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Chapter 1: Primal Nature

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Today I was having a bad day…

It all started out okay earlier this morning when I was on my way to school when I was able to catch a villain attack during rush hour. I even got to see the up and coming heroine Mt. Lady make her debut.

It all went down once I arrived at school. As usual all of the regular bullying and abuse happened. This was only because in a world where 80% of the population possess a superpower, dubbed "Quirks", and I had no super powers so I was dubbed, "Quirkless.."

This made me, Izuku Midoriya, a social outcast, worthless, perceived as a person without a purpose in the world…

When it was revealed back in grade school that I was Quirkless to my classmates. I was immediately castigated and bullied to the highest degree. However it didn't hurt as much when my former "best friend", Katsuki Bakugo I like to call him, Kacchan, bullied me. He did it verbally and physically.

Hell, even today after classes were over, Kacchan literally told me to "jump off the roof and hope to have a Quirk in the next life."

The reason he said this was because our teacher revealed to the class that aside from Kacchan, that I will also be applying for U.A High… the greatest Hero Course in all of Japan.

Knowing, that I had no Quirk. In Kacchan's mind, he knew I had absolutely no chance to make it into the prestigious high school. He also told me that I will die in the exams!

Yup, definitely a bad day for me so far. I sighed.

However, I had to learn how to deal with it on the daily basis since I was 4. So meh… it was whatever.

Taking a shortcut, I tried to get home faster. Walking through a tunnel I was not paying attention as I found myself captured by a slime villain. The villain was trying to take over my body as he suffocated me to death…

I know, today was pretty much a horrible at this point, but there was a twist!

You see, as I was seconds away from my own death when out of nowhere the Number 1 Hero, The Symbol of Peace, ALL MIGHT would appear to save the day. He would land a Texas Smash on the ugly Slime Villain and freeing me from his grasp.

I woke up from my unconscious to see my idol standing before me, I was so excited to see him that I went into complete fanboy mode. I wanted ask All Might to sign my Hero Journal Number 13, but gasped in delight when I saw that he had already signed it.

My excitement wore off as I had to get serious because I wanted to ask All Might one last thing. A question that mattered more than anything to me. This question roamed over my mind for over 10 years. Something that has been answered countless times with the same answer…

Can I become a Hero… even if I'm Quirkless

Before I could I saw that the Number 1 Hero was about to leave as he said that he had to turn the Villain into the authorities. Seeing this caused me to panic because this may be my one and only chance to ask All Might this question. Because who knows if I will ever have the opportunity to see let alone ask All Might this question since he is a very busy person.

I decided to take the risk and grab onto All Might as he took off jumping high into the air.

All Might noticed that I was hanging onto his leg for dear life, it forced him to land on a nearby roof. Even though his transformation was running out…

Landing on the roof, there was a huge puff of smoke. When it cleared, I was shocked to see All Might was gone and what was left was a skinny almost anorexic looking version of All Might.

Confused by the situation, I asked the man where All Might went. The skinny man told me that he indeed was All Might, or at least that was his true form, and his real name is Toshinori Yagi.

Toshinori then explained to me that 5 years ago, he fought a Villain who mortally wounded his respiratory system and destroyed his stomach. He visited countless doctors but neither one could do anything for the hero. This injury has now limited to All Might only being able to complete 3 hours of Hero Work each day.

Toshinori also explained that it was kept secret from the public because he still has to keep the persona of The Symbol of Peace. If word got out of his true condition, then Villains would take advantage and cause more havoc. That is why it is necessary for All Might to never show any sign of weakness and to always have a smile on his face so that the people won't have to worry, because "I am here!"...

After Toshinori's explanation, I decided to ask THE question… can he become a Hero even though he is "Quirkless"...

Toshinori frown then proceeded to tell me the same as everybody else that I couldn't become a Hero. The job of a Hero is too dangerous for somebody without a quirk. Rampaging Villains would do anything they can do to achieve their goals and that meant killing as well…

Toshinori told me that it is alright to dream big, but he also to dream realistically. Toshinori told me to look into more suitable careers such as a policeman or firefighter. Those jobs were also very important and admirable as they also risk their lives to protect and serve the people.

Toshinori also asked me to plead me keep all of what he said a secret as the public don't need to know that The Symbol of Peace was at all vulnerable. After that he exited the rooftop and left me alone…

I stood there as I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. The one person had been my idol and Hero had told me that I blanatanly could not become a Hero no matter how hard he tried. All because I wasn't born with a Quirk. Something that was completely out of his power.

There were so many emotions going through my thoughts at that moment. Sadness, anger, hurt, depression, but the biggest one was definitely disappointment.

Disappointment in myself and in All Might.

How could he say that? He's supposed to inspire hope into other people and motivate them to achieve their dreams. These were my thoughts as I left the rooftop and proceeded to the ground as I he heard an explosion.

Still disappointed I wasn't paying attention and didn't know I was subconsciously walking to where the commotion was. While I was walking, I was beginning to realize that this day was going from bad to completely horrible. Putting it straight, this has to be the worst day of my entire life no matter how anyone tries to slice it…

(Izuku's p.o.v end)

Now in the present time, Izuku is walking towards a large crowd to see the fight that started earlier when he and All Might were on the rooftop.

"That's strange. Is the fight from earlier still going on," Izuku said.

'Why am I here? Did I subconsciously walk here just to check it out?' Izuku thought as he crossed the street to get a closer view.

'I shouldn't even stop. All of my notes are useless', Izuku thought depressingly. However his tone shifted as he saw the Villain that was causing havoc.

'That's the same guy who attacked me!' Izuku thought as he saw the same Slime Villain who tried to take his body through the tunnel earlier.

'That can't be right! All Might captured him.' Izuku then thought back to when he and All Might were flying through the air.

'He must have dropped the bottle when I was holding onto his leg,' Izuku then realized another fact.

"But then that means, it's my fault," Izuku said as his face filled with dread.

"Why aren't the heroes doing anything?" a civilian asked as he was apart of the crowd.

"It looks like they met their match, plus the villain captured a kid and things aren't looking so good," another civilian responded.

'He caught someone? I wonder how long they've been in there. How could they survive being suffocated like that? I thought I'd die after only a few seconds of struggling' Izuku said in his mind as he thought back to his near death experience when he was captured by the very same Slime Villain. He cringed at the thought of somebody else going through the same traumatic experience.

"Wait, I'm confused, isn't that the same Villain All Might was chasing earlier today?" one civilian asked.

"What, All Might?! No way he lost, where is he?"

"Can someone call him or something?" a young woman asked

"Seriously, why hasn't he shown up to help the Heroes?!"

Toshinori, who was at the back of the crowd, looked down to the ground in anger and was clutching his chest as he couldn't do anything because his time limit was up and couldn't jump in and save the day.

Izuku has his hands covering his mouth and looked down in utter shame.

'I'm the one to blame. He wasted his energy on me,' Izuku said in his mind

'I'm worthless,' Toshinori thought with the same shame as Izuku

'He can't power up yet. And none of the other Heroes have the quirks to stop this monster. They're not doing anything and are being forced to watch as none of them have the courage to risk their lives. Come on aren't they called Heroes for a reason?' Izuku thought with anger

'So pathetic,' Toshinori said to himself as he is doing nothing but being a bystander.

'It's my fault. I'm sorry. So sorry,' Izuku thought in sadness.

'I am a disgrace,' Toshinori thought as he kept on insulting himself.

'Help will show up and save the day, I'm sure,' Izuku said in his mind with hope

'I'm not a real Hero,' Toshinori said in his mind as he clutched his chest harder and looked downwards.

'Someone… A real Hero will come soon,' Izuku thought.

However at that moment, Izuku saw the face of the person who was currently being held hostage by the Slime Villain. He had blond spiky hair with red eyes… He was struggling so hard and trying to breathe as he desperately opened his mouth to no avail.

The hostage is Katsuki Bakugo…

Izuku's eyes widened with shock. He couldn't believe it. His former 'best friend' was getting suffocated and tortured right in front of his eyes. An innocent child who could be moments from death. And HE was the cause of it. Even though Izuku has been a victim to Katsuki's traumatic bullying in the past up to the present, he still hasn't done anything near as bad to deserve the sadism he was enduring at the moment. Nobody deserved this. It was too much.

Izuku look at the Pro Heroes… nothing. They were doing absolutely nothing to save the child. They were merely helpless bystanders. Not even Mt. Lady could do anything as she couldn't transform to full height since the alley was way too narrow and it would risk serious property damage and even some lives as well.

No one was doing anything…

At that very moment, something awakened within Izuku. Something that has been dormant for a very long time. Something that has been built up and has been waiting for its release.

'What is this sensation?' Izuku thought as an unknown source of power went through his body, coursing through his veins as he felt his muscles bulging (wait, he has muscles? Isn't he all skin and bones?).

Izuku looked towards Bakugo and how he was struggling against the Slime Villain, then the look of shock was replaced by a look of determination and anger as he sprinted towards the Slime Villain.

(Music: Boku no Hero Academia OST - You Say Run. Start playing at 0:22 time stamp)

Toshinori and all the other Heroes gasped as they witnessed Izuku Midoriya run straight ahead towards the Villain.

"NO YOU IDIOT. STOP YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED!" Death Arms yelled as he tried to stop the young man from heading straight into danger.

"Not this brat again…" The Slime Villain said as he looked towards Izuku.

"Deku?!" Katsuki said in shock as he couldn't believe that his Quirkless classmate and former 'best friend' was running towards him, seemingly to save him.

'What am I doing? Why am I running? Why can't I stop?' Izuku thought to himself as he kept running at full speed towards the Villain as he continued to feel the unfamiliar, yet it felt so natural, power flowing through him giving him an unbelievable amount of power that felt so right that it was almost unexplainable.

"You're toast kid!" The Slime Monster yelled as he aimed his fist towards Izuku

Izuku took off his book bag and threw it towards the Monster's eye to momentarily stun him. This loosened his grasp on Katsuki and gave him the opportunity to finally breathe.

Izuku then jumped high in the air and landed a strong right fist straight at the Slime Villain. The punch was so strong that it was able to push the Villain back about 50 meters.

This allowed Katsuki to finally be freed from the Villain's grasp as he looked at Izuku in shock.

"What the hell! Why are you here?" Katsuki asked Izuku. He was about to respond but suddenly Izuku started moving towards the Slime Villain again at high speeds.

'What in the world is happening to me? My body is moving on its own. Yet for some reason… this power… why does it feel so good… and so natural?' Izuku thought as he got closer to the Villain.

"Okay, now you've made me mad. I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU DAMN BRAT!" the Slime Villain yelled as he threw tentacles towards Izuku.

However, Izuku is somehow able to dodge all of the attacks perfectly and uppercut the Villain with even more force.

'Is my body moving out of pure instinct?' Izuku thought as he saw the Slime Villain land to the ground after getting hit with an uppercut that generated so much force, it was able to create shockwaves that push the bystanders back a few steps and even broke some nearby windows.

Izuku turned around tears around his eyes and with a big smile on his face. "Kaachan, i couldn't just stand there and watch you die!"

Toshinori gasped in utter shock. Here was a Quirkless boy doing everything in his power to save the hostage while he was just being a bystander doing absolutely nothing.

'I have to do something! No matter the cost!' Toshinori thought as his body began to get bigger and steam was forming around him.

"I'm done playing with you!" the Slime Villain said as he moved towards Izuku to finish him off.

"Save the boy! This thing will kill him!' Death Arms yelled as the Pro Heroes began to advance to get Izuku out of the way of the Slime Villain's attack.

Izuku however felt no fear and was about to counter attacker when there was a mini explosion in front of him that made him cover his face.

"I really am pathetic."

Izuku opened his eyes to see that All Might was the one who blocked the Villain's attack.

"All Might… but.."

"I told you the traits to make a great champion. But I see now that I wasn't living up to my own ideal."

Izuku and Katsuki looked on in amazement as they witnessed the Number 1 Hero lift the tentacle upward and made a fist.

"Pros are always risking their lives! That's the true test of a HERO!" All Might yelled as blood was escaping through his mouth. Illustrating the pain that he was suffering due to forcing his Hero form beyond his three hour time limit.

"DAMN YOU ALL MIGHT," The Slime Villain then began to strike the Number 1 Hero using numerous Slime Tentacles.

"DETROIT SMASH" All Might yelled as he punched the Villain square in the face and created a tornado that produced shockwaves and winds that were blowing everyone away, both figuratively and literally.

(Music End)

All Might panted as everybody looked in awe at the his raw power.

It then began to rain as the clouds were moving.

"Holy crap. He changed the weather," Death Arms said.

Then the crowd started cheering as All Might saved the day once again.

After that the Heroes collected all of the scattered mounds of sludge. And the Villain went into police custody where he belonged. There were crowds of reporters and cameras trying to get an opportunity to speak to All Might.

Izuku got chewed out by the Heroes big time while Katsuki was praised for his bravery. The one who was hostage and almost died was getting praised for bravery while the one who risked his life and saved the hostage was castigated. Oh the irony.

Sunset came and Izuku was walking home. He wanted to apologize to All Might, but he was swarmed by interviewers. He didn't want to interrupt. He can always try to send a message through his website when he gets home.

He was also feeling really tired after fighting the Slime Villain. He felt really sleepy and really needed to take a nap. He was still trying to figure out just what exactly he did back there. That power, speed, strength, agility,and instinct. His body was moving on its own. Was it his Quirk? It didn't feel human. But it did feel natural, almost like a primal power that he is only now experiencing.

And it also felt like he knew how to fight. The way he was dodging and counteracting. He wasn't even nervous or scared… more like excited…


Izuku turned around and saw Katsuki running up to him.


"Listen, I would never ask a weakling like you to help me. Don't think you can look down on me. GOT THAT! I was fine by myself. You're just a Quirkless failure who won't even cut it as cop! You didn't help me… You did nothing. Don't forget it. I don't owe you anything!" Katsuki then turned around and began to walk off.

Izuku sweatdropped. "What was that?"

"Kaachan is right though. It's not like I did anything to help today. But at least I tried. Guess now I should get back to giving up on my dreams." Izuku said as he began to walk back towards home.

"I AM HERE!" All Might yelled as he landed in front of Izuku.

"All Might?! Why are you here? How did you get rid of all of those reporters?"

"HAHAHAH! I stand for justice. Not sound bites. Because I am ALL MIG-"

All Might was cut off as his transformation ran out and now returned to his true form while spitting out blood and coughing as Izuku screamed in shock.

"Young man, I came here to thank you. And also to discuss your question from earlier." Toshinori said


"If you hadn't told me about your life… If you hadn't run into that fight… I would've been a worthless bystander watching from the crowd… so thanks."

"OH NO! It was my fault he was there to begin with… I got in the way of your hard work. I wasted your energy and not to mention your time." Izuku responded

"I'm not done. You told me you didn't have a Quirk. So when I saw this timid Quirkless boy try to save a life. It inspired me to act too."

Izuku gasped as he processed the words his idol, the Number 1 Hero just said.

"There are stories about every Hero. How they became Great. Most have one thing in common… Their bodies moved before they had a chance to think. Almost on their own…"

(Music: Boku No Hero Academia OST 2 - You Can Become a Hero ( 君はヒーローになれる )

Izuku's eyes widened as he began to shed tears. For some reason, he remembered his mother's words in that moment.

"I'm sorry Izuku.I wish things were different"

Izuku clutched his chest with both hands as he began to lower towards the floor.

"And today, that's what happened to you."

Izuku's mother never told him the thing he wanted her to say back then… The words he needed to hear.

The wind started blowing as cherry blossoms flew through the air.

"Young man… You too can become a Hero." Toshinori said.

Izuku then began to sob fully.

Dreams can become reality.

Mark Twain once said: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

And on this day is when Izuku Midoriya found out that he indeed was born… TO BECOME A HERO!

Izuku clutched his chest even harder as he began thinking of all of the doubters and bullies that told him that he was useless, worthless, and had no shot to become a Hero.

Izuku needed someone to tell him that, that he can become a Hero. And the person he admires most in the world just did.

Honestly, part of him thought he would never hear those words, You can become a Hero. Much less from All Might.

"I deem you worthy of my power. My Quirk is yours to inherit." Toshinori said as he put out his two hands in a motion like he was trying to give someone something.

Izuku stopped crying and looked up with tears still around his eyes and mouth.

"Huh, wait, what do you mean inherit? Inherit what?" Izuku asked with a confused look on his face.

"Hahahahah, you should see your face right now! Don't worry, I'm not going to force this thing on you." Toshinori laughed as he walked closer to where Izuku was sitting. Toshinori raises his index finger pointing up towards the sky, "LISTEN well young man! This is your choice…" Toshinori points his finger towards Izuku now, " DO YOU WANT TO ACCEPT MY AWESOME POWER OR NOT!" He yells as blood comes out his mouth.

Izuku continues to look at Toshinori with a clueless face. ' What is he talking about, hat is this?"

Toshinori rubs the blood away from his mouth. "There are a couple things you should know about my abilities. Journalists always guess my Quirk as Super Strength or some kind of invulnerability. When people ask in interview, I always make a joke and dodge the question. And it's because the world needs to believe that their Symbol of Peace is just a natural born Hero like any other… but I'm not. There's something natural about my ability."


Toshinori then spread his arms out and looked towards the sky. "I wasn't born with this power. It is a sacred torch that was passed on to me from someone else!"

"Someone gave you this Quirk? No way." Izuku said in shock

The wind blows as Toshinori's shirt moves revealing bits of his scar. "Yes way, and you're next. I can give you my abilities." Toshinori said in a dramatic pose.

"Wait hold on this is a lot to process," Izuku replied. "It's true there's a lot of debate as to what your Quirk actually is. Nobody has ever figured it out, it's one of the world's greatest mysteries! People are constantly talking about it online. Well the idea of passing on a Quirk and inheriting it just doesn't make any sense to me, I never heard anything like it, a power is supposed to be unique to each individual and since the first super powers no one has been able to just give someone their power like a present, that's crazy! If this is true, this has changed everything we knew about Quirks to begin with.." Izuku kept on muttering and muttering as Toshinori looked on awkwardly.

"Uh, sounds like you're overthinking this whole inheriting thing. STOP NERDING OUT!"

Izuku stopped his muttering as he heard Toshinori's shout. "You'll have to adjust your reality and accept this new truth. I can transfer my Quirk to someone else. And that's just one facet of my secret abilities."

Toshinori holds out his hand as rainbow colored light starts to emit from his palm." The true name of my power is One For All," Toshinori revealed with emphasis on the One For All part.

"OneForAll... " Izuku said slowly in awe as the name itself radiates power.

"Yes…One person improves the power, then hands it off to another person and continues to grow as its passed along…" Toshinori says as inside Toshinori's soul, multiple different colored stars move and turn into bigger and brighter stars as it finally stops when it reaches to a bright yellow star.

"It is this cultivating power that allows me to save those who are in need of a Hero. The truth behind my strength…" Toshinori finished as the rainbow colored light in his palm faded.

"But why would you choose to give me a gift like that? What if I can't live up to it?" Izuku asked. "I was on a long hunt for a worthy successor. And then, I watched you jump into action as the rest of us idly by. You may just be a Quirkless fanboy, but you tried to save that kid… you acted like a Hero." Toshinori answered Izuku's question.

Izuku then began to cry tears of joy from listening to the inspiring words of his idol.

Toshinori saw this and began to laugh, "Come on seriously, you've got to stop crying like that if you want my Quirk. Come on kid."

Izuku made a fist in his left hand, 'He said so much to encourage me… he even told me the secret behind his powers. Is this… is this what I've been waiting for all these years, how can I turn him down?' Izuku said in his head as he wiped the tears off his face.

Izuku stands up with a determined look on his face."Okay I'll do it, YES!" Izuku accepts Toshinori's offer.

"No reluctance, that's exactly how I figured you'd respond," Toshinori said with a smirk. "Meet me at the Dagoba Municipal Beach in two days 5 A.M sharp. That is where we will begin your training for you to inherit One For All."

"RIGHT! I'll be there," Izuku responded.

"Oh right, one more thing. Mind explaining me those moves you pulled off while fighting the Sludge Villain? Where did all of that speed and strength come from? I thought you said you were Quirkless, did you lie to me?" Toshinori asked the green haired boy as he never seen moves like that before. It was like he was fighting as an experienced fighter with such expertise and it seemed like he knew what he was doing.

Izuku waved his hands around in panic, " What? No no no, I would never lie to you All Might! I really am Quirkless. What happened back there… I don't know how to explain it. My body was moving on its own, on pure instinct. I felt something… a power… a power so great that it flooded throughout my body and filled me with… excitement. I had no fear, I was just going with the flow. I've never had any kind of experience like this, yet it felt so natural… like I was born to fight and it just awakened." Izuku finished as he looked at his hands in wonder.

Toshinori hummed, 'This is something that I should keep an eye on… It may be a hidden Quirk that was never awakened until met with a life or death situation…' Toshinori thought as he returned his attention to the freckled boy. "We'll talk about this later. It's getting late, so head on home and get some rest so you're ready in two days."

"Alright!" and with that, the two parted ways and Izuku went home to rest for the upcoming trials ahead.

When Izuku reached his house, he immediately felt tired and yawned. 'Must be from all of the stress today, I should go take a shower.' Izuku proceeded to the bathroom and took a warm shower and as he was washing himself, he felt a slight bump near his butt.

'Must be a bruise from the Sludge Villain' Izuku assumed and finished showering and proceeded to bed.

As soon as he reached his room, he collapsed on the bed and felt really sleepy. 'Man, I'm really tired today, oh well, lights out,' Izuku though as he shut off the lights and proceeded to fall in a deep slumber…

The Next Day

Izuku woke up from his deep sleep. He yawned and stretched as he got up from his bed. " Woah, I slept good, I feel full of energy," Izuku said as he headed to his bathroom.

As he walked to the bathroom, Izuku feltl really weird. He didn't feel any pain or drowsiness, but something felt… off. For one, Izuku felt a little higher as if he was standing on a stool or something. Also, he felt like something was attached to his bottom… he didn't have any clue as to why that is and his clothes felt really tight... When he reached the bathroom, and looked at the mirror, his eyes widened in shock.

Standing in front of the mirror wasn't the skinny little plain Deku that he was known as. No, standing there was young man with a height of 5'11 with broad shoulders and a defined lean muscles all throughout his body that would put most bodybuilders to shame. There was no more baby fat as his face had defined cheekbones and a sharp jaw with a face that resembled more like a man than a boy. His chest was much bigger and so were his biceps and triceps that they were bulging under the now too small and tight shirt Izuku was wearing. His hair was longer, denser thicker and much more spiky and a lot more darker.

While all of this is surprising to say the least, the thing that shocked Izuku the most was what was behind him, more specifically apart of him.

Behind him was a wagging brown monkey tail that was a few feet long. It was moving freely as it was the most normal thing in the world. 'What in the world?! Why do I have a monkey tail and why do I look so different? Wait a minute… could this be my Quirk?' Izuku thought as he closed his eyes and concentrated. He felt it… the same rush of power he felt yesterday against the Sludge Villain. Only this time, he felt more in control and like it was something he has had for his entire life.

'I feel the exact same energy when I was fighting the Sludge Villain, is this really my Quirk? If so, what exactly is i-'

"IZUKU! Are you still sleeping? It's past noon already, it's time to get up!" Inko Midoriya said as she walked towards her son's room but stopped when she saw the bathroom door open. She peeked inside and saw a completely different Izuku inside with a brown monkey tail.

"Izuku, honey what happened to you?!" Inko asked in shock as she couldn't believe her son was in the bathroom, taller and packed with muscles that looked he worked his entire life to gain. Not to mention the fact that he had tail too!

"I don't know Mom. I just woke up and I looked into the mirror and saw this. I think this could be my Quirk that has finally awakened." Izuku said as he tried swinging his tail which he successfully did.

"Well okay, you can explain in a minute. I'm going to go look for some of your father's clothes as it looks like they can fit you now," Inko said as she went to her husband's old closet to fetch some apparel for Izuku.

After putting on some of his Father's clothes, Izuku explained everything that happened yesterday with his fight with the Sludge Villain, leaving out the part where All Might picked him as his successor obviously.

Inko thought Izuku's new 'Quirk' was a bit strange. His father, Hisashi Midoriya, who works overseas, Quirk is that he can breathe fire. Her own Quirk is the attraction of small objects. Usually a child's Quirk is either one of the parents' Quirks or a combination of both. So where in the world did that monkey tail come from? Nevertheless, she felt extremely happy for the fact that her son finally has his own Quirk. She felt guilty for all of the trauma that Izuku had to endure because of his Quirkless status. She hated that he wasn't able to inherit her power or his father's. She even felt guilty for not encouraging and inspiring him to pursue his dream no matter what. Instead she just said sorry. But now, Izuku has a power now and has a chance to follow his dream… and that's all a mother can ask for.

"Izuku, please be careful honey, don't hurt yourself testing out your new powers. We don't want a repeat of what happened with the Sludge Villain," Inko said as she was worried for her son's safety after the incident yesterday.

"Don't worry Mom, I won't do something that stupid," Izuku said as he ate his breakfast and went outside to test his new Quirk out.

Izuku went to his backyard and decided to see if he can recreate the moves he performed against the Sludge Villain. "Alright let's see how high I can jump." Izuku them jumped with all of his might as he rocketed towards the air in high speeds. He looks down and sees that he's up so high that he's about 200 feet in the air looking down towards his neighborhood.

"Woah, I didn't know I can jump his high! Hold on, why aren't I falling down?" Izuku looks down and sees that he's floating! "WHAT! I can fly too!? Just what is my Quirk?" Izuku said in shock as he went down back to his backyard.

"Alright, let me test out my strength," Izuku then punched the ground with so much force that it was able to create a mini shockwave and craters in the ground.

Izuku looked at his fist in awe. It was unbelievable! He was able to go from a weak little Quirkless boy to a guy who's able to fly with superhuman strength.

"Wow, what else can I do with this power…?"

One Day Later

Dagoba Municipal Beach is a beach that was once a beautiful place with golden sand and a glistening blue ocean. It was an ideal spot for young couples to come and relax and express their love for one another.

But now it is a complete dumpster. Full of trash and garbage. It has been a total mess for the last few years. Because of the ocean currents, anything that is dropped in the water ends up on the beach. People take advantage of that when they are illegally dumping their trash. Now all the locals avoid this place.

Toshinori is on the beach waiting patiently for a certain green haired boy to show up. He looked at his phone and the time read 4:58 A.M.

"He should be arriving any minute now," Toshinori said as he looked towards the entrance of the beach. In the distance, he could see a what seemed to be a young man with a mop of green spiky hair, running to the beach with a bright green tracksuit on as he was getting near to where Toshinori is standing.

"Wait a minute is that…" Toshinori said in surprise as the young man reached Toshinori.

"Hey, All Might I'm here, 5:00 A.M sharp just like you said! So why did you tell me to come here to train in this dumpster?" Izuku asked with curiosity as he wondered how this would be the ideal training place.

"Wait a second! Young Midoriya is that you? When were you this tall? And where did all of those muscles come from? And… is that a tail?" Toshinori asked as he couldn't believe that the skinny, plain, little boy with no Quirk is the same tall and muscular young man standing right in front of him right now.

Izuku smiled and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, "Well you see… " Izuku told Toshinori all of what transpired the day before, how he woke up and the powers he discovered that he had. He hypothesized that this is his Quirk that took a long time to manifest probably because of the physical requirements needed to use properly. Izuku demonstrated his power by picking up a fridge with one hand and absolutely crushing it with the other hand. He then showed how fast he was by running so quick he was able to run across the ocean. After that he flew up so high that Toshinori thought he was dreaming.

After Izuku's demonstration, Toshinori turned into his Hero form, "MY GOODNESS! Never have I seen such feats from such a young boy. It seems that inheriting One For All will be better much easier than expected!"

"Wait what do you mean by that," Izuku asked as he flew back down to the beach. "What I mean is that, my Quirk One For All is a whole lot to handle. The combined physical prowess of everyone who has ever used it creates a hurricane of pure force. An unprepared body can't fully inherit it. Your arms and legs would shoot off if you tried to."

Izuku imagines his limbs tearing off and his body falling apart and decimating itself. He cringed, "Seriously!? Damn that's harsh!." Izuku shaked his head as he tired to get the image out of his head. "Okay so this whole trash thing is some kind of hardvore gym workout. And you're my trainer."

All Might smirked and did a thumbs up, "You got it! But there's another reason to. I did a little online research yesterday. Turns out this part of the beach used to be beautiful but it's been a total mess for years."

Izuku looked around and nodded in agreement, "Yeah, people just throw their garbage here and since it's already a mess, people wouldn't suspect a difference. It's a shame nobody has taken the time to clean this place up." Izuku said with disappointment as one would think a Hero would at least try to renovate the place.

"Heroes these days are all about showing off and capturing flashy Villains. Things were different before Quirks. Service is what mattered. Back then Heroes were those who helped the community even if it was kind of boring!" All Might said as he grabbed a microwave and crushed it effortlessly.

"You will restore the coastline for this entire section of the beach. That is the first step of your path young man, towards being a Hero." All Might finished as he stared into Izuku's eyes seriously.

"Um, all this? But there is so much," Izuku said looking around the entire beach which was filled to brim with garbage of all different kinds. "That's impossible!"

"Young Midoriya, you want to go to U.A right?"

"Well yeah, of course. You went there, so it must be the best school around, right?" Izuku looks down and balls his right fist. "It's a long shot… but still, I'm going to shoot for the moon. U.A… "

"YOU'VE GOT A LOT OF SPIRIT FANBOY! But as I said before, being a Hero isn't easy to do without a Quirk… It's not fair but that's unfortunately the reality. And U.A is the hardest Hero Course to get into. So that means…"

"-That I have to prepare my body for your Quirk really fast! U.A's exams are in 10 months!"

All Might took out sheets of paper, "Not to worry kid! I've got you covered with the help of my handy 'Aim to pass American Dream Plan', follow this to the letter and you'll clean up just in time. I also detailed every other aspect of your life while I was at it!"

Izuku looked at the sheets of paper, "Wow, even my sleep is scheduled." "If I'm being honest, this is going to be super hard, think you're up to it?"

Izuku smirked and gained a look of confidence, "Yeah, sure I am. I have to work to work 100 times harder to get in if I'm going to outdo everybody else. So what choice do I have right?"

(Music: Boku no Hero Academia OST: Hero A Instrumental)

Izuku went right to work, taking as much trash as he could at a time. Ever since, he has gotten his new found power, his overall strength, speed, and stamina increased to the level of superhuman. He's able to lift cars and trucks that weigh several tons with relative ease. His efficiency in cleaning up the trash was so off the charts, that All Might estimated that Izuku may get the job done with time to spare!

When Izuku returned to school, all of his teachers and peers were speechless. They almost couldn't recognize him as he looked like a totally different person. It was unreal to them. When they saw his tail, they were even more shocked as they thought the green spiky haired nerd didn't have a Quirk. He explained to the class that his Quirk finally awakened during the whole Sludge Villain ordeal. He theorized that the Quirk is mutant/physical enhancement type that required the user's body to be developed in order to use as if he would've had it when he was 4, it may have been too much for his small body to handle.

Surprisingly, Katsuki Bakugo didn't really give Izuku's new found Quirk much glance. If anything, he probably still thought he was much superior thanks to his incredibly powerful Explosion Quirk. After that day, Bakugo and pretty much everybody else stopped bullying Izuku. This was most likely because, Bakugo respected Izuku a little, for what he did against the Sludge Villain, and now that he had a Quirk, it moved him up on the proverbial food chain in society.

Since, Izuku's ne power gave him inhuman amounts of stamina and endurance, he was able to study and do his school work with ease since he didn't feel much fatigue after the morning and afternoon workouts cleaning trash that he would've otherwise felt. Another cool aspect Izuku discovered about his new abilities was that he is able to feel the energy signature of any living being. He could tell where someone was located based on their unique, 'power level', which is what he liked to call it and he could how strong exactly someone was and asses their abilities. This would be a very useful ability as a Hero where he could predict the power level of dangerous Villains.

Another ability Izuku had was what he dubbed 'Ki Blasts' which were small laser like blasts generated through an energy called Ki and fire them like projectiles. This was especially useful as long range attacks since, it wouldn't be a good idea to always fight somebody at close combat depending on what type of Quirk they had. Izuku set time aside to practice his Ki control so he would be able to increase the efficiency of his Ki attacks and hopefully master them to an extent before the U.A Exams.

Izuku gave his mother a recipe for the new diet he would have to take courtesy of All Might's training. A side effect of Izuku's new 'Quirk' was that it increased his metabolism which allowed him to eat a ridiculous amount of food that wasn't normal by human standards. Inko was surprised at first, but she smiled and didn't' mind it since she had no problem cooking for her beloved son. Izuku loved his mother's cooking and it would motivate him to keep on training and studying as hard as he could in order to achieve his dream to become a Hero.

His motivation was so strong, he even went to the beach and did extra clean up during the times that he was supposed to be sleeping. He wanted to get it done as soon as possible and to get as much training as he could before the Exams. 'I need to train 1000 times harder than anyone else if I want to be the Number One Hero,' is what he told himself when he would spend the late night and early morning hours cleaning trash as fast as he could. He was so serious about his training that he even put training weights on all 4 of his limbs weighing 200 pounds each in order to increase his strength and endurance so that he can be the best possible vessel he can be for One For All.

When Toshinori would arrive at 5:00 A.M at the beach, Izuku would already be there hard at work, disposing as much garbage as possible going at incredible speeds even with his training weights on. Toshinori was appalled at Izuku's pure work ethic so much that it even scared him a little. The only person that he could think of with the same kind of work ethic was his old sensei Gran Torino. Izuku would spend so much time on training that it wouldn't be far fetched to say he was addicted to training. However, it would be a healthy addiction, as Toshinori knew the disadvantage that the young man was put under for the majority of his life. Not having a Quirk at an early age and not adapting and training it like other kids of his generation have already done is a big detriment to Izuku's overall growth and chances of making it into U.A. However, if there is one thing that Izuku has over anybody else is his Will and Ambition. He has the Will of a Hero. And that can take someone a long way. Couple that with his work ethic, incredible power, and the fact that he will soon be inheriting One For All, there is no limit to what he can achieve.

The same pattern repeated as Izuku would start working before Toshinori got there, go to school, lift weights under the table during class, eat, study, sleep, train, train, and train some more. After a while, Izuku got accustomed to his training weights, so he increased them to 2,000 pounds each. He kept these weights on 24/7, even when he was showering or sleeping because he wanted his physical body to get used to the strain so that when he inherits One For All, it won't be a problem for his body and he will be able to adjust with relative ease. This made his body add in even more body muscles and made his figure even bulkier, but not too bulky as Izuku didn't want to trade strength for speed as he loved the fact that he had an equal balance of the two. Izuku is too smart to think that strength alone can win you any fight, you need to have other attributes and bring other things to the table to be considered a Pro Hero.

With that said, Izuku has not only trained his body, but also his mind. He has continued working on his Hero Journals and practiced the many strategies that he has either learned or created that would benefit his Quirk. He would spend long hours just thinking about how he could improve his training regime and get the best possible results before the Exams. One time he was even caught muttering to himself in class. Although it was embarrassing, he didn't mind, because in his mind and heart he knew, that he needed to have the determination and Will of a Hero if he is going to achieve his dream…

(Music End)

September 26, Exactly 5 months before the U.A Entrance Exams

Toshinori got out of his truck and walked towards the beach. It was the halfway mark until the U.A Entrance Exams, and he needed to assess Midoriya's progress in cleaning the beach and see how much longer it's going to take him and if they need to make any adjustments in the Aim to Pass: American Dream Plan to get the job done quicker. It was currently 4:30 A.M so Izuku should already be there cleaning up as usual.

However before, he took another step forward, Toshinori heard something that made him stop in his tracks…

"ROOOOOOOOOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" A primal roar was heard throughout the entire park in the early morning as birds scurried an flew away fearing that such a beastly roar belongs to a predator that is nearby. Toshinori's eyes widened as he looked for the source of the roar until he looked up and what he saw made him drop his jaw to the ground.

On top of a pile of trash was a shirtless Izuku as the sun rose and made the sweat around his body glisten. Over the past 5 months, Izuku grew 2 inches making his heigh now 6'1. His overall figure was much more muscular and leaned as his body adjusted to the harsh training protocol Izuku went through. His weights were still on as they now weighed 10,000 pounds each! The entire beach and the shoreline was completely clean and not an ounce of trash was anywhere in sight. Izuku has completed his task in half of the time that was expected...

"Hey, hey holy crap kid! You even cleaned outside the area I told you to. Seriously! There's not one speck of trash left on this beach! And with 5 months to spare! You've exceeded my expectations! Holy, stinking… SUPER CRAP!" Toshinori said as he transformed to his Hero Form mid sentence.

Izuku started wobbling and fell off the pile of trash that he was on top of on. But before he could hit the ground, All Might caught him in his arms.

"Excellent work!" Izuku looked at All Might with a tired smile, "Hehehe, I finished everything… All Might. I did it as fast as I could. Do you think I'm ready now for your Quirk?" Izuku asked as he panted. Truth to be told, Izuku was exhausted. He spent countless sleepless nights overworking himself trying to clean the trash up as fast as he could. There were days where he didn't even shower or eat, because he was so focused on getting the job done as fast as possible because he knew that he needed as much time as he could in order to prepare for the U.A Entrance Exams coming up in 5 months. However his determination and the fact that he worked 1,000 times harder than anybody else allowed him to finish cleaning the beach in half of the time that was expected. It was hard, but it was worth it in the end, because now he has 5 more months to train.

"Yeah, you did good kid. I gotta say I'm impressed. I knew you had it in you but this is beyond what I thought was possible! Look at this," All Might showed Izuku a picture he took 5 months ago at the beginning of their training.

"It's you! 5 months ago! Look how far you've come! Such improvement! There's still a long road ahead of you before you can inherit my full power set. BUT IT'S STARTING TO LOOK LIKE YOU CAN DO IT!" All Might bellowed as he pointed towards the huge pile of trash above them from where Izuku fell.

Izuku looked down and raised his fist, "All Might… do I deserve this? Are you sure?" All Might raised his eyebrows as he looked at Izuku curiously.

"You've put so much time and energy into helping me. How did I end up so lucky," Izuku said as tears began to escape his eyes.

"Hahahah!" All might laughed, 'Are you really worried about that after all of these months?'

All Might pat Izuku on the back, "It was all your hard work that did this, not mine. Now, for your reward, Izuku Midoriya!"

Izuku smiled, "Yes Sir!"

All Might plucked a hair from his head, " Someone told me this once. There's a difference between being lucky and deserving: One's an accident and the other, a reward. Never get the two confused!" All Might replied to Izuku as he remembered the words of his deceased predecessor. "Take that to heart young man. This gift… you earned it with your owned valued effort.

Izuku smiled as he heard All Might's words. He knew what he said was true. And he took great pride in the fact that he did indeed earn his Quirk and is worthy to inherit it. But what All Might said next completely made his eyes go wide…

"EAT THIS!" All Might yelled as he held his strand of hair towards Izuku. Izuku was speechless as he slowly comprehended what exactly the Number One Hero was saying.

"To inherit my power you got to swallow some of my DNA, that's how it works!"

"This isn't exactly how I imagined it!"

"Come on, there's no time! The Exam is in 5 months, and we have to get you ready so that you're able to use One For All efficiently so you'll no doubt make it into U.A! EAT EAT EAT!" All Might yelled as Izuku took the strand of hair and forced himself to swallow it and cringed as he stopped his gag reflex and swallowed as hard as he could feel the strand of hair going down his throat.

"It should take you about 2 hours for you to digest my DNA. By then, One For All should start taking into an effect. Until then you should relax and take a breather. I know how hard you have worked these past 5 months. Also take off those weights as you shouldn't strain your muscles because One For All can hurt your body enough as it is." All Might said as he gave Izuku a water bottle.

When Izuku finished the water bottle and took off his weights, he began to feel a surging sensation throughout his body. It's similar to the Ki energy he uses with his Quirk but it was different. He could feel a lightning ozone go through his veins and a shooting star rushing through space as it gathers energy and power second by second.

"All Might, I think I can feel One For All. It's growing stronger by the second!" Izuku yelled as immediately stopped resting to tell All Might the news.

"But that should be impossible! It has not even been 5 minutes yet, surely your body hasn't digested that one strand of hair that fast!"

"Well you see, one side effect of my Quirk is that it exponentially increases my metabolism rate. So food digests faster and it makes me hungrier than the average person and it allows me to eat a lot more than the average person also. So your hair has probably digested by now, and I think I'm able to use your Quirk now." Izuku explained. He could feel the power get stronger and stronger, adapting to the incredibly strong body.

"I see. I guess it's convenient for the situation. Are you feeling okay Young Midoriya? You think you can try to use One For All in your current state." All Might asked with concern for his successor.

Izuku smirked as he flexed his right arm, "I think it wouldn't hurt to give it at least a test run."

"Well alright, don't push yourself too hard young man. Remember we got 5 months left to prepare you for the Exams, so we've got plenty of time!"

"Right! So how exactly do I activate the Quirk?" Izuku asked curiously as he can still feel the intoxicating power flowing through him just waiting to burst out.

"It's pretty simple kid! All you have to do is clench your buttcheeks and reach down from the depths of your heart and yell SMASH!" All Might yelled as he demonstrated by punching the air and creating a mini tornado that resulted in a whirlwind.

Izuku nodded and looked towards the crystal blue ocean. He concentrated and raised his right arm and clenched his butt cheeks. His arm began to glow as red markings appeared and his biceps bulged as he can feel the power building up in one point. He can also feel his Ki in his right arm supporting the power that One For All was giving him. It was so unreal… the power, he has never felt anything like this before. It felt so right and meshed so well with his other Quirk, that it practically felt like a perfect combination. Izuku looked towards the ocean and yelled with all his might…


Izuku sent a thunderous punch towards the sea. The force of the punch was so great that it sent him back a couple of yards. It created winds that were going at 60 miles per hour. The sea was split into two as it created waves that were so high that it seemed that they could touch the heavens. Izuku's punch also created a tornado similar to the one that All Might produced with his Detroit Smash against the Sludge Villain. It wasn't strong enough to completely change the weather like All Might did, but it was still impressive in its own right. Especially since it was Izuku's first try.

All Might smirked as he saw the display of power Izuku put on. He was extremely impressed and Izuku even exceeding his expectations once again! That smash was near the level of All Might's 5% Detroit Smash in his prime.

All Might walked over to Izuku to see the condition of his arm. He knew what the backlash of using One For All for the first time could be like. He just hoped that he didn't completely break his arm.

"WOW! I was able to do that much with just one punch! I can't wait to see what I'm able to do when I've mastered this Quirk. The power output is so amazing!"

All Might's jaw dropped to the ground when he saw Izuku standing with no injuries at all, looking completely fine.

"Young Midoriya, is your arm alright? Do you feel any pain?" All Might asked in surprise as Izuku didn't even look like he was in pain. His arm looked completely normal!

"Uh yeah. It feels a little numb, but that's probably mostly from the weights I had on. I guess all my training paid off. My body is able to handle the backlash of One For All with little to no injuries. So does that mean, my body is a proper vessel now?" Izuku asked All Might as he was stretching to loosen up his muscles.

"This will make your training a lot easier! And since, you've given us a 5 month head start, in that time, we will be focusing on increasing your control and efficiency rate of using One For All. This is so that by the Exams you will be used to the effects of One For All and you won't have to worry about not knowing how to use it! Young Midoriya, are you sure you don't need rest? I know you have been working really hard, so are you sure you can keep training for the rest of the day?" All Might knew how important getting into U.A and becoming a Hero is to Izuku. He also understood how little time he has to prepare. However, too much of anything can be detrimental to anyone. Especially if one were to overwork themselves. The human body had limits after all. So it would be only natural is the young man needed to take a day off to rest and recuperate.

"No, it's fine! I promise you All Might I can keep going. How many times do I have to tell you this. I have to work 1,000 times harder than anyone else if I want to be number one. I don't want to just make it into U.A. I want to excel and be the top student of my class. So that's why I'll keep training no matter what, and I won't rest until my job is done!" Izuku yelled with vigor. The same red markings of One For All began to appear around both of his arms and legs as he flexed his arms ready to get to work.

All Might just smiled. What else could he expect? Hearing those words just gave him the reassurance that he made the right decision in choosing Izuku as his successor to bear One For All. "You truly have the spirit of a Hero, young man. Then it's settled! These next 5 months we will train your control of One For All and we will commence by holding a series of sparring matches between you and me so you can get some combat training. Get ready young man, because this is where the real training starts. Also, I almost forgot to mention, from now on… refer to me as TOSHINORI-SENSEI!"

4.5 Months Later, 2 weeks until the U.A Entrance Exams…

It's been over 4 and a half months since Izuku gained One For All, and the progress he was able to make in such a short amount of time is nothing short of amazing. He is now able to use One For All at 20%, and at a very proficient level. Usually, when children awaken their Quirks, it's hard for them to use their powers without wasting a lot of energy. That doesn't seem to be the case with Izuku though. Izuku is so skilled at using his Quirk, that he's able to fight and launch attacks with little to no backlash to his physical body. When All Might saw the progress that Izuku was making during their sparring matches, practically getting stronger, faster and better everyday, it almost scared him. He has never seen someone so young be able to adapt and increase the output of their Quirk almost flawlessly.

Izuku's Ki abilities improved as well. He could now sense the energy signature of a person 1,000 miles away and can even lower his own energy to the point where he's almost completely unnoticeable. During these 4 months, Izuku has had some weird dreams. His dreams would always involve either a man with spiky black hair and an orange outfit or shorter man with long upright spiky hair with some sort of armor on. In these dreams he saw various things. He saw many fights and the encounters that those two had in their lives and even some techniques that Izuku learned. One technique that Izuku was able to learn was the Kamehameha and the Galick Gun used by the man with the orange outfit and the man with the blue armor respectively.

Izuku felt like he should know who those two are… but he just couldn't quite put his finger on it. Maybe it was another side effect of his Quirk? Whatever the case, they were very helpful to him in his training. It allowed him to learn many fighting techniques that he could use during his sparring matches with All Might. Granted he was never able to win against the Number One Hero. He just had much more experience than him. However, Izuku was able to land some hits on him and even catch him off guard a couple times and actually almost managed to beat him one time, if it wasn't for that damned Oklahoma Smash that sent poor Izuku flying away towards the sky. All Might went really hard on him during those spars and he even complimented on Izuku's fighting style saying if he had not had more raw power and Hero experience than Izuku, he probably would have beat him.

During those sparring matches, All Might made sure to have Izuku wear his training weights at all times. He increased the weight to 25,000 pounds on each limb. His rationale for such harsh training conditions, is that if Izuku is able to keep up with somebody as fast as All Might with 100,000 pounds on his body, then he should have no problem outperforming any other person during the Exams physically. This day in age, too many people rely solely on their Quirk to do all the hard work. When in reality they have forgotten the just how powerful humans can become with their physical bodies alone. And thanks to Izuku's Quirk, his physical abilities seemed to have skyrocketed. This is one edge that Izuku will have over any other applicant as both Izuku and All Might knew for a fact that no other person his age trains like Izuku does.

"Detroit Smash!"

Instantly the waves of the Dagoba Municipal beach were raised to seemingly impossible levels. The ocean rumbled as if a tempest was taking place, but the weather remained the same.

"Not strong enough. Toshinori-Sensei is able to change the entire weather with a single Detroit Smash almost effortlessly. Mine is pretty good, but it still lacks the extra force and volume that Toshinori-Sensei's smashes have. Guess, I'll have to keep practicing until I get to that level," Izuku said to himself as he stood on the beach by himself. He is currently shirtless as he was sweating from training the entire day. All Might isn't there because this is one of the days when Izuku is supposed to be taking a day off. But who was he kidding? Izuku doesn't know the definition of a day off!

Izuku now stood at 6'2 as he was able to grow one more inch during the past couple of months training with All Might. Izuku guessed that the reason he was growing so fast was because of the addition of One For All, his body adapted since the bigger and stronger his body is, the more effective his usage of One For All can be. He now had a defined 6-pack which is a sign of evidence of all the hard training he has done these past 9 and a half months.

"Well at least it's better than before two months ago… "

Flashback to 2 and a half months ago…

"Damn it!" yelled a frustrated Izuku. He just finished a sparring session with All Might, and was currently taking a 5 minute break. "Why do you seem so troubled my boy? You have made excellent progress!" At this point, Izuku has already gained access to 10% of One For All. He is able to activate it in all four limbs and fight on par with All Might's 10%.

"It's just that,I feel that there is a way to use One For All a lot easier and more efficiently like you, Toshinori-Sensei. When you use One For All, it's not just in your arms and legs, but your whole body and you're able to use it with much more versatilIty. I want to be able to use it like that as well, but for some reason, I can only activate it in my limbs." Right when he said those words, Izuku widened his eyes as a lightbulb lit up in his head.

"Wait a minute, that's it!" Izuku exclaimed as he jumped up and confused All Might.


"All this time, I've been thinking of One For All as sort of like a switch. Where I turn on and off whenever I use its power. As if it's an external weapon, sort of like a gun or sword. However, I've got it all wrong. One For All isn't just some disposable weapon! It's apart of me. It's connected to my very core and sore. It's the power that will unite the world and smash all evil into its place. I AM ONE FOR ALL!"

Izuku closed his fists and began to power up and use One For All. Red markings immediately appeared on his arms and legs. Then it started to spread to his forearm, then to his hands, then to his feet and upwards to his chest and shoulders.

"Come on! Focus and concentrate!" Izuku said loudly and grit his teeth as he put in his absolute best effort. The red markings then rose up to his neck, cheeks and ears. Then it finally reached to his eyes and head as his eyes turned into a brighter and glowing shade of green. His hair rose a little as his green spikes became a little more defined.

After that, the unique red markings completely disappeared, and in its place came a sparking green lighting coated with a reddish aura that produced a an ozone scent.

Izuku smirked, "I did it! I can use the power of One For All throughout my whole body now. It feels amazing!

All MIght smiled in pure pride. He was so proud of how far Izuku was progressing in such little time. He will even admit that he's doing better than when he himself got One For All for the first time. All Might cracked his knuckles, "You ready for another round?"

Izuku just grinned and charged full speed towards All Might and yelled, "ONE FOR ALL: FULL COWL!"

Back to the Present…

Izuku smiled at the memory. Ever since that day, he has practiced using Full Cowl nonstop, doing his best to increase his control as much as possible for the Exams. Now he had only two weeks left and he wanted to be prepared for anything U.A may throw at him. However, he also knew that if he pushed himself way too hard, it could start to have negative effects on his overall health. Izuku is smart enough to know that any addiction, even an addiction to training, is bad for you. But he just can't help himself. He just loves to train and fight. It fills him with excitement, and joy that he can't really explain. It's almost like some sort of primal nature. Maybe it's because now he has a Quirk, he has never experienced the joy in having his own power to develop and train. But it feels like something else.

"Wow! I have never seen someone pay so much attention to detail for their own Quirk!"

Izuku's eyes widened as he heard a sweet feminine voice behind him. He thought he was alone on the beach. He must have been so preoccupied with his training and own thoughts that he didn't notice their energy signature in close proximity to him.

Izuku turned around and was shocked to see what seemed to be a teenage girl his age with his Hero Journal Number 14 in her hands as she read with awe. However the fact that there was a girl reading his Journal wasn't what shocked him, but it was the girl herself.

Standing at a height of about 5'8, she has black hair with a long spiky ponytail and grey eyes. Her face is nothing short of beautiful. She has a mature physique for her age and a curvaceous figure that most women would kill for. She has bangs on the right side of her face and she also has a large bust. Izuku had to admit, she is one of the most gorgeous females he has ever seen.

"Oh hi, I didn't see you there. What brings a beautiful young lady like yourself to this beach?" Izuku asked as he put back on a green tank top he was wearing earlier, feeling embarrassed being shirtless around such a pretty girl.

The girl blushed after hearing that kind of compliment from a boy who she will admit is handsome, "I could say the same to you. I just wanted to find a good spot to relax and ease my thoughts. And what do you know, I find a beautiful beach that suits perfectly." she said as she turned a page in Izuku's Journal. "My name is Momo Yaoyorozu by the way. And what is a handsome hunk like you doing out here alone?" she asked with a smirk as she complimented Izuku back.

Now it was Izuku's turn to blush,"My name is Izuku Midoriya, nice to meet you Yaoyorozu-chan! As to what I'm doing here? Well I'm just training to prepare for the U.A Entrance Exams in 2 weeks. I really want to excel above my peers and get in and I know it's going to be really difficult. So that means I can't slack off and I have to continue training diligently." Izuku answered proudly with a big smile on his face .

'Cute smile,' Momo said in her head as she smiled in awe of Izuku's will and determination. "Well then if you make it in, then we'll be seeing more of each other. Because I got accepted into U.A through recommendation."

"Woah SERIOUSLY!? You were able to get into the number one Hero Course solely through recommendation?That must mean your skill set and Quirk is amazing enough to accomplish such a feat! Wow, congratulations, you earned it." Izuku said impressed.

Momo was speechless to say the least. She expected him to say how lucky she was or that she got in the easy way. But in reality, Izuku said the opposite. Which she really appreciated since she deals with self-confidence issues and sometimes doubts her abilities as a Hero. So hearing Izuku's words was a relief to her that she needed.

"Thank you very much, Midoriya-san. That really means a lot to me," Momo said as her cheeks became a little red.

"Don't mention it! And you can call me Izuku. You don't have to be so formal." Izuku said as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Okay, then if I can call you Izuku, then you should be able to call me Momo. It's only fair right?"

"Sure, no problem, Momo-chan," Izuku said as his eyes widened. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot to ask. What is your Quirk? It must be really powerful to allow you get accepted into U.A through recommendation alone." Izuku asked curiously as he was now really interested in Momo's Quirk, being the nerd that he is.

"My Quirk is called Creation. It allows me to create any inorganic object as long as I understand the atomic makeup of said object. The only drawback is that creating objects require lipids as fuel and my skin needs to exposed so I can create something." Momo demonstrated by holding out her hand as a baseball appeared out of her skin.

"That is so cool! That makes your Quirk adaptable to virtually any situation. It's also very useful in daily life as well. No wonder you were able to get accepted into U.A through recommendation alone. You're really amazing Momo-chan!" Izuku said as he truly was i pressed by the greatness of Momo's Creation Quirk.

Momo's face began to get red once again as she received another kind and truthful compliment from the Ninth Holder of One For All. All her life, she thought her Quirk as not so great as it wasn't exactly an offensive juggernaut. However, this handsome boy she just met, said that her Quirk is amazing and that she is deserving of being accepted into U.A. It made her heart skip a beat seeing the warm and kind nature that the boy had. She also couldn't find any deceit in his eyes or face since he was being 100% truthful.

"So what exactly can you do with you Quirk Izuku-kun?" Momo was now the one curious and interested.

"My Quirk is a physical enhancement type. I'm able to increase my strength, speed, and durability to superhuman levels and deal massive damage. Look, I'll show you." Now it was Izuku's turn to demonstrate. The scent of ozone invaded Momo's nostrils as Izuku powered up to 5% One For All: Full Cowl and green sparkling lightning surrounded his body. Momo stood in awe at the pure raw power that Izuku was emitting.

Izuku turned towards the sea, "You should take a couple steps back," Izuku warned as Momo listened to what he said and moved back. Izuku readied his fist and yelled….


Just like before, the ocean waves rose to an unbelievable height as a mini tornado was created causing the whole beach to slightly rumble.

Momo eyes widened and gasped, "Such… power! I've never seen anything like it. It's comparable to All Might."

Izuku rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "Oh you're being too kind. I'm nowhere near All Might's level." Izuku blushed at the praise. However, that blow was using One For All only. He could've used Ki to throw an even bigger smash, but Izuku wasn't one to boast.

"Oh, stop being modest! It's true, I haven't seen a Quirk like yours before. You can be a real powerhouse as a Hero."

Momo then looked at her phone to see a message from her father, telling her to come home, since it was getting late. The sun was already starting to set.

"I'm sorry Izuku, but I have to head home, it's getting late and my parents don't think it's safe for me to be out during dark." Momo said disappointed at the fact that she had to leave.

"That's no problem, I can take you home if you want, just tell me the address," Izuku offered as he started floating above the ground and getting ready to take off.

"Hold on a minute, you can fly too?!" That's incredible, Izuku-kun. I don't mind since I want to see how it is to fly."

"Let's get going then," Izuku proceeded to pick up Momo bridal style and flew off to Momo's address. During the whole ride, Momo had a huge blush on her face. She could feel Izuku's rock hard abs through his shirt. Momo looked down at the beautiful city and saw the beautiful sunset keeping her in awe. She looked up to see Izuku's smiling face. She felt secure, safe, and protected in his arms. She somehow knew that he wouldn't drop her or let anything bad happen to her. As she thought of this, it made the blush on her face darken and caused her heart rate to increase.

"We're here!" Izuku said as he descended to the ground. In front of them was a huge expensive mansion with a large front yard. "Uh, did I make a wrong turn?" Izuku asked.

"No this is the place."

'HOLY CRAP, SHE IS STINKING RICH!' Izuku yelled in his mind as he didn't expect Momo to come from such a financial background.

"Before I go, let's exchange phone numbers so we can keep in touch," Momo said as she put her phone number in Izuku's phone and vice versa.

"Goodbye Izuku, I'll text or call you later. Goodluck in the Exams!" Momo shouted right before she entered her house.

Izuku waved and flew to the air towards his house. While he was in the air, he realized something…


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