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At Shinsengumi's

"What do you mean there's a kid that looks like the good-for-nothing waste of space guy in Kabukichou?" growled Hijikata.

Could the day go any worse? It was bad enough when there was a badminton tournament going on today. Plus, Sougo was particularly 'active' today. No, not 'active' as in patrolling the streets, it would be great if he did that. It was 'active' in assassinating a certain person. Goodness, I already dodged around 30 attempts. Usually, it starts with a rocket in the morning and up to ten in the day, finishing the day with a 'good night' mine in my futon.

"Yes! Apparently, it's the talk of the town now. A dirty white perm, blood-red eyes, a somewhat dead look, and here's the most important thing, the kid's carrying a katana!" finished Yamazaki, ready to flee for his life at any moment.

"...tell me everything, don't you dare leave anything out, you know about this ... kid, then keep watch over him," ordered Hijikata.

. . .

◯ Month ❀ Day

Ahh... it really is Danna. But why is he so small? And where is the actual, full-size Danna? Whoops, almost lost track of him, gotta hurry. Oh yeah, the anpan is actually pretty good, next time I've got to go back to that anpan place next I have a stakeout. I really should hurry... Ack! He spotted me! That's it for now. Oh... he's coming over here, what do I do? This is bad... he's emitting the same kind of aura I usually sense on Fukuchou... I might really die at the hands of a kid Danna. If I do, please bury me with my racket and birdies. Inoue can have my spare racket. I leave my secret stash of anpan to Tama. AAHHHHH!

. . .

"What the hell is this, an essay? A confession? A will?" snapped the chain-smoker, multiple tick marks decorating his head.
"Where is the useless spy, anyway? Sougo, go check up on Yamazaki on how he's doing. While you're at it, take a look if he's still the sweet freak. If he is, bring him here, if not, bring him here anyway," said Hijikata. "And do it within two hours, 2 hours. Now scram!"

"OK... I got it, within two hours, right? Here, some mayonnaise for your hard work."

Saying so, Sougo casually tossed a bottle to Hijikata and disappeared into one of his numerous hiding spots. Suddenly, a boom could be heard, followed by the telltale scream of "SOUGOOO~~!"

Back to the Yorozuya kids

. . .

"Where could Gin-san have gone? Should we ask the Shinsengumi for help? What do you think, Kagura-chan?" huffed Shinpachi, having lazed around too much during his vacation.

"Patsuan~ you're outta shape uh huh. What are we gonna do if the old hag catches you because you weren't fast enough to escape from paying the rent? We are so not asking that sadist for help. Oh, that's it! Let's go ask Tama-san for help! We can also ask Zura!" suggested Kagura, happily chewing on her piece of sukonbu.

Agreeing on what to do, the two set off for Otose's bar.

"Yo! What's up, old hag? Have you seen a mini Gin-chan around here?" asked Kagura, ever so cheerful.

"Whaddya mean 'old hag'? And if you're talking about a kid running around with a sword, then yeah, Tama said she spotted one with her thermal sensor. I told her not to worry, should I have her check where he may be right now?" retorted Otose, taking another drag from her cigarette.

"Right, so Tama-san, can you tell us where Gin-san... where the kid may be right now?" seeing as Kagura couldn't be bothered to say it, Shinpachi did.

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