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Sorry it took me a while, but I was having too much fun writing this and I wanted it to be perfect or as perfect as I could get it. Enjoy.

Stay with me


It was the same nightmare, over and over again…

I've given up on you…Love fades. Mine has.

It was amusing how nightmares conveyed different things for people. Mine was those four sad words from the man I loved so much. That was exact reason I was beginning to hate sleep; I hated seeing those same haunted eyes looking at me with so much pity. I didn't want his pity, I wanted his anger in seeing that I'd made it without him. I was living and I hadn't died that fateful day he replied those words.

After dragging my half-human ass for out of bed—no pun intended—I decided I should at least try to eat something before getting ready for work. If you could call ridding the world of evil, a job. Which I did, so I took my uniform from the hanger in my pathetic excuse of a closet and made it five steps into the kitchen. As I took a bowl from the cupboard, I looked at the calendar.

Two years, today… out of all the days to have dreams about him, it had to be on the anniversary when my whole world crashed and burned. Go figure.

Just as I heard my next door neighbor yell something to her cat, I decided I would try going on a date with a normal guy. A human guy, one that was nice and would present no danger to my feelings but rather take them and wrap them up in saran wrap. But first, I would finish my last job. Then I would be saying goodbye Las Vegas, and hello small town were men-who-didn't-break-your-heart lived.


I looked at the reflection in the rearview mirror, the image it showed me was one I'd worked so hard to maintain and updated every day with the help of my trustee wigs. I rocked what I called my uniform, a red halter top dress that ended at the appropriate length to cover up the fact I'd strapped two daggers on both of my thighs. I needed for everyone to focus on my image and not notice the fact that I was armed to the teeth.

Parking the little capsule I called my ride, I took off my coat and made sure that everything was in its place. Knifes where I needed them. Boobs where they were needed to be, thanks to my push up bra. I was ready.

I wasn't much of a believer but I asked any saint or deity that didn't frown upon half-vampire women slaying creatures of evil, to help me live through another night. I'd been on my own too long…

I put a spring to my step in my ridiculously priced steel heels, and made it to the strip were most of the night clubs were. Nothing like a night in Las Vegas.

I made my way to the most exclusive nightclub, where I knew Octavian Miran would definitely be at. He would be my last target before I retired and he was definitely the one that deserved to die the most.

At the entrance, the bouncer looked at me for less than two seconds before pulling back the rope for me and letting me pass. Making the rest of the people in line grumble. Hey, I didn't spend so much time making me deadly to wait in line. A girl had to do, what she had to do to save innocent people.

Upon entering the luxurious space, I wondered what it would be to be hit the club with my friends, long before everything turned to shit. Would Dimitri have enjoyed dancing as closely as the other couples were? Or would he sit silently watching over us, while Lissa and I enjoyed ourselves?

Keep it together for now… we'll break later. Reaching the bar, I asked the bartender for a drink— cranberry juice and vodka. Fitting.

When he handed me the drink, I turned around scoped the place out. There on the sunken dance floor people gyrated around each other, enjoying the sexy rhythm of Latin music. It wasn't until I stopped looking longingly at the other patrons, that I noticed where Octavian was. The douchebag was in one of those private balconies reserved for the highest paying customers. From there they could they think of themselves above everyone else, Jesus, why did these guys always have the same stereotype. It was getting boring, honestly.

I looked up at a girl with beautiful braided hair kissing Octavian. Shit! I couldn't make a move if I couldn't get close, and I couldn't get close if he already had a target. I would have to pull out the big guns.

Luckily, for me, the DJ chose to put on one of my favorite songs, by Nicki Jam and J Balvin. It had the perfect beat and paired with my dress, it was almost if the universe was telling me you can do it!

So I moved my hips, letting the beat guide me. When the song was halfway through I felt, a slight shove as the same girl that was kissing Octavian was now giving me the stink eye, along with her group of friends. Thankfully, I was still wearing my nazar. If she only knew that I saved her ass from becoming another case on the police's long list of unresolved cases.

I shook it off and turned around to find that Octavian was now looking at me, winking. Did douchebags like him think that worked for them? Sadly, they did. I would need to shower after this was through. Yuck!

As the last pieces of the song blended into a new one, I made my way back to the seat I was occupying trying to catch the bartenders attention for a new drink, while waiting for my prey to catch the bait. If my estimations were correct he would be approaching before I had my drink, just to appear cool and in control.

When the handsome bartender turned around, I made a signal for another drink. He quickly prepared it and handed it over to me, just as I took out some money from my purse, the douchebag proved me right handing his premium credit card to the bartender.

"I'll pay for the lady's drink." Octavian said, trying to make his voice seem huskier. I threw up a little.

Avoiding a shudder, I passed the bartender the exact price of my drink. One would think that it if I was trying to lure this idiot, I would accept his drink. But it didn't work that way, since he was used to having his way it would only make him want to chase after me if I declined.

"Thank you. But I don't accept drinks from strangers… Even handsome ones." I said trying to keep my breakfast down.

The idiot saw that as an opportunity to sit down next to me and order himself a whiskey. Neat. "You don't come here often do you?"

Taking a drink of the sweet beverage, I shrugged. "I don't go out much. I work a lot."

"So what made you come out tonight?"

"I don't know, I guess I thought I could find something fun to do instead of staring at my computer for the rest of the night."

Octavian smirked. "Thank goodness for that, I would've hated for you stay holed up in your office when I could be here making you less lonely."

I wanted to say that I wasn't lonely, but honestly I was. For that comment alone I would make sure he suffered.

"Well, I guess it's my lucky night." I smiled at him. Hoping that he was too busy staring at my cleavage rather than noticing the disdain in my voice.


A few drinks later, Octavian was well into the tipsy and handsy territory as we moved together on the dance floor. Just a few more minutes, before I decided I needed to go home and that would be the last time anyone saw this asshole. No one would miss him. While I kept on repeating that in my head, the universe had a funny way of lifting its middle finger in salute, because when I looked over at the entrance, I saw a certain blonde's head as well as the man that haunted my dreams. My friends.


I needed to go.

So many questions danced around my head, how did they know I was here? Was did coincidental or where they looking for me? I seriously needed to split, target or not I couldn't put them in danger. After all these years, I still put their safety above mine, some things never changed.

I turned around to face Octavian, leaning over to yell in his ear. "I have to go to the lady's room. Wait for me!"

"Don't take too long," he said in an overly seductive voice, cementing my choice to walk away.

With a nod, I made my way from the dance floor and tried to pass the people that I used to call friends. It was a very good choice that I'd picked a short blond wig to wear tonight or else they would've spotted me.

While I passed their table, I heard their laughs and had to stop myself from crying. Keep it together for now… we'll break later. I repeated my mantra.

Finding the restrooms, I looked for the backdoor entrance. Just as I closed the door behind me, I felt a tear escape. I dabbed my eyes and I made my way down the dark alley, hoping that my car was still waiting for me where I left it.

"The restrooms are inside, baby." Yeah, the universe was on my case today.

When I turned around, I found that the tipsy and clumsy behavior from Octavian was all an act. I should've known…

"I can see that. I was trying to get some fresh air." I said trying to not have shit blow up near them. "Would you like to come with me?"

"I don't think you need to go anywhere, you're too far from me for my liking." He said as he lifted himself from the wall he was leaning over, making his way toward me. Shit, I could see how he never got caught, he always attacked in the dark. Luckily, I wasn't a little kid anymore and I wasn't scared of it. I lived in it.

"Am I? What are you going to do about it?" I dropped my hand to the side, as I held onto the dagger I had strapped on my thigh.

"I am going to see if you'll bleed as prettily, as I think you will." He said as he caged me into wall. He moved lightning fast as he attempted to bite into my neck, but not as quickly as I shoved my arm between us raising the dagger to cut into his throat.

"FUCK!" He roared, and then he lunged at me again, but this time I didn't time things correctly as he grabbed onto my wig and twisted, taking some of my own hair out in the process. Oh hell no, I didn't need a bald spot!

Octavian took my hair as a leverage to push me up against the wall, hard. This was supposed to be easy, if I only hadn't lost my concentration.

"Do you think you can do this to me, little skank? Do you even know who I am and what I can and will do to you?" He said breathing his words close to my face. "I could've made you invincible and now I'll make you regret ever walking out of your pathetic little routine."

I wheezed when he punched me in the ribs, a move I could've tried to prevent, but I needed to let him get cocky so I could make my move. Just as he was about to deliver another blow to my stomach, I grabbed my dainty clutch and flicked the little latch that retrieved a hidden stake.

I prepared myself to stab him right in the center of his chest as he noticed the sharp object and laughed. "I should've known it would take only someone as stupid, as a dhampir to attempt something like this."

He plucked the stake from my hand and threw it away from me. Shit, would I go down like this? I would die a few meters form the people I loved. Which was a stupid way to die.

Just as Octavian loomed over me, ready to end my life, the back door opened revealing a silhouette I knew too well. Dimitri.

I was too shocked to do anything but stare at him, waiting for him to recognize my bruised self. His face didn't show any recognition but still he lunged into action becoming the badass instructor I'd fallen in love with. He was saving my ass and instead of being thankful, it just seriously pissed me off.

Grabbing my heel—seeing as Octavian had his back to me—I disengaged the dainty little heel from the rest of my shoe and stabbed him from the back, while Dimitri's eyes went wide with shock as the rest of my tangled wig fell from my head. But not before doing the same with his stake from the front.

As Octavian crumpled between us, the door opened once more revealing another person from my past. Adrian.

"Dimitri, what are you doing back here?" He smirked, a cigarette between his fingers. "I was going to smoke this before Sidney finds out I haven't quit."

Dimitri and I continued to stare at each other, and I hated myself for still feeling that same pull that always kept us in sync. It was too bad, it faded…

I smiled caustically. "It's a bad habit, Ivashkov, you should really listen to Sydney and quit."

When I turned around, I felt Dimitri's gaze at the back of my dress. It was why I had chosen it.

"What the…" Adrian said, lost for words. A first for him.

"You're not drunk, it's me," I said. "I'm a little worse for wear, but it's me."

"Little Dhampir, wait here! Lissa will never believe me."

"It's nice to see you but, I have to go." I said removing my other shoe, leaving me barefoot on the gravel.

"You're not going anywhere." Dimitri's angry voice, surprised me. "You're coming with us and you'll explain why you almost got killed by a strigoi."

I turned on him. "What makes you think I have any explanations to give to you?!" I snarled. "You are the least person I would ever give them to." Fuck him.

Sure I didn't want to die by the hands of a strigoi, but seeing him after all this time hurt more. Deciding to ignore his requests all together, I retrieved the stake Octavian had tossed from me and made my way out of the dark alley. I needed to get to my apartment and lick my wounds in private.

As I made it around the nightclub were I'd parked my tiny vehicle, I heard her voice.

"Don't you dare walk away!" Lissa yelled.

How much more could I take? "Not right now, Lissa." I said, leaning over my car. My friends were staring at me as if I'd lost my mind, seeing me with a broken lip, my hair and dress rumpled from getting tossed around. I didn't have to read minds to know what word came up in their heads when they looked at me. Blood whore.

"When will it be a good time for you, Rose? Huh? When it's too late and we find you dead on the streets?!" She yelled as she came closer to me. I wanted to ask her what were they doing in Las Vegas, but instead I decided I'd had enough action for one night and that I hated having them look at me with pity.

"You know what I'll take a good look at my agenda and let you know. Maybe I'll squeeze you in between one of my clients. If you excuse me." I answered her, digging into my cleavage for the keys of my car. Real classy.

I closed the door of and didn't even bother putting on my seatbelt as I hauled ass out of there. Of all the days I managed to survive without them, it had to be on the last night I stayed in Las Vegas that I met them.

Karma was definitely a bitch.