When did it start to fade? When did what start to fade, anyway?

My head's as empty as my balling fist.
My past? Lost forever.
My last meal? Been forever.
My whole last week? Who knows?

All I do is wander between places, looking for something or someone. Faces? Names? Only a vague feeling of where to go.
And a voice constantly yelling about that where. Fine, it's neither constantly nor yelling, but I'm in a foul mood so bite me!

I don't know who that voice belongs to either.

A remote feeling as if I should know.
A hint of a smile on someone else's face.
Red hair. Or was it blond?
Is it a woman or a man (I sure hope not)?

My memories are scattered all over the place.
Buried in the graveyard of my mind.
I often dream I walk there.
It's an empty place now. Has it ever been anything else?
Nobody else is here. Noone to talk to. To guide me. Just this one voice, telling me to go on.
Sometimes it almost feels as if I could remember something, if I just stayed there long enough.
But when I wake, the feeling is gone.

Then I just stand up whereever I fell and follow whichever path lies before me.

My life has become a void, with no hope of changing that.