"Amos!" A pounding on the door startled the lot of them to silence. Bellatrix stared at the door with wide eyes while Sirius readied his wand in his hand. Amos swept across the room to the door and pressed his hands on the heavy wood.

"Amos, open the door. It's Tallius." The voice beyond the door said with obvious caution.

Amos opened the door letting Tallius slip in quickly. He was a tiny man with a stubble beard. Sirius stood and dusted the crumbs off him catching Tallius' attention.

"Who are you?" He asked, seeing Bellatrix and her eyes wide with apprehension.

"They're all right, Tallius. We can trust them." Erasmus said, "have you any news?"

"Yes, the Queen. She's given birth. It's a boy."

"Well…that could only mean…" Erasmus trailed off and moved to his potion shelf.

"Mean—what could it mean—what?" Bellatrix sounded flustered. Sirius chuckled and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Calm down, will you?"

Bellatrix shoved his hand away and scoffed. Erasmus fumbled through his potions noisily.

"That would mean the prince does not have a wife. He is of age. He will need to sire children and a potential heir. That would mean…young ladies from noble houses will be coming for his hand."

"Why, don't you look like a noble lady, cousin?" Sirius teased elbowing her. Bellatrix motioned to hit him, but Sirius was quick to back away laughing. Tallius looked more confused than ever.

"No offense, milady, but I don't think you would suit the prince." Tallius regarded. Sirius laughed harder while an insulted Bellatrix glared at him piercingly.

"That's an idea." Erasmus began.

"You've got to be kidding me, mate. You don't want anyone marrying this one." Sirius chortled. This time Bellatrix got him by the arm shoving him forward nearly crashing onto Erasmus' potion table. Erasmus ignored it lost in his own thoughts.

"Think about it. If you had a child with the prince, the heir to the iron throne would be a half-blood. It will change the wizarding world. It will change Westeros."

"I'm sorry, didn't you mention the king's taken an obsession to fire? Do you know what that bloodline would do with magic? If magic fell into the hands of the wrong kind—" Sirius stopped and looked sideways at his cousin who was staring at him meaningfully.

"I don't know about marrying the prince, but they do need a few new handmaids for the child."

"Tallius, that's a brilliant idea!" Erasmus said with a clap.

"Now listen here," Bellatrix began before anyone else could speak, "I have no intentions of staying! This is all your fault, Sirius!"

"But you could help us…" Erasmus said hopefully. "Wizardry of any kind's been banned. We are a dying breed. Apart from Tallius and his family, I know no more of magic since the others have sailed."

"And who knows where they've gone… Essos would be the safest place." Tallius added.

"But you, you could help us. Maybe you were sent here for that very reason."

They were all looking at Bellatrix now with eyes of hope, but fear for Sirius as he began to understand the gravity of the situation.

"You don't really mean for her to… have children here, right?"

"That is exactly what I mean. In the royal house." Erasmus said with finality.

"Oh, bloody hell. Sirius, you bastard, what have you done." Bellatrix nearly lost balance before Sirius steered her to a chair.

"Listen, what about me?" Sirius said, "I'm a wizard too… doesn't the king have any daughters? I mean—"

"If the king had a daughter, she would be married to the prince by now. The Targaryens keep their bloodlines pure until something like this happens. The queen birthed a boy. It is unlikely she will have any more children as she is quite weak, and by then it will be too late to wait. They will be calling the noble houses soon, I am sure of that."

"These people are mental." Sirius muttered under his breath.

"Even so, how could—I mean, how do you suppose I could meet the prince? I just got here and I have no idea what or where this bloody place is!" Bellatrix retorted.

"I did mention that the queen will be looking for handmaids."

"Simple. We'll just say you're from a noble house in the Westerlands." Erasmus helped himself to a chair and unsheathed his wand from his sleeve. "Disguising you will be easy."

"I don't know any noble house from the Westerlands, Erasmus." Tallius mentioned. Sirius and Bellatrix exchanged thoughtful looks. Sirius moved to lean his back on the stone wall and cross his arms over his chest. He picked up a piece of bread and bit into it. "I do."

Eramus and Tallius looked at him in disbelief. Bellatrix gave him a sly side smile. A smile her face was only very accustomed to as she said, "the noble house of Black."

Hello everyone! I've come back to writing this story. I hope to finish it and I'll try to do so during this sad time. Please let me know what you think. Hope everyone is fine! Thanks!