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Chapter 16 Summary: Andromeda sends for Harry and Nym from the Ministry of Magic with a Patronus and the family meets Esmerelda Crabbe at the Animagus Registry. It's an odd meeting, but in the end, Harry registered both his kneazle form and werewolf form. Afterward, Andromeda brings up the fact that they plan on adopting Harry and the soon to be family of four head to the Department of Magical Adoption & Guardianship. BUT, not before Nymphadora fibs around the true nature of Harry's ability to hide things. At Adoption, there is another interesting meeting that ends up going pretty well. The last stop for the day is Dr. Mostafa, the vet who gave Harry his checkup. There the family learns of malignant darkness in Harry's scar that neither Dr. Mostafa nor Dr. Arbutus, a head doctor at Saint Mungo's, can explain. Everyone goes home with heavy hearts and Andromeda decides to take drastic measures: She's going to Azkaban.


Chapter 17: Celebration and Decimation

Sunday was formally decreed as a lazy Sunday by Edward and Andromeda. They had a lot of letters to send and absolutely no wish to spend another day at the Ministry. Harry and Nymphadora decided to make the entire week lazy and spent most of it playing the absurd number of videogames Harry had bought. It actually kept them quite busy and earned them an odd little ability.

[Passive Utility] Twitch Reflexes Lvl. 1

You've been honing your skills as a gamer and your reactions are becoming top notch. Maybe one day you can be a professional.

"A professional gamer? Is that even a real thing?" Harry asked Nymphadora.

"Err… maybe? I know some of these games have world records and stuff. Maybe the people who set those records are professionals?"



Thursday came as quite a surprise for Harry. He had completely forgotten his birthday! Luckily for him, the rest of his new family had not. He had thought it odd when Nymphadora suddenly took him to the nearby park, but playing outside was not too different from playing inside and he enjoyed himself tremendously. When they returned home a little before lunch was when Harry realized something was off.

"Nym, why did you cover my eyes with your hands?" Harry calmly asked.

"You'll find out in a second Harry. Just keep going forward." Nym instructed as she led him into the dark house. Once they were in the kitchen she said, "Alright Harry, I'm taking my hands off in 3… 2… 1…"

"SURPRISE!" All three Tonkses yelled at the same time to an absolutely massive fanfare of conjured confetti, streamers, and an entire horn section.

"What the- oh…" Harry had nearly jumped out of his own skin at the surprise and had put his hands up to defend himself, but he quickly realized that he was not about to be killed and was able to take in the decorations.

Besides the instruments and confetti, the decorations were surprisingly mundane. There was a cheesy fold-out Happy Birthday sign hanging over the entrance to the living room. Andromeda and Ted were wearing shiny little party hats and had covered the table in a plastic throw patterned with little cakes, happy birthdays, and confetti poppers. On the table was a simple white cake topped with 11 little wax candles and behind it were two pizza boxes that were letting out such a marvelous smell that Harry had to swallow a lot of excess salivae.

And that was it… and Harry could not have been happier. The party was everything he had ever dreamed of in his short life. So he cried.


Thursday night Harry laid in alone in his own bed and reminisced about the amazing day he had.

After stuffing his face with pizza and cake Ted has surprised everyone with a trip to the movie theater to watch a rerelease of The Jungle Book. Harry had read the book in school and he absolutely loved the movie.

Then they went to the Eye to have a ride. 'That was awesome.' He thought to himself as he wiggled in bed out of sheer elation. Harry had never been so high up before and it was absolutely awe-inspiring to take in the scenery of London from so high.

Back home Andromeda and Ted spent a few hours with Harry trying to learn about the videogames he and Nymphadora played. Ted took to it well enough, but Andromeda had nearly hexed the screen after the tenth time she died playing Ghosts 'n Goblins.

A very drowsy Harry protested going to bed after such a wonderful birthday, but it only took a few gentle nudges from his parents to give up on staying awake. At least for a little while when after being tucked into bed he received a message.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday, Dear Harry.

Happy Birthday to you.

It was a simple and cute message, but what confused Harry was that he could have sworn he faintly heard someone sing it. But without any way of confirming that he was actually hearing this "other voice" in the Game, Harry filed the thought into the back of his mind.

It's your birthday and with that comes some sweet bonuses.

For one week starting now, you will receive double experience and item drops will be 50% rarer than normal. You will also be able to access the special Birthday Dungeon which has increasingly massive rewards the deeper you go. Be on the lookout for special quests that will only be available for this special week. Each year will have a different theme and this year the theme is…

The message suddenly turned into a slot machine with a bunch of different words and started spinning. The words quickly became too blurry to read, but Harry had caught a few words: Holloween, Pretty Princess, and Niflheim. After a few seconds, the words slowed down and stopped on Terror from Below.

Terror from Below is a monster themed dungeon.

"That's it? Fine. Night, night." And with that said Harry drifted off.


The next day Harry woke up with boundless energy. No one else in the house was up yet so he decided to wake up Nymphadora as a kneazle.

"Ahh! Bloody hell… Harry?" Nym picked up the laughing kneazle and scowled. "You're lucky I love you or I woulda chucked you out the window.

Harry returned to his human form and eventually got over his fit of giggles. "Last night before I went to bed I got a message from the Game. Apparently, I get some cool stuff for a week since it's my birthday. There's a new dungeon that I get for this week only and I get XP bonuses… So Let's go!"

Nym rolled her eyes as Harry practically bounced out of the room. A glance at her alarm clock revealed that it was only 7:00 a.m. 'It's way too early.' But she could never deny Harry anything and got up and ready to go.

Once she was dressed and in the kitchen she found Harry eating some cereal. "Harry, you know we need to tell mum or dad about heading out, right? They'll worry if we leave before they wake up."

"Hmm… but don't we usually go dungeon diving without them knowing?"

"Yeah but usually they've already gone for a day of work and them knowing wouldn't make any difference since they never said we couldn't leave the house. But if we leave before they wake up they'll probably freak out."

"But why would there be a difference?"

"Maybe because they know they can't do anything at work? Or that most of the time we're home before they get back home? Or maybe because I'm already of age and they trust me to take care of you?" That last thought warmed Nymphadora's heart. "Either way I can guarantee you that we'd be getting a Patronus from mum if we weren't here this early in the morning. And we might get in trouble. So let's just wait for a little while ok?"

Harry groaned in protest but eventually agreed. Waiting was very easy because all they had to do was play video games until they heard their parents walking around.

"Well here's where you two were. We were almost worried when we didn't find you in your rooms. Well, I've got to go. Love you two." Ted said as he planted a sloppy wet kiss on both of his children's foreheads.

"Eww Dad, you do that every morning? That's why my forehead is always feeling weird when I wake up?" Nym didn't bother to look up, she was currently attempting to beat Harry's ass with Ken so that she could actually play some Street Fighter.

Harry cheered when he won and got back to concentrating on his next fight with Eagle. Nymphadora flopped away from the Commodore 64 and groaned which was when Andromeda entered.

"Really, must you be so loud? It is far too early in the morning for such noise. Though, I'm glad to see you two up at a normal time. Have you two already eaten?"

"Yes, mum." They answered simultaneously.

"Jinx! Nymphadora yelled startling Harry a bit. "Ha! You owe me… hmm… now that's a head scratcher…" The adults rolled their eyes at her antics before heading to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Once they were gone Nymphadora answered. "I want the next legendary weapon we get. Even if I can't use it."

Harry merely nodded and stuck out his tongue in concentration. He needed to do his best if he wanted to beat Sagat!

Half an hour later the adults were gone and Nymphadora had failed numerous times to get more than a few Street Fighter wins under her belt.

"This game sucks Harry! The old people are gone. Let's just check out this new dungeon."

"I don't know how you're still bad, the Twitch Reflexes skill has kept leveling up… Whatever. ID Create: Terror From Below!" Harry yelled while Nymphadora held his hand.

The world around them faded to black. A darkness so deep neither could see their hands directly in front of their faces, but before they could freak out a world started forming around them. They were on a small island if you could call it that, it was more of a rocky outcropping that twenty or so people could lay out on. There was absolutely no vegetation. Just jagged rocks and the ocean. The sky above was overcast with gray, fat clouds that were practically begging to rain. Far in the distance, they could easily see great arcs of lightning and hear the rumbling of thunder. The winds were strong and cold and the sea itself was extremely violent. Already this seemed like a horrible dungeon. Then an enemy appeared.

Harry and Nym nearly shat themselves when a massive form jumped out of the water, arced over them, roared, and crashed back in on the other side of the island. It looked sort of like a whale, except for the lasers mounted on its fins, massive jagged teeth, rows of spikes running down its back to a tail that looked like a giant battle-ax, and the twenty or so glowing red eyes. The worst part though was what they had seen floating above its head.

Servant of Dagon

Lesser Battle Whale Lvl. 350

Words failed the two of them for several long minutes before Nymphadora said, "Harry, think we should go."



The rest of Friday was an utter wash. Neither Harry nor Nymphadora could really get over the fact that the thing that jumped over their head was a lesser anything. 'What on earth would the bosses be like, hell, even a Greater Battle Whale?' they wondered.

Then Harry got mad, "I can't believe my birthday dungeon, A ONCE A YEAR EVENT, is impossible to access. You know what else Nym? How were we even going to explore that dungeon? The only land was that little rock we were on, it was an underwater dungeon! We can't breathe underwater!"

They spent the day playing video games and reading their Hogwarts books. By the time they went to bed, Harry had calmed down and begun to look on the bright side. 'I still hafta get my wand stuff right? And the double XP is great, I can still fight Kelvileth. And he's not so scary anymore…'

Saturday morning Harry and Nym woke up with their parents and they all ate a hearty breakfast together.

"Mum? Would it be fine if Harry and I spent the day at the park?" Nymphadora asked.

"Of course Nymphadora. You've done it before, why would it be any different now?"

"Ah well, last time we came home late and you know… I thought it'd be a good idea to ask."

Andromeda rolled her eyes. Obviously, Nymphadora and Harry intended to do more than just play in the park. Not that she was going to burst their little bubble. She raised her daughter to know right from wrong and was confident she was not going to get herself or Harry killed.

"Well then, you have my permission. It's actually quite convenient since I will be spending most of my day away from home as well and Ted wanted to work today didn't you Teddy?"

Ted was enraptured by his scrambled eggs and jerked up at the sound of his name. It took a moment for him to realize his darling wife had asked him a question, but he answered quickly.

"Mhm." he just grunted and dived back into his eggs.


"Ah. So, where ya going, mum?"

"Oh, nowhere special. I'll be visiting a friend and then we are headed off on a day trip. Nothing interesting I assure you."

"Alright." Nymphadora turned to her little brother. "Hurry your butt up Harry, we're burning daylight!"

Harry had been equally enraptured by his scrambled eggs, sausages, and biscuits, but he was far more interested and what he and Nymphadora were going to do and proceeded to inhale the rest of his breakfast.

Andromeda could not help but chuckle at the sight. "No need to rush Harry, we would not want the food to go down the wrong pipe would we?"

Harry nodded and he finished chewing and carefully swallowed. "Let's go Nym! See you later, mum. Have fun with your friend!" all this was said as he jumped out of his chair and almost broke down the door leaving.

Both Ted and Andromeda laughed at the little spectacle before Andromeda fixed her daughter with her "super serious stare." "You two be safe now. Do you understand me Nymphadora?"

"I got it, mum. See you later." the teen answered before following her little brother out the door.

When the kids were gone Ted finished shoveling his eggs into his mouth and turned his entire body toward his wife. "Dromeda… are you really sure of this? Is this absolutely necessary?"

Andromeda rolled her eyes, "Of course I'm sure Edward. We've talked about five different times now. I don't trust goblins like a do myself and I shudder at whatever exorbitant amount they would charge us to help Harry. If they can help Harry. Plus, I kind of feel bad that I have never visited."

"Feel bad? Feel bad! How do you feel bad about not going to the most horrible place on Earth? That's mental!"

"Mental or not I'm going." Andromeda got up and planted a kiss on her husband's cheek. "Have a nice day at work dear. Try not to work too hard. Okay?"

Ted grumbled in response but said, "And you should try not to die."

"Please stop with the dramatics Teddy. I'll be fine. Both Amelia and the Warden will be with me and neither of them are slouches when it comes to magic. Goodbye." With her final words said, Andromeda, used the floo to go to the Ministry of Magic.


Harry and Nymphadora skipped along merrily through the Entrance to Hell dungeon. The werewolves were almost pathetically easy now though they still avoided fighting groups of more than two. It was the perfect chance for Nymphadora to get used to the idea of combat in the game without having to rely completely on Harry. She wore her spell shield robes and wielded the magic boosting staff Harry had given her since they decided Harry was currently the physical attacker and wouldn't really need it. The staff was especially helpful since werewolves were unfortunately resistant to magic. Though a new level threshold in Observe revealed that Incendio was the best spell to use.


Silver weapons deal double damage

Holy weapons deal 50% more damage

Fire Aversion: while they do not take extra damage from fire, werewolves do not like it and like any furry creature can be easily ignited

It only dealt 55 damage per cast, plus an extra 11 due to the staff, but she was slowly leveling the spell up and her constant use of the staff had created a staff version of the Wand Work ability. Unfortunately, it looked like staffs would always be slower than wands, but the damage boost she had was well worth it.

Nymphadora hated how slowly she was progressing, it was taking way too long to take down a werewolf, almost an entire minute, and it took a lot of effort to stun one since they were resistant to magic. Harry did not mind in the slightest, he knew Nymphadora could not inflict the insane amount of damage he was since he was using Nergel's Hammer, but she had made it clear that she did not want to use melee weapons.

Luckily, they needed to scour most of the woods anyway in order to find the right kind of wood for Harry's wand. Every so often Harry would brush up against a tree that felt "right" and a wisdom and luck check would occur. He had failed most of them, or maybe it was the other way around since it was saying that the tree was not right for him, and some he would pass one check but not the other. It was nearly noon when Harry felt drawn toward what he guessed was Kelvileth.

"Let's have lunch." Harry said, seemingly at random.

"What? Why? Incendio is finally starting to do some damage!" Nymphadora complained.

[Wand Magic] Incendio Lvl. 46

A basic fire spell used to create fire for heat, light, or activate the Floo Network. Can also be used for destructive purposes.

Incantation: Incendio


Damage: 46 + ¾ Int Fire Damage

Cost: 15 MP

"You're right, and I'm really sorry Nym, but I think the tree I need is near that demon I told you about. So I say we eat lunch and head over there, besides, all of this grinding hasn't gotten us a single level. Sure, I got the Heavy Weapons ability and that's nice but… I'm bored!"

"Fine, as long as we can stick around after so I can grind Incendio more."

"Okay! Now check this out. I've got a whole picnic…"

A lot of sandwiches later Harry and Nymphadora were ready to head toward the dreaded Kelvileth. As they walked they noticed the forest began to thin out and as it did the trees were becoming more twisted and malformed. Suddenly, the checks occurred while they were passing by a random tree.

Wisdom Check: 60


Luck Check: 50


Congratulations! You found your tree!

"Oh… cool." the animagus said.

Harry looked at the tree and immediately compared it to its neighbors. On the surface, nothing seemed to be particularly different about this tree. He and Nymphadora spent several minutes circling and climbing the tree and nothing seemed particularly different. It took Nymphadora finally seeing a hole, possibly big enough for Harry to crawl through, at the base of the tree in its tangled roots. Inside they discovered several werewolf pups.

"Dear Morgain, I guess the legends are true… Youth, innocence, a home… yet it exists in a place of horror. I can see why this is Harry's tree." the teen somberly said to herself.

At the same time, Harry started yelling. "This is it! This is it! I can feel it!" He then took out one of the Abomination's Axes he had and hacked off a large branch.

The boy scrambled down the tree and lifted the branch, which was as long as he was tall, in his hands and simply marveled at it.

"It's like… it's warm or something. Something is just right… ya' know?" Harry said partly to himself.

"I say you're feeling something close to how a wizard or witch feels when they bond with their wand. That's awesome Harry, now let's go slay a demon."

Harry smirked as he put the branch into his inventory and pulled Nergal's Hammer back out, letting it rest on his right shoulder. "Hell yeah." he said, brimming with confidence.

"Oooh, I wish I had a camera." Nymphadora squealed. "Harry, you are way too cute."

Harry frowned, the moment now broken. "I'm not cute! I'm badass!" He protested in indignation.

Nymphadora shook her head in response. "Whatever you say, Harry. Now, I'm guessing Kelvileth is over near the red glow we can see?" she asked pointing in the direction of said glow.

"Mhm, I'm pretty sure I was around here when he showed up." Harry answered as the dup began walking.

A few minutes later the telltale beating of wings drew Harry and Nymphadora's attention. Harry had seen Kelvileth before and had dealt with his aura, even if it was only for a few minutes. Nymphadora, on the other hand, had not. First, she had to deal with the fact that a demon looked less like a monster and more like something out of a goth fetish magazine. Then she had to deal with the aura. It was thick and oppressive and a small part of her genuinely worried that she would choke on the air and he had not even spoken yet.

"Boy." Kelvileth started.

Nymphadora remembered when Harry said it made him feel like his soul itched and realized he had been spot on. The demon's weird, doubled voice, doubled because it sounded like two or three similar sounding people were talking at the same time, made her feel all kinds of wrong.

"I thought I told you to never return?"

"You did, but I needed to come back." Harry answered, he was trying and failing to look relaxed.

"Ahh, yet another foolish mortal wishing to gain entrance to Hell." Kelvileth shook his head. "Unfortunately for you, you are within my domain."

He then waved his hand in the air. Where his hand had passed points of bright purple light began to appear and before he, or Nymphadora, could react they were bombarded by lightning fast, small, magical beams. Harry was hit by two beams before rolling out of the range of the bombardment.

-361 HP

Nymphadora was not as lucky, she was hit with five beams.

-950 HP

The move was not a killer, but Harry glanced at the demon's information…

Kelvileth Lvl. 100



…and groaned. He couldn't know for sure, but it looked like each beam Kelvileth shot only cost him a single point of mana. 'That's insane!' the boy screamed in his head.

While Nymphadora struggled to her feet after having been knocked down by the attack Kelvileth said, "Hm. You two are resilient. No matter." he grabbed the massive, black halberd from its sheath on his back. "You will not survive this."

Kelvileth moved so quickly that both Harry and Nymphadora lost track of him for a moment. "Where the bloody hell-" Nymphadora could not finish her sentence because suddenly the halberd's blade, which was a large as Nymphadora's entire torso, a millimeters away from bisecting her.

"PROTEGO!" The frightened teen screamed at the top of her lungs.

-4,000 MP

In her haste, Nymphadora had overcharged the spell to such an extreme that the normally invisible spell could barely be seen shimmering with a faint light. The moment Kelvileth's halberd touched the shield it tore through it like a hot knife through butter. Harry was sprinting toward the two of them, but he would not make it in time, luckily when the charm broke, being overcharged as it was, it let out a small shockwave. Nymphadora was flung to the right of her attacker and Kelvileth, unable to adjust to the unexpected event, impaled his halberd deep into the ground.

Harry had been far enough away to not be impacted by the attack and was able to bring down his massive hammer on Kelvileth's head as the demon attempted to pull his weapon out of the ground.

Critical! Super Effective!

Kelvileth Lvl. 100




'That's… not enough damage.' Harry thought to himself in horror. Before he could dwell on it Gamer's Mind presented itself in full force and Harry got back to the important things. "Nym! Remember the mana potions!" he yelled to his older sister.

Nymphadora dazed first from Kelvileth's attack and now from the explosion of magic, was barely able to register Harry's voice despite him being only two feet away from her.

Harry glanced at the resource bars above Nym's head and swore.

Hogwarts Student

Nymphadora Tonks Lvl. 108





Kelvileth had now stumbled over the halberd he was trying to rip out of the ground so Harry was not worried about taking a moment to attend to Nymphadora. The teen was currently trying and failing to stand upright with the help of her staff. Harry propped her up with the staff and pushed an open blue potion into her free hand.

"Come on Nym, drink up!" Harry ordered. Panic was beginning to rise in his gut as he saw Kelvileth get a good handle on his halberd out of the corner of his eye.

She fumbled a bit a spilled some of it, but Nymphadora got the potion down.

"Now this!" Harry nearly yelled as he pushed an open red potion into her hand.

The moment the teen got the red vial down Harry, with his hammer held high, made a beeline toward Kelvileth who was currently slapping his head in an attempt to clear out the last of the haziness after having finally gotten his weapon out of the ground.

The boy had hoped to get a hit in, but just as he was about to make contact with Kelvileth's exposed back the demon spun the halberd in his hands at an insane speed and blocked Harry attack without having turned around.

"That thing in your hands a holy abomination. I will not let it touch me again." Kelvileth said after turning around to face Harry and pulling his halberd out of the ground… again.

"Well that's not for you to decide is it?" Harry replied.

"We shall see." Kelvileth waved his hand and sent out the beams of magic again. This time he did not wait to follow up with a physical attack.

The massive hammer made it easy to block the halberd, but Harry braced himself to take some hit from the magic attack, but then he heard Nymphadora's voice.


-500 MP

When Kelvileth backed off after the failed attack Harry took the opportunity to do something he should have done at the beginning of the fight.

"Spinach!" The weird little event happened again and now Harry was ready to box in Kelvileth's weight class. "Stone Flesh!" Luckily, Harry had spent the last week and especially the last hour before bed taking advantage of his Well of Infinity perk so he had a little extra MP to spare.

At the same time, Nymphadora downed a few more mana potions and had finally used Observe.

Title: Hell's Gatekeeper

Name: Kelvileth

Race: Lesser Demon

Level: 100

HP: 8,800/10,000

MP: 1,789/1,800


Str: 100*5 = 500

Vit: 100*5 = 500

Dex: 100*5 = 500

Int: 90

Wis: 80

Luck: 20

Charm: 10

XP: 629,145,000

Summary: Kelvileth is the 100th generation gatekeeper. He comes from a long line of gatekeepers and many of his cousins and siblings guard other entrances to Hell. He has been working this post for about two centuries now and hopes to soon be promoted to a normal Demon though his parents think he is too young.


[Gatekeeper's Domain]

While Gatekeeper's Domain is active the gatekeeper in question receives a five times bonus to each of their physical traits HP and MP regenerations is also greatly increased. This power stems from a powerful will to protect something precious.

Lesser Demon

50% Magical Damage Reduction

10% Dark Damage Reduction

10% Boost to Dark Damage Dealt


Holy Damage

"Your magic will serve you no purpose child." Kelvileth said before taking a swing at Harry.

Once again Nymphadora casts a stronger Protego using 1,000 points of mana.

Deciding to show off Harry swung at Kelvileth at the same time and let the demon's attack connect with his shoulder. The Gatekeeper could only be astonished when his halberd did not remove the boy's arm at the shoulder because Harry connected with Nergal's Hammer at the same time crushing all of the ribs on the left side of his body.

-800 HP

Critical! Super Effective!

Kelvileth Lvl. 100



[Slightly Crippled]

'That… didn't hurt at all.' Harry marveled to himself. Not to mention that he could practically feel his health regenerating. "Thanks, Nergal."

While Kelvileth needed a second to recover from their exchange Harry needed no such thing. Following the momentum of the hammer bouncing away from Kelvileth's body, the demon had barely moved when hit, Harry spun around in a full 360 and slammed into the demon's uninjured side.

Kelvileth was able to react to the attack and blocked by anchoring the butt of his halberd into the ground and using both hands to brace himself. Unfortunately for Kelvileth, Nergal's hammer was a much more powerful and well-made weapon in comparison to a common halberd of good quality from hell. The long weapon snapped in two where Harry hit it and the force behind his swing was so great that he was able to follow through with his attack, though the damage was halved.

Critical! Super Effective!

Kelvileth Lvl. 100



[Mildly Crippled]

Reacting on instinct Kelvileth attempted to fly away. He succeeded in getting out of Harry range, but Nymphadora had spent their little exchange overcharging an Incendio. With the demon thoroughly distracted and her mana nearly spent… again, Nymphadora attacked.

"Incendio Maxima!" she screamed.

The choice to use the maxima suffix had been off the cuff. Nymphadora had read about how more powerful versions of various spells merely tacked on the maxima suffix while studying up to become an Auror. She assumed it was a placeholder or even a warning to show off a more powerful than normal spell was being used, but when the attack came out the teen learned that names had power.

The spell was not massive. Nothing close to the insane attack she and Harry had thrown at the Zombie King, but it was a fireball about the size of a beach ball. Nymphadora actually flinched back from the attack as she could feel the searing heat coming off of it. Clearly, this was a powerful attack and in the few seconds it took to travel Nymphadora tried to guess what the damage would be.

'I poured the last 1,000 points of mana I had into that thing. It has to be scaled higher than a normal Incendio. So maybe… 600 Damage? 100 base and… well, Incendio doesn't get increased damage from mana spent so-' Her musing was interrupted when the attack hit the unsuspecting demon.


Kelvileth Lvl. 100



[Mildly Crippled]

"Damn resistance!" The halved damage was painful, but unfortunately for Nymphadora, she had no other option. "And he's nearly done too!"

"Gah!" Kelvileth actually screamed in reaction to the unexpected attack. It did not hurt nearly as much as the small boy's attacks, but when you are hurting, everything hurts. Feeling that his life force was almost completely diminished Kelvileth frantically flapped his wings in an attempt to escape. In doing so he made his greatest mistake, he turned his back on Harry Potter.

Not one to waste a golden opportunity Harry prayed to Merlin, Nergal, God, and just about anyone who would listen, reared back Nergal's Hammer, and chucked it as Hard as he could at Kelvileth.

All of reality seemed to slow down for the two magicals in those few moments that Nergal's Hammer was airborne. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. First there was hope that the hammer could strike true, then there was despair, Kelvileth was flying far too erratically there was no way the hammer could strike true, but finally, there was awe for the unexpected happened.

Badb's Blessing

Nergal's Hammer shined with a bright light, a crow cawed in the distance, and Kelvileth screamed an unholy scream. Unable to move the possible course-corrected hammer slammed into the demon's back, slaying him.

Kelvileth Lvl. 100




As both demon and hammer fell to the ground Harry and Nymphadora breathed a sigh of relief.


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And that sucks.

You guys deserve more which is why I'm starting a… thing. This thing is actually a place. At this place, you may provide a person with patronage. This is a very famous and well-known place that many people use. It has a logo that is a disassembled orange and black P. Unfortunately does not like that place and deletes it from stories.

It's not all set up when it is all you readers will know. I'm honestly not expecting much, but even one person donating one dollar a month would be more motivation for me to make ANYTHING. My biggest issue is that I don't feel any sort of obligation to write which is true. This is just a hobby, but a lot of you guys like this stuff and I would like to assure you all that it'll happen regularly, but I can't. So I'm doing this to keep me honest, to keep me working. Not to mention a lot of the money I hope to earn would go back into this. Getting a Grammarly subscription, hiring artists to make me proper story covers, that sort of thing. In all honesty, I don't make a lot of money at all, it wouldn't take a lot for me to b able to give up working entirely and then chapters would be dropping three times a week!

To be clear, I'm not holding anything hostage. I'll be sticking to my same nonexistent schedule and if I'm inspired you might get eight chapters in a single month. This would be purely extra and something I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart so don't feel obligated to do anything. I assume the majority of my readers are jobless teens just like I was a few years ago, so I'm not really expecting anything. Just, please, if you are willing and able know that you would be making a reality the dream of a chapter a week… maybe even more than one.

Pathetic groveling aside, I just read Re:Monster. It was fun. 1,000% teenage fantasy, but that makes it more fun. I started reading That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and it is not nearly as fun as Re:Monster. I knew about consumption absorption before Re:Monster, hence why it sort of exists in Goku the Gamer in the form of Conqueror's Claim. I think I got it from a Percy Jackson story called… dear lord, it's called Percy Jackson The Dark Gamer. It's not cringy edgelord I promise. Maybe, it's been a while since I read it. If it's not from that story then It comes from a multitude of "the game is now real" or "I'm living in a fantasy world with levels" type manga that I've read. While The Gamer manhwa is the ultimate inspiration for these Gamer stories that I have written I pull some stuff from those manga.

Uhh… I've been rambling. Please leave a thoughtful review. Tell me what you think.

Thx ;)