I've been planning this for a while. For anyone who misses OUAT and loves Ninjago, this is the fic for you! It will follow a similar style to the show, jumping back and forward with flashbacks every chapter.

In memory of a brilliant show that brought me and my sisters together :)

The ninja are all adults now, and some are married with kids. LloydXOC, KaiXSkylor, JayXNya, ZaneXPIXAL, ColeXNo one, yet :)

I do not own Ninjago, nor do I own Once Upon a Time, or any of it's themes and concept.

"Party time!" Kai cried as Jay and Nya arrived. "You two said you'd bring the beer!"

"Sure did!" Jay called out of his jeep's window. "Crate's in the back. Is everyone here?"

"Yep, you two are late!" Kai called joyfully back. Skylor rolled her eyes as her husband went round the back of the car and started carrying the crates of drinks round the back of the house.

"Party's round the back." She said as Nya came out of the car.

"Thanks." Nya nodded, watching Jay help Kai with the crates. "Damn, those two are going to get SO drunk!"

Skylor laughed. "I can't drink though." She sighed, patting her stomach gently. Nya nodded.

"I'll support you. No drinking for nine months for both of us!"

"Thanks." Skylor gave her a hug and the two went to the back garden. Everyone was there already, Kai and Skylor's daughter Gwen, Cole, Lloyd and Lloyd's wife Hana and their children. PIXAL, Zane and their kids. Jay, Nya and Cole were the only ones who had yet to get married, but everyone was still waiting for Jay to pop the question and for Cole to actually find a girlfriend.

"Finally!" Lloyd called as Jay and Nya arrived. "We were going to start the party without you!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Jay said in mock anger and hurt. They laughed. Kai unpacked a beer and jumped atop of the wooden outdoor table.

"Careful!" Skylor cried.

"I'm OK!" Kai told her, cracking open his can. "OK, everyone, can I have your attention please?"

The garden fell silent.

"Yes, tonight's celebration will be special!" Kai shouted. "Because it is a celebration of new life, a new elemental master in our ranks. Here's to my beautiful wife, Skylor Chen and that little embryo inside her!"

"Yay!" Everyone cheered and Kai took a sip.

And so the party commenced. It was safe to say that most of the adults got fairly drunk, the young kids got exhausted and the teenagers all hung out by the bonfire.

"So, when do you think we'll be allowed back home? It's starting to get boring" Anita wondered aloud, rubbing her hands to get warm by the fire. Her long blonde hair would probably smell like smoke in the morning.

Anita's twin brother Lukas shrugged as he struggled to open a can of beer.

"Did dad say you were allowed that?"

"No. But he's WAY too intoxicated to stop me." He opened it and took a sip. Anita laughed. The two were Lloyd and Hana's first born children and twin masters of energy, thirteen years old, but both liked to act older.

Sat there also were two others, Cole's adopted daughter, Clarisse, and Zane and PIXAL's robot son, Jason. The four of them had grown up together and were very close friends.

"I'm bored." Came a younger voice, and the eight year old brother of Anita and Lukas, Brent, came up to them.

"Take a nap then." Lukas advised. Brent shook his head.

"No, I'm not a baby."

"Then stop acting like one."

Brent went off in a huff and Jason laughed.

The younger kids were sat closer to the back of the garden in the dark, only three of them, Brent, Gwen, Kai and Skylor's two year old daughter, and Zane and PIXAL's other child, seven year old Todashi, who wasn't a robot, and had been adopted by the two nindroids at the same time as Clarisse had been adopted by Cole. The two had lost their parents in the same battle.

"When are we going home?" Todashi complained. "I want to get back to my acting."

"You mean playing with Barbies." Gwen teased. Todashi scowled.

"I think we may have to sleep over at your house Gwen." Brent said with a smile. Gwen scowled and leaned against the hedge at the end of the garden. She suddenly gave a scream.

"Argh, help, something's got me!"

"GWEN!" Yelled Brent and Todashi, but Gwen was pulled out of sight.

"Gwen?" Skylor had run over after hearing the kids scream.

"She vanished!" Brent shrieked. Skylor reached into her boot and pulled out a dagger.

"Get to your parents." She commanded, and the two were quick to obey.

"Whoever you are, I advise you to let my daughter go or this dagger's going to be sticking out of your ass!" Skylor snapped. There came a laugh from the bushes. A familiar, raspy laugh.

"Oh you never change, Miss Chen. So much like you father. I remember him well."

Skylor's mouth dropped open as the familiar figure slithered through the bushes.

"Pythor!" She growled. "I was wondering when you'd crawl out of your hole!"

"Skylor? What's going on?" Nya ran over and gasped when she saw Pythor holding a terrified Gwen.

"Haha!" Pythor laughed. "Oh ninja! I have a surprise for you!"

"What the... what is he doing here?!" Lloyd gasped. Pythor came forward, right up to the ninja sat on the porch. The teenagers had noticed and run over.

"Dad, who the heck is he?" Anita gasped as she raised her fist, summoning an energy orb.

"Pythor, put her down!" Kai commanded. "Please!"

"Oh gladly, I don't want her!" Pythor threw the toddler towards the ninja and she was caught by a bewildered Cole.

"Well isn't this a happy sight?" Pythor laughed, slithering towards the families. "Such a shame it will have to end."

"Just give it to us straight you evil reptile." Zane snapped, summoning his titanium shurikiens. "What did you come for?"

"Remember when you ninja stole my happy ending? My dream of my Ninjago, where you were the ones forced into the underground and Serpentine ruled the surface?!"

"Technically, that was Lord Garmadon." PIXAL corrected.

"Oh whatever! Now I am here to take that from you! This dream of happiness, that chance of a new life! And it is me who shall have the last laugh!"

"We're not afraid to fight you!" Clarisse spat, drawing a small sword from her sleeve. Cole put his arm in front of her.

"No way kid." He said sternly. Clarisse scowled.

"So, you're just going to attack us? Again? You know that never works in your favour." Jay said with a cocky smile. "Even without our elemental powers."

Pythor laughed again, and shook his head.

"Oh no, no, wouldn't dream of it. But I have been dreaming for a while, of a way I can fight you all by taking everything and becoming the ruler of your lives. And at last, I have made it possible!"

The ninja looked at each other in fear.

"Oh yes. I have found a curse, a terrible, terrible, curse, that will transport you all to a land without magic!" The ninja gasped in shock and fear.

"And yes, you will be separate. You won't remember your children, your friends or lovers. Or homeland. A new place, all of you, alone!"

"No!" Todashi gasped, and Pythor laughed.

"Yes! I will cast this curse in nine months exactly. Just enough time for you to have hope for that little bundle of joy down there." He pointed at Skylor's stomach, and she gasped in fear.

"NO!" Kai screamed, and snatched Clarisse's sword, throwing it at Pythor. The blade disappeared towards the end of the garden as Pythor vanished in a puff of smoke.

"Shit!" Jason cried.

"Language!" PIXAL told him. "There are younger kids here!"

"What does it matter?!" Jason demanded. "In nine months, I won't have my brother, or my cousins or even you guys! And magic maintains my body! What will I be without it!"

Tears were forming in his eyes. Clarisse pulled him into a hug. Everyone just looked at each other.

"It's not possible. Right?" Hana clutched Lloyd's hand. "He can't do that!"

"There's a lot of powerful magic in this land. He could well be telling the truth." He bit his lip.

"Kai." Cole stepped forwards. "Let's go to Ninjago City. We'll find Mistake. She'll help us."

Kai nodded. "Will you guys be alright?"

"We'll have to be. Don't worry. Take care of Gwen and Kai junior." Skylor rolled her eyes, but hugged him hard.

"Good luck mate." Jay told Cole. Cole nodded.

"And to you." He pulled Jay towards himself. "You've got nine months to pop the question mate. Good luck."

Jay squirmed a little. "Yeah. Whatever."

Cole and Kai left shortly after.

No one saw them again for nine months.

...Nine Months Later...

"We're out of ideas!" Hana panicked. "What the heck do we do?"

She, Lloyd and Skylor were in the Temple of Light, their base of operations for the past nine months, after Kai and Cole had disappeared.

"I don't know." Lloyd admitted. He sat down and put his head in his hands.

"We can't give up." Skylor put a hand on his shoulder, though she was heavily pregnant and hadn't seen her husband in nine months, she had a brave smile on her face. "What would Kai have done?"

"Kai is dead!" Lloyd exclaimed.

"On the contrary." They all jumped and turned. Pythor was slithering out of the shadows just like before. And just like before, he held someone in his hand.

Kai, his hands tied and his mouth gagged.

"KAI!" Skylor screamed.

"Mmmm,mmm!" Kai mphed his wife's name.

"And now you can see each other for the last time before you are separated forever!" Pythor laughed. "Poetic, is it not."

"I will kill you, snake!" Hana cried, wielding her blade furiously.

"Doesn't make a difference." Pythor shrugged. "The curse has been already cast, in fact, I see it coming already." He looked out of the temple at a dark cloud gathering and coming towards them.

Pythor drew a dagger from his belt, raised it and stabbed Kai in the back.

"NO!" Skylor screamed as Kai was dropped to the ground. She scrambled and ungagged him.

"Skylor!" Kai wheezed. "I have to tell you... our child, she'll save us, she's..."

"Shh." Skylor stroked his hair gently.

"No." He shook his head furiously. "Our child she's the saviour, she-" He coughed up blood.

"Kai!" Lloyd knelt by Kai's side.

"Gwen, she'll find our unborn child, drink this..." He gestured to a vial he was clutching. Confused, Skylor reached out for the vial.

"No!" Pythor snarled, and kicked it out of Kai's hand. It smashed against the wall. Kai watched in despair, but his eyes slid closed.

"No!" Lloyd screamed. "KAI!"

"Oh he'll be fine." Pythor gave Kai a kick with his tail. "Not dead yet."

Skylor scowled, but understood what Kai had been telling her was so important. The curse was almost upon them, so Skylor quickly crawled forwards and, before Pythor could stop her, she knelt on the floor and liked up all the liquid that had been spilled on the floor. It tasted horrible, but she swallowed. She looked down at her womb.

"Don't worry my child." She whispered. "I know it will be hard for you, but you will save us. Someday, you will save us all. And I will always love you."

The cloud came closer and closer.

"Where will it take us?!" Hana gasped, holding Lloyd's hand.

"Oh, a very special place, just for us. A place called..." He paused for effect. "London City!"

If you're wondering why I chose London, rather than America, where OUAT originally takes place, it's because I am not American. I have never been to America, but I have been to London, so it's simply easier to write.

Hana is named after the mother from Wolf Children, by the way.

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