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Chapter 1: The Switch

Today was another hot day in Kabukichou, with everyone preferring to lock themselves in with the air-con on full blast. Unfortunately for our lazy protagonist, it was kinda impossible. The electric bill, the way overdue rent, the water bill, and the various debts to various people. Today, he got to work in the heat with Gengai!

Why does Shinpachi get to go with his sister to a family wedding with lots of free food? Why does Kagura get to play with the princess with cool air blowing everywhere? Why did those two brats leave poor Gin-san all alone with a stinky old man in this heat? "Whyyyy?!" screamed Gintoki.

"Oi, Ginnoji, hurry up and move your lazy butt, there's still lots of work to do," said Gengai from across his workshop.

"Ok, ok, I get it, now shut up, will ya? What's with all these useless pieces of junk you've got here? And what's is this thing?" asked Gintoki pointing to a weird mash-up of different robot parts stuck randomly together. On it was a very suspicious red button, and it was basically telling everyone to 'push me, push me!' Poor Gintoki fell for it. Within a moment's time, soy sauce came spurting out of an opening somewhere near its head. "WHY THE HELL IS IT SOY SAUCE? HOW BIG OF A SOY SAUCE FAN ARE YOU?" screamed Gintoki, thoroughly done ever since soy sauce came out of a toothpick.*

"Hn! You young'uns don't understand anything," replied Gengai while fiddling with another piece of junk. "What do you mean piece of junk? This is not junk! Even though it's pretty much useless."

"Ha! You admitted it just now, you said it was useless yourself!" accused Gintoki, pointing fingers at the old inventor. "So what does this do anyway?"

"Hahaha! I knew you were going to ask me that question. This piece of metal can rejuvenate oneself and make one young again! It works practically the same way a time machine does, it reverses the ageing process of the human body. It's my pride and joy. It's still in beta though, therefore give it a try Ginnoji, and let's see what happens," said Gangai, pen and paper already in hands to take notes.

"Why do I have to be your guinea pig? Can't you get someone else? Are you sure it's absolutely safe? I won't get killed?" whined Gintoki, preparing to make a dash for it.

"No whining! Haven't you forgotten who fixed your piece of trash?" countered Gengai.

"My scooter ain't a piece of trash! Most of the time you use it as another guinea pig for your absurd inventions that end up combusting with me on it. Which means I end up spending two or more months in the hospital with burns everywhere!" retorted Gin.

"At least make yourself useful for once you good for nothing."

"I don't wanna hear that from you, you shitty old man. Fine, I'll do it, just don't blame me if Edo goes in flames. It's all your fault, got it?" with that Gintoki pressed another button, a green one this time.

Suddenly, smoke started billowing everywhere like you see in movies when someone 'transforms'. Soon the smoke cleared and another silver-haired boy took Gin's place.

"Oii, Gintoki… are you alive? Is that you, Ginnoji? Did it work? Did I kill him?" asked Gengai, starting to worry. Who knows what will happen to him if he accidentally killed the sweet freak. Even though the two kids that hang around him always badmouthed him, he knew deep down how much they cared for him and how far they are willing to go for him, a worthless nearly diabetic boss. Even Gengai himself was saved by him, he wouldn't want to accidentally kill him.

The boy who appeared had a head full of unruly white hair that had been dirtied by dried blood and dirt, he wore an old yukata that was slightly too big for him, in his hands he clutched a bloodied katana, and his eyes, though they were still a dark maroon, weren't lazy and guarded, instead, they were full of fear and raw emotions.

"Gintoki? Who's… that?" the boy asked so softly, as if he never talked before.

Ohhh... I'm screwed... thought Gengai.

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