Korra stepped onto Air Temple Island quickly tying the small skiff to the dock before heading further inland. The small island acted both as the home for the last known family of Airbender's as well as a place to keep Airbender tradition and culture alive. It also happened to be Korra's current place of residence. She had been a friend of this family for as long as she could remember though saying that she was simply a friend seemed a little odd given that she had helped raised nearly every member of it.

The sound of a child's laughter was the only warning she got before the weight of a small child was thrown on her back causing Korra to stumble at the sudden added weight. "Come play airball with us!" Ikki practically yelled into her ear and Korra turned her head to see the 11-year-old grinning like a Cheshire cat owl. Korra shook her head, walking forward Ikki wrapping her arms around her neck and her legs around her waist. "Please? We need another player to have equal teams."

Korra placed her hands on the girl's thighs lifting her up and decided to take the long way toward the main building. Despite her admitted preference for Tenzin's oldest she did enjoy spending time with his younger children. In moderation of course. "You know I'm no good at airball."

Over the years Korra had meticulously made it seem as if she was terrible at both Airball and Biason Polo as well as any other game that she had been dragged into by Tenzin's children. Korra had done the same with Tenzin and his siblings and Tenzin's mother and uncle before them. It wasn't that she didn't want to play with them it was just that once you get to be Korra's age games of hide and seek can seem a little tedious and she found herself preferring quieter pastimes such as reading and Pai Sho. "Puh-lease Korra! We really need another player."

"Why don't you ask one of the acolytes?"

Ikki let out a dramatic sigh leaning back pushing against Korra's shoulders, "We already tried that! They all gave some kind of excuse about having to work or not having balance." Ikki collapsed back onto Korra's back and whined, "You're our only hope Korra."

Korra let out a sigh turning to look the air child in the eye, "Fine. I'll play a game of airball."

"Yay!" Ikki screeched into Korra's ear and jumped off using her back as a springboard to backflip to the ground.

"I'm too old for you to be doing that to me." Korra grumbled rubbing the spot on her back the preteen had launched off.

Ikki laughed causing Korra to turn and look at her with a quizzical look, "I've seen you wrestle uncle Bumi and win." Ikki placed her hands behind her back and began rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. The picture of innocence but Korra knew better.

"Yeah, but you should still respect your elders," Korra said letting a grin pull across her lips as she quickly scooped up the small air child who squealed at the motion. Korra tossed Ikki over her shoulder who began pounding at Korra's back, "After all, I have about a million embarrassing stories about you and your brother."

Ikki stopped pounding against Korra's back as she laughed, "What about Jinora?"

Korra smirked, "Jinora was smart and didn't give me much material to work with. So at best I have about a hundred embarrassing stories for her most of which are from when she was in diapers." Ikki let out a laugh as she easily escaped from Korra's grip with a small blast of air twisting her body in a way that Korra was pretty sure shouldn't be possible.

Ikki landed softly placing her hands behind her back and smiling up at Korra in a way that set her a little on edge, "So you're gonna play airball with us now, right?"

Korra nodded, "Sure. I'll play a game." Ikki's smile widened and Korra felt the need to reiterate what she had just said, "I will play a single game. As in one and no more after that. No matter how much you beg me to. Understood?" Ikki quickly nodded her head grabbing Korra by her wrist and began tugging at it.

'She didn't understand at all.' Korra thought as she let the young Airbender lead her toward the airball court.

Airball had been one of the easier games to fake ineptitude at as it entailed standing on poles about fifteen feet up in the air and somehow getting a ball through one of the goals at either end. Korra had rather good balance and was pretty coordinated when compared to Airbenders or so she liked to think, which meant she should be relatively good at this game, which relied on the two traits. Korra, of course, had years of practice at throwing airball games that she barely had to try to get out within the first five minutes.

So as she climbed up onto one of the wooden poles she was already calculating just how long she would need to 'play' before it would be acceptable for her to be thrown out. The game started out with Ikki and Jinora in possession of the ball and Korra, on Meelo's team, were forced on the defensive. Korra was putting the minimum amount of effort need into her defensive stance with her knees bent slightly and her arms just barely raised in front of her. Ikki held the ball in her hand bending air through it causing it to spin rapidly. Korra watched as she threw the ball up and then delivered a well-timed kick sending it forward with a gust of air. The ball ricocheted through the poles heading toward Korra who prepared herself for the impact that would send her flying but it never came as Meelo quickly sucked the ball toward him and began spinning it on his finger. Meelo threw the ball sending it toward his sisters at a terrifying speed.

This continued on them scoring goal after goal and somehow managing to avoid hitting Korra. She was to think they had caught wind of her scheme to never play a full game of airball but Korra decided not to dwell on that thought. Jinora had the ball and it was spinning it in the palm of her hand. Korra locked eyes with her and silently mouthed, "Please."

Korra swore she saw a smirk on Jinora face as she threw the ball up in the air. Korra watched it come it down, Jinora jumping and doing a spinning kick and sending out a wave of air but instead of sending it ricocheting through poles, it went straight for Korra hitting her solidly in her stomach. Korra flew off the pole the air leaving her lungs as she landed on her back.

Fortunately, she landed on a large shrub and while she would probably bruise she was alive and would be able to walk away. Airball was definitely an Airbenders' game, not a Waterbenders'.

Korra was struggling to remove herself from the shrub's death grip when a shadow blocked out the sun and she looked up to see Tenzin standing over her. The Patriarch of the Air Nomads looked down at her with his ever-present serious expression and Korra wanted to laugh and tell him to smile but then she wasn't exactly one to talk. "We need to talk." That was never a good combination of words to hear from someone and it set Korra on edge. Korra managed to stand up and Tenzin turned around starting to walk toward the main building. Korra followed him, dragging her feet all the way.

Even as old as she was she still got nervous when she felt like she was in trouble.

The Yue banquet hall of the Raiko Hotel was one of the largest and most expensive in Republic City and Asami rented it out every year for a charity gala she hosted herself. The gala was held every year in the last week of February and people would donate items to be auctioned off. All money from the auctioned off items, as well as some Future Industry products, would be donated to various non-profit groups based on their needs. It was something she started back before she took over the company when she had more time on her hands and had refused to stop just because she became the CEO of a multi-billion yuan company.

And so that's how she ended up here on her day off yelling at the workers in an attempt to get everything ready as the days ticked by closer and closer to the date of the Gala. "No. No. No! Don't put that banner there put it over there! We want people to be able to see the stage."


"No buts! Move it so it's over the entrance!" Asami yelled looking back down at her tablet and pinching the bridge of her nose letting out a frustrated noise.

Asami watched the work continue occasionally yelling out corrections and as the end of the day approached her throat was hoarse and she just wanted to go home sleep for a week but there was still so much work to do. They still had to set up most of the tables, put up the decorations, and hire the caterers. Though that last one should be easier than the rest since Asami had used the same catering service for the last 15 years and she was pretty sure they were more than reliable.

The day came to an end and Asami decided to head home, ready order a pizza and take a long relaxing bath. The drive home was spent on the phone with the caterers who, just as Asami had predicted, were more than willing to cater the event as they did every year and so with that out of the way she was able to focus on more important things. Such as making a good impression on councilman Tenzin who had finally found time to attend and what kind of pizza toppings she wanted.

She was thinking Pepperoni and Olives.