while not the pokemon stories that i make, this is another two series that i love. so please bare with me, and this story was inspired by a fanfic crossover called: Synthetics Power and is by far one of my favorite fanfictions, the star wars universe is set before: anakin's arrival on mustafar but after the execution of Order 66 and the Mass Effect universe is set: in mass effect 1 where the geth have taken over abandoned Quarian space AKA: Perseus Veil. with all that said, let us begin. disclaimer: i do not own mass effect or star wars.

following the execution of Order 66 but before the execution of the Separatist Counsel: the CIS Counsel have heard of their impending doom and took the priority on evacuating the entire droid army on a fleet of 35 Diamond Class cruisers, 15 Munificent Class star frigates, 20 Dreadnought class heavy cruisers, 25 Captor Class heavy munitions cruisers, 12 Bulwark MK: 1 class battleships, 4 Lucrehulk class droid control ships, 2 lucrehulk class battle ships, 8 Geonosian dreadnoughts, 10 Separatist cruisers, 50 Patrol Frigates, 12 Umbaran support ships, 80 Geonosian Transports, 14 DH-Omni class CIS Supply Ships, 30 Sabaoth frigates, 6 Sabaoth destroyers, 5 Recusant Class light destroyers, 10 Providence Class carriers, 1 Providence class dreadnought, 40 Captor Class heavy munitions cruisers, 3 Subjugator Class heavy cruisers, 16 Bulwark MK: 1 Class battleships, 18 Lupus Class missile frigates, 12 Hardcell Class interstellar transports, 3 Lucrehulk Class cargo freighters, 4 Battlesphere Class core ships, 100 Gozanti Class cruisers, and various other CIS ships packed to with battle droids, droid vehicles, CIS landing crafts, CIS boarding craft, and droid starfighters were in the hangars of their ships and MPD (multi purpose droid) 1 A.K.A: Hans was over seeing the evacuation and after all the droids and geonosians were safe on their ships, the CIS Counsel had landed on one of the providence class carriers and hans gave the order to jump since all the forces the CIS have are now leaving mustafar, just before they all jumped into hyper space the Empire's fleet had arrived but none of the Imperial ship made a shot since they were out of range and the CIS had jumped into hyper space to unknown coordinates. meanwhile anakin walked into the CIS Counsel room to find that every member of the CIS was gone and he couldn't even shut down the droid army now, though enraged he went beck to the resolute to kill the jedi order, when he returned to the communications terminal and told darth sidious of his failure and sidious understood and told him to return to him.

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