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Chapter Two: Ick

Setting: Any Season

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you."

Sam had to admit, his brother did look pretty darn happy. He was lying in the dirt, hands and ankles bound and securely fastened to a metal beam. His wrists were rubbed raw in an obvious - yet futile - attempt to break free. Filthy and exhausted, he had two black eyes and was grinning like he'd won the lottery.

"I'd hug you right now but you're covered in...stuff," Dean said, wrinkling his nose. He nodded to his tied wrists and added, "I'm also a bit tied up at the moment."

"Stuff is a nice euphemism for blood, gore, and guts."

"Just tell me you got it."

"I got it."

It had also gotten him, but Sam wasn't in any hurry to admit that to his brother.

Dean's smile vanished and the worry shone bright in his eyes as he shouted, "Do you know how pissed I am at you right now?"

"I'm beginning to understand." Sam sighed, wobbling a little as he moved closer to his brother. "Could you hold off on verbally berating me for saving your life until I get you untied?"

"You can get cracking at sawing through these ropes while I verbally berate you." Dean fisted his hands and yanked against his bonds. "Multitask because I am going to do more than verbally berate you once you get me free. What the hell were you thinking? I want to kick your ass!"

"I thought you were glad to see me," Sam said, tiredly.

He put a hand against the wall when his balance started to give out. Fumbling with his right hand, he grabbed his knife. For a moment, all he could do was stand there. He squeezed his eyes closed when the room tilted and a warm rush swept over him.

"How bad did it get you?" Dean's voice was quiet, gentle.

Sam smiled, but didn't open his eyes. "Not too bad."

"Bad enough you look like you're gonna puke on me and then fall on me. I'd prefer you did neither."

"Shut up or I'll do both and then leave you here."

Dean snorted. "You're not going to be able to find your way to the Impala with your eyes closed."

Brandishing the knife, Sam said, "If you're nice, I'll open them before I cut one of your fingers off."

The room filled with a nice, steady hum. It probably wasn't a good sign.

"Sam?" Dean's voice filtered in over the hum.


"Can you sit down? Nice and slow. Sit down next to me."

It annoyed him to be bossed around like a wayward kindergartener, but given the fact he could barely stand up, he figured Dean might have a point.

"Just put your back against the wall...right, like that. Ok...hey, hey!" Dean urged. "Slower. Dude, you're gonna….well, ok. I guess that worked."

It worked, in theory, but it also hurt. He'd collapsed more than sat and the landing had jarred him all the way up his spine to his skull. Eyes still closed, he let his head fall backwards against the wall while he tried to control his breathing and determine if he was still conscious or if he was dreaming.

An indeterminate amount of time passed before he heard his brother's voice fading in and out like a radio station getting lost in the distance.

"Sammy? Come on, don't do this…"

Sam took a slow, deep breath and forced his eyes open.

"Thank you! Ok, ok, stay with me. You need to get my hands free and then I can take over, ok? Just stay with me."

"I'm here." Sam squinted, trying to see past the black dots.

"Good. I need you to cut me free and then I'll get you outta here and see how much damage I'm gonna have to repair."

Sam didn't comment. For one thing, he had no clue what Dean was talking about. For another, he was having too much trouble staying conscious to say anything. All he could do was follow the simple directions his brother gave him. As muddled as he was, he managed to cut through the ropes around Dean's wrists without slicing him.

As soon as the ropes fell free, Dean was reaching for him.

The knife was pulled from Sam's numb fingertips and gentle hands were pushing him down onto the cold, hard floor. He would have protested, but everything hurt too much and being flat on his back was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Closing his eyes, he relaxed as Dean assessed his injuries.


Sam heard a wet slap as Dean shook something off his hand.

"You're covered in guts...and slime...and, oh for the love of….what the heck is that?"

Another wet slap and Sam smiled picturing the disgusted expression on his brother's face as he attempted to get past the monster-goo to see what kind of injuries the goo was hiding. Sam honestly didn't know how badly he was hurt. The fight had been brutal and no holds barred.

Considering he'd spent the better part of forty-eight hours searching non-stop for his brother, he figured he deserved a pass for not quite paying attention to whatever the three hundred pounds worth of monster had done to him.


A gentle slap to his cheek.

"Stay awake. I'm not peeling monster ick off you just to have you die on me."

"Did you just say ick?" Sam asked, unable to speak louder than a whisper.

"Yes I did. There is no other word to describe...ugh! Oh...uh…" Dean's voice trailed off as he started gagging. It took him a moment to regain his composure, then he said, "The fact I'm going to let you sit in my car despite being covered in the most disgusting ick I've ever had the misfortune to encounter should tell you how much I hate doing all the boring stuff you're so good at. If it wasn't for your usefulness as an encyclopedia of weirdness, I'd leave you right here."

Sam smiled, drifting on the edge of awareness.



"Try to stay awake."

"This 's all your fault," Sam mumbled, his words running together.

"How's it my fault?" Dean spat the words out in indignation, but he was gentle as he worked to patch up whatever injuries Sam had received.

"You're the one who got kidnapped by a swamp monster." Sam smiled, forcing his eyes open.

Dean rolled his eyes. "I did not get kidnapped."

"Oh, so you went willingly?"

"It didn't look like-" Dean waved his blood and gore covered hands at Sam's chest. "It didn't look like ick at the time."

"A shapeshifter. That wasn't in the lore. Interesting."

"It's not interesting, it's disgusting. And it was a heck of a lot bigger than a shapeshifter...when it shifted into," Dean shook his hands at his sides, throwing gore everywhere, "whatever this was."

Sam closed his eyes and asked, "So what did it look like? Before it looked like this."

"It looked like...like a…"

"Like a?" Sam prompted, one eye open. Dean looked a little embarrassed and Sam's eyes widened as realization dawned. "Was it a hot woman?"

Dean glared at him before returning his attention to Sam's injuries.

"It was!"

"Why don't you go back to being quiet and barely conscious?" Dean muttered, finishing up whatever he was doing.

Everything hurt but nothing was too bad and whatever Dean was doing wasn't making things any worse so Sam couldn't complain. Which meant going back to being quiet and barely conscious wasn't going to happen. Not when he had a prime opportunity to make fun of his brother.

"Would you rather I'd left you with your girlfriend than to come and rescue you? I could've saved myself the goo and ick."

Dean's lips turned up in a brief smile, but his eyes were filled with concern as he said, "Hearing you bust in and take that thing on was impressive. Even if you are covered in goo."

"Are you almost done?"

"In a hurry?"

"Yes, actually. Remember that part about being covered in goo and ick? I'd like to take a shower."

"Give me a minute. Still gotta get my legs free since you did a half-assed job of rescuing me," Dean muttered, sawing through the rope. Then he was free, an arm winding around Sam's shoulders and pulling him to a sitting position.

The world went a little hazy, then filtered back into focus. When the world stopped spinning, Sam patted Dean's chest and started preparing to stand.

"You're not the only one who wants to take a shower, you know," Dean commented as he hauled him to his feet. "I'm covered in ick because of the first aid I'm providing to your injured body."

"Ick that I got covered in when I came to save your body."

Dean snorted and started dragging him to the car.

Sam smiled. As far as he was concerned, he'd won the argument.

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