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Rannoch: the Synthetic Alliance was preparing for the attack on the Citadel with the Seperatist and Geth military commanders on their own starships, General Grievous began checking in with the fleet and their super weapon: the Death Star even though the original one was now in the hands of the Galactic Empire so a new one was built which took 4 months thanks to the Star Forge that was bigger than the Sith's Star Forge used over 4000 years ago and is able to build Super Weapons. "my lord, the fleet is ready to attack the Citadel." said General Grievous, and Count Dooku replied with: "don't get over confident General, this attack is the largest attack ever made by the Synthetic Alliance and must be initiated with utmost precision." and before the transmission ended Grievous said: "yes, my lord." then Hans came over the Fleet Comms and ordered: "prepare to jump to the Persian Nebula, our target is the Citadel." after that: the Synthetic Alliance's Fleet jumped to Hyper Space for their final battle of this war with the Citadel as they were attacked by the Citadel's Fleet which heavily damaged their ships when they got their shields down, but the damage was repaired and the fleet was ready for the battle.

Persian Nebula: the Citadel's Defense Fleet were doing their patrols as they'd normally do, but then the fleet sirens went off. the Citadel's defense fleet moved to attack position, when the massive Synthetic Alliance's fleet jumped out of Hyper Space with the Death Star. the Citadel's Fleet launched their Fighters, when the 5000 Subjugators got into a grid formation and the Synthetic Alliance launched their Geth and Droid Starfighters. the battle against the Citadel's fleet was going perfectly for the C.I.S. as General Grievous's Mega Star Destroyer, the: Immortal was taking most of the damage while slowly pushing through the Citadel's fleet and the capturing Citadel ships and fighters that had been abandoned by their crew and being repaired and commandeered by Droids. however the Citadel's Council fired a cruise missile, which heavily damaged the front of the Immortal. in response: the Count Dooku ordered the Death Star to fire at the Citadel, and with that order given: the Death Star fired it's super laser at the Citadel which destroyed the Citadel instantly causing the remaining Citadel Defense Ships to surrender. the Crews of the Citadel's Ships were relocated to other habitable planets and were assisted in colonization.

Epilogue-3 years later: the C.I.S. managed to warp the species of their founding companies and made the companies again, and the Geth joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems and captured various Republic and Imperial ships as well as repossessing their old ships and received a large amount of ships from the Rebel Alliance would become the New Republic which would give a large amount of their new ships. the C.I.S. then became the head government after the Citadel's destruction and it was later rebuilt and controlled by the C.I.S. ready for anything that apposed them.

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