was a good one, in his crazy twisted ways?"

"Enough of that. Ria what do you think about living here? You can bake and it seems the Soldier likes you, so if he gets out of control, we don´t need to find you first."

"Tony! You are a friend, not a shield. So, what do you think? God knows we need more girls to fight this testosterone." Natasha smirked.

Sure, why not! Maybe I can speak again soon!